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We want Old & used bicycles
Could you please reply to my emails.
Probably the most unreliable and uncommunicative company I have ever come across - Pay upfront, hear nothing for 5 weeks, despite repeated calls and emails, only to get back a broken item in bits and a hand-scribbled note to say - we can't fix this - then they have the gall to charge you! I urge you all to avoid this company. I coach and mentor small businesses - I wouldn't know where to start with these guys - day 1, week 1 would be a steep learning curve for them.
Hi , I have unsuccessfully been trying to contact yourselves via phone and email . I regrettably have not received delivery of my bike on the date agreed, in addition I haven’t received any informtion regards why or when this may be happening . I would appreciate a timely response or I will
take this matter further .
Stuart is a very good and honest person I purchased a battery for my bike and I couldn't fix it to my bike do to wiring issues no problem with the refund his after sale service is brilliant thank you Stuart.
Since found out, from someone else who's had trouble with the firm, that the 54 Bedford Place address is indeed vacant.
Waranty work not paid for
I have had some work done on my Lifecycle Travellers under warranty. Yes I have two, and the bikes are as great as the recent customer support has been non-existent. Stuart undertook to pay for the work but has not done so (the first claim was on 20th June). He is unreachable; does not pick up the phone and never returns messages and, more ominously, two letters to the address which appears on emails at 54 Bedford Place Southampton have been returned by the Post Office with a label on it saying: "addressee gone away". I wonder if the firm is in trouble, and avoiding communication? I notice that the company's address does not appear anywhere on their website.
you are not answering the phone. please call me urgently 07806 654001


The high quality bikes that we sell are amongst the most innovative in the world. Only the very highest quality materials such as magnesium and strong aviation alloys are used, bringing to you extraordinarily lightweight, robust and resilient products.

Like all high quality bikes these superb lightweight alloy frames are hand welded to ensure they are perfectly safe and will give you many years of trouble free service. We can also upgrade the standard motor to higher powered motors and supply higher powered batteries for longer distance riding.

Operating as usual

roadsafetyweek.org.uk 18/11/2019

Road Safety Week an initiative by Brake - Home

This week is road safety and there's lots of useful information here http://www.roadsafetyweek.org.uk/


electricbikeworld.net 20/06/2019

Go further with this pre-owned bike

If you are after a very long range electric bike you may be interested in our latest blog post .


electricbikeworld.net We have just taken in as part exchange a rather special version of the Mountain Sport. It is part of a range we used to build called 'Endurance' that incorporat


Happy Christmas and hoping you all have a great 2019 from all of us at the electric bike world team


and if it's electric that's even more happiness !

Emphasis on bikes...N+1 🚴😉

electricbikeworld.net 23/10/2018

Battery care | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike World

Look after those batteries this winter ...

electricbikeworld.net The beating heart of your electric bike is the battery, it's that neatly packaged parcel of Lithium cells that helps you get up and over those hills and make ri...


If you find cycling a drag, electric cycling makes it a joy.
If you're a slow cyclist, you can go faster.
If you're a fast cyclist, you can go further.
If you cycle in a city, an electric bike makes your journey effortless, swifter and safer.
If you ride for fun & fitness, get ready for bigger, bolder adventures.
An electric bike can bring home your shopping and carry a happy child to school and back.
An electric bike is the answer.

electricbikeworld.net 15/08/2018

Buzz bike road test | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike World

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new bike in the LifeCycle range of bikes ...

electricbikeworld.net This summer a new bike has joined the line up of LifeCycle manufactured electric bikes. It is the LifeCycle Buzz and comes in three eye catching colours with co...


