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Hi, I’ve sent you a PM but not heard anything back. Please could you message me with more information about where your classes are? Many thanks
Hi very sorry Isabella Denham can’t make tomorrow morning’s Stargazers tap .
Hi there does the new term for stargazers start again the following Saturday 8th Jan morning usual time of 10.15am?
I hope you all enjoyed the entertainment and the festivities on Saturday 🎁🎄🎅🏼🎤🎉

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for joining us on Saturday and supporting local …. We are always here for you 🥰

A couple of other mentions / thanks

⭐️ Our amazing retailers and businesses for your generous Tombola donations - and for being fabulous all year round !
⭐️ Our craft market stall holders - for showcasing beautiful products as always
⭐️ The Lights & Beats team for the staging and sound equipment
⭐️ Blake Entertainments Limited for hosting the show (and being a very loveable Santa) 🎅🏼
⭐️ The Christmas Decorators UK Limited for decorating our lovely precinct and tree 🌟
⭐️ J. West Christmas Tree Supplier for once again providing a gorgeous tree 🎄
⭐️ All the performers on the day Femme Fatale / Yuzoo The GinFathers Abstract Dance & Performing Arts Deb Cobbett Tuneless Choir - Solent Stage Skool Rock Choir Sophie Bassett-Hughes Sing Now Choir Dancewise Studios Ltd Kings Academy of Performing Arts leo limerick Locks Heath Junior School you’re all shining stars ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

last but not least
⭐️ Michael and James our site Caretakers who always do a superb job!!

Sarah xx

We'd like to thank all the people and businesses that kindly donated a raffle prize to the Fawley Show:-

Alam Spice Indian Takeaway
Falcon Inn
Dancewise Studios Ltd
Waterside Wines
Boots Holbury
Expert Domestic Appliances Services
The Galley Hythe
Solent Coast Valeters
Dr Julian Lewis
Tesco Applemore
Sandras Florist
The Frame Shop, Hythe
Jane Bidwell Flowers
I wanna be role play village
The Hythe Barber Shop
Holbury Hardware stores
Charlotte Harvey Hair
Carole Cooper
Thank you Dancewise for your generous prize donation to our raffle. We raised a fantastic total of £1136 😀 which will be shared between the schools and used to support the children by the purchase of new books 📚📖
Is singing on today?
Dancewise Studios Ltd is on our Virtual High Street and they have a Guarenteed Show Experience 😱

There's plenty to discover and find out more here:
Great fun playing Mansion Impossible tonight with the team at Dancewise Studios Ltd
How can I contact someone as the number is not working? Thanks
Thank you so much for Freya's taster session back with Street dancing. Thom was amazing. I will say though Freya has a habit of giving the thumbs up 👍 when she is okay but she wouldn't admit some moves she was struggling with. Yep she can be very stubborn lol 🙈. She is very tired though from school which didn't help but we had a chat after and explained she needs to say if she is struggling rather than staying quiet. She does give herself a hard time and it was only her first lesson. I told her to stop being so hard on herself 💕 x
I am not sure If I can write a second review but here is my new review xx

My daughter has been attending classes at Dancewise for nearly 4 years now, in that time she has grown in confidence, learnt new skills, joined new classes I never thought she would be interest in, took part in shows which are amazing to watch, became part of the elite team and has progressed to becoming an Inspirers Assistant and helps her teachers in classes with the smaller aged children. Dancing is a huge part of her life and she has made incredible memories and friends for life.

Dancewise is a lovely, supporting environment with a real family feel. Teachers are professional, experienced, and friendly making sure all their pupils are happy and you can see their passion for teaching.

Anyone can to learn to dance - whatever your level, Dancewise can help you with your new journey with Passion and Positivity.


If you or your child is shy, unconfident or are looking for your place - you've found it. We are the studio where everyone is accepted, loved and valued.

The home of inspirational dance classes of different styles for all ages since 2005! Dancewise will help you achieve your goals – whether you want to build confidence, improve your body shape, make friends with like-minded people or aim for the stars in one of our elite performance teams! But it’s so much more than that – Dancewise is a family, a second home to our students, a place of passion and

Operating as usual


in all our students

All love is

Active Inclusion matters

Timeline photos 28/05/2022

Timeline photos 25/05/2022

We're all in!

For you - every day, in every way - we're all in!

