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Try B-Fit this February with a 1 week unlimited class pass for £2!

A friendly fitness and yoga community where you can start your fitness journey and actually enjoy training.

Grab the pass from my store now or drop me a message for more details.

Team Baby Necessities are going to Walk The Test Way!

The walk is suitable and fun for all ages and abilities and you're able to choose how many miles you wish to walk.
25.5 miles - St Marybourne
16 miles - Wherwell
11 miles - Stockbridge
8 miles - Horsebridge
5 miles - Mottisfont ​

Our team so far have chosen the 11 miles but you can chose which distance you’d like to do 🚶🏽‍♀️

If you’d like to register to be part of our team go to https://www.walkthetestway.org.uk/register
Enter team name Baby Necessities 💗

All of our team will have the chance to purchase a T-shirt for the event. Please contact us if you would like one 👕

Our JustGiving page is https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/babynecessitieswalkthetestway

In conjunction with B-Fit Fitness
Great, tough core work out this morning with lots of motivational encouragement. Thanks so much Jo. 💪😘
Awesome wake up yoga session this morning. Well needed body stretches and sun salutation. Ready to take on the world!! 💪 (and make more pancakes!) Thanks Jo, have a great day. 😘
Here's another success story from one of my favourite clients ❤️

Kirstin is my perfect advert for when I talk about scales and how they are not a measure of progress when weight training.
Kirstin doesn't weigh any more or any less and look at that progress ❤️
Kirstin is very committed and follows what the advice she paid for and more importantly she doesn't take it too seriously because that just sets you up for failure.
She has a decent balance in her life of more nutritious food and less than nutritious moments.
It's provides consistency, it's easier to manage and it's a life style change. Not something you have to pay to stay on plan. She's learning how to understand her body and it's something she can put in practice throughout life going forward. So much so she's able to reduce her sessions this month and spread her wings a little and I have full faith In her. She put full trust in me and has done everything I asked. ❤️
Super proud of you kirstin 👌😍
Academy Studios B-Fit Fitness
So I had a lovely phone call with one of my hardest working clients today! Something that was amazing and made me a very proud coach indeed.
Kayleigh joined me with one big goal and lots of little others but her main goal was to look the best she can come May at her wedding!

After initially joining to look her best for the wedding we found out the dress didn't fit!

We changed tact and went hard at it and Kayleigh gives 110% every single session!

Today she fit in her dress and it is a massive happy moment for both of us ❤️

Absolutely smashed it girl! You're going to look amazing come May on a girls most important day ❤️
Kayleigh Monckton Academy Studios B-Fit Fitness
Great evening at boxfit tonight 🔥❤️ Academy Studios B-Fit Fitness
Great evening at boxfit tonight 🔥❤️ Academy Studios B-Fit Fitness
Great evening at boxfit tonight 🔥❤️ Academy Studios B-Fit Fitness
Great evening at boxfit tonight 🔥❤️ Academy Studios B-Fit Fitness
Great evening at boxfit tonight 🔥❤️ Academy Studios B-Fit Fitness
This is shout out and a massive congratulations to my client and now friend Kirstin Morris on her results of her fitness and strength testing today!
Kirstin joined me just over a month ago with the Intention of getting leaner, fitter and stronger. She's amazingly committed even when she's tired or stressed and the results she got today make me super proud!
Check these out 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

1000m row:

1 month ago: 4 minutes 57 seconds

Now: 4 minutes 29 seconds!

A huge 25 seconds of her row time ❤️

12 minute cooper run:

1 month ago: 1.47km

Now: 1.65km

Another impressive stat ❤️


1 month ago: 40kg 1RM

Now: 60kg 1RM

20kg increase in a month is huge!!!!



1 month ago: 40kg 1RM

Now: 75kg 1RM

That is by far the most impressive of them all! To add 35kg to a single lift is huge!!

I for one and very proud as I hope she is of her results!

Get in Kirstin 🔥🔥🔥

Academy Studios B-Fit Fitness

B-Fit specialises in women’s fitness. Building a positive relationship with fitness and your body. Short on time?

Are you not sure where to start your fitness journey? Are you looking for a fitness family that will keep you motivated? Join the B-Fitters family inspiring you to get moving, improve your nutrition and learn to be confident in your own body.

Operating as usual

Photos from B-Fit Fitness's post 23/01/2023

Taking time to move mindfully and to breath in Yoga 🧘‍♀️ this morning. Taking time to rest for the week ahead.

Photos from B-Fit Fitness's post 22/01/2023

Feeling a bit wind swept after my run up to hengistbury head whilst my son was at BMX training.

What have you been up to this weekend?

Photos from B-Fit Fitness's post 20/01/2023

Our 1st New You Retreat evening complete. Yoga, Tui Na, a guided facial, meditation and cake. Perfect!

Thank you everyone who joined and and thank you Shergold Spa for joining up to make this evening a success.

Photos from B-Fit Fitness's post 17/01/2023

A great week already here at B-Fit. Ladies getting together to workout and support each other.


Move on a Monday!

