Southampton University Kung Fu Club

Southampton University Kung Fu Club


Evening all.
In Taunton today, was meant to be back on time but have been delayed.
I'll cancel tonight's class.
Back to normal next week.
Thanks everyone.
Hi all,

I was meant to put this up on here as well as the holiday page but work got in the way (sorry haha)

In case you weren't already aware, later TONIGHT @ 7PM we are doing a group watching party on Netflix of a bunch of martial arts films ans will plan to do so over the week and perhaps longer!

It will require you having a Netflix account as well as an extension called Netflix Party. If you have any trouble sorting that out, then ask me or Harris Khan about it. In any case, do get involved if you got the time, it'll be fun!

(P.S. The movie called ROAD HOUSE if you wanna check out trailers of you haven't seen it already)

See ya'll there!
Adrian (Social Sec)
Hello everyone. If you are planning on going to the game night with kickboxing with us please say so in the comments or like the post. Thanks 😁

Thanks to your help signing the petition, S&W have FINALLY put air conditioning in the Martial Arts room! 😍 As you've probably already noticed there are new punching bags, cleaning equipment and wipes in the MA room as well - your lovely Martial Arts committee have been essential to making these changes, as well as all of you guys who signed the petition! 😊

Thank you so much once again, without you we couldn't have made this change, and we hope to keep working to improve the conditions of the Martial Arts room and the experiences of everyone no matter which Martial Art you do! 😁

I hope you all have a lovely rest of your semester and good luck with all your deadlines 😉 Stay tuned for the Martial Arts Christmas Pub Crawl coming up, and stay safe! 😊 x

-Laura, your Martial Arts Representative ❤👊
(President of the MA committee)
Hello everyone we got a spooky joint social with boxing soc this Wednesday. Come on down and represent the club and have a good time with our boxing friends.

Hung Leng Kuen Kung Fu merges traditional forms and modern self-defence techniques into a practical

Instructed by trained experts, the style was developed by founder and lifetime practitioner, Sijo J.R. Dutton, from several Martial Art styles and develops health, focus, strength, flexibility, knowledge, ability, and self confidence for practical, on-the-street self defence and for those who wish to learn a traditional martial art.

Operating as usual

Kit order 02/11/2022

Kit order

Kit Order!!

Hey everyone, if you would like to buy any kung fu t-shirts, trousers, shoes or hoodies, please fill in this google form by the 10th November.
Note prices on the form are estimates and may be lower depending on orders. Any questions, comment below or ask in class!

Kit order Choose what you’d like! The prices are estimates and may vary (depends on how much we order). Probably you will have to pay less. Deadline is 10th of November!




Time: 8:30
When: Saturday 29th of October
Where: 227A portswood road
Theme: halloween (preferable martial arts ish but don’t worry if you can’t)

Please like the post if your coming so I know numbers



Hey everyone!

After Saturday's training some of us will go the pub (as per tradition). Afterwards we will head to 23 Church Lane to watch UFC 280. There will be two titlefights!
Oliveira vs Makhachev and Sterling vs Dillashaw. Between fights we can watch movies or practice drunken Kung Fu. The main event starts at 7pm but some of us will be hanging around earlier.
Join us whenever!

PS. bring drinks/snacks to share 😉

Hung Leng Kuen London Insurance Form 17/10/2022

Hung Leng Kuen London Insurance Form

Good morning everyone 😊

Please can everyone, including instructors, fill in this form ASAP for insurance purposes.
For the final question about membership fees, you can answer “yes” as it is included in term fees.

Also, if you are a student, this year we are also requiring you to sign up for a free uni Sports Pass. You can do this here:

Thank you!

Hung Leng Kuen London Insurance Form Yearly Federation Membership Form and Fee


Hi guys just a reminder of the social tonight, 

Where: starting at stags

When: 8:30

Theme: cowboy and aliens
(Message me if u need a costume)

starting at stags,
My house
Then the palace of dreams (jesters)

If you want to join later please message me
Will be punishments for being late tho 👀☺️

Lots of love
Ella xoxoxo


Hi all!

To make it easier for new members to find us, we’re simplifying our society and social media name to Southampton University Kung Fu Club.

We’re looking forward to welcoming student to train together in this fantastic style called Hung Leng Kuen, but students should find us easier with the new society name.


