SB20 Race Team - Amica

Follow the race team aboard Amica, a SB20 sportsboat A New Hope is a SB20 keelboat racing in the UK and Europe.

The crew of three, Gareth, Martin and Doug previously raced Phantom Menace together and purchased the new boat for the 2016 season.

Prize Giving 2021 14/11/2021

Conrad, collecting the Summer Series Trophy at Royal Southampton Yacht Club

Prize Giving 2021 14/11/2021

Conrad collects the trophy at Royal Southampton Yacht Club for the Twilight Series

Photos from Royal Southampton Yacht Club's post 25/07/2021

Doug and Conrad, sailed week 5 of the Royal Southampton Yacht Club Summer series on Thursday evening. Scoring 2nd this week. Well done to "Love in a Mist.” who bangs out her 2nd bullet. Thank you to the club, the RO and his team. The race report is below.

With 5 races now sailed the lads have won the summer series with a week spare! They are hoping to still race the final week, but the pressure is off, it does not matter what result they get, their earlier series results will ensure an overall first again this year. It is likley that Magec scores second overall, however third place will be hotly contested by Love in a Mist, R&W, Jelenko2 and Glass Onion

Photos from SB20 Race Team - Amica's post 10/07/2021

Evening 3 of the Royal Southampton Yacht Club Summer Series, 8 July 2021

Amica was sailed double handed by Doug and Conrad. The forecast was light and the conditions very light. Race Officer Bob Trimble with the assistance of the mark laying team set a triangular course with the start/finish line near the bottom of the windward leg.

This week was average lap racing, so as soon as one boat completed a lap we had a race and as soon as every boat had completed one lap everyone had a result.

At 1900 the start sequence began and we were seeing winds of 5-6 knots. Amica and Magec both opted for a port flyer at the pin end, which paid off.

By the windward mark Magec led the fleet, Aura was 2nd and Amica 3rd (on the water) The broad reach to Netley allowed Amica to take 2nd and the close reach to HC1 was a very close kite leg for the asymmetrics but too close for the symmetrics. Amica closed the distance to Magec. The short windward leg to the line put Amicas first lap at about 18 minutes, 2nd on the water and possibly 1st on corrected time

Lap 2 was similar to the first lap, but most boats had cleaner wind as the fleet was by now spread out. Amica finished this lap again at 18 minutes but Magec’s lead was by now very small putting Amica in a definite 1st place on corrected time

On the beat of lap 3, it became obvious that a large container ship would play havoc with the front 2 or 3 boats. Each boat did its best to minimise the damage but none the less both Magec, Amica, Jelenko and Auro all suffered to varying degrees. To add further injury a Red Funnel followed shortly after and was not in the mood for giving way. It was Amica’s turn to take the double punishment this week and Magec extended her lead

A large shift right made both reaches kite-able for the symmetric boats but as the fleet hit the second reach the wind eased. Magec was the only boat to compete the third lap, while the other yachts drifted around the vicinity of the leeward mark. Some 20 minutes or so later Bob called it and the fleet head home. Eveyone was geatful to have got a race in with such light winds.

On corrected time Amica was 1st, Glass Onion 2nd and Magec 3rd

Doug and Conrad joined the team of Jelenko2 for a curry at Cinnamon Bay - Hamble which was a very pleasant end to the day.

At the half-way point of the series Amica is 1st on 4 points, Magec 2nd on 9 points and Jelenko 3rd on 11 point. However next week, a discard will kick in and each boat will loose its worst result.

Thanks as always to the volunteers who give up their time to make our racing happen. Bob Trimble the race officer was assisted on the Hound by Julia Smith, Natalie & Nathan Hamilton

Dave Martin & Andrew Cumpstey crewed the mark laying RIB. Images are by Natalie Hammond

We only see part of the fleet, so a more rounded report is at


Royal Southampton Yacht Club Summer Series Week 2

Last week SB20 Race Team - Amica was second by one second. Doug Innes and Conrad Manning returned this week, determined to sail the course at least two seconds faster!

