Yoga with T

Yoga with T


Thank you Tahlia, for the beautifully relaxing Restorative Yoga session on Friday evening. The serene studio, the calming music, the lovely fragrance all made for a splendid hour or so of "me" time. The lovely chai at the end was a real bonus too. You have a gift for communicating and your passion for yoga shines through. Highly recommended.
Tahlias astanga toolkit workshop is a great way to make your home pratice safe and effective with having the teacher there to 'tweek' your technique. I would highly recommend. This workshop is great no matter weather you are at the beginning or further along your yoga journey.

Southampton based, registered Ashtanga and Pre/postnatal yoga teacher RYT200 available for one to one teaching, group classes and corporate sessions.

Operating as usual 08/09/2020

Can you spare a minute to help Tahlia Miles ?

Please sign this if you value the emot and physical safety of pregnant women. 177127 signatures are still needed! Partners allowed for entirety of labour/birth in ALL hospitals.


Everyone needs a hat for this heat. Good thing mummy likes to share.


My potatoes are looking happy ❤️✌️


We may be practicing social distancing but you can still get up and get moving! On such a beautiful day, its guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Me and Gabriel headed out early to enjoy the peace and quiet in the early morning sunshine. When I'm feeling overwhelmed or my brain is very 'busy', I like to ground myself with a moving meditation.
Our walk this morning went a little like this.

🌈Sights - spring has sprung with beautiful flowers at every turn. My favourite is the magnolia trees. Painted rainbows in the windows of family houses. A dog standing guard in the upstairs window. A man running with his dog, grinning broadly.
🐦Sounds - chirping birds. Rustling trees. Early morning runners cheerfully greeting me. Buzzing bees. The rustle of my waterproof jacket. Gabriel faintly snoring on my chest.
🌸Smells - a fresh clean breeze bringing the sweetness of cut grass and spring flowers. In the shop, the welcome aroma of coffee.
🧣Touch - a soft scarf comforting against my neck. The tickle of my sons hair against my chin. Rolling my wedding band methodically round my finger. Slow steady steps against the ground. Warm cardboard of a takeaway coffee in my hand
☕Taste - a flat white, smooth and satisfying.

Try slowing down a little and take it all in. Every time you find your mind wandering away from the present, gently pick a sense and bring yourself back to the moment.


Aerodynamic Yoga

With a heavy heart, classes are suspended.

Regrettably I have decided to close the yoga and treatments studio, primarily, until the end of March. It is unlikely that there will be any yoga classes (except one2one sessions) until I am sure that it is safe to socially interact. I am hopeful to be able to re-open for certain treatments in April, again pending Government advice at that time.
All relevant information relating to your classes will be published on this page. If any of you want further clarification you can email or text me (07717188845).
Please feel free to add your comments to future posts on this page. I intend to continue to offer methods to help support to you through this difficult time.
Thank you for your understanding.


Please stick around sunshine, I'm ready for spring!


#redjanuary is calling you.
Feeling tired and achey after 10 days of increased activity? Join me in tonight's restorative yoga class. Guaranteed to ease away the stress.

Looking for something to get the blood going? Or something a little different from the norm? Then beginners Ashtanga next Tuesday has your name all over it. Drop me a message to reserve your space.

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Hey, how are you?
How many times have you been asked this but when you have tried to say anything other than 'fine thanks' the other person has already moved on or shut you down.

This never an empty pleasantry for me. It is a sincere question. How ARE you? Physically and emotionally.

After the Christmas and new years rush, January can be a tough time of year.
Are you feeling run down and low on energy? Are your finances tight, leaving you feeling anxious?
Maybe you are overwhelmed by the mountain of things you need to achieve this year.

