Julian Porter Cycling

JPCC is a social cycling club that races, not a racing team trying to be social. If that sounds like you then contact us Julian Porter Cycling.

A place for all your cycling needs and some super social cycling. British Cycling affiliated. All welcome. We are a friendly club looking for sociable cyclists both male and female to join us.


Cycling Time Trials: The national governing body for cycling time trials

Check this out guys

cyclingtimetrials.org.uk If you would like to organise a time trial, or need advice on organising a time trial, we are here to help. We have a dedicated site with all the information you need to host a sucessful time trialling event


Not going to make tonight guys, still working, I will try to get to the Drift a little later if I can.

britishcycling.org.uk 02/07/2018



In light of the recent "incident" on a club ride I wanted to set a few things straight and offer some advice to you all.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident whilst cycling with out without the club then please remember the following.

1, If you or anyone else is hurt or you think a crime has been committed then CALL THE POLICE 999.

2, If you cause an accident by running into someones car then please exchange details with the driver and carry on with your ride if you are able. If the driver does not accept your details then tough on them because legally without injury you just need to exchange details, Easy for us because we can photograph the offending vehicle.

3, In both instances GET WITNESSES.

On that note I would strongly advise all of you to get some sort of liability insurance. Heaven forbid if someone rode into a pedestrian :(

Most "bike insurance policies" have this option but by far the easiest way to cover yourself on your bike 100% is to pay £39 per year for British Cycling solver membership. Tons of benefits including very REAL discounts, I make mine back every year over and over.

I would like to remind you all that its our responsibility to ride safely and within the law and that helps cycling in general and of course our great club. We are one of the strongest independent clubs out there with almost 100 members and a very noticeable kit so please bear this in mind.

Check them out here and fire me any questions



britishcycling.org.uk British Cycling


We are less than 4 months old and I wanted to share a few things with you all. Firstly those of you that know me well, understands my vision for and what I was/am trying to achieve. If you’re a keen cyclist, you’ll know that cycling clubs can be hugely competitive and aggressive places. So what if your cycling’s as much about coffee and cake as it is cadences and counter-attacks? Well I wanted to offer that and I am pleased to say with your help that is exactly what we have done.

Each time we get together to ride or race I am genuinely overwhelmed by the support, 19 of you had a long hard club ride on Sunday, and yet most of you rocked up to either race or support the race yesterday and that is genuinely pretty amazing.

Yesterday we had a few mechanicals and not 1 person moaned, in fact we all chipped in to help. Its just as I had dreamed it would be.

I had an enquiry last week from a lad (who I am pleased to say is already a contributing member now) and he asked about joining after seeing the team ethics at the tt a few weeks ago. He asked "surely to become part of this is not just a better of joining" well I said yes and he joined. A couple days later I got the most amazing message from Andy saying how welcome he was made and how much fun it was. Its a great feeling.

But Its a great feeling because of you all. We all feel the same way, Yes we ride fast and yes we race hard but before that we are a great bunch of like minded very caring people and I thank you so much for that.

Lots to look forward too during the summer, our IOW tour, then a family day with the kids, spanners and bangers (god knows) and plenty more cycling both social and mental paced :-)

We are now 80 strong which gives us the strength to be able to do a little more so any ideas feel free to chat to me.

Thank you I am so very grateful to you all for helping me achieve a great cycling club ❤️ You all deserve the kudos.


Morning all, does anybody within the club work with children and maybe taken this sort of course? Safeguarding & Protecting Children

Please let me know. I am thinking of possibly creating an under 18's ride but its early days



Results are in. Well done to my fellow riders. We did VERY well. Course PB again for me which was unexpected.


Just been told they messed up. Everyone add a minute :)

First number is our position overall.

5 23:47 Julian Porter, JPCC

8 25:04 Dale Payne, JPCC

13 25:45 Luke Bowring, JPCC

16 26:19 Peter Bowring, JPCC

18 26:25 Jamie Doel, JPCC

19 26:37 Paul Jackson, JPCC

22 27:25 George Hill, JPCC

25 28:05 George Parsons, JPCC

26 28:34 Neil Addcock, JPCC

30 29:38 John Raney, JPCC

31 30:04 Steve Cleves, JPCC

35 31:26 C Wiggins, JPCC


**Tuesday evening** im off for a spin tonight 6pm from Eling if anybody fancies it. Probably quickish but open to offers.