When teaching your child to dance we give everything we have - we're all in!

When your child has success, however big or small, we celebrate them - we're all in!

When times are difficult for your child we go the extra mile to support and guide - we're all in!

Even down to keeping things simple in the day to day with our pricing, everything's included - we're all in!

👍 Full time professionals in dance education - this is all we do, every day.
👍 Someone you and your child can rely on
👍 A cheerleader for your child
👍 A support network for you and your child

👎 Part time - every hour we spend working is improving us to teach your child
👎 About drama - be it favouritism, comparison, negativity and complexity - we keep it simple, inclusive and easy.
👎 A performance free studio - the show is everything to us and to the transformation our students experience which is why it's all included - you don't have to 'afford it'
👎 About yelling to get results - the bond that gets the results is built on trust, consistent and is totally judgement free

Timeline photos 24/05/2022

Did You Know....?

👉 We Have a Bespoke Syllabus 👈

The experience our students have at Dancewise is EVERYTHING to us! To keep our classes feeling fresh, we used decades of experience to design a syllabus that helps everyone progress, but that feels new and original every week

Timeline photos 23/05/2022

Timeline photos 21/05/2022


If it would GUARANTEE they'd get their dream job as a dancer...

.... do you think most people would spend 6 hours a day practicing after work or school?

Truthfully we don't think they would 😲 (and Hillary says why in her video)

It's why we worked so hard to create the Motivation Maker ⚡️ and Home Training Blueprint 🗺 that every student gets free as part of their place at the studio.

We believe passionately in inspiring our kids to become the dancer they see in their head... who dances with PASSION, who's performances CAPTIVATE, who INSPIRE their audience...

... and give them the tools they need to get there ❤️

Timeline photos 17/05/2022

Did You Know....?

👉 Every Student Gets a Stars-port 👈

The Stars-port is the way of getting the most out of the experience at Dancewise. It helps students track their journey through their time at Dancewise.

And because it's so important... we make sure each student has one.

For free!

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Timeline photos 14/05/2022

"Amy Winehouse" - Dancewise Studios 12/05/2022

"Amy Winehouse" - Dancewise Studios

Throwback to 2016 and "Believe in Me" for this routine to Valerie by Amy Winehouse!

What do you think?

"Amy Winehouse" - Dancewise Studios "Amy Winehouse" from the Music Legends of our 2016 show "Believe in Me"Choreography - Sami Oddy & Sofie Atkins


Pssst... this secret could save a lot of heartache for your child!

The days of a pro performer being able to get by with one skills are coming to an end!

Performers these days need to sing, act, be able to show their Ballet skills in one number, their Tap skills in the next, and their Locking skills in the finale!

West End choreographer Carrie-Anne Ingrouille gives 2 tips for EVERY aspiring young dancer to take on board!

Do you think less conventional shows like SIX will become the norm in the future?

Timeline photos 10/05/2022

Did You Know....?

👉 Parents Are Part of the Action 👈

The Stars-port is the way of getting the most out of the experience at Each year we host Stars-port Soirees; an evening that invites mum and dad into the studio to watch classes and be involved in their child's learning and progress. We even lay on nibbles - nom nom!

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Timeline photos 07/05/2022

"Black Hole" - 05/05/2022

"Black Hole" -

Throwback to "Among the Stars" in 2017 and the Black Hole themed dance.

Fun fact: The orange unitards were originally dyed grey but came out orange 😬

"Black Hole" - "Black Hole" from the Solar System segment of the 2017 show "Among the Stars"Choreography - Sami Oddy


🚨🚨Full disclosure alert! 🚨🚨

People who follow us know we don't do exams.

Truthfully, we don't hate on the EXAMS...

Its the CULTURE around the exam we don't like

If you're into getting a 6 for your artistry, or an 8 for your foot work then we're happy that you've found what motivates you ❤️

The thing we can't get behind...?

The feeling the child is left with when they've poured their heart and soul into preparing, practice, their appearance... they think they're ready.

But the dry, quiet exam room, and the close eye of the examiner is nothing like the cosiness of a stage under the lights, or the warm atmosphere of their class...

So they struggle

And their marks are poor.

Will that child try again? Will they be so motivated? Will they push through that pain and succeed?

Hillary-Marie gets as close to the ROOTS of tap as dancers can, and creates dynamic, exciting, heartfelt and grounded Tap performances time after time after time....

