I've recently had lower back pain, trouble even putting socks on. Luckily went to see Jamie and he quickly analysed the problem and fixed it up. Plus he showed me how to prevent it from happening again. Thanks Jamie
Good PT sessions this morning with clients... PB's and lots of progress :)

don't forget to snap up my awesome easter deal of £20 per session of 1-1 PT thats nearly half price training :)

offer ends 1st may

pm me or comment for details :)
more progress from my clients session the other day Paul Hare!! before this he had only been lifting 70kg for reps with the use of deficit deadlifts, romainian deadlifts and deadlifts with bands.. we did a test as i have changed location to Afs crossfit in andover and he pulled an easy looking 150kg deadlift, this is awesome progress can't wait to see the amount of progress he's going to make now in andover.. nice work mate
OFFER ALERT!! for the rest of this week only i will be offering 4weeks on online personal training for £40 pm me for details :)
good first session today with Rob Perry can't wait to see your progress :)!! going to be massive

Personal training and nutrition coaching.

Operating as usual

Photos from Base-Build-Move's post 29/08/2022

Every day athlete plan!
5/6 days a week
Varied programming
Olympic lifting

Photos from Base-Build-Move's post 29/08/2022

Part time athlete plan!
3/4 days a week
Varied programming
Olympic lifting

Photos from Hayley Martin Fitness's post 06/11/2021

Photos from Hayley Martin Fitness's post


Have had a lot of new followers recently so just wanted to introduce myself and say hi 👋 ! So I’m Hayley and a mum to beautiful Eva, she’s just over two. Before I had Eva I was a competitive CrossFit athlete and loved Olympic weightlifting but after having a difficult pregnancy with Eva and a really hard delivery, my journey back to an ‘athlete’ seemed so far away and I really struggled with this mentally and physically. Especially after being in and around the fitness industry for so long before this, so I turned to food to help with my emotions (but in the long run, definitely doesn’t help at all). But recently I’ve taken a personal journey into a 12 week transformation and I’m absolutely loving it! I’m writing my own programme with the help of and I’ve seen some serious changes to my body over the last 6 weeks and I’ve had a lot of females reach out to me about wanting to make change but don’t feel confident with what they are doing in the gym. So I want to change this! I want to offer an affordable & easy to follow gym programme for females that’s going to get you real results along with 24/7 support from me (who’s been there)! Stay tuned for programmes that will be dropping soooooon! 💪😎

Photos from Base-Build-Move's post 08/09/2021

Only a few more spots on my nutrition and personal training packages left!
DM for more info!


With Christmas just around the corner i have a few packages to get you in the best shape of your life leading up to that Christmas party 🎉

Nutrition - 12 week transformation package.
Initial consultation
Bodyfat skin calliper test
Custom plan to suit you and your lifestyle
24hr support
Guaranteed results 😎

PT package - 12 week muscle building and toning package.
2-3 PT sessions a week + supplementary programme to do in your own time.
Session 1 will be an initial consultation with movement assessment so we can create a custom plan for you.
24hr support

Combine the nutrition package and the PT package for the best overal results!

You won’t regret it.

PM for more information

CrossFit Romsey Mobility 1 03/09/2021

CrossFit Romsey Mobility 1

Get sore knees when running, squatting, deadlifting or anything leg related?

Try out some of these exercises to help bulletproof them!

CrossFit Romsey Mobility 1 Start of a mobility series for the members inspired by knees over toes guy!

Photos from Base-Build-Move's post 03/09/2021


Our head coach Jamie, is taking on some more nutrition clients.

What to make a change to your overall health?
Want to get leaner?
Want to get stronger or increase your performance?

Here are a few, progress updates of various clients over the years.

If you want to make a change today send us a private message for more information. 👋


Nutrition tip -
Are you eating enough Protein?

If Fat loss is your goal, you should be consuming between 2.3-3.1g Protein Per KG of Lean body mass per day.

How much protein do you eat a day? Do you need to up it?


Do you know the Macronutrients or “Macros”?

What are Macros?

