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We’re really excited to announce that on Friday 28th of October we’ll be teaming up with Theatretrain Southampton to deliver our Storytelling and Performance Workshop at their Wellbeing Workshop day! At only £23 what’s not to love! So get on the train and book your tickets! (Check out their account for more info!)
We can’t wait to get to know the local community in Southampton! As a community based company it’s at the heart of what we do!💙
We have a must see show for any Disney fan!

Theatretrain Southampton are bringing their production of Moana Jr. to Hanger Farm on 17 July!

Join us for an evening of song and dance on the Island of Motunui. This production will have us visiting faraway beaches and deep ocean wonders. Featuring all of our favourite songs from one of our favourite Disney movies.

Don’t miss out on this great evening of family fun entertainment:
It's Friday! 😃 This week has seen the easing of lockdown, some of you have gone back to school & it's ending on World Environment Day 🌍. It seemed appropriate to share with you this lovely reading/ singing of 'The Time We Spring Cleaned The World' by Theatretrain Southampton + Theatretrain Ilford + Theatretrain Braintree.

We would just like to say how proud we are of our amazing pupils across the UK, you are all 🌟stars🌟 ! Your continued ingenuity & creativity has been really impressive & we can't wait until we can hold classes in person again. 🙌

We are constantly blown away by the amazing talents of all our Theatretrain pupils. 🎤

🎼 Today, we're delighted to share with you this beautiful song,
'Angel in Disguise', written and performed by Eden of Theatretrain Southampton,

Without further ado, please, enjoy this beautiful heartfelt thank-you, to the NHS. 🌈
I really recommend watching the live stream of Simon McBurney's play 'The Encounter.' Simon is regarded by professionals as one of the best actors and practitioners in the country and the founder of the physical theatre company, Complicite. Their work is world renowned and frequently compared to Frantic Assembly, DV8 and other famous theatre companies. The whole play consists of Simon alone speaking into a microphone at The National Theatre where it was received with 5 stars across the board.

Remember, success in theatre means you must have knowledge of all aspects of the industry, not just musical theatre. If you're studying at A-Level or above you should observe and try and create links between European practitioners such as Antonin Artaud and Pina Bausch as this frequently come up in Drama School audition interviews.

(I don't know what the official age rating is but I do know that many students went to watch the show when it was at The National Theatre.)
If you need a boost this morning just take a look at this!

Written by one of our wonderful students, Libby, who attends Theatretrain Southampton, she performed her heart out to make this video with help from her mum, and it's a cracker!

We are so in awe of our students and the talent they possess, and the originality of the lyrics to reflect the current Covid-19 crisis is just brilliant, with some humour to boot. Well done Libby, what a fantastic job you did!
Hi Everyone, I've launched a video series called 'Talking Performing.' I will be interviewing Joe Sleight this week
his credits include: Boq (Wicked, West End), Eddie (Blood Brothers, UK Tour) and Peter Pan (Peter Pan). If you have any questions you would like to ask Joe then please email them to: [email protected]
We are really going to miss Breeze’s Saturday mornings at Theatre train and coming along to watch all the shows. After 7 long years of being an active member it shall take some getting used too. Sadly Theatre Train isn’t what it once was, since the director has taken a less active role and Breeze has decided she no longer wants to be a part of it.
Good luck to all you poppets continuing your Theatre train journey 🎭
Spotlight on... Theatretrain Southampton! Centre Director Karina shares a little bit about her business, and why parents and children love coming here.