Hi guys, I’m Ella this years social sec x
This Saturday we are running a kung fu rodeo social which is a pub crawl. Will probably end up in my second home jesters
The theme is cowboys 🤠 and aliens 👽
Feel free to come along with your best costume
There will be penalties for not being on theme and being late 😏
Starts at 8:30 at Stags
Message me if you want to join later x
None drinkers are welcome but I will be very drunk 😊


Hey everyone, it was great seeing you all at bunfight and the taster session today. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did 🙂 From Monday our normal training schedule starts:

Kung Fu:
Tuesday 20:00-22:00 Activities Room
Saturday 11:00-13:00 Activities Room

Tai Chi
Monday 20:00-22:00 Activities Room

Self Defence
Thursday 20:00-21:30 Martial Arts Room

We also have a social coming up next week -more details on that to follow.

See you all soon!
The HLK Committee


Hi, just to clarify the taster session is still on today at 11 in the martial arts room


Hey everyone!

We will be at Bunfight tomorrow in the Jubilee Sports Hall, so come on down and say hi! We’d love to see you!

We will also be running a taster session this Saturday, 11am-1pm, in the Martial Arts Room in the SUSU building. It'll be a fun session and a great way to see what we're all about 😁


Hello everyone!
Welcome to Hung Leng Kuen Kung Fu. The committee is happy to announce that, as summer break draws to a close, we are soon to return! We’ll have more updates with events such as bunfight soon!

The 2022/23 committee are listed below:
Mehr Singh - President
Celestine Leadbeater - Secretary
Marten Mikk - Treasurer
Gabriella Cuba - Social Sec
Sophie Biggs - Welfare Officer

And our training times this year will be:
Monday 8-10: Activities Room: Tai Chi
Tuesday 8-10: Activities Room: Kung Fu
Thursday 8-9.30: Martial Arts Room: Self Defence
Saturday 11-1: Activities Room: Kung Fu

Feel free to message the page with any questions in the meantime, we look forward to meeting you soon! 🙂


We are in the Activity’s Room today, message the page if you don’t know where that is.


Today we are training by Sifos bench, it is just left of the union building down the stairs, one of us is at susu if you need directions.

Photos from Southampton University Kung Fu Club's post 24/04/2022

Thanks to everyone who came on the holiday it was a great holiday and brilliant to see Dai Sifu and train with members from the London Club, here is a selection of our favourite pictures from the 2 days taken by Sifu Stacey.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week as term resumes and remember our AGM is the coming Saturday, so if your interested in running for next years committee get in touch and see you there!

Hung Leng!


Hello all

As the end of the year draws closer, the sun sets for our current committee and we must elect a new committee for the next year. If you want to contribute to the club, join the committee
Below are brief descriptions of the positions. But the more people who join committee, the easier it becomes as you can share the load.

The Big Three
President - Head of the Committee and big cheese, responsible for the HLK Southampton Club in its entirety. You need to know what jobs need to be done when in the year and distribute them all accordingly to the Committee. It is a tough role but incredibly rewarding if done well (As it has been done so far)! Other responsibilities include building a good relationship with VP Sports and the MA Rep (If you don’t already have that position *hint*), maintaining and building better relationships with other martial arts clubs through things like joint socials and seminars and making sure we are always bringing in new members. Also reminding Sigung Tim to teach breakfalls before doing throws

Secretary – Responsible for the Committee running effectively. Has many but very small jobs. Be it doing the register, wrestling with SUSU for room bookings or making sure the club name is spelt correctly on SUSU posts and documents. Easy if you are organised. Is responsible for ensuring all of the Committee are doing the jobs set out by the President as promptly as possible. Responsible for admin tasks like room bookings, the HLK email address along with the president and ensures a register is kept for all the training sessions.

Treasurer – The club's Master of Coin who is responsible for our finances. Membership payments are now automatic, so this role has become a lot easier in the last few years. Chase people up for payments e.g. seminars, gradings, kit orders etc. A good Treasurer make sure the budgets are balanced, proposing ways of getting more money or spending less.

Other positions

Social Sec x2 – You can tell this is an important role because we always try to elect two of them! You are where the fun begins. Responsible for planning club events and socials. This includes organising Sijo's Meal and the Holiday but the entire society is also expected to help. A fun position for fun people. From pub crawls to games night the socials are an important part of club life.

Publicity Sec – This position is responsible for all of HLK’s advertising, starting with the Bunfight! Other jobs you will have are adding events to SUSU calendar and advertising the club in the Union as well as publicising the internal events that we put on like seminars and the holiday. You need to make sure people know who we are, what are we doing and when. We can't send out posters and businesses cards anymore so we gotta try our hand at digital media.

