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Learn how to relive pain and stay healthy, youthful and active in just 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week. Learn how to do the MELT©Method with us.

At Indolore we teach you the MELT© Method, a simple self-treatment that reduces chronic pain and helps you stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime. Just 10 minutes of MELT three times a week is all you need to begin reducing the effects of accumulated tension and stress caused by daily living. MELT is backed by the latest science and acclaimed by hundreds of thousands of devoted MELTers!

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Do Women Really Have More Chronic Pain? 19/03/2022

Do Women Really Have More Chronic Pain?

Do Women Really Have More Chronic Pain? More women than men are diagnosed with chronic pain. But no matter who you are, the solution to feeling better is simpler than you might think

Timeline photos 08/03/2022

Timeline photos

It's a fact: women experience more chronic pain than men. But did you also know that 80% of pain studies are conducted on human men or male mice?

On International Women's Day, we want to remind you to take care of yourself AND remind others to take care of the women in their lives.

If you're a woman, you don't have to live with chronic pain. Learn about MELT and how it can help you today:


Regain your mobility and rehydrate your fascia with a MELT class. Your body will thank you!


Morning hand and foot treatment done. These are part of my regular morning routine.


After years of pain and no success from traditional methods MELT is what finally got me out of pain. This is why I now teach MELT 😀

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The 4Rs are the essence of what MELT Method is all about. They are: Reconnect (to learn where stuck stress lives in your body), Rebalance (to restore NeuroCore efficiency, i.e. whole body balance and spinal stability), Rehydrate (we'll use gentle compression to help fluid flow in your fascia), and Release (powerful decompression techniques that relieve tension and pain). It's all done using your body and our specially designed soft rollers. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
And those 2Rs? Reintegrate and Repattern further improve stability and performance.


NEW MELT classes. Take two ZOOM classes per week from the comfort of your own home, plus class recordings to do at your convenience all for a cost of £10 per week. Classes include both traditional MELT moves and MELT Neurostrength moves. MELT Neurostrength is not available anywhere else in Hampshire. Classes are open to anyone who has already completed an Introduction to MELT either with me or another instructor.

If you are new to MELT why not attend our next Introduction to MELT workshop and learn how this simple self treatment technique, that you can do at home, to help you improve flexibility, mobility, posture, sleep, digestion and workout performance. It also helps you to reduce aches and pains, tension and stress, headaches, risk of injury and even wrinkles and cellulite!


I’m now open for private sessions. Contact me to find out about how MELT can help you.

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MELT rollers were designed to mimic the touch of a therapist's hands or forearms—they're soft, warm up with use, and the textured logo treatment gives just the right amount of grip. Using a MELT roller is important to get all the benefits of your practice, since traditional hard rollers don't offer the same gentle compression and can cause more pain. Sue specially designed our rollers to work with MELT Method techniques and has continued tweaking them through the years, so they're the only ones we recommend.

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A Guide on How to Clean Your MELT equipment.

MELT Balls are a rubber-based material and can be sanitized using any disinfectant soap and water. Make sure to wash the balls in hot, soapy water for several minutes before setting them aside to dry. Let them air dry if you're using a spray or mist disinfectant.

MELT Rollers can be sanitized in mulitiple ways, including using disinfectant wipes and non-toxic yoga mat sprays. When using a yoga mat spray, it's important that you allow the roller to air-dry, rather than wipe it down, to ensure it is properly sanitized.

MELT Resistance Bands are more challenging to clean due to their shape. The reality is that most cleaning solution can deteriorate the material. We recommend cleaning them using alcohol in a mist spray bottle and then allowing them to air-dry over a bar. Note: Bands can be washed in soapy water, however, this can cause them to get sticky. Chalk powders can be used to remove excess dirt if they have a static charge.

Photos from MELT Method's post 29/02/2020

Photos from MELT Method's post


Good to see The MELT Method being reviewed in April's edition of Good Housekeeping. Find out how it can help you by signing up for my new classes in Hedge End starting in March @


This is so true, but every now and then we do need to remind ourselves of this.


MELT Feedback

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Perfecting hip to heel press, rotate, cross.


October is Mental Health Awareness Month

How to (Literally) Clean Your Brain 14/10/2019

How to (Literally) Clean Your Brain

How to (Literally) Clean Your Brain What the past decade of glymphatic research tells us about sleep and its important implications for brain health

Timeline photos 29/09/2019

Timeline photos

If you don’t address your pre-pain signals, such as feeling stiff when you wake up or after sitting for a long time, you're setting yourself up for the initial symptoms of stuck stress. Many people don't associate these symptoms with dehydrated connective tissue – and most will just pop a pill to make them go away. The bad news is the longer you ignore stuck stress, the more it will build up. Let's all MELT today and help get rid of these initial symptoms of stuck stress.

