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When Nick beast your chest so hard. Your watch even knows without you telling it.
I was one of the lucky ones. Lockdown was great for me, my work sends me all over the globe, living out of Hotels and having using food and drink as a form of entertainment. Being stuck at home allowed me to be consistent and track my calories.

However now I’m back on the road. No where amazing this week but 4 nights in Glasgow. All I have is a kettle!! So can I stick on track (200Kcal a day) and eat out every night !!

Well we started well with Porridge at Giraffe London Heathrow. And then a sandwhich, chicken bites and jelly for lunch. Protein bar snack and the best Bit a double Chicken burger with Macho peas and spicy grains. Finish the day with 30 cals left 🙂 macros are low on the protein front 150/200 but calaries is the main game this week.

Went to the shop and I’ve got all my snacks and breakfasts sorted for the 4 days. Tomorrow is Wagamama 🙂
I suggested to Nick Spalding that we train together for a change. I think this is how it will go
So Mr Spalding let’s talk lifting socks. Can I 😉
Who can relate ? Jessica Cleary for sure lol
Phase 2 : The Rebuild

This is a real head [email protected] trying to put muscle on after 6 months of loosing weight. So in phase one I went from 114kg to 80kg in 6 months. Since gym have re opened (13 weeks ago) I’ve been trying to bulk back up but with muscle. So far I’m 9kg up.

Grey 114kg 12 October 20
Pink 80kg 12 April 21
Orange 82kg 22nd May 21
Green 89kg 12th July 21
Before working with Nick I’d have never ever contemplated walking through a park in the centre of London with my Top off. The confidence I’ve gained is life changing 🙂
It’s the weekend !!! In the words of Billie Eilish “I’m a Bad Guy” lol
This is what I imagine the result will be once I introduce Nick to TikTok !!
First week back in the gym with Nick since getting married 4 weeks ago and I didn’t keel over 😂🏋️‍♂️ thanks Nick!
Are we back Sunday? Or the following Weds? I'm sure you said but Christmas has mixed all my days up!!!!!
Thanks for organising a great night last night Nick Spalding, was lovely to see everyone 🤗

I coach people who are unhappy with how they look, uncomfortable with the clothes they wear and unconfident with their body. We will work together until you feel good, look good and have a body and a level of confidence you are proud of.

To book a free consultation, contact this page or fill out my application form.

Operating as usual

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“But I don’t want to give up my favourite foods or treats”

I hear this A LOT.

There’s this big misconception that you can only lose weight by eating “clean” foods.

We’ll… that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’ve been at my leanest whilst still going out for dinner, drinks and enjoying a donut. (or two)

Losing weight is all about understanding how nutrition works.

You can have a glass of wine.
(or in my case sangria)

Some chocolate on the weekend.

Your favourite takeaway.

And still get great results!

By understanding how nutrition works you take all the guess work out of it.

No food is “bad” and no food is off limit and I would challenge anyone who says different!

We need to stop labelling foods as “good” or “bad” all food gives us energy and nutrition (some more than others) and it can all be used to lose weight!

You don’t have to have a boring diet to get great results.

You just need to be educated about what’s going into your body.

If you don’t enjoy your diet maybe it’s time you try out something new.

Just some food for thought…

P.S swipe to see how happy I was after taking a bite of that biscoff donut 😍

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From feeling fed up, frustrated and ready for change to feeling confident, full of energy and loving the process.

In 5 months Charley managed to burn 20lbs of fat, tone her entire body and become stronger than ever all whilst having a structure and lifestyle that she loved.

When we first started working together it become very clear that Charley’s main issue was lack of clarity.

Charley would put in the effort but did not know where to begin on her weight loss journey.

This lack of clarity meant that her time and efforts were being split in different directions therefor leading to little or no results.

To fix this we created a clear plan with daily and weekly targets to hit and created a structure around her lifestyle that we knew she could stick to.

We aimed for 3 home workouts a week. 4 lots of 30 minute walks per week and dropped her calories lower Monday-Friday so she always had extra ready for the weekend!

