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My name is Alex I’m a personal trainer based in Sarisbury Green. I focus on building muscle and losing weight. Please free to contact me for more info :)

Operating as usual

Photos from Holly Hill Leisure Centre's post 02/10/2020

How to avoid bad deadlift form 101! Click on the post to look at my amazing concentrating face and read the science-y stuff.

If anyone is interested in PTing or online coaching then drop me a message.

I’ve got a couple of FREE programs which you can access by clicking on the link below:

And most of all have a great weekend everyone!


If anyone is interested in booking in for a free 1-2-1 Personal Training session with me then drop me a message and let’s get to work!

Or DM me on Instagram @alexamorginos

-Need help to achieve your goals? 💪🏻
-Need some motivation? 👍🏻

*****Why not try Personal Training?*****

Book NOW for a FREE 30 minute taster session on MONDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER 🤩with one of our fully qualified Personal Trainers 🏋🏻‍♀️

Please speak to a member of our fitness team or alternatively...

Call: 01489 571064
Email: [email protected]

Timeline photos 11/04/2020

I just wanna play american football again 😢 football


I’ve been thinking, who would be interested in having a live Q&A kinda session? Could be about anything


It has begun...


So the centre I work at is shut at the moment due to covid 19 so I’ve decided to use my home gym for personal training. If anyone is interested in PTing let me know and check out my home workout to stay fit and healthy at home 😁


🏠 Home workout inbound 🏠

With all this crazy stuff happening at the moment, it’s important to stay healthy. Here is a “quick” home workout for you!

Tag with your gym buddy or your friends who you challenge to do this!

Most importantly stay safe! 💪


At the moment I’m working on a video for all those who are self isolating due to the outbreak of covid-19. Should be out end of today!

Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs may Worsen the Course of Community-Acquired Pneumonia: A Cohort Study. - PubMed - NCBI 17/03/2020

Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs may Worsen the Course of Community-Acquired Pneumonia: A Cohort Study. - PubMed - NCBI

Should anyone have contracted COVID-19 please do not take any anti-inflammatory drugs (AIDS) such as ibuprofen. There has been numerous studies (which I have actually researched) linking AIDs with worsening pneumonia.

Please refer to and read this link, most importantly stay safe!


Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs may Worsen the Course of Community-Acquired Pneumonia: A Cohort Study. - PubMed - NCBI Lung. 2017 Apr;195(2):201-208. doi: 10.1007/s00408-016-9973-1. Epub 2016 Dec 22.



I’ve been seeing this kind of [email protected] all over the internet. The information in this picture is NOT true and not accurate in any way! Coronavirus doesn’t just chill in your throat and have a cuppa tea.

Please make sure that you’re reading these so called “tips” from accurate and credible sources. Anything which includes NHS, WHO or PHE is a good source.

NHS - nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19

PHE - gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response

W.H.O. - who.int/health-topics/coronavirus

Timeline photos 11/03/2020

So I’ve decided to do a Q&A! Any questions about fitness, nutrition or general fitness lifestyle. Drop them in the comments or DM me with them and I’ll answer them all in a video!

Timeline photos 07/03/2020

Always happy when ordering souvlaki right @craig_dane ?


Hope everyone is having a good week be it training wise or personally!



I would really appreciate it

Could you go to my page and across the top go to ‘community’ and click invite friends and ALL - simple as that! It will take less than 20 seconds and it will be a BIG help and will mean i can engage with more people and you will see when I post as you’ve visited my page!

Thank you

Networking can help everyone 😊

Timeline photos 22/02/2020

Was debating putting a filter on this but... no 😂

Timeline photos 18/02/2020

So I saw these pictures the other day and thought damn that’s me 4 years ago 😂 clearly not been doing enough!
In all seriousness tho, I’m proud of some of the sh*t I’ve achieved in 4 years! Broke past a 115kg bench, 180kg deadlift and a 170kg squat at a body fat % of 14.
When people see “contact me for advice” they tend to think I’m gonna try and sell something. I want to see my DMs blow up with people asking the slightest question. Whatever people are struggling with I want to know! Let me know so I can help you WITHOUT MONEY 😂

Photos from AA Fitness & Personal Training's post 09/02/2020

It’s that time of year again where anyone can book in for a 30 minute PT session with me! If anyone springs to mind when you hear the words “personal training” then share this with them 😁
If you refer someone who buys 6 hour sessions you get a session with me completely free!
@ Holly Hill Leisure Centre

Timeline photos 07/02/2020

It’s always important to have a spotter to give you that one extra rep. To give you that extra push and the extra burn!
For example here I’m pretending to help Holly Hills finest @mrramseyburns who smashed his set!

Timeline photos 18/01/2020

Don’t mind me... I’m just pretending to look at something for the sake of a picture
Also let’s not forget that I’m back up to being a full time personal trainer and online coach. If you need help in achieving your fitness goals in 2020 DM me!
Outfit from by @vxsgymwear using code ABF10 😉
📸 @vyrinis_a


Without a doubt one of my favourite exercises especially for strength! As I work off percentages I vary my reps every week from 8 going all the way down to 2!
It’s a good exercise for the glutes but there are many better ones out there. And I need to start working on my flexibility and mobility a bit more looking at my depth 😅

Timeline photos 22/12/2019

Iceland is pretty chilled... might just move here

Photos from AA Fitness & Personal Training's post 16/12/2019

Last night was insane, thank you to the fam for coming out. We were just missing @craig_dane and @jens_uwe_ @ The Jetty, Ocean Village

Timeline photos 05/12/2019

No Im not doing the basic “ when I was tanned”. How about a throwback to when I wasn’t freezing my face, nose and ears off every morning... @gymshark

AA Fitness & Personal Training updated their phone number. 05/12/2019

AA Fitness & Personal Training updated their phone number.

AA Fitness & Personal Training updated their phone number.

AA Fitness & Personal Training updated their business hours. 05/12/2019

AA Fitness & Personal Training updated their business hours.

AA Fitness & Personal Training updated their business hours.


This is my personal favourite exercise to work my triceps. I find that I can feel them burn especially where my arms flare out at the bottom of the movement!

Photos from AA Fitness & Personal Training's post 15/07/2019

So after a stupid long amount of time, me and my crazy SoB brother got a pic with each other @iloveportorafti @ Erotospilia Beach

Photos from AA Fitness & Personal Training's post 30/06/2019

Instagram Vs Reality...
@ Belfast

Timeline photos 12/06/2019

*Is floating*
Remember that I have to pack, edit 5 videos, create the thumbnails and upload them all within a scheduled timeframe...
*Floats stressfully*


So gym progress has lately been ridiculous... today I hit a goal which I’ve been trying to get for a while. I finally hit a 3.5 plate squat, or 160kg! Next up I’m setting the bar at 180kg.

@abfitness_16 @vxsgymwear @fitnessvloggers 📸: @wherestsit

Timeline photos 24/04/2019

last June where I went to see this crazy bastard and get a workout in as well as a good few sesh nights @vxsgymwear @fitnessvloggers

Photos from AA Fitness & Personal Training's post 23/12/2018

So we went to Bicester Village Designer Outlet the other day and as it’s my birthday and Christmas I thought I’d treat myself.
Swipe to see some new additions...
@ Bicester Village Shopping Outlet

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