930am is our 30 body weight body conditioning session with good music and a friendly vibe.

It’s a busy class but we still have a few spots. Want to join us? Grab a free trial from my store.


Timeline photos 14/01/2023

This is why I have done some of the training with as they are leading the way in women’s coaching. Creating a safe, supportive and understanding space for all thing female.


It’s a new year, so we thought we’d reintroduce ourselves!

We are here to challenge the status quo for women in health, fitness and sport.
Girls, women, coaches, teachers, trainers, practitioners, performance directors, CEOs and policymakers, we invite you to join us in our pledge to:

Her body
We will ensure that women’s bodies don’t hold us back from being active, enjoying exercise or performing in sport.

Her education
We will educate and empower women.
We will hand over the confidence and tools so anyone can do something impactful with that knowledge.

Her participation
We will redesign school sport, competitive clubs and elite programmes so they are places where women can thrive.

Her best-practise
We will rewrite best-practise for women, so they are based on research actually done on female participants.

Her protection
We will normalise a cultural framework that supports, empowers and protects women’s health in and beyond sport.

Her perception
We will value health over shape or size. Instead of prioritising how a body looks we need to focus on how it feels and functions.

Her stigma
We will obliterate the embarrassment, shame and chronic lack of confidence that women feel about their bodies.


Only a few spaces left on our retreat evening. An evening of relaxation and pampering.

Book now to secure your place, it would be lovely to see you there.



Did you start 2023 with great intentions and New Years resolutions?

Did you know most New Years resolutions are dropped before the end of January?

Why, because we set massive goals with a vague plan and no support network to get us there.

If you are lacking motivation for your fitness goals this is where B-Fit can step in, I focus on making fitness a lifestyle change, a habit and a community that you want to stay with for the long haul. Fitness for health isn’t a one month thing it needs to be consistent and a long term change.

Get in touch to find out about joining our tribe ❤️


New mums of North Baddesley and surrounding areas!

Are you a new mum? Do you want to start moving in a gentle way but don’t have anyone to look after your little one?

Would you be interested in a mother and baby yoga session on Monday’s at 11am.

I am qualified and pre and postnatal exercise and I understand the challenges of being a new mum.

Please like my page comment below if you are interested 👇


1st Box-Fit session back this year at The Mountbatten School.

This is ladies and girls 11+ session (must be with an adult)

Photos from B-Fit Fitness's post 06/01/2023

Who needs a takeaway when you can whip this up at home 🏡 Better than a greasy takeaway.


This is where my online session are streamed from, my new PT studio. If you want to workout with me but can’t make it to an in person session try one of my online sessions.

Mon & Thurs 630am
Tues 7pm

Gentle Yoga
Tues 730pm

Grab your 1 week FREE online trial now and book on to get your zoom access codes :)



Back at it this morning !

Do you want to get fit? Do you struggle to find time to exercise? Do you hate the thought of going to the gym?

Then come and try this 20 minutes workout with these lovely ladies ❤️


Beat the winter blues and join the B-Fit tribe this January.

Here at B-Fit we focus on fitness for your physical and mental wellbeing. Specialising in women's fitness we empower you to feel confident in your own body!

What do we do here at B-Fit? We do a varied mix of group fitness sessions, in person and online, that work on all areas of your fitness with something suitable for all fitness levels

Check out our timetable and book a free trial now to unlock our January Starter offer!


Happy New Year to you all!

I started the year with this walk into icy cold water with my friend who is as crazy as me!

Why did I do this? Why wouldn’t I as I like to do things out of my comfort zone and this starts by saying yes to things that feel uncomfortable.

With January being the time for new years resolutions I want you to take the big goal you have set and break it down into smaller chunks, make it achievable with a short deadline, a week
works well. Then ask yourself why you are doing it and what it will feel like when you achieve it.

Good luck with your goals, think big take small actions to get there so you succeed as the more you succeed the more you will want to do. Set yourself up to fail and you will join the 80-90% of people who give up on their resolution before the end of the month.

Let’s make this a great year, come on 2023!


Sorry my live wouldn’t work I was all set up ready to go but Facebook had other ideas!

Here is the workout so you can give it a try :)


Don’t forget my FREE body weight workout this morning live here or via my usual Zoom link.

Let’s get a bit of movement in today!

Free Boxing Day online workout 1030am! Open to everyone!

This Boxing Day I will jumping online live on FB and via zoom for a free Boxing Day 30min Move session.

You can join this with your kids, partners, sister and brothers to get you all moving.

You can either jump on my FB page or book via my booking system to join the zoom session.

Hope to see you there 🙂



Merry Christmas to you all I hope you are having a great day.

Don’t forget the live free online workout tomorrow. Either live on FB or via zoom.

See you tomorrow :)


Free Boxing Day online workout 1030am! Open to everyone!

This Boxing Day I will jumping online live on FB and via zoom for a free Boxing Day 30min Move session.

You can join this with your kids, partners, sister and brothers to get you all moving.

You can either jump on my FB page or book via my booking system to join the zoom session.

