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Hayley has been training with me for just over 3 weeks now and has already got some seriously impressive results.

How much times has she really spent on achieving her results so far. 3 days per week training.. thats literally 3 hours (maximum) a week in a gym.

Around 5-10 minutes per day tracking calories and macros. Erm..... yea thats about it.

In the grand scheme of things thats hardly any time at all over a week.

We kept it as simple as possible without following any fad diets or crazy fat loss methods.

The method is simple, the application is simple, the results better than you will believe.

Want some more info on how to transform your physique in the fastest and easiest way possible? Give me a message and i wilo help all i can.

Well done Hayley.

Heres to another month of fantastic results


So so proud of my client Meg, 15 weeks of hard work and pure grit to get her to her goal weight which we made just in time for her wedding on Sunday.
Nothing i asked her to do was to much, absolutely no moaning or grumbling just a total bad ass attitude towards reaching her targets.
Well done Meg i couldn't be happier for you


If your diet isnt something you can stick too for the foreseeable future then its probably not worth doing. Dont believe me.... well at least believe your lack of results


A little post about a handful of my clients current performance and results within the last 4-6 weeks

Mikey- total loss 11lbs
Naomi- total loss 8lbs
Meg- total loss 4lbs
Louisa- total loss 9lbs
Mallory- total loss 11lbs

All clients have adopted calorie and macro counting.

Why this method??

Because it works!

This is no one size fits all program

Each client is set individual numbers to hit per day and by doing so are achieving the easiest approach to fat loss they have ever experienced.

Fancy accelerating your fat loss?

Contact me to find out how i can help you get on the road to the best results you ever thought possible


Below are 3 images over different phases of lara's training.

Left- pre training, this was lara at the start of her fitness journey.

Middle photo- this was around 2 years in to lara's training. As you can see, we focused on stripping away bodyfat which helped lara achieve a lean physique

Right- This is lara currently, we focused on increasing food quantity to help increase overal muscle mass.

This is how long it will take to achieve a physique you can be really proud of. Im not saying lara's journey is even close to being finished but she is finally happy about how she looks.

Dont get sucked in to 6 week transformation programs. A decent physique isnt built in a matter of weeks or even months. It literally takes years to perfect.

Stay focused, stay humble and always remember why you started your journey.

If you want help in transforming your body and mind, if you are willing to do what it takes, then drop me a message.


Who else has graduated?


Today marks week 2 of bulking.

To some that sounds like a walk in the park.. i mean, who doesnt like to eat food? A lot of food..

In the past i have done the classic "dirty bulk" 3 high calory meals a day plus snacks... and to be honest that was pretty easy and i did gain a lot of size..
The bad side to doing this is just how lethargic and crap you feel.. not to mention all the unnecessary fat you gain with it..

But this time im doing it the right way!

6 meals, 5 of which come from clean single ingredient foods and 1 meal will come from something not so clean to help push the calories up..

This s**t is hard..
Force feeding that chicken rice and veg literally took all i had mentally..

3 times i considered throwing it away, but where would that have got me?

No where thats where.. i would still and always look the same if i chose that mentality.

You see, training is the easy bit.

1 hour per day and that's it.

Nutrition is 24hrs a day and if it isnt where it needs to be then you are kidding yourself in to thinking this s**t is going to work.

I get it, its hard... but living with a body you aren't happy with is harder..

Make nutrition your priority and if you are not sure how to do it right, bite the bullet and pay someone to do the workings out for you.

Once you get the food thing right then everything else falls in to place..


Are you training to your full potential?

Or are you just going through the motions moving from one machine to the next and assuming that because you are there in the gym that thats enough to wield results?

Hopefully you are the first option.

If not then why not?

Is it a case of not knowing how?

Maybe you are afraid of hard work.

If you continue to train well within your limits then dont expect anything exceptional too happen.

If you want results then probably best to train to the level that will achieve them.

There is enough info on the interweb about this or failing that pay a PT/Coach to unlock your potential.

Might surprise you that it might be the best investment money can buy.

Food for thought.


My client Lindsey doing some late session conditioning work.

Tyre flips/mountain climbers and burpees FTW

Why? Because its fu***ng fun!!

The aim is too add 15 minutes conditioning to the end of each strength session to maximise fat loss and get the most out of the calorie burn.