It's time to take a moment to re-energise and fill up that cup.
Join me tomorrow for restorative yoga 17.30 - 18.45 ❤️


Hello 2020, the year of vision! Its time to set your sights on what you want from this year... This week's timetable:

- Beginners Ashtanga at 17.30-18. 45
- Restorative Yoga at 17.30-18. 45
- Pregnancy Yoga at 10.30-11.30

NEW FOR 2020 * Additional classes - Baby yoga - Yin and Yang class
* Summer workshops
* Get up and Get out- trips to the New forest, the beach and the Common

Keep those eyes peeled!


Pinch punch, first of the month... I am pleased to announce that I have a new class! On the 2nd of November, I will begin teaching Pregnancy Yoga at Target Health studio. Drop in classes will be every Saturday morning from 10.30-11.45.

If you're pregnant or know someone who is, please keep your eyes peeled for more information!

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[09/27/19]   One space available in tonight's restorative class due to a sickness cancellation. Any last minute takers?


In honour of the change of season, I will be adding in a truly luxurious and relaxing class - Restorative Yoga.

Come to our boutique studio and wind down from the week surrounded by candlelight and immersed in soothing aromatherapy.
This style of yoga is the yin to my yang - a class for slowing down and opening the body and mind through the use of gentle but deep passive stretching. Full body relaxation is achieved through the use of a variety of props such as bolsters and beanbags to support and guide the body. Once comfortable, each posture is held anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. When you are deeply relaxed in a posture and encouraged to remain there, you have the time and space to let go of any physical or emotional tension from the body.
To finish, you are welcome to join me in a cup of herbal tea to bring you back to your senses, ready to float on home.

This practice is the perfect accompaniment to an active lifestyle or as a way to combat stress and anxiety. Absolutely no yoga experience is required.

Classes start this Friday 27th September at 17.30-18.45. Drop me a message to reserve your space and let your body and mind switch off.

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Autumn is my favourite time of year. Full of gorgeous colours, crunchy leaves, the smell of spice in the air and big fluffy scarves. However it is also the time for slowing down. As the trees leaves turn and fall, take the time to consider your own lives; what is currently bringing you joy and what is holding you back?

“Let go of what no longer serves you”.

I often say this in class but have you really stopped to think about what this really means... You could take it literally as a physical thing - such as realising where you hold your tension and releasing it. I am guilty of keeping my stress in my jaw so I try to consciously release my gritted teeth!
Perhaps you could look at the bigger picture and re-evaluate your relationships. When you realise how much energy you expend by holding a grudge, it is freeing to forgive them and move on. That person may even be yourself!

Regardless of what your focus is, remember that with everything there is a season.

So give yourself permission to rest this autumn ❤️🍁


Ashtanga Vinyasa.
This style of yoga is a dynamic and uplifting; be prepared for a physical challenge and a lot of fun. You will briskly be guided through a set sequence of postures where the breath is synchronised to the flowing movements. With time and practice, this practice creates a moving meditation.

As the full primary sequence would take close to 2 hours, each week we will explore a different focus during a creative sequence based on the full primary sequence. This class is designed for beginners and intermediate students, so the pace is a little slower, allowing you to get to know each of posture in more depth.

My beginners Ashtanga classes are every Tuesday at 17.30. Drop me a message to reserve your space.


Where is your happy place? Being outside, near trees and the sea, always brings a smile to my face. Especially Lepe beach, I have so many incredible memories from here. I'm feeling very lucky to have spent a weekend of quality family time in the sunshine. Ready for the new week ahead!

Spaces are available in tomorrows beginners Ashtanga class at 17.30.

#goodforthesoul #getoutside #getyourvitamind #vitamind


Like riding a bike! It's so great to be back, it'd forgotten how much I smile when I'm teaching. I'm so grateful to all the love and support I've received on returning you guys are amazing 🙏❤️.

[09/09/19]   Only two spaces left in tomorrows beginners class! Drop me a message if you are free.


As I begin to take myself and my business more seriously, I have made the decision to seperate my yoga from my personal account. Going forwards, anything yoga related will be on my new account @yoga_with_tahlia

For those of you who are interested, I have already recounted my journey on how I became a teacher and where that 4 year journey has taken me.
Additionally, my most recent post explains where the future of my teaching is heading. If you are one of my previous clients, interested in following my journey into becoming a womens specialist yoga teacher or have enjoyed my posts on meditation and philosophy in the past, please give account a follow.

