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I am a Female Personal Trainer and I am REPS Certified Level 3, I am a Personal Trainer In Southampton, Hampshire. I am very passionate about Fitness and enjoying working with individuals to achieve their goal. I have completed a fitness course with Future Fit, which I started in August 2001. I have passed an exam on ‘Exercise and Fitness (The Anatomy & Physiology), and qualified as a fitness and

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Menopause can be a scary time! Please take some time out to look after yourself! Have a look at both these post! And spare 10 mins to go through them! And write down how you are feeling?
And think about giving some of the task a go!
Ladies!! I am so keen to help some ladies through this challenging time of their life! I want to coach you through this process/ working through each chapter! To really understand how we need to change to be one step ahead!
Looking for at least 5 females to help with their Menopause journey to do 1-1 on line coaching via Zoom or phone call consultation!
DM for further info! And price!


Okay so there are lots of supplements out there! That you just don’t need! But Creatine Monohydrate is a one that every male and female, should be taking each day.
Benefits of Creatine- # helps build muscles faster. get you stronger faster. anaerobic endurance muscles recovery🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️.
# When you supplement with Creatine, your total body stores of it increases, with most of it going to your muscles stores. Performance is enhanced because it gives the cells more readily available energy.
enhances muscles growth by increasing the amount of water in the muscles cells, this makes the muscles bigger.
Creatine also has anti-catabolic effects which further helps with those muscles gains!

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Was lovely to be invited to the Mayflower last night to do a press review on there amazing production!
Sao Paulo. The dancing is amazing! So graceful and talented dancers!
Was a lovely night out! And I was blown away by the level of talent!


So left is last year and right now! I am so please with how much muscle growth I have had!! It takes time and consistency!! Its always good to have a goal! If you don’t have a goal to work towards! Your fall of the wagon! A clear goal will make you more committed to sticking to your workout! Or to that new food plan!
If you don’t have a goal! You don’t really know what you end game is! And its quite easy to just quit!
Sit down and write down a 3 month goal! Exactly what you want to achieve, how your gonna to do it etc! Know you whats and why for the change you want to see! You got this. I will keep@working on improving my strength!


Did you know that after Menopause that our risk of CVD increase due to the declining levels of Oestrogen!
That Heart diesease is the number one killer in females in the UK??, It actually kills twice as many females than breast cancer!
CVD disease affects 7 million people in the UK!
Declining levels of Oestrogen during and after Menopause increases our Risk of CVD!
The reason is the Oestrogen keeps our blood vessels smooth and flexible. Once Oestrogen declines your arteries are more prone to developing a line of fatty plaque, which narrows the arteries making you more likely to have a heart attack’ Eating well, exercising and taking HRT can all reduce your risk of this disease!

Photos from's post 05/02/2024

Okay so although HRT has many beneficial effects! You still need to make sure we are following a balanced nutrition eating plan! Complex wholegrain, different types of fruit and vegetables, Adequate amounts of Protein, healthy fats! Plus don’t forget about improving your gut health to!
If you’re struggling with weight gain. Have a look at your eating habits, track your calories for 2 weeks, to really see how many calories you are consuming! It is very easy to overestimate are calorie!



So I am lucky enough to be one of the PT for .hq that has been asked to become part of there amazing team! The passion is to encourage more people to enjoy and fall in love with fitness, to create a community where everyone is welcome! To help and encourage one other to become better than yesterday!
I also now write for .hq which have launched their amazing fitness magazine! You can purchase and get all of our top tips to reach your potential


So let’s talk set back!! Injuries!! So couple of years back! I was teaching a PIYO class, we were in our stretching and flexibility part. I went into a forward hamstring stretch! Knew I was quite flexible, so went into forward splits, then felt this awful knot, in the back of my hamstring, followed by a pop sound! I knew then that my hamstring had torn! It was a grade 2 tear!
Crutches 🩼 and rest!! It was a crap part! It was painful!
But these setback happen!! Then you have to focus on rehab to get you strong again! Now having a physio and chiropractor is important to me! They help keep me fit and injury free!!
So check them both out!
If it wasn’t for .precision who I may add has fixed me back countless times!!!!
And after having neck pain for 8 long horrible months! Managed to fix me after about 3 sessions!
So these two guys are now part of my fitness journey! Who both help me keep training!!
So its important to go and see someone like@this!
I go roughly 6-8 weeks!
To keep me injury free and training hard!