The RO set a good course, taking full advantage of the sailing area with long upwind and downwind legs. All roundings were to starboard which kept Amica on her toes as an SB20 is designed for port rounding, bear away hoists.

This week was a pursuit race. If you are not familiar with pursuit racing, here is PURSUIT RACING 101;

The starts are staggered on handicap (rating) and the race runs for a set time. The slowest boat starts first, and the fastest design starts last. If everything was equal every boat would in theory finish at the same time. As the handicap system has been factored in at the start there is no need to adulterate results after the finish. The first boat to start simply has to stay ahead of everyone. The last boat to start (which is the fastest boat design) simply has to overtake everyone and those starting in the middle must overtake the early starters while defending their position from those behind.

The first start was 1905. Echo (Van De Stadt 24) opted for the up-tide end of the line and an early tack onto port to stay out of the stronger tide and hopefully benefit from a serious of lifts as she sailed up Weston Shore.

2 minutes later, Bedouin (Moody 29) and Glass Onion (Evolution 22) started. Glass Onion tacked and went chasing after Echo while Bedouin opted to sail for the opposite shore, favouring clean air and figuring that neap tides would have little effect. For those watching it was interesting to see the 2 rivals immediately banging opposite corners.

Next up was Zanzara (Sigma 28 OOD) who also opted to initially head opt to deeper water

At 1918 the gun fired for Amica (SB20) and Auro (X34) to start. Having observed the tide was having a greater effect than predictions might have led one to believe, both yachts wanted the starboard end of the line, Amica had a very slight edge however decided shortly after the start that the fleet was more important than one boat so tacked onto port to hunt Echo and Glass Onion up the Weston Shore. The game of cat and mouse had begun!

With clean wind Auro made good progress on starboard before tacking up the middle of the beat.

2 minutes later Magec (X362)’s turn came to start. 30 second later it was Jelenko (Sunfast 3600)’s turn and shortly after that R&W (J/122) was allowed to start. The whole fleet was now racing and the lads on Amica were now both the cat and the mouse. They felt a little sorry for the slowest boats which start first on a pursuit race as they will always feel hunted by the whole of the fleet.

After a long beat up-to Hythe the first 5 starters were still the first five boats. Auro however had used her longer length and greater sail area to pull ahead of Amica. As kites were hoisted it was time to try and turn the tables. A reach across Southampton water and a broad reach down the Netley shore allowed the kite boats to assert some authority. While the upwind legs are quite punishing for an SB20 vs the bigger yachts, the downwind legs are where Amica gets her payback. By the leeward mark she had climbed to third and extended a lead on some of the bigger boats. R&W, Magec and Jelenko were also taking places. A drop, rounding and prompt tack put Amica back on the same upwind strategy as the first beat and again the fleet split in roughly equal proportions going right and left. By now Magec was only 2 places behind Amica and was clearly the Cat. Meanwhile the RO team recognised that the clock was ticking and made their way to the windward mark in case a finish was required.

The kite boats prayed the finish would not be at the end of a beat while the bigger and heavier boats got on with what they do best (sailing upwind).

As the leaders raced towards the upwind mark the RO sensibly relocated to the next mark, successfully predicting the finish time for the first boat. The windward mark was in lighter air on the Fawley/Hythe shore but this second upwind leg was in part defined by a large container vessel sailing through the fleet mid leg. Recognising “Might has Right” Magic was forced to give away some ground to a large steel “block of flats like” vessel while others pulled ahead.

By the windward (last) mark Amica was in second place and took first on the rounding. A quick hoist and very close reach sailed her back towards Weston and towards the finish. This final leg was too close for the symmetric kites and led to some very healed over asymmetric boats.

Final results were 1st to Amica, 2nd to Jelenko2 and 3rd to R&W.

This places Amica first in series but it is only week 2 (of 6) so it can all change dramatically.

Thanks as always to Royal Southampton Yacht Club’s dedicated race team onboard the Hound and mark layers onboard the Club RIB.

Thanks to Nathan Hamilton for the image.