World Economic Forum

10 countries. 6 Rivers. 3,653km. Learn more about cycling innovation: https://wef.ch/2lHHluf

electricbikeworld.net 11/07/2018

What's all this snobbery about far east bikes? | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike World

Our latest blog post ...

electricbikeworld.net We often get asked in the bike shop about where our bikes are made and there is sometimes a detectable air of disapproval when we answer in the far east. Howeve...

electricbikeworld.net 27/06/2018

Quick fixes | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike World

Some e-bike problems are easily solved, as we explain here ...

electricbikeworld.net So you are setting off for work, already late, you turn the key in the battery and nothing happens... so what next? Electric bikes are generally very reliable b...

bbc.co.uk 17/06/2018

Will we all cycle to work in future?

Interesting article

Tomorrow's Cities: Will the bike become an urban must-have? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-41015485

bbc.co.uk Urban spaces are congested and polluted, so do we all need to get on our bikes?

electricbikeworld.net 08/06/2018

What makes up an electric bike? | Electric Bike World | Electric Bike company | Southampton,UK

A few words on e-bike components ...

electricbikeworld.net In this blog we will go over a few of the important parts of an electric bike. I will concentrate on LifeCycle rear hub motor bikes as that is out core product ...

electricbikeworld.net 29/05/2018

How green is the dockless bike model | Electric Bike World | Electric Bike company | Southampton,UK

You'll be able to see the dockless hire bike graveyards from space soon enough!

electricbikeworld.net A few days ago the BBC news website ran an article about the dumping of dockless bikes causing major problems in large cities across Asia. As usual the BBC is p...

electricbikeworld.net 10/05/2018

Tempted to ditch the car for the Summer? | Electric Bike World | Electric Bike company | Southampton,UK

Cars are expensive things, we think some people can make big savings by just using their bike for a few months ...

electricbikeworld.net So you have an electric bike or a normal bike. You use it a few weekends and evenings over the summer to get out and about and explore places. However, have you...

electricbikeworld.net 28/04/2018

Electric bikes in competion | Electric Bike World | Electric Bike company | Southampton,UK

It was 10 under the Ben at Fort William today , got me thinking about racing electric bikes...

electricbikeworld.net There are plenty of pedal bike competitions, from road events, through downhill mountain biking to endurance type events like 10 under the Ben held today in For...

electricbikeworld.net 19/04/2018

Folders are back! | Electric Bike World | Electric Bike company | Southampton,UK

Is it time to get an electric folding bike? Read on ...

electricbikeworld.net Looking back at over 10 years of trading at Electric Bike World we have found that the most popular bike has been the full size crossbar framed LifeCycle Mounta...

electricbikeworld.net 13/04/2018

Spring into your pedals | Electric Bike World | Electric Bike company | Southampton,UK

It's spring at last, time to get the bikes out ...

electricbikeworld.net It's getting warmer out there and it's definitely getting busier in the bike shop. This is  the time of year when people are starting to get their bikes out of ...

electricbikeworld.net 10/01/2018

Any colour you want ... | Electric Bike World | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike Company

Colour your world ....

electricbikeworld.net Since the end of the classic range of LifeCycle bikes, there have basically been two colours in the LifeCycle, black for the Mountain Sport and silver for the A...


Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2018 from the Electric Bike World team.

electricbikeworld.net 05/12/2017

LIfecycle punch well above their weight | Electric Bike World | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike Company

electricbikeworld.net You can spend two or even three times as a much on an electric bike and amazingly some really do cost three times as much. But these expensive bikes don't go an...

electricbikeworld.net 15/11/2017

It's all downhill from here ... | Electric Bike World | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike Company

Been a while but here's the latest blog ...

electricbikeworld.net On a recent holiday to Scotland I seemed to notice a lot more electric bikes than usual, now this may be because I work in an electric bike shop of course. On t...

electricbikeworld.net 04/10/2017

Accessories | Accessories For Electric Bikes | Parts For Electric Bike

We have just taken delivery of our first batch of in car chargers; Charge your ebike battery from the 12v accessory socket in your car or van. Check out https://www.electricbikeworld.net/accessories

electricbikeworld.net Add extra accessories onto your bike, like our Small & Large Panniers For Electric Bikes. Cycle in the dark with our Lights For Electric Bikes.

electricbikeworld.net 14/09/2017

A little history on electric bikes | Electric Bike World | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike Company

Electric bikes, nothing new ....

electricbikeworld.net Electric bicycles have been around for a lot longer than you may think. The e-bikes we know and love have a surprisingly long history that dates back all the wa...