After following the plan for only 2 weeks Charley was already seeing results, this meant that she had complete faith in what she was doing and then focused all her energy towards the plan going forward.

Charley consistently lost 1lb a week for 20 weeks as a result.

She looks great, feels great and loves her new lifestyle 👊🏻

Amazing job Charley 🔥🔥🔥

If you’re looking to lose fat and tone up all whilst having a lifestyle you love drop me a DM with the words “coach” and I’ll lay out exactly how well get you from A-B 👊🏻


The next time a coach tell you not to eat carbs to lose weight @willsmith has shown us the appropriate response ha.

The two things you should take from this post ⬇️

1) You don’t need to avoid carbs to lose weight.

2) Paper beats rock 😂


Want to know what you could achieve in just 8 weeks? Here’s Lisa’s story ⬇️

Lisa came to me at the start of the year sick of the weight she had slowly gained over last few years.

Like many people Lisa is an extremely busy person and with what free time she has she spends it looking after her children and putting her family first!

She had been trying to lose the weight before but like for many the last 2 years have made things difficult.

No routine, no structure and little free time made things difficult.

When I started working with Lisa, it became very clear she had 2 main problems weekend nutrition and scheduling.

She could be really “good” in the week, only to undo all the hard work on the weekend (family time) leaving Lisa back at square one “every monday”

To help fix this, we used a calorie cycling approach, where we slightly/moderately reduced her calories down Mon-Fri, and increased Calories over the weekend.

This way, it helped Lisa enjoy more food, drinks and family time over the weekend, however still adhere to her weekly Calorie target.

The next was scheduling, Lisa is a busy person so each Sunday we looked at her calendar and planned exactly when she would be training or go for steps each week and if something came up and she couldn’t work out or go for steps one day we would be flexible and aim to double up on another day.

This combination of planning and flexibility allowed Lisa to hit her weekly targets without any added stress! (Diets shouldn’t be stressful)

Since doing this, and in only 8 weeks. Lisa managed to shift 12lbs of stubborn body fat, tone up her entire body and already has had one hell of a transformation!

She feels more confident than ever and enters spring in the best shape she has done for years!

Lisa has worked incredibly hard and now is reaping the rewards 👊🏻

She’s the perfect example of what you can achieve in just 8 weeks.

Amazing work Lisa 🔥🔥

Want results like Lisa?

Why not let me help create you a personal game plan to make that happen?

Just DM me the word ‘Coaching’ and I’ll be in touch to get your game plan sorted 👊🏻

It's now easier to contact Spalding Fitness. 28/03/2022

It's now easier to contact Spalding Fitness.

It's now easier to contact Spalding Fitness.

It's now easier to contact Spalding Fitness. 28/03/2022

It's now easier to contact Spalding Fitness.

It's now easier to contact Spalding Fitness.


“ I know what to do, I just need to do it”

It’s a saying I hear all the time.

Unfortunately it’s also one of the most common sayings that stop people getting a coach and stops them getting results.

Knowing how something works and knowing how to actually apply it yourself are two very different things.

Knowledge without application is useless.

“knowing” what to simply do isn’t enough.

Google can tell me how to fly a plane but you definitely won’t see me piloting a Boeing 747 anytime soon.

It’s the same with your fat loss.

Google can tell you how to lose weight but can it tell what to do when you’re hungry and have zero calories left?

Can it tell you how to navigate last minute social occasions?

Can knowing that you’re meant to train 3 times a week actually make you get up and go to the gym?

Can a copy and pasted food plan from google really solve all your nutritional problems and undo years of bad habits?

There’s a lot more to weight loss than just figuring out your “macros”

And unfortunately the people who think it’s that simple are the same people jumping on and off different diets each year seeing zero results.

Did you know that 90% of people who attempt to diet alone fail or regress within 6 months.

Knowledge is great but it can’t support you when times get tough.

It can’t hold you accountable when you’re having an off day.

And it definitely can’t make sure you keep your results for life.

The theory of weight loss may be “simple” but everyone here reading this knows it’s a lot more complicated than that.

We’re now into spring and we have 85 days until summer so NOW Is the perfect time to start and get life changing results.