Tune in next week for some more fun!@

Photos from SB20 Race Team - Amica's post 18/04/2021

First day of racing today, since last September for Lucas, Doug & Conrad.

The team joined in day 2 of the Warsash Sailing Club Warsash Spring Championships.

A number of other SB20 Class UK members had raced on Saturday but the wind gods had only allowed them 1 race to sail. Despite a 0-3 knot forecast for much of Sunday, the clouds were building over the Island first thing and there was wind all day. The Warsash Sailing Club race team successfully ran 4 races back to back (well done guys).

Racing was close with lots of changing of position, alas none of the finishes for Amica were better than 6th. None the less it was all good fun.

2020 Land Union September Regatta & SB20 National Chamnpionships 19/09/2020

Nationals, today at Royal Southern Yacht Club

2020 SB20 UK National Championships

Photos from SB20 Class UK's post 12/06/2020

1st place this week

Photos from SB20 Class UK's post 05/06/2020

Racing re-started yesterday evening

Photos from SB20 Class UK's post 15/03/2020

First event of the season. Doug was joined by new team mates John and Greg.

Photos from SB20 Class UK's post 14/03/2020

Today's coaching in preparation for tomorrow’s Frostbite Champs.

Photos from SB20 Race Team - Amica's post 09/03/2020

First sail of the season where 2 new team
Members, Greg and John joined Doug for a quick practice in the ☀️

Photos from SB20 Class UK's post 07/09/2019

Next years SB20 UK programme looks packed

Photos from SB20 Class UK's post 16/08/2019

Cowes Mini Slam, 3rd

Photos from SB20 Race Team - Amica's post 16/08/2019

Few images of Amica from Cowes Mini Slam yesterday, courtsey of Jennifer BG.

Onboard are Oisin, Saoirse & Doug

Photos from SB20 Class UK's post 01/08/2019

Last weekend's event with Doug, John and Michael

Photos from SB20 Race Team - Amica's post 30/07/2019

Amica wins the RSYC Summer Series with a week spare!

Last Thursday evening was week 5 in the Royal Southampton Yacht Club Summer Series. It was back to average lap racing and Doug and John double-handed the boat (in the fully crewed class). This was John's first outing on an SB20 and it would have been a baptism of fire to take on the kite hoists and drops single handed without at least having mastered it with the assistance of the middle man.

John therefore helmed, while Doug slid forward to re learn how much graft there is up the pointy end, bow is a position he has been alien to for some time.

With about 6 knots blowing aross the start line and following a good start the lads headed left while several boats opted to go right. Doug and John believed they could see more wind out to the left and turned out to be correct when they arrived at the windward mark ahead of most of the class including the much bigger J/122, R&W.

A reach and a run spread the fleet out and Magec who had been in first place at the first mark maintained her lead to the end of lap one. By the last leg of the lap the wind was dropping every second. This punished the slower boats who struggled to complete the lap. Everyone however made it and as the wind holes were now stretching across the entire race course the RO sensibly raised flag F and ended the race.

Despite the easy maths (averagaing only 1 lap) we had to wait a bit for the final results. Amica’s crews suspected they had come second but were not sure.

Magec had in fact taken the bullet, beating SB20 Race Team - Amica by 7 seconds on corrected time. In third place was R&W followed by Glass Onion and then late starters Jollity.

Well done to the RO for getting a lap in, in such questionable winds. A short race is better than no race!

Amica holds 1st place in the series, now on 5 points (1, 1, 1, 2 and discarding a 9) and can not be beaten even if she were not to race the final week.

Magec is lying second and is likely (but not defiantly) going to remain there, she will need to race the final week and score in the top half of the fleet. 3rd place however is well up for grabs, with R&W, Glass Onion and Enigma all having a good chance of making the podium.

Photos from SB20 Class UK's post 29/07/2019
Photos from SB20 Race Team - Amica's post 18/07/2019

Royal Southampton Yacht Club Summer Series (evening 4)

Doug and Conrad were a man short when they met up this afternoon, however that was the least of their worries. Due to a delay with a rigging supplier they had only just got the new rigging and it was a race to attach the new rigging, raise the stick and get to the start line in time.