Another 1000 watt Alpine Sport soon to emerge from the workshop, made with care at Electric Bike World.


So you’re Chris Evans , self assured gobby geezer, and you have just opened your monthly pay slip showing £183,000 before tax, mostly earned for annoying people between 6.30 and 9.30 in the morning. Which Ferrari to buy this month ? Nice problem to have.

Meanwhile back in the real world of real people we understand at Electric Bike World that your hard earned money should be spent wisely so if you are in the market for an electric bike come and see us, we have electric bikes from £499 to £1799, all with no quibble warranties.

electricbikeworld.net 05/07/2017

So, can you compete ? | Electric Bike World | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike Company

Fancy competing in the Tour de France on your electric bike ? Read on ...

electricbikeworld.net As a big fan of the grand tours held in professional road cycling, I was watching a stage of the Tour de France today and wondered if I could keep up if I was a...

electricbikeworld.net 21/06/2017

Cycling to work | Electric Bike World | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike Company

Try a bike commute, here is some helpful advice ...

electricbikeworld.net This is such an obvious thing to do and of course many thousands of people do it every day. However, there are many people who find the roads intimidating and s...

electricbikeworld.net 05/06/2017

Diesel is definitely a dirty word | Electric Bike World | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike Company

A little rant about air quality ...

electricbikeworld.net So riding out today I was behind a diesel van pumping out a lot of fumes, it was only about 3 years old but was obviously badly maintained. It was a disgrace ac...

electricbikeworld.net 17/05/2017

Electric Bike World high power electric bikes | Electric Bike World | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike Company

A few words on our higher power bikes ....

electricbikeworld.net We are Electric Bike World, the company you need to contact if you want a high power electric bike. We offer some of the best high power electric bikes in the i...

electricbikeworld.net 12/05/2017

Common customer questions | Electric Bike World | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike Company

Some common questions we get asked ....

electricbikeworld.net When customers ask us about electric bikes there are two main questions on their mind. How far will the bike travel on a single charge and how long will the bat...

electricbikeworld.net 09/05/2017

Trike is ready to go | Electric Bike World | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike Company

The final instalment of the trike blog ...

electricbikeworld.net This amazing hand operated trike was sent to us to be turned into an electrically assisted hand operated trike and we have now finished all the work. We have in...

electricbikeworld.net 29/04/2017

Further progress on the hand trike | Electric Bike World | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike Company

An update on the hand trike conversion ....

electricbikeworld.net This a further update on our original blog post regarding “electrifying” the hand pedaled trike for a disabled gentleman and we have made great progress. The Tr...

electricbikeworld.net 20/04/2017

Electric - the future of transportation | Electric Bike World | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike Company

Electrickery - They said it might catch on .....

electricbikeworld.net Electric Bike World are leaders in electric bike technology and we love everything about electric transport. It is the way forward for the whole world. We must ...

electricbikeworld.net 18/04/2017

Is the government going to help cyclists? | Electric Bike World | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike Company

Our latest blog .....

electricbikeworld.net Let’s hope the government will become more cycle friendly. Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson and many other MPs are cyclists, some even have electric bikes.  I don’t...

electricbikeworld.net 13/04/2017

Supercharged trike! | Electric Bike World | Electric Bikes | Electric Bike Company

Read about the exciting trike project we are undertaking at Electric Bike World ...

electricbikeworld.net Some weeks ago we were contacted by a man who uses a disabled trike, he pedals it with his hands because he is unable to pedal with his legs. Despite his physic...



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