The results??

Massive changes to your physique and mindset.

Want to know how to get leaner/fitter and stronger?

Ask myself or any of my clients about our personalised training plans.


A massive well done to my client stacey

6 months of solid training and we are really starting too see some improvements..

Staceys goals were too drop body fat/tighten up and look more lean/muscular, safe to say she is achieving well.

This has been achieved through specific strength training and conditioning work.

Nutrition hasnt been 100% on the money but its all about learning and the next 6 months we are going to see an even better progress pic.

Well done stace, its been a pleasure 💪


With christmas fast approaching and diets still going strong, how are we possibly going to keep our macros and calories in check over xmas day?? Possibly even boxing day??

The answer in short.......


Its a couple of days people..

Go mad, have all the twiglets and pigs in blankets you can consume..

Seriously, a few days of eating whatever will not jeopardise your months of commitment.

So, put down my fitness pal or however you choose to diet and just enjoy yourselfs you filthy animals :-)

Its once a year so go all out..

Happy eating and drinking :-)


Give your loved ones the gift of health and fitness this year and give those new years resolutions a head start.

Sessions start from as little as £35

Give me a message if you want a personal Training voucher sent out too you.


Who would like to win a free training session with me at our very own southampton studio?

If you love free weights and would like too learn something new then give our page a like and share.

The winner will be picked at random and will be booked in for a session before christmas.

Get sharing!


Big shout out to my client Lindsay.
5 month transformation.

What did she do to achieve this?

Nothing special, nothing complicated,

She consistently followed the training plans i set.

Consistently Followed and tracked the macros and calories i set.

And worked fu***ng hard each and every day (that i didnt do!)

Most importantly she has enjoyed the process.

So again a big well done and here is too the next few months of gains 💪


Mim practicing those swings


Meet Mim..

This young lady has proven that age is just a number and despite being quite unwell the past few weeks, has come back stronger than ever.

A few videos highlighting some of the kettlebell conditioning we have programmed in to her training schedule.

We have a few tweaks too make each movement as clean as possible but so far i couldnt be happier. And what an honor training someone so dedicated and full of enthusiasm every session.

Really goes to show no matter what you think you are not able to do, if you really want to achieve something then you will.


Following on from earlier posts this week,
It really got me wondering about the truth behind the old debate of omnivores vs a plant based diet.

Are people who follow a vegan based lifestyle correct in saying we who eat meat are at a much higher risk of developing serious physical illnesses and abnormalities?

Ive done a fair been of reading up and although i partly agree with some of the points made by the vegan community, there has never been a direct study between a group of plant based eaters and meat based eaters.

A study has been done that proves meat eaters (statistically) drink more alcohol, have a higher percentage of smokers, and take part in less cardiovascular activites than their plant based counterparts.
Which is no surprise that those who eat a diet based on meat seem to have a higher risk of cardiac dieses, cancer and diabetes.

Im not saying there is no truth behind all the crap that goes in our food, but, there is also no absolute substantial proof that it is the antagonist to serious health defects.

This is just my opinion from everything i know and read on the subject.

Everyone is entitled to their own views as long as it stays a discussion and not a argument on who is right or wrong.

If any one can leave any links of non biased studies for all to read that would be great. We might all learn something we didnt know.


2 awesome clients, Meg and Mikey doing some weight training and conditioning circuits down at the gym last night.
Want to be part of what we do?
Get in contact!


It would seem people dont like the truth nowadays!
My previous post sparked a bit of hatred regarding FAD diets.
5 messages later and some not so nice wording
I have decided to defend my statement.
So.. let me clarify...

The diet you are following might work now in regards too weight loss. Most will!
But my text clearly never used the words weight loss.

I dont work with people to help them lose weight, i help people lose bodyfat...

There is a pretty big difference between the two.

So when asked how much bodyfat they had lost i was met with ....Ahem..... (f**k you)

Again if you want weight loss then thats great, amazing, fantastic,

If you want to actually look good then, my friends... its fat loss you are after :-)

If diets really worked then they would work and everyone would look great wouldnt they.

Something to think about :-)


A list of fat loss methods that dont work for sustainable fat loss.