It was a close race and they made it to the start (just) all be in a boat that was shorthanded and still being rigged as they sailed up the first windward leg.

Azygos sailed by the Club’s Rear Commodore David was away cruising’ this week, and Jollity and Manuka were also away elsewhere.

This evening was a pursuit race so Glass Onion was first to start followed by Enigma and shortly later, Amica.

After last week’s last minute wind shift which resulted in a reach/reach course it was nice to see a true beat for the first leg. There was a few big shifts on the course and Amica was unable to take full advantage of them all as she was finishing of some boat prep on the course. At the windward mark Amica bore away to a dead run and soaked downwind after the two boats ahead.

The next lap was a triangle and the reach gave Amica a chance to pull forward to neck in neck with Enigma (who was also double handing), after calling room at the mark Amica managed to take Enigma on the run and begun to chase after Glass Onion who was holding the lead. In the mean time Magec was not far behind and was doing a good job of holding of R&W.

A shift made the third beat a bit one sided and the boats that could point well laid the windward mark without tacking. Magec over took Enigma and now she was lying third was lining up Amica (2nd) and Glass Onion (1st) in her sights.

A good bear away hoist by Amica and a close reach with every ounce of human weight over the side allowed her to take a chunk out of Glass Onions and to pull ahead again from Magec. The boats rounded the next mark and headed to Afterbarn for the finish. Amica held of on starboard to get into the stronger wind while the symmetric spinnakers (Glass Onion and Magec) sailed deep downwind sailing the slower route but shorter distance. A gybe brought Amica back across the front of the fleet and through the finish line in 1st place. Glass Onion was close behind and Magec was third.

Thanks as always to the RSYC Race Management team onboard the Hound and to the mark laying crew onboard the RIB.

There was plenty cruise liners and ferries to dodge this evening on the windward and leeward legs but the course was just right for the conditions and wind direction

RSYC Summer Series result are now;

1 Amica (9,1,1,1)
2 Enigma (4,4,4,4)
3 Magec (9,5,2,3)

After next week's race (race 5) a discard will kick in and after the following week (race 6) a second discard will kick in. Amica will have a new crew member, John, joining her next week for the Royal Southampton Yacht Club Evening Race on Thursday and the Royal Solent Taittinger Regatta over the weekend, which forms part of the SB20 Class UK Solent Series.

Photos from SB20 Race Team - Amica's post 12/07/2019

Race 3 of the Royal Southampton Yacht Club Summer Series.

Before yesterday, SB20 Race Team - Amica were carrying a DNC and a bullet from the previous two weeks. Doug Innes and Conrad Manning met up in Hamble Point Marina to double hand yesterday's evening race.

The lads headed out to the start area and observed some large wind shifts of 20-30 degrees. Approaching 1905 (the scheduled start) time the RO postponed the start due to a wind shift and had to re position the start line. A few minutes before the start the wind shifted again, turning the planned windward leeward course into a close reach/broad reach course and the start line became impossible to start on starboard. Rather than postpone and reset the course the RO sensibly decided to get on with it while we had daylight.

Glass Onion spotted this first and lined up nicely for a port flyer on the pin end, Enigma was also ahead of the other boats in lining up a good start. Amica found herself trapped under Magec sailing along the line close hauled on starboard, desperate to tack and cross the line on port she was stuck there. Magec could not tack to cross the line as she had a problem with a halyard and her furler, the rest of the fleet pulled away on port tack laying the mark. Eventually Magec fixed her problem, tacked and allowed Amica to cross the start line in last place and lots of dirty wind. By the first mark the feet had separated into roughly the order you would expect based on handicap. R&W rounded first and Magec second, Amica was third place (on the water), Amica took full advantage of the kite leg back to Afterbarn, nearly catching up with both of the bigger boats. After a neat kite drop/gybe/rounding she head for the line to complete the first lap of 18 minutes 40 seconds. The bigger boats were pulling ahead again and so the next couple of laps repeated themselves, with Amica falling back on the close reach due to her shorter waterline and nearly catching back up on the broader reach where she take advantage of her Asymmetric Without the poor start and dirty wind of lap 1, she was able to pick up the pace for lap 2 and beat her own time by neraly 2 minutes.

