Sound Cycling

Sound Cycling


Wanted to just write another message, 4 weeks of lesson's with Elenaor and Amelie has truly excelled with her riding, she is confident, happy and enjoys riding so much. Elenaor has taught Amelie so many skills that she will continue to improve upon X
Looking forward to weekend away next year with lots of family bike riding x
Bring your nervous children - or adults - to me for a step by step method to learn to ride a bike or to build your skills. Cycling is the future! Contact me to have a chat about it. Meanwhile, sharing a testimonial from a happy learner and mum.
This article gives lots of reasons to walk or cycle in the fresh air - needed more than ever in these trying times. If you find walking a challenge, may I help you walk with greater ease and get that spring back in your step! It's never too late to turn things around. Contact me on 07952314768. I also give cycling tuition Sound Cycling

Sound Cycling: individualised tuition according to National Standards. Gain bike control skills & road craft. Southampton based. You Tube channel:

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Sound Cycling updated their information in their About section. 05/04/2022

Sound Cycling updated their information in their About section.

Sound Cycling updated their information in their About section.


Take advantage of the upcoming Easter Holidays for your kids to take cycling lessons! Do you have a son or daughter struggling to move on from using "stabiliser wheels" on their bike? I can help with sympathetic and patient tuition in Southampton. My method takes it one step at a time, first focusing on letting the body figure out how to balance on this 2-wheeled object. We build up gradually within their comfort zone. Same method works for adults as I don't hold the learner up, rather give them the space to learn how it works.

Timeline photos 17/03/2022

We know that not everyone can cycle. If you think you can't, perhaps you could with the right intention and support. We shouldn't need to be "brave" to cycle! I can help you or your friends get started. Contact me for a chat.
Sound Cycling

A healthier, happier and cleaner world - we can . 🌍🚲

But the reality is that under 2% of all UK trips are made by bike. It's time for politicians to step up and deliver the safe cycle infrastructure we need.

Support our petition: 📝

📸: Cycling Cartoons by Dave Walker


🚲Are you visiting Westquay shopping centre in Southampton this weekend?🚲

My Journey, along with partners Love to Ride, Cycle Hub, Decathlon and Active Nation, will be at the Key Performance Area in Westquay Shopping Centre on Saturday 12 February, 9am to 6pm.

We are encouraging everyone to explore the benefits of cycling with a range of fun activities and prizes to be won🎁

At the event, you will be able to:

-Enter a draw to win a hybrid bike from Decathlon
-Have a go on the Spin & Win prize wheel when they register with Love to Ride
-Get their bike checked over by the Bike Doctor – 9am to 4pm by Waterstones
-Learn about cargo and electric bikes
-Have a go on the Scalextric bike racing rig, thanks to The Hub Cycleworks
-Have a Health Check and try a Spinning bike with Active Nation

We can't wait to see you there!

For more information, please visit:


All road users, please take care to read the changes to the Highway Code, summarised in this video.
Do you feel you need a top up of skills and best practice on a bike? Come to me for tuition!


The roadworks at Ipley Cross in the New Forest are near completion to make this junction so much safer! (Before and After pictures below) It's a great improvement that will likely reduce the chance of another serious collision of a motor vehicle and a cyclist. Do you think riding out into the New Forest is a step too far for you? Come to me for guidance on self protection on the road. If you are a beginner or restarter we'll start with all the elements of bike control. The delights of the open road is available to us all!


My little learner's mum: "Wanted to just write another message, 4 weeks of lesson's with Elenaor and Amelie has truly excelled with her riding, she is confident, happy and enjoys riding so much. Elenaor has taught Amelie so many skills that she will continue to improve upon X
Looking forward to weekend away next year with lots of family bike riding x"
Now Amelie is well equipped to ride with family, have fun on her bike and develop her skills towards being able to travel by bike in future. Now able to do a proper signal, and pedal mostly straight as well! Well done, Amelie :-)


As one person put it on a recent discussion on Facebook about helmets, there is a lot more to riding a bike than balancing. I have this week given a lesson to a cyclist who feels insecure riding on roads. The first lesson was all about bike control. She came away feeling a lot more confident to control her bike, has plenty to practice and will come back when she is ready for the roads syllabus. Many people who currently ride on roads are low-skilled in things like fine-manoeuvring, riding with only one hand on the handlebars and looking all around. These and others are essential skills for being a competent cyclist, before even starting on best practice for roads. No wonder many drivers complain about cyclists. Not being fully in control creates hazards for self and others. Let's all be responsible road users, be courteous and considerate to all others on the road, and learn best practice. You are welcome for tuition, whether you are a beginner, a returner, or you would benefit from upskilling. Give me a call to talk over what I can do for you.


To helmet or not to helmet? Learn to make your own informed choice, and ride in a way to reduce the chance of a crash in the first place.

I have just contributed to a hot debate on Facebook about helmet wearing. The range of views and facts expressed illustrate how this issue, like many others, is not so black and white as many like to think. Many points in favour and against wearing them and making the wearing of them compulsory. The key is: life is not safe and we constantly revise our decisions according to circumstances and our best information at the time.

Come to me for tuition, as one person did, prompted by this discussion, to learn habits of best practice to protect yourself and others on the road.