✨ Franchise: Southampton
✨ Centre Director: Karina Artun
Natalie Watson - Dance
Will-Ross Jones - Drama
Ross Gooding - Singing
Lois Scott - Minis
Danniella Green - Assistant teacher
Lorna Green - Welfare & Admin
✨ Year opened: 2011
✨ Classes offered: Main school and Minis
✨ Timetable: Saturdays 9.30am-11am - Minis,
10am-1pm - Main school
✨ Tell us a little about your business: I opened in my birth city with a view to move down there but got used to doing the commute so I've been driving the 3 hours each way for 8 years! It's been a challenge to grow the centre from so far away and I have to carefully plan any local community performances/workshops events because I'm so far away but the hard work is finally paying off!
✨ Parking available: Yes plenty of free parking
✨ Favourite thing about your centre: Constantly looking for projects which are out of the ordinary for our students. Exchanges to Malta, performed with Collabro, spent the day filming activities on Royal Caribbean ship. Love all the fun extras!
✨ Why should we come here: High quality local shows with a large investment in costumes, scenery and technical equipment to give the children a truly professional experience in a professional theatre. Attention paid to every single student with performance opportunities shared out as equally as possible between everyone so that they all get to have a go (rather than the same people being chosen every time!) All the teachers are highly trained and experienced.
✨ Any plans/events coming up: Halloween flashmob / local shows in May half term. This year our Senior Group will have their own separate show to work on called 'Out of my Comfort Zone' which has only ever been done by one other group in the UK before.
Hi all , when is / was the last Saturday session please?
12-18’s don’t forget to prepare your short pop performance ready for next Saturday! One verse and one chorus! I can’t wait to hear what you you come up with! Ross 😊
Amazing show everyone thank you so much for all your hard work ❤️❤️
Watched our kids at the new forest show they were amazing. Xx

NOW OPEN! Training for young people in the performing arts. Large scale productions locally and in

Weekly classes combining dance, drama, and singing for the ultimate performing arts experience. Bringing children from all across the UK together with performances in top London West End Theatres and building life skills through Theatre. Classes every Saturday morning during term times plus loads of extra activities in the holidays!

Operating as usual

Photos from Theatretrain Southampton's post 28/07/2023

Some excellent team building work in the last few weeks of term. Solid foundation for when we return in September 👊🏼✨️


Train with the best! Introducing our new vocal coach Katie Hartland. 🎤🎶✨️
We could not be more excited to learn with Katie as she brings with her a wealth of professional performing experience, including playing the lead role of 'Baby' in 'Dirty Dancing the Musical'. She is also qualified in the Estill techniques, and is a certified vocal health first aider. So in terms of experience, it simply doesn't get much better and we can't wait to have her on board 😊

Book your free trial for September now! 🎭

Theatretrain Southampton NOW OPEN! Training for young people in the performing arts. Large scale productions locally and in London's West End! call now or email [email protected]


We have an incredible team of teachers lined up for the Autumn term ready to share their professional knowledge and expertise with you all!

If you are new to Theatretrain, Book a free trial for September and start your journey!

📧 [email protected]


🎭 Acting, Dance and Singing, all in one GREAT VALUE class for Preschool children aged 4&5!

Are you seeking a fun-filled weekend activity for your little ones, with a structured learning objective to help build confidence and compliment their early days of school? Theatretrain offers Saturday sessions that will ignite their love for performing as well as giving them invaluable life skills! 🌟🎶 Our Minis are are not exempt from performance opportunities and even have their own dedicated show!

Register your child for one of our FREE trials and learn more about the benefits of performing arts in early education 😊

Reguster at:

Theatretrain Southampton NOW OPEN! Training for young people in the performing arts. Large scale productions locally and in London's West End! call now or email [email protected]


I adore some of the expression in these photos! 😊 Great characterisation ✨️

GUESS WHAT...I've just been granted the license for next year's summer show! I know something you don't know... 😜


Little Mermaid Workshop - Please read carefully 17/07/2023

11-18 Year olds - 12 spaces left
7-10 Year olds - only 2 spaces left!!
4-6 Year olds - NOW FULL

OLDER CHILDREN, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU TOO! If you have a child who is Secondary School age, we just want to take a moment to reassure you that you will be working separately to our youngest students. Here's why The Little Mermaid musical material is perfect for older children as well:

🦀 Hilarious characters in Scuttle, Sebastian and Ursula for exploring comedy and voice work.