• Juice diets
• Weight loss pills
• Body wraps
• Detox diets
• Hours of cardio
• Standing on some sort of vibrating plate
• Following celebrity fad workouts and nutrition
• eating less than 1000 calories a day
(Starving yourself)
• Most other diets

There are lots more!

A list of methods that will help with sustainable fat loss...

• 250-500 calorie deficit
• Exercise 2-3 hours per week

Well then....

Want too really make a difference and be accountable for your fat loss?
Work out your individual calorie needs and track accordingly.

It really is that simple

You can thank me later


Hopefully a lesser controversial food post :-)
Chilli salmon fillets
125g rice
And some spinache, (if it works for Popeye)

Great lunchtime meal to cater for your macronutrient needs
And only 550kcal

Give it a try and enjoy

See, i dont just eat chicken!!


How much chicken a day i eat to help maintain current protein needs.
Good job i like chicken


Calling out to all self emplyed personal trainers!
We are currently looking for self motivated personal trainers who want to move away from the commercial sector and start training their clients in a more private premises.

Rental based only.

Full time £400 per month
Part time hours will be commission based based on hourly use of the gym.

This could be the next step in your career.

If interested or know someone who might be then contact liam on 07881750834 for more details.


If you are willing to put 100% effort in to everything you do then you will be rewarded for your hard work.
Dont settle for average.
Dont settle for anything.
Keep grinding no matter how hard it is.

For me its been 10 years in the making and the truth not even half way there.

Would i do it all over again??
F**k yea!

Dont keep putting it off, and make it happen.

You will truelly thank yourself


Couple of shots from our new gym.
Still lots to do but im in love with the place already


Ive already seen 5 advertisments on promises to help guys get bigger arms today.
I will give some credit as 50% of the advertisements were 1 week free training plans.
Now as im such a nice guy im going to save you all the pennies!

3 steps to getting bigger arms....

Step 1- train your arms 2-3 times per week
Step 2- eat in a calorie surplus
Step 3- Train with intensity

Bonus step 4- stop getting sucked in by every new fit pro with a new promise to get you shredzzzzz just to get your money.

Enjoy the gains


Quick post today...
Cardio sucks lifting rules.........

The end..

Just kidding (not kidding)

Cardio certainly has it's place within everyone's training plan but shouldn't be the staple method unless it's for sports specific reason
(You want to be an endurance runner etc)

Most people train to be more aestheticly pleasing and just doing cardio WILL help you burn calories and in turn help you lose weight, so long as nutrition is in check and in a calorie deficit , but this style of training will only get you so far. It won't give you the tight defined look that if we are being honest, we all want.

Strength training must be implemented within a program at least 2-3 days per week of full body compound lifts to get that muscle really showing through.

If you are not sure how to start strength training or how the science behind it works then speak to a reputable fitness professional. If you are too shy to ask in person then drop me a message and I will be happy to give some starting tips on how to get in too lifting.

I promise once you start lifting weights you will wonder why you never started it sooner.


Who said this cutting diet, fat loss malarkey was hard work?


Currently taking on new clients who have had enough of training in commercial gyms and want a bit more privacy and structure added to their training.
We offer full 121 training sessions in your very own private studio.
No waiting for equipment and no interruptions, just you and the trainer getting s**t done and getting results.
All fitness levels welcome as individualized plans are given.

If you want to try out proper training in a fully equipped studio then give us a message or call.

Look forward to meeting some new faces


Should I change up my training if I'm looking to reduce body fat?

This is one of my most frequently asked questions.

The answer:
No you shouldn't!

Your nutrition will and should dictate whether or not you lose body fat.
Your training is in place to preserve muscle. Nothing more/nothing less

If you are not losing body fat with your current nutrition then sorry to say but your nutrition is crap.

I'm not saying you should just sit on your arse all day. You should always be moving to use energy. I'm saying don't waste your time in the gym trying to do anything but preserve what muscle you have.

Nutrition for fat loss
Lifting for preservation of lean mass

Hope this has helped clear that up

Any questions regarding health/fitness and anything inbetween then please just ask


Julie Ledbetter

One for my female clients


TURN THAT SOUND ON ladies, you need to hear this one LOUD-n-CLEAR😵👂🏼

Since bikini competition 👙season is is FULL swing this time of year and tons of people are showing their highlight reels from their bikini competitions on instagram and using them for program covers and advertisements, I felt compelled to show you my BEFORE and AFTER from the day before I won my bikini pro card back in 2014 to today (happy, healthy and free with NO plans to compete in the future).