My lovely little learner I posted about on 25 October excelled herself in her lesson yesterday. It was only her 2nd lesson, having been grounded due to a positive Covid test, but had been able to practice on her bike, and it showed. She went straight down the slope with her feet up all the way so we put the pedals back on soon. It was a delight to see her pedalling away with a big smile on her face - priceless. She afterwards said the lesson was "brilliant, amazing, fantastic, great and wow wee!" Mum said: Amelie's cycling blew me away. We were all so happy, her older sister jumping up and down in excitement." This is a little girl who was so scared she had refused to try. The key is having a graduated and reliable method, lots of patience and positive encouragement. Come to me if you have had a bad experience learning to cycle or you have been otherwise put off. We need cycling more than ever now.


Half term coming soon - a great opportunity to get some learning to ride lessons in! I may get quite booked up.
I have just arranged to start lessons for a little girl who fell while trying to learn to ride and is refusing to try again. I will start with the absolute basics, using my clear method, giving her time to work out how this balancing thing works. I look forward to witnessing another happy cyclist!
The little boy I recently posted about had his last lesson with me for now (after a gap due to circumstances). He is enjoying riding around and can steer accurately. At the end he and his dad presented me with a box of chocolates and a thank you card.

No age limit! Adults welcome. It's such a valuable skill.


A little boy just pedalling fully for the first time yesterday after building up to it with balance learning. This is the same boy who half an hour earlier was sobbing that he couldnt't do it! (with dad's permission use the video). Come to me if you want to learn to ride a bike, or refresh your cycling skills. Any age!


Here's a beautiful account from my new cycling learner:

"I had my first cycling lesson today with Eleanor van der Hoest (Sound Cycling) I was very nervous at first even before my lesson as I haven't ridden a bicycle since I was a kid but Eleanor made me feel very relaxed and her patience and calm approach helped me overcome my fear of getting on a bike. I learned some new things today about how a bike works which I didn't know before. I felt a little sense of Freedom when I attempted to peddle but it felt good being outdoors in the fresh air and I imagined myself cycling freely one day without worrying about falling over and losing control. I feel that Eleanor is more than happy to help me over come my fears and help me cycle to freedom!!"

It was a joy to witness her gradually dispelling her fears and getting glimpses of how it would feel to ride a bike. Come to me if you need help to start or restart cycling, beginners my speciality. There is a more to learning to control a bike than many people realise. Both technique and patience are needed. Our amazing bodies will work out what to do given the right sort of support. We can learn at any age.


I was the Mystery Guest on BBC Radio Solent's Breakfast Show yesterday Thu 3.6.21 just after 8:40 (you can listen back). Presenter Alan Newman has to try and guess by questioning, what the guest does for a living. A great way to promote cycling tuition and now is a brilliant time to start cycling either as a complete beginner or reskilling. Let's talk if you are interested.


It's a great time to start cycling or return after a gap. Do you need coaching to polish your skills and encouragement to boost your confidence? I can help with both bike control skills and road craft - it's not always intuitive.


Cycling tuition available in Southampton for all ages, beginners my speciality, also returners who need skills brush-up. Maybe your last cycling experience was as play and now you want to ride as transport you need to check you have precise control skills before venturing on a road. I can coach you through any uncertainties and qualms. Message me with your interest.


I've been active giving cycling lessons, with spring weather, opening possibilities of venturing out. My lesson this morning with a charming 9-year old was so satisfying. She did so well, persevering with patience and good spirits when a lot of repetition was needed to settle new skills in the body. This paid off when she started to pedal, at first once rolling down a slope and then from a stillstand. This is a big deal for a beginner! She was able to reflect about what she was doing. She felt really proud of herself. What a joy! I'm looking forward to further lessons when she gradually gains full control of the bike. Thank you for being such a good sport - you're well on the way to riding a bike.


I've been concentrating on Ways To Move of late, and now is a great time to start cycling lessons! During these Easter holidays I have been helping 3 young children aged around 9-10 to ride a bike, who didn't get the hang of this set of skills at a younger age. They are all doing really well, able to roll along while their feet are off the ground, if even for a short while. They will soon be pedalling independently! One little girl said she felt 'happy' with her progress today. I specialise in teaching complete beginners - at any age. It's never too late to learn to ride a bike and it can bring such joy! Want to give it a go?😊

Why cycling and walking are great for your mental health 11/11/2020

Why cycling and walking are great for your mental health

A great article for motivation. We need movement and fresh air so find an activity that brings joy. If you love the idea of cycling but feel low in skill and confidence, come to me for some friendly tuition. Whatever your current level - complete beginners have my special care - I can help you hone your bicycle skills and road craft so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Why cycling and walking are great for your mental health Cycling and walking have huge benefits for our wellbeing. Find out why keeping active is good for your mental health.

Sound Cycling - Southampton Based Cycling Training for Adults and Young People 14/10/2020

Sound Cycling - Southampton Based Cycling Training for Adults and Young People

Sound Cycling - Southampton Based Cycling Training for Adults and Young People Individual cycling training for adults and young people in Southampton. Let us get you on your bike!


Now is a great time to learn to ride a bike or brush up those skills that enable you for feel confident to do your errands on a bike instead of in the car, or enjoy some leisure time in the fresh air while keeping the body moving. Talk to me about my helpful, supportive tuition: [email protected]

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