🧜‍♀️ Songs which are in a perfect range if you are just beginning to explore the strength of your belt.

🫧 Big theatrical moments which are perfect for physical theatre interpretations.

🐚 Music which lends itself to several different styles of dance including commercial, musical theatre and contemporary.

So don't be shy, come and train with our incredible teachers for the morning! Link to book here:



I couldn't be more proud to be your Centre Director today! With only a couple of days notice, we heard about a community day on our doorstep. We arranged a display stand for passers by, and I asked for some volunteers but I didn't think anyone was available! But our seniors came through, and surprised me this morning! They ran our stand and gave out leaflets, made sure everyone saw our Theatretrain sign....but not only that - they ended up taking up a performance slot on the spot and performed back to back solos for an HOUR no less!!! I always talk about making sure you have a repertoire of songs up your sleeve, but BOY have you listened!!! 🤣🤣 I'm so glad you made the most of this opportunity and myself and all of the other teachers want to say a HUGE well done for your initiative and dedication. WE'RE so proud, that YOU'RE so proud, to represent the work that we do. I'm teary eyed!



If you're popping in today, pick up some leaflets from our stand and spread the word for us 😊

We'd love to welcome some new faces in September!


We'll be raising money to support the wonderful work of our friends at Theodora Children's Charity. Our DANCEATHON will take place on Saturday 7th October and we hope our full Southampton company will take part. So pop the date in your diaries and we'll have more info to follow!

Find out more about the giggle doctors and what they do here: Theodora Children's Charity


🌍🎭 Celebrating World Youth Skills Day with Theatretrain! 🎉

Today, on World Youth Skills Day, let's acknowledge the power of education and skills in shaping our future generations. 🌟 And what better way to do that than through the magical world of theatre? 🎭

Join Theatretrain as we empower young minds, unlock their creative potential, and foster essential life skills. 🌈 From acting to singing, dancing to stagecraft, Theatretrain provides a nurturing environment for young talents to shine and grow. 💫

On this special day, let's applaud the incredible young individuals who have honed their skills with Theatretrain, gaining confidence, resilience, teamwork, and communication abilities along the way. 👏🏼

Together, let's celebrate the power of the arts to transform lives and shape a brighter future for our youth! 🌟❤️


✅️ Summer Term Done

Last day of term, well done everyone on your amazing progress this year! Enjoy your summer rest 🌞


WOW, 10 years to the day since our performance at The O2 Arena in London. Where does that time go?! There is one little teeny face in there who is still with us, and now one of our seniors! Can you see who it is 😍 so cute!


It's always a battle for artistic subjects to be recognised and prioritised in education and extra curricular education. But we think (no, we KNOW) the performing arts are just as important as, say, learning to swim!

Through Theatretrain, they can
✅️ Learn how to communicate effectively
✅ Discover their unique talents
✅ Boost confidence & self belief
✅ Gain tons of life skills transferable to literally every single profession

Nurture their creativity and watch them thrive on and off the stage!


It's absolutely, always, every.single.time, better to be completely and authentically yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, but eventually taking risks might just work out. So if you're not quite fitting in, try Theatretrain and we'll help you STAND OUT instead 🥰

Be brave, be bold, be passionate 🫶🏼


We're so excited to meet some new faces on our Little Mermaid workshop! Drop us a message to find out how your child can take part and join us 'Under the Sea!' 🐚🧜‍♀️🫧🦀

📧 [email protected]

Making a Bigger Gesture - Theatretrain 10/07/2023

This week's blog talks about the British way of life and how this has an effect on young performers in training. 🎭

"In performing arts sessions It’s different. We have a saying - dare to be different! But that doesn’t mean people can instantly be bolder, you have to work for it and coax it out of them. The trick is to be surrounded by others who are also going for it – then it’s a case of - come on in the water’s lovely."🎬🎬

To 👀 the full blog click on the link below 👇

Making a Bigger Gesture - Theatretrain As a country, we tend to be polite with strangers, we might talk about the weather or how quickly the time flies but we queue, and we sometimes allow space


Enrolling now for our Autumn Term 2023. Unleash your child's creative potential! Book a free trial or join our FREE Summer Holiday Workshop to find out more.

