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Videos by Personal training for everyday living LTD in Southampton. The home training specialist is a 1-1 service, providing bespoke exercise programmes to all walks of

Core work 🥵

Time to stop taking it easy and do some proper core work

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Core work 🥵
Time to stop taking it easy and do some proper core work

Full body warm up 😅
Some warm up work before the main event 😅5 reps 5 sets Deadlifts 80kg Barbell Roll outs Wide arm wide grip pull ups

The first batch of orders going out this evening 😍

Calling all clients 🚨 Who’s up for some super healthy snack box lunches delivered straight to your door ? 😃I have a chic...

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible people over the last 13 years from all walks of life. And have hel...

A reminder to myself and everyone out there… Keep going, keep working hard and never give up! 🥵🙌🏻#youcandoit

Thank you to all you legends that have recommended my business over the years 😍Without referrals small business like min...


Over the last year or so I’ve had a lot of requests for online support so Ive decided to launch an online membership gro...

I am starting a Facebook membership group! Recipes, food plans, exercise workouts, tips on how to stay on track with you...

A week and half later and it’s getting heavier 🙌🏻170kg deadlift 2 rep max The goal will be to achieve 200kg by the end o...

A few months ago I damaged my back… nice tofinally see the strength coming back 🙌🏻150kg trap bar deadlift- 3 reps max #p...

Happy Halloween. (My partner made it) 🎃😈

Still think I’m 25… certainly don’t feel it 🥵Grinding for those gains today… feeling guilty for that wine Friday night 😉...

A big thank you to all you lovely people 😁

Something I hear a lot….

Getting it done today
Still feeling guilty after the mega 666 breakfast challenge 🥵 back to bars for me today!

Easy 😂
Showing my 13 year old how it’s done…. Going to ache tomorrow 🥵

Daily life for a personal trainer
Just a typical day waiting for a client at the gym 🤣

2,400 press ups completed so far with 7 days to go…. Made it harder today by going decline! With some ab work thrown in ...