Welfare – A very small but very important role normally taken as a second committee position by one of the ‘big three’ committee positions. You will go through training provided by the Union on things like mental health and how to deal with students who have a problem with the club or University and don’t know who to talk to. This means that you should be approachable, make an effort to get to know as many people in the club and make sure everyone is aware they can come and talk to you about anything they want confidentially if they wish

- H


Hey Guys
Unfortunately todays self defence session is cancelled.
See you at the Ceilidh Friday night, and hope you have a fantastic Easter break.

Hung Leng!


Hey Everyone

Unfortunately todays tai chi session is cancelled, see you all tomorrow for kung fu!

Hung Leng!

Photos from Southampton University Kung Fu Club's post 02/03/2022

Hi everyone!
Come and try our free self defence class on Thursdays, 8pm, in the Martial Arts Room inside the SUSU building.
What do you do if someone makes you feel uncomfortable on a night out? What do you do if someone grabs you, or tries to drag you somewhere?
This class, taught by club instructors, addresses real world scenarios, and is happy to take requests/questions for class content.
Everyone is welcome, no martial arts experience required, so come and give it a go.
See you there!😁

Photos from Southampton University Kung Fu Club's post 07/02/2022

Kung Fu Holiday 2022!
Due to Covid-19, instead of going away for a few days as a club this year the holiday will be training and social activities in the Southampton area, for a few days in the range of 15th-18th April. There will be a training session each day followed by fun stuff (drinking included but not mandatory 😉). We're super excited to get everyone together for the holiday, so if you are interested in attending please indicate on the Google Form below by 21st February.
More info will follow but in the meantime, any questions just ask!
Hung Leng!

Timeline photos 29/01/2022

Hello everyone, thank you for coming to the meal tonight, here are the bank details you have to use to pay for the meal. Each person who said that they were going to the meal should pay this account £20. Please pay asap.

Name: Hannah Liddell
Sort code: 04 00 75
Account number: 60767200


Self Defence is cancelled today and next week, but will be back after exams
Have a great evening everyone, Hung Leng!


Self Defence is cancelled today next week 8:00 as usual.
Have a great evening everyone, Hung Leng!


Hi everyone!

Thank you for a term of awesome classes, and congratulations again to all who graded last Saturday.

We hope you have a wonderful, safe, restful Christmas break. Take care, and we'll see you in the new year.

Hung Leng!

-HLK Committee


Tai chi is cancelled today, next week 7:30 as usual.
Have a great evening everyone, Hung Leng!

Kit Order 17/11/2021

Kit Order

Kit order!
Please fill in the Google Form below if you wish to place a kit order for Feiyue kung fu shoes, Blitz trousers, t-shirts (white) or hoodies (black).
Price per item will depend on how many we order, but roughly:
Feiyue shoes
Blitz trousers £13 each
T-shirts (white) £5 each
Hoodies (black) £15 each
Feiyue shoes £18 per pair
Any questions just comment or message a member of committee.
Hung Leng!

Kit Order Request kung fu kit (trousers, t-shirts, hoodies).


Morning everyone! We're in the plant pot for training today, see you soon! :)


Hey guys

Change of venue we are training in the MA room today 10:30-12:30

Hung Leng


Hey guys

We are training in the ma room today.

See you there.

Hung Leng


Hey guys

Great to see more new faces today, we hope you all enjoyed our first Saturday class, see everyone at Stags later for our first social.

Hung Leng


Hey Everyone

We can’t wait to see you all at our taster tomorrow (11-1pm) in the Martial Arts room in the SUSU building, no need to sign up just come, we will also be going to the pub afterwards so please come along if you have any questions or just for a drink.

Next week our normal training sessions start:

Kung Fu
Monday: 8pm - 10pm Meeting Room 2
Saturday: 10.30am -12.30pm Plant Pot

Tai Chi
Tuesday: 7.30pm - 9.30pm The Marquee

Self Defence
Thursday: 8pm - 9.45pm Martial Arts Suite

As well as a social next week, to be announced

See you all tomorrow
Hung Leng!


It's Bunfight day! Come and see us in Jubilee sports hall today from 9:30-4:30!
We would love to see you 😁


Hi everyone!
We will be at Bunfight tomorrow in Jubilee Sports Hall, so come on down and say hello.
If you can't make that, we will be having an online Q & A session on Friday 1st October 2pm-4pm (Teams link to be posted on this page on the day).
We also have out taster session on Saturday, 11am-1pm in the Martial Arts room in the SUSU building which will be great fun.
We look forward to meeting you all soon!