Let me know party peeps



Don't forget tonight cycle starts at the Drift for a change, plenty of parking opposite for those driving, Lou has kindly offered to ride from Eling at 6:30 as normal to the drift so a couple options, There will be a regular ride and the tt, Dont forget your £2 entry fee and BEER money for after 🤣


Club Kit

New kit added today, take a peep and get them order in today http://julianporter.cc/cycle-club/club-kit/

julianporter.cc After several months and several thousand miles of testing, I have decided to choose Skinline for our team kit. I also know several other local clubs using their kit and it's been very positive reviews. It's a very smart kit and washes up very well too which is important to keep the…


FRIDAY RIDE. Thinking about tomorrow at 4pm at Eling, Anyone fancy that?


I need kit orders today coz its going in early AM tomorrow so if you have any requests please let me know :-) Thanks


Club Kit

Ok guys **KIT REPORT***

I ordered around 20 sets of kit last time and have 1 jersey left and a few bib shorts, They have been very popular thank you.

On Friday I will be ordering again so please have a think and let me know what you are after before that.

This is extreemly important foor the ladies amongst us because your bib shorts are different so I need to know this.

We offer:

Bib shorts male or female


Long Sleeve Jerseys


More will be added wheb the winter is back


julianporter.cc After several months and several thousand miles cycling in my Vankru Cycling-kit, I have decided to follow suit and choose Skinline for our team kit. I also know several other local clubs using their kit and it's been very positive reviews. It's a very smart kit and washes up very…


PHOTO SHOOT. guys and gals, those of you that have our new club kit, we would love some professional photos for the website. We are holding a studio open day on Saturday 24th from 12 noon until 5pm so please pop in for a cuppa and cake and a free photo shoot in your new kit.

Just imagine how smart we will look on the website?

We are in Bassett Southampton and I would consider it a huge favour please.

Please let me know if you can make it :)

Cheers jules


WOW WOW WOW, what an awesome group of riders we have got. Tonights ride was a constant buzz and a few people deserve a special mention.

First and foremost I am genuinely proud of you all, again tough conditions and you all smashed it.

George led group 2 (medium) tonight and they had a superb ride, Max who just 2 months ago told me she struggled at 14mph smashed out a nearly 18mph ride, amazing work. The rest of the group did great too including Dan and George both of whom have improved these past couple weeks.

I took out Group 3 and we absolutely smashed it. 22:2mph comfortable tonight working properly as a team sharing the load. I know we are all about the social, and I stand by that but OMG we are building a very strong race team too. Pete and Luke who were both fighting the 18's a couple months ago smashed it at 22mph as did Paul again these 3 have had a pretty fast few days including a 21:5 ride yesterday.

Team work makes for great riders and the best part for me if that we are all ONE and I genuinely mean that. We all start together and finish together.

Thank you guys and gals, you have made me Very Happy ♥️


Cycling tonight, 5:30 from Eling with the fast boys so probably 18+ all welcome, Lepe and Calshot route


Looking forward to tonight's ride out. 6:30 Eling tide mill :)


Lots of club kit went out today so let's be seeing some photos guys and gals please 😎🤓😎


Hi everyone. Just to confirm tonight's ride is 6:30pm at Eling Tide mill. Looks beautiful out there 😛🚴💨💨💨


Good evening all. As most of you know I am away racing this weekend so tomorrow's ride may be effected. Pete is leading out the fast/med group and I know Lou and Beccs are riding a slower ride too. Anybody wanting something in between I am sure there will be others to join you.

Sorry for the lack of ride leaders but all back to normal on Monday

Happy cycling. Jules


Today we are officially 2 months old. We have 60 members and 3 superb rides every week which are very well supported. Thank you, everyone, for your support and help in making my dream of a super social cycling club a reality. Its not just about the ethos, its about the people and I get so many messages from our new cyclists thanking me for a great 1st club ride and so many from our members who ride regularly too.

Thank you all so much. See you tonight at Eling 😍 🚴🏻

julianporter.cc 30/05/2017

Join Club

As always it was a great turnout for our Monday night ride despite is being a bank holiday, 4 new (to the club) faces too. We have a lovely 32 miles in 2 groups through the New Forest meeting at the drift and cycling home together.

I am extremely proud of our group of members, so many lovely comments from the new ones and the longer standing members too, it seems my "dream" of a social-led club is working out just fine. Of course social does not mean slow, our fast group often average over 20mph on their rides, but we also offer a 16-18mph and an up to 15mph group so everyone is covered. But the one thing we all have in common is that we love the social side of cycling.

Last night several of our fast lads led home a slower member drafting for a few miles, No that's what it's all about.

Do we sound like your kind of club? we meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays plus extra days and for only £20 you can join us.