📧 [email protected]


Sunday stretching! I know lots of us take a rest on Sundays, but while you're catching up on your favourite box sets or YouTube channels...try sitting on the floor and taking some gentle stretches at the same time. It'll help keep up your dance progress and give you a really good night's sleep as well! 👍🏼

Photos from Theatretrain Southampton's post 08/07/2023

✨️Summer Show Tribe 2023✨️
Several of you missing from this pic unfortunately but what a lovely bunch!! Couldn't be more proud of your progress 👊🏼


Don't just take our word for it! Check out this wonderful review from one of our parents. We're so proud of our team 🥰


It's Theatretrain Day! Make sure you bring plenty of water, and we'll keep the studios as cool as possible.
Not long until the end of term but the progress doesn't stop and we're still on the look out for students with incredible energy and enthusiasm for some upcoming projects 😊 Let's go!


I've just realised we missed 'International Joke Day' on the 1st July! Got to be the funniest Day of the year?! I must catch up...please tell me your best jokes! 👇🏼👇🏼


Communication - another invaluable life skill our students are learning through their classes at Theatretrain Southampton.
It works both ways - our students are given a safe environment to be creative and experiment when it comes to communicating with each other and with an audience, but also importantly they learn how to be good listeners and support each other. A good leader in any walk of life has to be a good listener.


Full circle moment...when the little ones become big ones, and then lead and support the new little ones 🫶🏼


Who's your favourite fairytale 'baddie?' Give this post a 'heart' reaction for Maleficent!

Little Mermaid Workshop 05/07/2023

🫧 Saturday 19th August 10am to 1pm 🫧
FREE Summer Workshop!
Looking for children's activities in the Summer Holidays? Join us at Oasis Academy, Lordshill for a 'Little Mermaid' themed workshop full of dance, acting, singing and games! Suitable for children age 6-18

🫧 Please share 🫧

Email 📧 [email protected] for more information
Or complete our workshop sign up form below:

Little Mermaid Workshop Sign up here to reserve your child's place on our FREE summer workshop with our experienced team of teachers Saturday 19th July, 10AM TO 1PM Oasis Academy, Lordshill, (Entrance via Redbridge Lane SO16 0XN) For more information about Theatretrain's weekly classes visit our website


Student in the spotlight! Esme's confidence and ability is just improving so rapidly at the moment, she's doing an amazing job in all of her classes. She works hard, she's kind and supportive of her fellow students and isn't afraid to take risks with her characterisation. She deserves a special little well done! Keep up the good work Esme! Even the older ones get to take TT Ted home sometimes 😜

(Excuse Lorna's thumb over the lense hahaha)


"Have you heard...?!" photos and video are now available. Check your emails for further instructions. Deadline for orders is Saturday 8th July.


Age 6-18? Come along, there is nothing to lose! Our summer show is complete and our books are now open once again for new students. So join us for a free trial on Saturday morning

Just send us an email 📧 [email protected]

Or sign up via our website!

We can't wait to meet you 😊

best feeling 03/07/2023

So proud of our student's creativity, you really do blow us away sometimes! Check out this song written by Mitha who has been with us since she was only just 6 years old. (Her first show with us was at the O2 Arena no less 💁🏾‍♀️)

Please support her by giving her a like/share on YouTube 🥰

best feeling Provided to YouTube by DistroKidbest feeling · mitha · Edward Oberonbest feeling℗ 4730239 Records DKReleased on: 2023-06-30Auto-generated by YouTube.