This year is gonna be exciting! So many cool things happening! Lots of Menopause workshops! ! And working with .hq to create something exciting that you will all want to be part of this journey! Look forward to the next adventure this crazy lot of guys !! ❤️


If you are constantly bloated, tired, not sleeping, constantly getting ill. Then its time to really have a look at the food choices we make every day! Are we fueling our bodies with the correct balance of micronutrients! Gut health is so powerful! 70-80% of your immune cells are actually present in your gut! So its so important that we follow a real diverse nutritional plan! To make sure we are creating the optimal environment for good gut growth! Have a look at the slides for foods that you should definitely be including every day into your diet!


Hey guys! Don’t miss This Live event! Tues 7pm! I will be chatting with the lovely Natasha! Jump on her ask her some questions? She is amazing at changing your mindset! Self belief! So don’t miss it

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So as we age we lost 4-8% muscles mass as females! Especially as we get into our 30s and 40! Strength training is your secret weapon against muscle decline and Osteoporosis! These are preventative diseases that we have the power to stop!
Don’t think that lots of cardio will help! We need a combination of both- to protect us from Cardiovascular disease which is the no 1 biggest killer for females after Menopause! So lets keep that heart healthy!
But by including strength training will are preventing that muscle loss. This is going to prevent us from having fails that potentially could end up causing Fracture hip!
Also we become insulin resistance during menopause! Lifting weights encourage more muscle mass helps the body deal with insulin so much better! The more muscle you have the better insulin sensitivity !
Muscles also increase our metabolism! They help burn fat!
And lets be honest feeling strong feels fantastic!

Photos from's post 02/01/2024

Its really no surprise that when our Oestrogen levels start to decline that we can get all these awful symptoms. Especially when you see that the body has so many Oestrogen receptors all over our bodies! So this is all about education ourselves to know what Oestrogen is responsible for in our bodies! So we can be aware of the Peri- menopause is creeping in!
There are over 34 different symptoms! Here are a few - Hot flushes, Insomnia, itchy skin, bladder leaks, increased UTI due to the change in the PH levels changing to more acidic- which is the perfect environment for more nasty bacteria growth,
Brain fog, there are many more to list! If you or your workplace are interested in a Menopause workshop please inbox myself or for more information!

Photos from's post 28/12/2023

Exciting times ahead for 2024. Just working on my Menopause practitioner plans for new clients! I work closely with you! Discussing best plan of action for your symptoms and training and nutrition!
Can’t wait to help support and help more strong ladies next year! No more suffering in silence! Let keep talking about this important subject!

Photos from's post 23/12/2023

So wasn’t feeling the gym today! But really fancied heading out for a run! So drop off all the kids at paintball and shane lol 😂! Then headed out to dearleap! For a run! I forgot how much I enjoyed running! Being outside with the beautiful scenery! A clear head! The endorphins pumping through my@body! No medications in the world can give you that feeling!! Its addictive!
So get outside! Move your body! I promise you won’t regret it! Your be left feeling amazing! Never beats the post high workout feeling!

Photos from's post 17/12/2023

Wow this client has achieved so much this year! She was under-eating! Worried about the scale weight to much! Its not been a easy process to try and let go of the scale weight! But I think the picture speaks for themselves! Only 1lb difference! In the weight! But she lost a whopping 10cm off her waist! She is now eating 900kcal extra a day then what she was eating!
We are nearly at her maintenance calories now!
This has taken time! You need to slowly do this!
And please let this example be of why you should not let scales dictate your progress!
I am so super proud of her!
If you want to results like this then join me for next year and watch your body change!


Did you know that 1 in 100 females will go through this before the age of 40! But the NICE guidelines say that if you over 45 then you defo are peri - menopausal? But some female actually go through it early, they sit and suffer and don’t actually know what wrong with them! They don’t think its peri- menopause, it can be I am to young?
The others issues it can be confused with is Thyroid issues or Vitamin D deficiency! So if you are in 40-45 make sure you arm yourself with the knowledge! Get the blood done to rule out any other medical issues first!!
When we suffer peri- menopause/ menopause its not just Oestrogen dominance, but more of a central disruption if the bodies capabilities to maintain hormonal balance!!

The other issues is if your are suffering from Oestrogen dominance and that your not responding to HRT/ Progesterone after 1-2 months! Go back to the gp! Symptoms can be - Anxiety, headaches severe migraines, depression, food cravings, brain fog, irregular bleeding, heart palpitations, water retention, weight gain. I will be starting my Menopause practitioners clinic in jan. And will be looking to help females transition to this stage of there life. With as much support and knowledge along the way! You are not on you own

Photos from's post 09/12/2023

Sorry guys!! Unfortunately my the nut gut dietician can’t make tonight live. We will do another session ! So keep your eyes peeled!
No live tonight!