*throwback to when I was 41 weeks pregnant and waiting patiently for my son to arrive.

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Next week I return to teaching Ashtanga - the first class I ever taught and the heritage that inspired my love of teaching.
Join me at the Target Health studio next Tuesday (10th) at 17.30.

Message me to reserve your space :) 13/12/2018

Piecaramba! | SOUTHAMPTON!

Hey Lovelies,
Just a quick reminder for those of you who are joining us for our yearly Christmas meal.

Time: 5pm
Location: Piecaramba! 30A carlton place, southampton,
SO15 2DX
Dress code: Whatever the hell you want!

Come hungry, leave happy!
Merry Christmas you filthy animals.

T x Welcome to Piecaramba!, your friendly neighbourhood pie, mash & comic book shop. Shut up, hunger...


Aerodynamic Yoga

As I am sure some of you are aware, I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my first baby. With some sadness but lots of excitement, it is time for me to press pause on my teaching and take some well deserved maternity leave.

Tuesday the 4th's Restorative class and Thursday the 6th's Ashtanga class will be my last lessons for this year.

Restorative classes will be temporarily replaced with a Hatha class however my Ashtanga classes will be continuing under the wonderful guidance of yoga teacher, McKenzie Rate!

Until further notice, all bookings for the studio will need to go through Aerodynamic Yoga or McKenzie.

I will miss you all very much and look forward to returning soon. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Regular attendees of this class will be well aware that Tahlia is expecting, although impressively she has still managed to demonstrate a perfect wheel!😆
Her last session before she leaves to prepare for the arrival of her baby will be next Thursday 6th December. Tahlia also teaches the Restorative Yoga on Tuesday so next week will be the last session of that class too.
For more information please read the news post.
We wish Tahlia all the very best for a safe and healthy delivery ###x

[11/08/18]   Due to sickness, I have two available spaces in tonight's 17:30 Ashtanga class.

[10/09/18]   Anyone interested in taking some time out for yourself today at 5:30pm with restorative yoga? Suitable for all levels and pregnancy.

[09/26/18]   Good Evening Gang!
Just to say that tomorrow we have 4 available spaces in the 4pm Rocket class and 1 available space in the 5:30pm Ashtanga class.

[08/23/18]   Hello lovely yogis, just a quick reminder that the studio is shut this week so there are no classes from me today. I am also on holiday for two weeks and my classes will return as normal on September 13th. See you soon!


Feeling the need to relax and truly switch off? Tomorrow is my first restorative yoga class at 5:30-6:45pm. Suitable for everyone, including beginners and pregnant women. Drop me a message to come to class!



Such a beautiful and inspiring older lady! Fingers crossed I make it that far!

Meet Margery.
Margery is from Sketty, she's 90 years old... oh and she's way more flexible than you are 💪

[04/19/18]   Don't forget to book your space in tonight's classes - Rocket at 4pm and Ashtanga at 5:30pm.
Don't worry about bringing your mat, we have everything you need right here in our beautiful studio. Just bring yourself and a smile!
See you later 😄


Open for business.

I have been more selfish lately...
taking back time for myself, paying attention to my own needs and saying no to things that don't build me up.

Subsequently, I am now enjoying having the energy for creativity and increased passion to push myself further. Which in turn benefits others - I am a more attentive wife, a more caring friend and a happier teacher!

Give fully and freely but remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

[04/01/18]   Quick reminder, there is no Monday 9:30am class as the studio is closed for Easter. Thursday classes are on as normal. Hopefully I'll see you soon and enjoy your Easter!


The sky is always blue.

