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Novice training is back!! West Suss*x BN44 Area
Weekends and or week days - set pieces, walked up or problem solving. I will tailor to suit your requirements.
Free day tomorrow (Saturday), loose end? Message me!!!


Positive Gundog Training


Happy positive puppy training ❤️🐾


1 space available for driven gundog training, simulated clay day, Sunday 4th August. Great for younger dogs to experience live shot, also a good opportunity to brush up them open dogs.
Pm me for more details.


Simulated driven clay day Sunday 9th June, ideal opportunity to sit young dog at a drive, and also for the more experienced as it's a training day. Retrieves will be set out before drive starts, whole day run like a shoot day. Near Minstead, pm for more info


I would just like to draw your attention - all new members to point out my booking rules for group training and now 1 to 1's , just for your information.
If you need to cancel after booking. IF i have a reserve to take your place, no charge will be payable. If i don't or in me or you asking all the reserves, none can take your place, then i'm afraid the full class/lesson fee will immediately be due ... Many events have waiting lists and reserves however.
Thank you :-) So basically, once booked, if cancelled please do expect to have to pay and its a bonus if we have a reserve waiting.
Cancellation charges are paid by bank transfer and I can give details in the event of a cancel that needs paying.
Thank you :-)


A beautiful day for our first Working Test of 2018. Thank you to everyone involved. Pangdean is a beautiful secret tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Brighton. One to treasure.
My thanks must go to a wonderful team of judges; Helena Sully, Chris Marshal, Jane Tydeman, Julia Smith and Wendy Harrison. My trusted team of helpers were, as ever, invaluable.
My apologies go to Jan Kerwood and Chris Rose in the Novice class. I made every WT secretary's worst nightmare happen. A schoolgirl error with the sums. Perhaps the sun got to me!

Novice Winner
Mell Brooks and Annington Maddi May
2nd Chrissie Walton and Twistmount Purdy
3rd Jan Kerwood and Wizaller Black Velvet
4th Chris Rose and Briwood Magic at Leospring
Com Keiran Green and Top Notch Ken
Com Chris Kemp and Lendown Thistle

No Awards in Special Puppy

2nd Vanessa Gilham and Fletchingly Lochlinnhe
Com Vicki Ruston and Isleofman Gin
Com Samantha Robertson and You Got All That Jazz at Shambrooke

Congratulations to all in the awards


Just sharing for anyone interested..

Some info from a family who sadly lost their dog who have posted this about Alabama Rot that maybe of interest:-

Dear All

As some of you will know, we have just lost our beloved dog to Alabama Rot. It's not how you would wish any dog to end their journey. We moved her to a specialist hospital near Wi******er, but yesterday we had to let her go. The vets in that clinic (Anderson Moores) are the only UK specialists on this disease, and although nothing can now help S, I am writing to all of you in case this information will help your own dogs, or any dog.

We spent a long time with one of their AR vets, who explained that there is a huge amount of mis-information out there about this disease, and most of the "facts" you hear bandied about are just guesses. They also feel it is under-reported to the tune of maybe tenfold, partly because some dogs are not taken to the vet or because vets fail to identify it correctly, or the deaths are just attributed to kidney failure etc. AR usually requires post-mortem biopsy to be 100% sure of the diagnosis. Not everyone is willing or able to pay for their dog to be treated, or to have a post-mortem, even though this helps the wider dog community. If a dog is not insured, costs are pretty steep and even if they are insured, you can easily pass the limit depending on your policy... So the problem is bigger than people realise and seems to be increasing. There have been several suspected cases even at our local vets, and Anderson Moores are seeing more and more victims from pretty much all parts of the country.

The bad news is that survival rates are very low, and we understand so little about it. The key thing is that it only affects a tiny minority of dogs - those whose bodies start an incorrect immune response, similar to an auto-immune reaction but this is an immune-mediated reaction - similar outcome, the body does the wrong thing in response to the infection. So in our case, for example, the other dogs walked in exactly the same muddy fields as S but are fine. And dozens, hundreds of dogs walk in the places where only one falls victim. So the fact of where a dog "caught" it is a bit of a red herring, rather like MRSA on humans, which is usually brought into hospital on the skin of the victim. No need to go into exactly how the body goes wrong in victims but it causes the dog to develop kidney and liver failure, inability to produce platelets or to clot the blood. The lesions visible on the dog's skin are also doing their work in the kidneys and elsewhere. So, by the time even the most vigilant owner sees a lesion, chances are that there are more inside on internal organs - but if not, then you may yet have a good chance.

Obviously this is hideous news for the unlucky few, but I stress that they are only a few. It is not contagious. The other dogs are alive and well, having shared beds, water bowls, dead rabbits with S. This is very different from leptospirosis (though can initially manifest in similar way) so the idea of "catching" it is less of an issue. It is more what on earth you do if you think your dog has developed it. Anderson Moores have saved dogs with AR but in those cases the dogs had only lesions, not any damage to kidney or liver. There is a lack of evidence to say categorically that those dogs would or would not have gone on to develop organ failure without treatment, but that is the other point. There is not really any "treatment" for AR in the sense of simply getting the right antibiotic, because what kills your pet is not the disease so much as your dog's reaction to the pathogen. The treatments consist of supporting the body to try and get it to the point where it can start to heal itself. A plasma transfusion, for example, is often done early on (S had this very early, at the local vet) but the effects wear off very quickly, and the dog either can or cannot make its own platelets after a certain point. And some of them do, and recover and go on their merry way. It makes no difference the age of dog, the breed or the s*x. Some bodies just react badly and keep doing so, others do not.

So I guess my main message is to keep enjoying muddy walks. It seems bonkers that dogs up and down the land are being kept off certain fields or woodlands when so little is known. Similarly, the advice to wash your dog after walking is controversial because constantly wetting the skin is a great way to get bacteria into the bloodstream. My personal advice would be to keep enjoying all your usual walking places, but be hyper vigilant for the smallest sign of a lesion regardless of where you walk. Or even the dog being just listless or losing appetite. The first I knew that S was ill was that on Friday morning she did not want breakfast and co-incidentally had a strange patch of furless skin on a paw, like a cut. It soon looked much nastier and she was being sick, but I now realise that by the time they are throwing up, their organs are involved. If I saw a lesion on The other dogs now, I would not go to any local vet, I would take the dog at once to Anderson Moores. AR is just so rare and complex that the chance of a non-specialist saving a dog are pretty non-existant (and most general vets would agree and rapidly refer you). The dogs who present with just lesions do have the best chance of survival.

Lastly, the people at Anderson Moores did stress that none of their victims has ever died of the disease, in the sense that you actually euthanase before it gets to that point. You have time to monitor the situation with the dog made comfortable. They are, sadly, skilled at knowing exactly when the point of no hope has come for each patient, and that does make it easier for the owner because no one wants to leave it to the point that your dog is really really suffering.

If this information helps anyone by reminding them to check for lesions and act swiftly or just, as I hope, to relax and just keep enjoying their walks, then I would be happy.

Anningtonbay Gundog Training updated their phone number. 19/03/2017

Anningtonbay Gundog Training updated their phone number.

Anningtonbay Gundog Training updated their phone number.


Anningtonbay Gundog Training Group, NEW CLASSES, new dates!


Hampshire, Somerset and Cornwall Gundog training groups for Puppy, Novice and advanced, see Anningtonbay Gundog training "Group" for details


Great training classes in Somerset today,well done everyone, look forward to seeing you all again next time 😉

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