Hope to see you there 🙂


Photos from B-Fit Fitness's post 16/12/2022

B-Fit is now closed for Christmas and we re-open on the 3rd January.

We have had a great year with new sessions being added to the timetable and more B-Fitters joining our tribe.

I have added to my knowledge by completing the Train Like a Women course as well as qualifying to train children. I am also working my way through the Menopause and Training qualification.

I would like to thank everyone for their support this year and can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Merry Christmas 🎄


No gyms at B-Fit Fitness just friendly training spaces in person and online.

Where do you train?

When there's no time to get to the gym, there are plenty of other ways to get your sweat on... plus they can be fun too!

What's your favourite way to exercise that's not gym related?


B-Fit is a This Girl Can supporter and we want you to move your way and enjoy the journey.


Yes Nila! Celebrate every step because progress is better than stopping! Have a great week! 💪

Photos from Shergold Spa West Wellow's post 22/11/2022

Photos from Shergold Spa West Wellow's post


Are you short on time? Do you want to get fit but struggle to grab time to take care of yourself?

Check out my timetable with short in person and online sessions throughout the week.

Get in touch to find out more :)


Super happy with my 10k run time today 56.50. A nice steady run and I felt good 👍


Thought I would introduce myself for those of your new to my page. I Jo a Mum of 2 and I am lucky that I love being active. I know that this is no the case for everyone and I try and share my passion to encourage others to get Moving, focusing on health, mental health, confidence and community. I try and talk about all things womens physically and physiologically - hormones, periods, bras, menopause and anything thing else that teaches us to be kind to our bodies.

I have also just started a Box-For class for 11+ girls to come and train with in adult, as the drop out of physical exercise for girls this age is so high and the younger you start to keep fit the more likely you are to carry on later in life.

My goal is to become an ambassador for girls and women in sport and fitness. Building an understanding of how or bodies work and how that understanding can help us to feel confident to get moving and take control of our health and fitness.


Do you want to workout from home?

Not everyone had time to make it to in person sessions or the motivation to go it alone at home. Having a coach there to push you and check your technique makes working at home even better.

Checkout my timetable for my online sessions.



Our B-Fit evening out. Great food and company and really nice to see you all out of training gear :)

It’s the ladies that turn up each week that make our B-Fit Tribe, a community where there is no judgment just the drive to look after their health and fitness.

Thanks ladies for being you 💕


Today is World Kindness Day 2022.

Being kind costs nothing, a smile, a helping hand, simple compassion for others situations.

Do something kind today you may make a big difference to someone who needs it.


Yoga asanas have many health benefits for the body externally and internally.

Enjoy your postures, take time to feel it, to breath through it, it’s more than the perfect positioning, it’s about learning to know your body and letting go of a busy mind.

Photos from B-Fit Fitness's post 10/11/2022

A busy day at B-Fit, empowering women to take control of their health and fitness.

630am PowerWave
30 minutes online working out with a PowerWave, kettlebell or dumbells

930am Fit30
A 30 minute outdoor circuit using a mix of equipment a great all round session

645pm Warrior Fit
Our 45 minute outdoor circuit/boot camp session with different workouts to keep you fit and strong

740pm Gentle Yoga
A modern gentle yoga session that includes Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breath work) and relaxation

Photos from B-Fit Fitness's post 07/11/2022

We had a busy Move session this morning and we definitely worked up a sweat, followed by Yoga. Just our 11+ Box-Fit this evening left to go :)


The average women will live more than 40% of their lives post menopause!

We need better education and understanding of how this effects our bodies physiology.

Timeline photos 28/10/2022

Sharing our passion for getting girls moving with their mums. An interesting read!

"Exercising with my mum gives me the chance to chat and I feel I can be open with her about anything."

Our campaign inspires mums/mum figures to spend time being active with their daughter. Mums and daughters tell us it encourages them to try new things, they support each other, laugh a lot, and, as a result, their bond has become stronger. 🥰

🎧 Listen to our latest podcast to learn about how the campaign started and how it's transforming lives.


Scottish Sports Futures Active Scotland

Photos from B-Fit Fitness's post 27/10/2022

We have had a Halloween 🎃 workout day today. Thanks for the giggles 🤭


Half term is nearly here and as I am now qualified to train children your little ones are invited to come and train with you at our 930am sessions.


Do you struggle to get your daughter moving?

By the age of 14 two times the amount of girls
are dropping out of sport than boys?

The rate girls drop out of exercise can be as much as 40% through primary school.

Analysis of clinical trials looking at physical exercise showed that exercise is an effective strategy for depression in teens ages 13-17.

These statics speak for themselves and there are so many reasons girls drop out of physical activity, body confidence, hormonal fluctuations and importantly education in and around the sports and fitness industry.

Lead by example supporting and doing things with your daughters. Help lead them in the right direction and help to build a better relationship between you.

Photos from B-Fit Fitness's post 19/10/2022

Tomorrow morning is a 30 minute circuit.

Working out in the fresh air is so good for your mental health and you also get a dose of vitamin D.

There are still spaces available in the morning so make sure you book on.


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