Looks a bit backwards from what you think in your mind huh? It most likely will for over half of you. That is the fitness industry for you..showing you the highlight reel of what they call a "bikini" body.

For those of you who have competed, you know what I am talking about when I say that the body on the left is NOT maintainable year-round. I was almost in the single digits for body fat % (not healthy), constantly cold (in the middle of JULY😳), always thinking about my next meal because I was in a deep caloric deficit and couldn't miss a gym session because "I was ___ weeks out from my show". I also remember sending that exact photo to my coach asking him if I was ready because I thought I still needed to lose fat in my what?! Talked about a WARPED brain I had🙄😒.

The body on the right is a maintainable body. I am at a healthy body fat %, I am not constantly thinking about my next meal or stressed when things take priority over my workouts. I am strong, content and most importantly confident of the body I have built since 2014. This body is something that I can confidently say I can maintain for life. 🙌🏼😁

Moral of this post: Ladies, do NOT...I repeat, do NOT look at all these bikini competition photos or magazine covers these next couple months and compare your body to theirs. 99.9% of them are either showing a VERY VERY VERY extreme highlight reel OR photoshopped. No matter how "healthy" your approach is to the stage, it is an extreme. Plain and Simple.

BTW this is not bashing competing in any way, just stating the fact that competitors often tend to use photos from their competition photoshoot to advertise these bikini programs and it is just NOT right or an accurate portrayal of what a bikini body looks like for 99.9% of the population. ✌🏼

Tag a friend who needs to hear/see this♥️

Connect with me:


New hex bar for the gym arrived today.
Looking forward to trying this out with all my guys and girls 💪


If you are in a calorie deficit and exercising regularly and still not losing body fat then the truth is..
You are NOT in a deficit.

You think you are eating 1500kcal per day when in fact it's closer too 3000.

Be accountable and track correctly


Do you workout or do you train?

What's the difference?

Pretty much everything..

Those who workout don't generally have a solid plan, they know roughly what they want to achieve but no real ambition to get there.
They will enter a gym, pick a piece of stationary cardio equipment and go in without any real drive. This might be followed by flitting to a couple of resistance machines and repping until it starts to burn and then call that a productive training just done a workout and a poor one at that.

Training is a different concept altogether,
Those who train will have a solid goal and an equally solid plan. They will enter a gym and know exactly what needs to be done.
Those wanting to build muscle (that's what workout bunnies call toning) go straight to the free weights, they focus on their big compound movements (squat/press/deadlift (these apparent exercises that make woman bulky) SMH, and work on progressively overloading the muscle week by week. They feel pain they feel battered and bruised and have left the world of comfort far far behind.
They understand that in order to move forward and look and feel better they must give it 110% every session.

This is the difference between working out and training.

Which one can you honestly say you fall under?

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with working out im just saying don't expect a big return on your efforts and then bitch and moan why you haven't seen any improvements.

In order to progress you need to leave your little bubble of comfort and start training properly.
Otherwise.....well... you will just be working out the rest of your life.


For All you boys and girls that wanna get big
Take note!

Videos (show all)

My client Lindsey doing some late session conditioning work. Tyre flips/mountain climbers and burpees FTWWhy? Because it...
Mim practicing those swings
Meet Mim..This young lady has proven that age is just a number and despite being quite unwell the past few weeks, has co...
An amazing well done to Lara she hit a 115kg personal best beating her previous by 10kg This was achieved through a 6 we...
Hit a nice and easy 150kg bench press down at the studio last night.Hard work pays off, if you want to achieve something...
Lara showing us how to handstand press down at the studio. We don't just work on building muscle and stripping away at b...
So, this just happened down at the studio. Andy, who came to me 3 years ago looking for weight loss, who couldn't perfor...
Had to film Craig doing bunny hops as he done them so gracefully Give him a like for his efforts 😂
That old myth of woman who lift will get big and bulky? No eating noting but fast food amd sitting on your arse all day ...
A little thank you for all the likes and shares
Partner workouts can be a really good tool to help achieve your goalsYou can really help push and motivate each other an...
Trying some new moves out down at the studio.Keep things fresh amd fun within your training You never know what you may ...




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