Photos from Theatretrain Southampton's post 03/07/2023

Fab work on Saturday! Great to get back to normal classes after the show and start creating all over again 👏🏼✨️

Check emails later today for photos/DVD info 📧

Photos from Theatretrain Southampton's post 11/06/2023

Summer Show 2023 done! (On the hottest day of the year so far!)
A huge well done to all of you, it was so wonderful to see the individual progression from last year! Very proud, lots of ice cream today I think, you've earned the treat! 😊✨️🫶🏼


Some from none other than Michelle Obama and we couldn't agree more.

🎭At Theatretrain we believe that performing arts in education play a crucial role in enhancing student's creativity, social skills, and cognitive development. It also helps to build self-esteem, communication abilities, and cultural awareness in students. These skills help them to be better equipped to handle life's challenges and lead successful lives.

🎭The arts offer a unique opportunity for children to explore their inner selves, discover their talents, and express themselves creatively.

Want to know more about what Theatretrain can offer your child? Visit


Our lovely big dance studio! Please check your emails 📧 👀 and click on the link to select the size you would like to order for your show tshirts ✨️

We're back this Saturday! Let's get cracking 👊🏼


Theatretrain patron, Sir Derek Jacobi, has received the Olivier’s Lifetime Achievement Award! 👏🏻

We’re so honoured and proud to have such an exceptional actor and theatrical icon as a patron and supporter of Theatretrain. 🤩

Sir Derek Jacobi has had an incredible 60-year career on stage and screen and been the recipient of numerous accolades, including two Olivier Awards for Cyrano de Bergerac and Twelfth Night. He was one of the founding members of the National Theatre, enlisted by Laurence Olivier himself! In 1994, Derek was awarded a knighthood for his services to theatre. 🎭

His lengthy career has known no bounds, from his famous affiliation with Shakespearean revivals both in film and theatre – including Hamlet, Romeo And Juliet, King Lear – to his notable roles on the small screen like Last Tango In Halifax, The Crown and Vicious. His other noteworthy cinema appearances include Gladiator, The Kings Speech and Murder On The Orient Express.

Congratulations, Sir Derek! 🎉


It's the last day of the Spring Term at Theatretrain...we feel your pain 😓... But wouldn't you agree our fabulous team deserve a little break!! 🐰

We hope all of our incredible students have a fabulous Easter break. 🐣

We will soon be back though as classes recommence on Saturday 22nd April. 😀 In the meantime, check your emails for links to our rehearsal video zone so you can continue practising through the holidays.

See you all soon Theatretrainers!!


A little shout to our youngest little Theatretrainer in the Southampton gang...Renae, you've been doing so well keeping up with all the big ones!! Keep smashing it, we're very proud of you 😊✨️


Final call for new students who would like to take part in our Summer Show! We'll soon be closing our books, if you'd like to come along for a free trial then we'd would love to welcome you on Saturday 22nd April for our open day.

📧 [email protected] to book

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Southampton?

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Our Story

We’ve been open in Southampton for over 6 years offering weekly training sessions in dance, drama and singing and providing unique performance opportunities.

Southampton have performed at many prestigious venues, including the Royal Albert Hall and the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. We have also travelled to perform at Disneyland Paris and have built a strong relationship with another performing arts school in Malta with whom we have taken part in two exchanges now.

At Theatretrain our focus is on CREATING Theatre rather than just teaching you steps and songs. Come and be inspired to create your own characters and learn the crucial stagecraft skills necessary for a career in the industry (and at the same time have LOTS of fun!)

Videos (show all)

Maybe it's a bit cheesy, but this is what I love about our ethos at TT Southampton 🥰Not just another Theatre School...ou...
Wow, what a fantastic day! You were all absolutely CRABulous! Phenomenal singing in particular and the true meaning of t...
On our blog this week reflects on the 1970s production of Pippin, and the lessons it teaches us today. "All that 70s mus...
On our blog today Kevin talks about how he very nearly sang for Prince Charles."Eventually, the Prince arrived and took ...





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