Hello everyone!
After 18 months of intermittent training, we’re thrilled to be back to a regular term-time schedule of training in October. We’ll be updating social media and our website with more details in the coming weeks.

The 2021/22 committee are listed below:
Ella Sherborne- President
Harris Khan- Secretary / Welfare Officer
Hannah Liddell- Treasurer / Social Secretary

Feel free to message the committee or the page with any questions in the meantime, we look forward to meeting you all soon 🙂

Photos from Southampton University Kung Fu Club's post 20/06/2021

Hey guys, we’re clearing out kit from the Kung Fu house in preparation for handing it over. We’re getting rid of a lot of stuff that is old and unused, but there are also some items that the club doesn’t need but are still usable. If you would like to pick up any of these items before next Friday you’re free to, otherwise we’ll end up getting rid of them. Comment here or DM Kaloyan Danovski if you do. :)


Hi all, we're excited to announce our first in-person class is tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 10:30am! Come along a few minutes early to settle, so we can start on time.

We will continue to run online classes on Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm, and Saturday mornings will be in-person from 10:30am-12:30pm on the grassy area between Building 6 and Building 38. Contact the committee or a black sash if you have any questions.

See many of you there for training tomorrow. Hung Leng!


Hello everyone, SUSU has released new information following the government's announcements last week! The committee and instructors have agreed on the plan to move forward.

The time has come for the AGM, in which the next year's committee is elected. Traditionally we would have a grading that morning followed by a pub lunch, the AGM, and a night of drinking - unfortunately this year it will run online, but feel free to stick around and socialize! The meeting itself will be held via Zoom on Saturday March 20th at 1pm, directly after our regularly scheduled Kung Fu class.

If you are interested in running for a committee position, message any of the current committee who can give you more of an idea of what it's like! It's a great opportunity to add to your CV and give back to the society. Once you've decided that you'd like to run, message the page, a committee member or a black sash to let us know so we have an idea of numbers.

Additionally this year, non-students can officially run for an "associate member" position on committee. While we have done this unofficially for a while, SUSU's addition of the associate member allows a non-student to apply to be the Secretary, which could not happen in the past. Any non-students who would like to run, let us know!

The government and SUSU have set a list of dates by which, assuming the continuing good progress, sports and socials can resume, as follows.

MARCH 29 - The Rule of Six applies outdoors and travel outside your local area is allowed, plus organized sports can resume outdoors with NGB guidance,
APRIL 12 - SUSU opens its doors again, and block bookings resume,
MAY 17 - the Rule of Six applies indoors and the Rule of Thirty applies outdoors, plus clubs can resume indoors with NGB guidance,
JUNE 21 - all legal restrictions are lifted.

The committee and instructors have agreed that classes will continue online until the Easter break, and a more definite decision about returning to in-person classes after April 12th will be discussed to ensure the safety of attending students and instructors.

If you are not involved in the online classes and would like to be, message this page or any committee member (or comment underneath) to be added to the training chat! We train on Tuesdays from 7:30-9:30pm and Saturdays from 11am-1pm via Zoom.

TL;DR: AGM time so let us know if you want to run! The government have released "coming out of lockdown" dates, and HLK in-person classes will resume after April 12th.

That's all for now. Hung Leng!

About - Training Times and Kit

Instructed by trained experts, the style was developed by founder and lifetime practitioner, Sijo J.R. Dutton, from several Martial Art styles and develops health, focus, strength, flexibility, knowledge, ability, and self confidence for practical, on-the-street self defence and for those who wish to learn a traditional martial art.

Our training times are as follows:
Monday 8pm-10pm - Activities Room - Kung Fu
Tuesday 8:30pm-10pm - Activities Room - Tai Chi Chuan
Thursday 8pm-10pm - Martial Arts Studio - FREE Self Defence
Saturday 11am-1pm - Activities Room - Kung Fu
(All rooms are in the University of Southampton's Students Union building)

Hoodies: - £25
Small Black zipped
Medium Black zipped
Large Black zipped
Medium Black non-zipped
Medium Black non-zipped (Red HLK Logo)
Large Black non-zipped
Large Grey non-zipped

T-Shirts: - £15
Small (Limited Time Shirt)
Medium (Limited Time Shirt)
Large (Limited Time Shirt)
These are all Unisex

Small Womens (Original Style)
Small Mens (Original Style)
Medium Mens (Original Style)
Medium Womens (Original Style)
Large Mens (Original Style)
Large Womens (Original Style)
XL Mens (Original Style)



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