Photos from's post 27/10/2023

So my podcast is officially live on VoiceFM- with interviews that I have done! So go and have listen!
I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Dame Kelly Holmes- have a listen on how Menopause effects her.


How can we deal with stress in the body with menopause and other situations! The one stressor we can control is the food we choose to eat everyday!
Eating a well balanced diet can actually help our bodies react to daily stressors, while others foods can help counteract the effects of increased cortisol levels.
So focus on a diet balanced with healthy complex carbs, fats and protein. Try to limit foods that cause the body inflammation ie simple carbs and sugars. # include complex carbs- grains, beans, pulses, lentils, wholemeal rice, wholemeal bread. Starchy veggies. 3- Mackerel, sardines, anchovies, herring and salmon, mixture of nuts.
Potassium- banana 🍌, avocado 🥑, leafy green vegetables 🥬 and tomatoes 🍅. rich foods- onions, 🧄, leeks, asparagus. fermented foods- Natural yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi # Vit C - citrus fruit and berries we don’t fuel our bodies we can make poor decisions and react to emotionally!
So eat a rich variety of food not only to nourish the body but to work with those hormones to.

Photos from's post 21/08/2023

Whoop! Only been the second week of back to running! So week one was definitely slower! And felt so sick 🤢!
Slide over to week 2- knock 10 seconds off most of my Km! Not bad!
Took on some good carbs- and definitely performed a lot better!
So remember if you want to improve on anything! You have to be consistent!


Now I am super@proud of this client! She was under eating! Low calorie! Fearful that if she ate more she gain weight! We gradually increase her calorie over several weeks to match her workouts!
She now on 1700kcal! And she now has some abs showing through! Trust the process! Results will happen!


Remember eat your protein daily! 1g per pound of body weight as a general rule! Remember aim to consume protein and complex carbs before training! This will help with protein synthesis! And the complex carbs will fuel your workout! After you finish you need to replace the glycogen stores and consume protein!
The reason why is to add with recovery, and promote the building of new muscle fibres! The carbs help decrease cortisol levels - this is a stress hormone that is released during strenuous exercise. Cortisol can be catabolic- which means breaks down your hard earned muscle!🫣!
So consuming carbs after training can help prevent any muscle loss that may occur due to an increase level of cortisol in your body.
Post workout meals should include fast digesting carbs , and protein!
Ideas are -Greek yogurt fresh fruit.
Rice cakes - protein shake, chicken breast or low fat milk!


Prettylittlethings! This is a shot of one of there models! Lets just talk about the fact you can actually see her rib cage! This site is followed by so many young girls! That will feel that this is a normal pic! That we should all look like! There is enough pressure on woman as it is to look a certain way!
This sort of media@needs to stop!
Lets use female that are healthy role models to all of us! You should not see ribs! The level of eating disorder is already high enough! Lets encourage this generation to be strong! Beautiful 😍! Focus on having strong powerful body! And nourish it! Don’t deprive yourself! 80/20 rule!

Photos from's post 13/08/2023

So people’s often can’t understand why I still train on holiday? They say you’re going on holiday take a break!
But for me I enjoy working out! Its good for my mental wellbeing and my health! The thought Of not training for a whole week! I be miserable! I am totally addicted to it! I love the rush of adrenaline rushing through my body! I also did some runs along side the beach! Fitness is a way of life! Its not a short term thing! To get in shape for your holidays! This is something everyone should be doing! 5-6 days a week! To live a long healthy life! Invest in yourself! I still ate plenty of ice creams! Enjoy some@good cocktails! And enjoy myself!
And ended up losing half Kg! God know how! But I take it lol!
Back to the gym tomorrow!


Remember no one starts out there journey looking amazing!! We all had to start somewhere!! I was@determined to get a healthy fit@body back after pregnancy!
Was it easy!! No it wasn’t! I trained 5x week! Tracked my calories! Added some cardio in! And week by week! My weight started to drop! My clothes were feeling better! It takes time! Took me 9 months!
No 8 week Beachbody challenge! 9 whole months of turning up for myself! Planning my nutrition! Being accountable to myself!
No one is gonna do the hard work for you! But you can’t put a price on health! So start your journey now!


This amazing client was on so low calorie! Like 1300!! And it taken a long time of encouragement. To persuade her to increase calories! She been hitting between 1700-1800 calories! We drop 100 calories a day just running up toward holiday’s .
To feel extra@holiday ready! But I think your agree, she looks fantastic!
So she smashing her steps daily like 20,000 she walks@for miles !!
Hit the gym 4-5 session a week! Follows strength plan! And also@add a couple of Spin sessions for cardio!
There have been weekend away! Meals out! But we stayed on target! Enjoy the holiday girl!

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