Any questions just ask :-) we have 59 members, will you be 60?


julianporter.cc After a long year organizing, lots of help from our friends and making arrangements, Julian Porter Cycling Club is finally ready to launch and to do so we have a very exciting launch offer for you if you join during April.Joining fee's much like with any other cycling club will be £20 payable…


Well the time has come to once again split into another set of groups for our rides. From Sunday we will be splitting into 3 groups, Group 1 up to 15mph. Group 2 up to 18mph and group 3 above 18's. I think this should take care of everyone and give those right on the edge an oppertunity to stretch their legs if they want to. Sundays will be an Ice Cream ride again 🍦

hampshire.police.uk 23/05/2017

Appeal after cyclist robbed of her racing bike in Romsey - Hampshire Constabulary

Please be careful out there folks. More reason to ride with others in a club environment especially in quieter areas.

hampshire.police.uk We appealing for witnesses after a cyclist had her racing bike stolen in Romsey over the weekend.


Social spin tomorrow (Sunday) 2 groups again and we have a few choices, Ice cream ride again or we could do the Lymington loop. We can decide tomorrow but see you all at 09:45 Eling tide mill car park

julianporter.cc 20/05/2017

Join Club

Exciting week coming up at Our kit is all finished and should be here midweek :-) new mugs and cups too so we will be arranging a proper launch day with a photographer, cake and drinkies very soon. If you have friends thinking of joining then now is a superb time to do so. http://julianporter.cc/cycle-club/

julianporter.cc After a long year organizing, lots of help from our friends and making arrangements, Julian Porter Cycling Club is finally ready to launch and to do so we have a very exciting launch offer for you if you join during April.Joining fee's much like with any other cycling club will be £20 payable…


Anyone fancy a spin tonight? Eling 6:30 ish ? lepe or Lymington fastish 18's ? msg me

Looks like the weather should be good for that,


In light of the weather and worsening forecast, I think it's sensible to cancel tonight's social. Sorry everyone but safety first an all that. Hope to see you all Sunday, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD


Social tonight, 2 groups Eling 6:30 :-)

julianporter.cc 16/05/2017

Join Club

Here at Julian Porter Cycling, we are always looking for like-minded cyclists. Those who wish to train or enjoy cycling in a friendly and very social environment. We offer at least 2 groups on every ride and at least 3 rides a week so you will never be expected to ride out of your comfort levels, well unless you want to of course... Longer rides on a Sunday with AT LEAST 1 coffee stop but often 2.

ALL OF OUR RIDES ARE NO DROP which means you will never get left alone even after a mechanical.

We have probably the nicest kit locally 😘 a beautiful retro design which should be with us next week.

Once thing I guarantee, we DO HAVE the friendliest riders, I am so proud of the fact that everybody has taken the ethos onboard.

We also have a special day out at least once a month. June we are heading to Sandbanks and then IOW and France later this year. We are also planning family days very soon.

We are 6 weeks and 53 members strong. Please consider spending £20 to join us for this year. And you get a free cup or mug.


julianporter.cc After a long year organizing, lots of help from our friends and making arrangements, Julian Porter Cycling Club is finally ready to launch and to do so we have a very exciting launch offer for you if you join during April.Joining fee's much like with any other cycling club will be £20 payable…


Superb ride tonight, 5 of us headed into Beaulieu fighting the wind all the way and then after a nutrition stop, we swiftly headed to the drift for coffee. Then home to Eling, Superb ride with a few super sprinty efforts from us all. Top job guys thank you all very much :-)


Social tonight. Probably a spin to beaulieu and up through the forest the back to the drift for s cuppa and to watch the tine trial :)

julianporter.cc 14/05/2017

Join Club

TOP ride today, thank you to the 16 or so riders that came out today. 2 groups today, Group 1 led by group leader George (thank you) who took the ladies out to Beaulieu and Bucklers Hard for quite a few PB's.

I took the rest off for Ice Cream to Rhinefield via Bramble Hill and the Airstrip and then back to Beaulieu to meet George and the ladies for Coffee.

Group 1 Averaged 14mph
Group 2 Averaged 19mph

Great in today's winds, Thank you to everyone who came today, I hope you loved it as much as I did, Those of you that came as a guest today please consider joining below.

See you all again soon.


julianporter.cc After a long year organizing, lots of help from our friends and making arrangements, Julian Porter Cycling Club is finally ready to launch and to do so we have a very exciting launch offer for you if you join during April.Joining fee's much like with any other cycling club will be £20 payable…


Just a reminder that tomorrow's (Sunday) ride will be a longer ride. probably around 40 miles. If you would like a shorter ride then I am sure we can set a few of you off on the Beaulieu route but I think most of us will head off towards Rhinefield. Msg me with any questions, please and have a great weekend


+++REMINDER++ Social tonight 6:30 at Eling tide mill, Its a BeAuTiFuL evening so be there or be ⬛️


Monday social tonight 6:30 from Eling and the weather looks just perfect too 🚴☀️🚴😎🚴.

Be There




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