So the question is would you rather have a coach guiding and supporting you.


Would you rather go at it alone….

I know which one sounds better to me 👊🏻

Want to be in the best possible shape this summer?

DM me “summer” and I’ll show you exactly how my coaching process works 👊🏻

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Here’s a tip that will change your life. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Never settle. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

@rhyscleary1987 is a perfect example of having a goal and chasing it down no matter what obstacles were in his way.

Lockdown ✅
Gym closure ✅
Working from home ✅
Having kids ✅
Hollidays ✅
Social occasions ✅

You name it and he found a way past it.

At 110kg @rhyscleary1987 had a vision to get into the best shape of his life, he not only wanted to drop the body fat but wanted to build a lean, strong physique he could be proud of.

We’ve gone from 110kg to 81kg

Then from 81kg to 92kg

Rhys has never settled for anything less and neither should you 👊🏻

We have 89 days until summer, don’t wait about…


You have 90 days until summer.

Are you happy with where you are right now?

Do you want this summer to be different to the last?

A summer feeling confident in your own skin.

A summer not over heating wearing too many layers.

A summer wearing the clothes you’ve always wanted too, instead of covering yourself up.

That could be this summer if….

You take action today.

In 90 days you could be down over 20lbs looking and feeling amazing.

After these last 2 years you deserve a summer of joy and happiness.

So if you’ve ever wanted to lose weight and walk around feeling confident in your summer clothes.

NOW is the time to act.

Take action today and thank yourself in 90 days time 🔥

Photos from Spalding Fitness's post 24/03/2022

You’re always one choice away from being back in control. Remember how strong you are, how powerful you are and remember the inner strength that’s inside of you.

You deserve to be comfortable in your own skin and with your body, don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

If you want help taking back control of your body, your mind and your health just drop me a message telling me where you want to get to and I’ll show you exactly how we’ll get there!

Speak soon,



“I feel like my whole outlook on life has changed, I feel comfortable in my own skin, happy with who I am and full of energy!”

These were the words @metroginge333 wrote about her journey so far.

Ive seen her develop each week both physically and mentally and I couldn’t be prouder 👊🏻

Now what did we do to get liz her results?

It became clear from our strategy call that what liz was lacking most was structure.

She was already doing activities and watching what she was eating but without a regular routine it had no effect.

Since working together we’ve focused on hitting 4 essential actions that lead to fat loss;

Daily activity.

3 weight sessions a week.

A high protein diet.

Cutting out the late night snacking.

Nothing too groundbreaking but by creating a structure and using these tactics liz has managed to lose 35lbs in 7 months and is the most confident she has been in years!

She looks amazing and even more importantly she feels amazing 👊🏻

I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings us! 🔥🔥🔥

Were now into spring and summer will be here before you know it….

So if you haven’t already started to put the work in, now is the perfect time to take start and take action.

So you can have a summer looking amazing and more importantly feeling amazing 👊🏻

Message me “coach” and I’ll take you through the exact same process as Liz and ensure you get the life changing results she has 🔥

P.S liz you have 3kg to go to join my 20kg club 😉

Our Story

From a young age I was over weight and I mean really overweight, I had struggled with weight all my life. I would tell myself that if I could just lose a few pounds I would be happy, that was a lie. The truth is I needed to lose about 5 stone. At 16 I got into my fitness (rugby) and at 18 I had a full on passion and love for the gym and slowly but surely things changed I changed physically but more importantly mentally.

I wont lie to you losing weight is hard and making long term changes is even harder but it is possible. I started in this industry back in 2012 with the goal of simply helping people tackle all the problems that I used to have. Since then I have 1-1 trained over 200 people and supported\coach near 1000 mark.

My training style is all scientifically based and if you speak to me you will know just how knowledgeable I am. I have been very fortunate these past few years to work with iron-men and sports teams but my true quality is that I have empathy I have been there all myself, I have struggled with all the issues that come with weight loss and I can guide you though this problems as only someone who has suffered from them can.

If you ever need any advice or have any questions simply drop me a message and I will do everything I can do to help.

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