After two or three laps most of the boats headed home and the RO calculated each boats average and applied the handicap/rating. While Doug and Conrad had a hunch what the results would be they had to wait until today to hear the actual result and were of course very pleased with another bullet

Amica now lies in first place in the series with 11 points (9,1,1). She (and all of the fleet) are already banking at least one poor result. A discard will kick in after two more races.

Thanks as always to the Race Management team onboard the Hound and the mark laying RIB for providing another evening race.

Photos from SB20 Race Team - Amica's post 05/07/2019

After Amica’s recent win, in the Royal Southampton Yacht Club Twilight Series the score-board has been wiped clean and we started again for the Summer (evening) series.

Last week (week 1) we could not race and Manuka scored the bullet while Jollity and Azygos scored 2nd and 3rd places.

This week however the team were back and fully crewed with Doug Innes, Conrad Manning and new recruit Saoirse Eve, this was her first sail with Amica and first practice for the SB20 Class UK Grand Slam Slam at Cowes Week in August.

Tonight’s racing was a pursuit race. As the second smallest boat, Amica had an earlier start than most but the big boys started only a few minutes behind and began their game of cat and mouse.

Amica’s first objective in a pursuit race is to take any slower boats who were allowed to start before her. Her second equally important objective is to fend of any faster boats who start after her while at all time seeking clean air to sail in.

The RO started the race on time and set a 3-lap box course with 2 kite legs. Amica started 2nd.

The race started in light winds and Amica’s first beat was spent dodging three ferries and their enormous wind shadows. At the windward mark an efficient hoist and a good wind angle allowed for a reasonable reach. Leg 3 was a dead run littered with wind holes. The crew dodged as many as they could but when approaching the leeward mark they had to accept one wind hole. Looking over their shoulder much of the fleet was parked up behind suffering a similar fate.

By sailing some very odd angles Amica reached the mark and headed upwind to Netley. Enigma the only boat in front was not far ahead.

The RO had planed for 3 laps with the ability to shorten course and the discussion of shortening course due to light winds was already taking place on the committee boat. A lap into the race Amica moved into first place and now had to just hold of the faster boats that were behind. A tight kite reach helped this and the RO sensibly shortened at Dean's Lake (1.5 laps in) as the wind was dropping all the time as per the forecast.

Despite the bullet Amica is only 5th in the series as she is carrying a DNC from week 1, as the series progresses that will hopefully become discarded

Thank you as always to the Royal Southampton Yacht Club Race Management team aboard the Hound and the mark laying/finish line RIB.

Photos from SB20 Race Team - Amica's post 21/06/2019

Royal Southampton Yacht Club Twilight Series came down to the wire.

Last night was the final race of the Royal Southampton Y.C. Twilight Series and things could not have been closer going into the final race, race 6.

2 weeks ago SB20 Race Team - Amica were first in the series closely followed by both Magic and R&W, however last week Amica was racing at the SB20 Class UK Nationals so missed a race and Magec secured herself a first in Amica’a absence while Amica meanwhile were given 10 points, which the crew always knew would be a discard

After 5 weeks this put both Magec and Amica on 7 points and R&W on 10 points. Going into the final race it would be a hot contest between Amica and Magec, both boats simply just needed to beat each other

It was a pursuit race and after an hour and half the finish gun was blow and Amica had managed to over take the early starters while defending her position from the faster later starters. 2nd was Enigma and third was Jolity. The tricky course saw two boats grounding which resulted in some retirements

Following Race 6 a second discard kicked and Amica was able to discard one of her seconds. The final results for the series are;

1st Amica - 6 points
2nd Magec - 7 points
3rd R&W - 10 points.

Thanks as always to the Race management team from Royal Southampton Yacht Club. It all starts again next week with the summer series.