Timeline photos 28/09/2019

Timeline photos

Another great "MELT Miracle" that's too good not to share for some Sunday inspiration 🌠. Full text below:
I think the result I've achieved with MELT is a miracle. I was diagnosis with C3C4 and L4L5 discs displacement by my chiropractor in 2010. I was able to manage the misalignment with chiropractic treatments and hot yoga until I tore my hamstring while trying to do a half split. At this point my entire body felt stiff all the time, I had pain in my knee and finger joints, my skin tone was dry and jaundice yellow, and I woke many times during the night to go to the bathroom. I was tested for lupus, lime disease, rheumatoid arthritis, vitamin deficiency, thyroid function but all my lab results were normal. My doctor could only offer pain meds for my symptoms which I refused. When I first started to MELT I noticed my knee pain went away first and within weeks my hands felt better. I was also sleeping through the night and waking energized. About 6 months later I noticed that my skin was back to normal and didn't look like I had jaundice anymore, thank goodness. I made an appointment to see my doctor, not because I needed to see her, but to share MELT. My was doctor was amazed. I am forever thankful! I am teaching 2 MELT classes a week at 2 senior center locations and 1 MELT class at a fitness facility.

Get your feet ready for summer! 27/07/2019

Get your feet ready for summer!

Get your feet ready for summer! It’s summer! Time to put on your flip-flops, strappy sandals, and take barefoot walks in

Timeline photos 06/06/2019

Timeline photos

Throughout the month, we'll be posting definitions from the MELT Dictionary to help you understand some of the language used in the method. Sue created these terms to break down complex scientific concepts so everyone can understand what's going on underneath their skin. Let’s start with the "Living Body Model”...


Whether you’re a runner, dancer, yogi, tennis player, hiker, or someone who wants to reduce foot and lower body pain, this week’s MELT Monday video is for you. Our MELT Performance Foot Treatment helps you quickly prepare your body for athletic performance. You can also use it as a recovery treatment after your favorite activity. This treatment uses two balls – the large soft ball and large firm ball – to hydrate your feet, reduce lower body inflammation, and increase stability in the ankle joints. (It’s also an indirect treatment for low back pain!)

Watch this video instantly through the MELT Method App or on our MELT On Demand site.

Home and Family 5/24/2019 28/05/2019

Home and Family 5/24/2019

Home and Family 5/24/2019 MELT Creator Sue Hitzmann on Home and Family discussing her newest release, MELT Performance

Caring for the body and mind 23/05/2019

Caring for the body and mind

Caring for the body and mind The human brain is brilliant and complex. Over our lifetime, our brain – its cells

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So true...

MELT is a lifestyle (a pain-free one at that 😉). You have to think about it like brushing your teeth. You brush your teeth every morning for the immediate benefit of fighting bad breath, as well as the long term benefit of avoiding tooth decay. If you MELT everyday you’ll decrease pain now, and also create a system-wide stable body to keep yourself at bay from pain, prevent stiff and achy joints, prevent injury and keep yourself active

Timeline photos 04/05/2019

Timeline photos

You can’t think your way into stability. In fact, most of what keeps you stable is autonomic and involuntary. In the MELT Living Body Model, we call the elements of your body that do this the Autopilot. You’ll learn more about it and how to harness its efficiency to improve your health span in the new MELT Performance Book!


Train Smarter, Not Harder. MELT Performance is a revolutionary new method – designed for both weekend warriors and serious athletes – that applies biomechanical and neurofascial research to maximize and accelerate your fitness goals. For athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone looking to achieve peak performance, this technique will help you reach your goals faster, improve balance and control, and prevent chronic pain and injuries for good.


Have you ever wondered why we use a soft roller instead of a hard roller in Melt? Check out this video from Melt Method creator Sue Hitzmann who explains why.


Twelve years ago I took the bold step as an entrepreneur and developed my own products. Not because I wanted to be in the manufacturing business by any means. But developing products with no toxic chemicals, something sustainable and long lasting, something just right for the specific intent to use with the method I'd somehow created (also out of necessity) - this is what needed to happen. Of all of my products, I don't really leave home without this one. The MELT Method Hand and Foot Treatment Kit. What I love most is there's two sets of balls in it. I believe self-care is the best care and sharing self-care with a friend is a gift. So in the kit you can help yourself and a family member or friend and instill a new discipline into your life. It's the best investment in your life is the practice of self-care.


Lovely review, thank you Sue.


MELT vs Foam Rolling and MFR. Is there a difference?

This is another fantastic and detailed post written by Sue on the difference between foam rolling vs. MFR (Myofascial Release) and The MELT Method. Many of you may already know this, as fans of Sue and The MELT Method, but for the newbies showing up- this is a great read.

Let us know if you have any questions on the topic, we are happy to have Sue answer in future posts and on some upcoming FB Lives!

CLICK HERE to read:




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