Tracy Trowbridge Remedial Massage and Yoga

Tracy Trowbridge Remedial Massage and Yoga


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Mixed level vinyasa yoga classes and beginners workshops. Sports & Remedial Massage including acupuncture in the comfort of your own home.

Operating as usual


What would happen if you interlaced your hands behind your back? Or just interlaced your fingers for that matter.

I am fairly certain you have your way of doing it. It will either be left finger on top, or right.

Now do it the other way. So if your left finger is usually on top, now it's your right. Chances are it will feel weird. You're not used to it.

If you practice, over time, it will feel less weird.

Not only will that be good physically, for your musculoskeletal system, your fascia, but also your brain. Challenging ourselves physically also helps the brain to lay down new neural pathways.

Yoga for your mind.


I love Facebook memories.

11 years ago I was off to yoga in the hope of coming back in a better frame of mind.

I am pretty sure I did. In fact, when did you ever hear someone say "I really regret going to yoga?!"

Sometimes a yoga class is the first time of the day when you get to take a breath. Worryingly, sometimes it's the first time in a week!

That hour on your mat, nowhere else to be, nothing else to do, it can have a profound effect on you.

So you can face your dragons. Maybe poke your tongue out at those dragons. Even if that dragon is you!


What would be left if you removed your muscle? Your bones? Your organs?

You might be surprised to know that there would still be a you shape. Kind of like a giant loofah but you shaped.

This loofah would be made of fascia. I talk about fascia a lot, but what is it? As a simple explanation, fascia is connective tissue.

When we maintain a particular posture for a long time more fascial tissue will be laid down to stop muscles becoming overtired. Think hunching at your desk for hours on end. Your poor neck muscles trying to support your bowling ball head. So the fascial tissue in this area densifies to support those neck muscles. Your fascial tissue is trying to help you.

But what happens when that tissue becomes really thick? The structure inside of it cannot express itself anymore - think restricted movement.

So how to help your fascia? Quite simply, move. Take the body in multiple directions. Instead of fixating on a pose, holding a pose, rather move in and out of it.

My body needs to spend a little time in this pose to know how to organise itself to get there - holding the pose but once I am familiar with it, what really matters is moving in and moving out of the pose.


There is so much love in the internet today. I have smiled a lot looking at people's posts and seeing pictures of their special ones.

But as you celebrate the love of your life, please also remember the person you have the most significant, longest, relationship with. You.

Respect yourself as much as you do anyone else. Be as kind to yourself as you would a friend. Value yourself, your needs and wants. Enforce those boundaries. Prioritise you and your self care. & I know it feels weird to say it, to even think it, love yourself. Love you as much as anyone else.


It seems quite mild today but it's not shorts weather!

This week brings the somewhat insignificant date of 18th Jan. Unless you work for Strava. Strava assessed 98 million activities and concluded that 18th Jan is the date that most people drop out of New Year's Resolutions.

I wonder what the reason behind that is? There is certainly the chance that the expectations people put on themselves are too high.

Or perhaps people are the same people they were before. You cannot change who you are by staying the same! You need to change how you think and how you feel.

It takes 21 days to build a habit and 90 days to build a lifestyle. It makes me a little sad that 18th Jan is so close to the 21 days!

So I ask you, will you be the same person by the time it is shorts weather? Or will you be living a different life.

If those expectations that you put on yourself were too high, can you make a small change and commit to it?


Always find it amusing when Facebook shows me my own ad.

Looks like a good yoga class, I might go 🤣🤣


Wishing each and every one of you, yoga students and massage patients alike, the very Happiest of Christmas's.

With all of my hearfelt love and gratitude xx


It fills my heart to know that what I do makes a difference


The booking system for next years Goga is up!

Follow the link in my bio to book. Can't wait to see you all.


I can't believe I haven't shared this with you yet! I am absolutely delighted to be teaching Goga. That's yoga with goats! You read that right.

No experience is required and I completely understand if you are there for the goats and not for the yoga!

If you have a goat on your back, I can tell you it's like having a massage.

It's rapidly becoming my favourite thing to do. If you would like to try it, follow the link in my bio.


Are you stuck for a Christmas present? A voucher for a yoga class would make a great stocking filler. Or a course of classes with a massage would make a beautiful self care promoting gift for someone who never seems to make time for themselves, always looking after everyone else.

I talk to so many people who are interested in yoga but never seem to quite make it to the mat. Do you know someone like that? Message me to buy them a gift voucher. You might just change their life.

Tracy Trowbridge Remedial Massage and Yoga now takes appointments on their Page. 09/12/2021

Tracy Trowbridge Remedial Massage and Yoga now takes appointments on their Page.

Tracy Trowbridge Remedial Massage and Yoga now takes appointments on their Page.


The first time I went to yoga it was because I ran and thought that I should probably stretch a bit. It never crossed my mind that yoga could build strength. & I definitely didn't know that there were different types of yoga, I thought yoga was yoga!

Certainly, people can believe that yoga is easy when compared to other forms of exercise. I had a student once complain that "it's supposed to be relaxing"! But the thing is, to lift and hold your body weight requires a huge amount of both strength and endurance. Indeed, another student looked at me in utter confusion as to how lifting her own leg was so difficult!

As a beginner, you may find that you often feel sore in places you have never felt before. Think DOMs in your forearms!

Your major muscle groups will work - your legs, arns, core and back. Those areas will all strengthen but without any pressure on your joints. That's a win over other types of exercise.

I teach vinyasa yoga, a dynamic form which creates a constant flow between static yoga poses. I love this style as I am passionate about movement and I have found a grace which always eludes me on the dance floor!

If you would like to try yoga for the first time, or just the first time in a long time, your first class with me is free.


Just a few more chances to get your yoga before Christmas.

Last Saturday class 11th Dec
Last Thursday class 16th Dec

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