Full results are at


Last week’s race report

Photos from SB20 Race Team - Amica's post 06/06/2019

Royal Southampton Yacht Club Twilight Series Week 4. This week Michael joined the team for his first race with Doug & Conrad onboard Amica. The guys headed out of the Hamble to a lot more wind than forecast and practiced a few kite hoists, gybes and drops before the start. This week was a pursuit race so the start line was uncompetitive. A strong bias favoured a port tack approach at the port end. Boats staying on port tack also found themselves heading out into the last few minutes of the ebb tide. The RO set a good course, with a long beat, a 3 sail reach, a run and a close reach. Due to a little nav error Amica sailed an extra mark on the first lap but while this disadvantaged her she still sailed the correct course. The downwind leg was on the very edge of Southampton water and a least one yacht suffered a soft grounding in the mud and had to use her engine to unstick herself.

The pre start wind held out for the first half of the first lap but then dropped quite suddenly turning an exciting hot reach into a soaking exercise.

By the second lap the flood tide had kicked in and those boats that paid attention to this and the shifting wind prevailed.

Amica scored her first bullet of the series (2,2,2,1) and retains 1st overall on 7 points. She was followed by Magec (1,3,5,2) who is overall third on 11 points and then R&W (5,1,1,3) whose 10 points puts her second overall.

Azygos, Manila and Enigma battled it out for 4th place and we have to confess didn’t see which boat got it. Azygos however very kindly towed Amica In saving a lot of time in the light airs. Thank you David.

This can and will all change next week when two significant events occur, firstly a discard will kick in and both Magec and R&W will be discarding a 5th and secondly Amica is unlikely to be racing as we will be at the SB20 Class UK Nationals at Sea View Yacht Club. We hope you all have fun without us but will be back the following week to complete the series. Thanks as always to the Race Management team onboard the Hound.


Last night was Week 3 in the Royal Southampton Yacht Club Twilight Series.

Doug and Conrad arrived at the versa dock in Hamble Point Marina as a 2-man crew and met Phil who was doing a few jobs on his own boat, “Herbie.” Phil readily ditched his maintenance and cleaning for an evening race with us. Such is the social nature of the new SB20 Class UK berthing at Hamble Point Marina.

With average lap racing the order of the night the fleet started on time at 1905. The RO set quite a long course with a lap taking 30-40 minutes for most boats.

While the course contained two windward and 2 leeward legs across the channel there was unfortunately two 2-sail reaches. This benefited a couple of yachts who were sailing without spinnakers for the evening but did not help Amica, an SB20, whose rating assumes she will be sailing with a kite about half of the time.

The fleet started into a reasonable Force 4 and the wind began to ease very slightly after the first lap.

R&W took an early on water lead and was then followed by a gaggle of yachts (Amica, Azygos, Manuka, Magec and Enigma) who frequently swopped places.

Gains were made on the upwind legs by those who made good use of the tide and the shifting breeze and again on the down wind legs by those who picked their gybing layline carefully.

Results wise Amica scored her third 2nd of the series, (so is certainly consistent). She is now lying overall 1st (6 points) but only by the skin of her teeth. R&W holds two 1st and a 5th (7 points) and will move up the board once her discard kicks in. Magec is currently lying third (9 points) with a 1, 3 and 5 so will also be hoping to discard her 5th.

On corrected time Amica was 11 seconds off 1st. The lads can see exactly were that might have been gained.

Sorry, no image this week.

Next Thursday is another pursuit race……

Photos from SB20 Race Team - Amica's post 23/05/2019

This evening’s Royal Southampton Yacht Club Twilight series race was a pursuit race. The SB20 was the smallest boat in the fleet and the course involved a 3 sail reach that worked well for us and a long 2 sail reach that hurt us, so swings and roundabouts! We sailed double handed this evening so had a lot on. It was race 2 of the series and after a close finish Amica scored her second 2nd, we now sit on equal points with Magic (1st and 3rd). Well done to tonight’s winners R&W and thank you to the race team for a well managed race. Average Lap Racing to look forward to next Thursday evening.

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