Have a listen to her take on things

Timeline photos 03/05/2022

Did You Know....?

👉 Everything is Based on Positivity 👈

Every day we're faced with 2 choices; to respond positively or negatively to events in our day. Through our qualifications and knowledge we help our students make positivity a daily choice they feel great about choosing.

Timeline photos 02/05/2022

Timeline photos 30/04/2022

"Bumblebees" - 28/04/2022

"Bumblebees" -

Throwback to 2015 and this ADORABLE "Bumblebee" routine by Stargazer Irish

Those wings!! 🥺

"Bumblebees" - "Bumblebees" from the Throwback segment of the 2015 show "Next 10"Choreography - Alison Jones


Why is it SO hard to motivate yourself....?

Especially to do something you LOVE! ❤️

We spend A LOT of time answering this question for our students when it comes to practice. We all know:

🗣 "Practice makes perfect"

Totally TRUE. So everyone one just does it, right? 🤔

Obviously not or we'd all be Usain Bolt ⚡️🥇

Something happens between LOVING something in class.... and being motivated to practice it again the next day

👉👉 Here's the secret.... 🤫

EVERYONE looks at it the wrong way! It's not about ADDING more, it's about SUBTRACTING...

❌ Distractions
❌ When to do it
❌ What to do
❌ Space
❌ Fatigue....

👉👉 Here's the solution....

We have PROVEN solutions that we teach to all of our kids.

They are all to do with SUBTRACTING the excuses that get in our way, and REVEALING the success when we do so.

1. Little and Often
2. Habit Habit Habit
3. What's the WHY??
4. The Progress Process
5. Reward the work

The ones that take them and make them happen become GREAT

(The others have all the tools they need, as well as all of our support, so that when it clicks.... and they are ready..... they will be great too)

Here's one guy who get's that PROGRESS is down to PROCESS.

He's taken our solutions and run with them 🔥

And the results.... Well, we'll let him speak for himself...

Timeline photos 26/04/2022

Did You Know....?

👉 We Are a Performers Studio 👈

If we could only focus on one aspect of teaching dance we'd have to say... performance! Self expression is essential in creating happy, healthy adults so we double down on their performance experience. We're there every step of the way to support, guide and encourage!

Timeline photos 25/04/2022

Timeline photos 23/04/2022


Teaching is about so so much more than the 5, 6, 7, 8… the dance moves are important obvs


❤️Teaching them to engage
❤️Teaching them to love something without reservation
❤️Teaching them to bond with grown ups worthy of their trust
❤️Teaching them it’s ok to laugh at yourself
❤️Teaching them that their confidence is celebrated and appreciated
❤️Teaching them that the grown ups around them enjoy having them in class….

Isn’t that just as important as Raise the Roof?

Yes they made me do a real giggle

Yes they came up with the name for the last move…. ❤️

“Subscribe” apparently 👍


Throwback to 2019's show "Within Us All" and the Classic Video Games Number!

That Legend of Zelda remix!

What did you think of it?


Why don't Dancewise enter festivals, competitions and do formal exams?

Can you show me a level 10 in creativity?
Or a 3 in artistic expression?
How about a distinction level in soulfulness?

It's tough right? We don't judge people who want to do exams and competitions at all - simply, we want to train dancers to get on stage and blow audiences away.

Here's Hip Hop pioneer Mr Wiggles who shares our views!

Timeline photos 19/04/2022

Did You Know....?

👉 Exclusive Private Facebook Group 👈

Each Dancewise family is invited to join the Dancewise's Hug; a private facebook group for us to share all things dance! It's the hub of our community and the place we can all come together

Timeline photos 18/04/2022

Timeline photos 16/04/2022


Throwback to 2015's show "Next 10" with this reimagining of Matthew Bourne's The Car Man

The guys enjoyed performing this routine - can you tell? 😂


Easter Raffle Winners

Our Story

Dancewise is not just a dance studio. It’s a family - a second home for our students.

If you or your child is shy, nervous, lacking in confidence....if they find it hard to learn at school....if they find it difficult to make friends....if you’re looking for your place....

You’ve found us.

Welcome home.

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Unit 1, The Precinct, Pylewell Road, Hythe
SO45 6AP

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10am - 8pm
Wednesday 10am - 8pm
Thursday 10am - 8pm
Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm

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