Try to visualise a clear blue sky, radiant with sunshine and free from clouds. This vast expanse can be used to represent the natural state of our minds. Our thoughts and emotions are represented by what moves across this space; the fluffy white playful clouds are our positive emotions and the dark menacing storm clouds are our negative emotions.
The colour of the clouds is what reflects our particular mood or thought. The thing is we don’t normally care or even notice that our minds are filled with those friendly white fluffy clouds because they bring us joy. They are a pleasant distraction. We only tend to notice that are sky is full when it is those heavy dark clouds that have come to play and we are looking to remove them. The other thing that our emotions have in common with clouds is that if you watch them for long enough, you will notice that they move. Both light and dark clouds will change shape, disappear and move at their own pace. No matter how hard you try to blow them to move faster, they will continue to go about their own business.

Remember the last time you left the UK on a plane. It is very likely that the weather was cloudy on the ground but when you left on that plane there was nothing but blue sky above. Even when your mind is filled with the darkest of clouds, that blue sky is waiting on the other side. In the beginning, I thought that meditation was a way to actively create peace within my own mind by removing those dark clouds. Instead, I needed to learn that the blue sky is always there, I just needed to find the courage to sit with those emotions and watch them pass by.

I will leave you with a quote from Buddhist monk, Kelsang Gyatso -
“Our mind is like a cloudy sky: in essence clear and pure, but overcast by clouds of delusions. Just as the thickest clouds can disperse, so, too, even the heaviest delusions can be removed from our mind." #meditationmarch


That dirty "C" word...

I can always tell when I am headed towards a melt down because my environment becomes chaotic. Now maybe it is a chicken and egg scenario but I feel so much better when my house is clean and tidy. Waking up to a clear environment, I feel encouraged to use my time wisely and I am less distracted by the things I “should” be doing. Likewise, coming home to a neat space is its own soothing reward.

So having my home turned upside down and covered in dust by builders would explain why I have been feeling a little frustrated this past week. The problem is, my usual coping mechanisms for this won’t work because the chaos is needed for change in our house. Simply put, things have got to get worse before they can better. Instead of allowing my inner control freak to give me a hard time about this, I needed to focus on the things I do have control over. This has manifested in me cleaning our bedroom today with my focus being on clearing and cleaning surfaces.

Today’s picture is the result of my morning’s work. I have successfully carved out a little space of peace just for me and my meditation.


The catch 22...
If only telling yourself your own worth was enough to magically make you believe your own words. Quite often when you try to tell yourself something positive, there is a nasty little voice reminding you why it “isn't true”. When faced with this level of resistance, it can be really hard to want to sit down to take time for yourself. Sometimes you need to take another, less direct, route that is perhaps harder for your unconscious mind to argue with.
We know the positive changes that #meditation can bring to ourselves but have you stopped to think about how that will benefit the people around you?

Here are three possible examples.
- By managing your emotions, you will free up more space in your head for you to be available for my friends. You will be a better listener and more compassionate to their needs.
- Through being kind to yourself, you will be able to be more loving towards your partner +/- children.
- The #selfawareness that you create in your meditation will give you more control over your emotions. This will allow you to be more patient with your work colleagues and think before you speak.

In the same way it is easier to be kind to others than it is to be kind to ourselves, it is easier to meditate for the benefit others.

In honour of #internationalwomensday
I am meditating to be a more loving and patient daughter.

Find peace and strength within your own mind and body.

In 2015, I fulfilled a lifelong dream to take a sabbatical and travel the world with my husband. During this time, I completed my yoga teacher training in Thailand. Although this was for my own progression, it wasn’t long until I realised how much I loved to teach and wanted to share my passion of how yoga can change your life. When I returned to my nursing role within the Emergency Department, I saw with fresh eyes the importance of having a healthy mind and body for both my patients and my colleagues. It became my mission to encourage and support the amazing people in my community to find peace and strength within their own minds and bodies.

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Target Health Group, Lower Ground Floor, 76 Bedford Place
SO15 2DF

Opening Hours

Tuesday 07:00 - 07:00
Friday 07:00 - 19:00
Saturday 10:00 - 12:00
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