This is the most important of the macronutritions.
Aids in the building of muscle
You cannot live without protein
Usually you would eat between 2.6g and 3.0g of protein per KG of lean body weight to aid in weight loss and to prevent the loss of muscle mass in a dieting phase.

Are one of our primary enegry sources. Whilst you do not need carbs to live.
They are great for energy and muscle hypertrophy!

We Can’t live without fat!
Fats are a long term fuel source
Try to avoid trans fats in your diet as they are usually man made and cause inflammation

Keeps our digestive system healthy
Insoluble plant fibre shortens digestive time
Soluble fibre - lowers cholesterol regulates blood sugar

Lowers testosterone and hormone function and not great for recovery!
Avoid if you can. If you can’t then 0.5G per kg of body weight is deemed safe 😎

If you want to make a change to your nutrition and lifestyle send me a PM


Nutrition Tip - Water!
Did you know that 55% of our Bodyweight is made up of water?
A Desk bound male should Drink at least 2.9L of water per day
A desk bound female should Drink at least 2.2L of water a day
If exercising you should try and consume 500-600ml of water 2-3 hours before exercise and 200-300ml of water every 10-20 mins during exercise.
For intense sessions lasting 90mins + try adding a rapidly digestible carb to your water with some electrolytes

How much water do you drink in a day?



💥Start your transformation today!💥

50% off my nutrition coaching for 12 weeks!!!

If you are interested in signing up then drop me a personal message.


Build the foundations with a great nutrition plan!


Lockdown tips 😎


Master the basics and Build a good base!



**Personal Training DEAL**

20 sessions for £300... works out at only £15 per session!

The sessions are an hour long with highly qualified Personal Trainers. We will personalise the sessions to all needs depending on your goals. We will also give you nutrition advice to help speed up/maintain your goals!

Message us to secure your space NOW!


New year personal training deals!

10xPT sessions for £200

Too good not to pass up!

Claim your sessions today and start the new year right!

Timeline photos 02/01/2016

Why waste time doing back to back leisure centre classes, when one of our classes can give you everything you need!!

Having to do multiple classes in your leisure centre because there isn't enough variety??
Or is just not working you hard enough?
Or maybe it just isn't working for you anymore and you need a change?

Then it's obviously time to try something else!!

One of our 1 hour classes will be more then enough for you

Here is how are classes are broken down:-

1. We take you through a full functional warm up.

2. We run through a compound movement usually strength based.

3. We then move onto a skill based movement or/and core work.

4. Finally we go into the last portion of the session which we call the "workout"
This could be anything, lung busting, weightlifting based, body weight, running, rowing, carrying, long, medium, short, fast absolutely anything as we like to keep the body guessing!

If your tired of the same old boring classes come and give us a try on our 2 week free trial!


Timeline photos 01/01/2016

Timeline photos

Don't start the new year on those boring gym machines, head phones in and being ignored by the person next to you and being put off your workout by the "posers" grunting in the mirrors.

Here at the performance specialists we are a headphone free, mirror free and machine free gym. We are a growing community of likeminded people who enjoy keeping fit and being healthy.

- We write your programme for you so you don't have to think and get stuck doing the same old thing.
- We coach you in small groups of up to 10 people ensuring you get the best level of training possible.
- You will be part of a growing and caring community where everyone is encouraging and NEVER judgemental!

Start your life changing journey now but purchasing our FREE 2 week trial!!list-2015-12-30

Photos from CrossFit Romsey Personal Training's post 10/12/2015


Lots of deals available for the new year!


Brilliant Before and After from one of our members!!

Awesome work !

Very proud to to say I Love Me four months with performance specialist and am adoring my new look. Big thanks to Jamie Martin and Hayley Martin for the many tough workout but its worth it.


Home Page

Hi guys,

We have updated our website today, it's got a brand new look and we have a 'today's workout' section so you can see whats in store before you arrive at the gym!

Go check it out:


Home Page

Home Page 11/07/2015

Home Page


At the performance specialists we leave our ego at the door! EVERYONE IS EQUAL!!

FREE TRIAL- We give all our customers a free trial as we want to make sure the gym is everything you want and suits your needs before any commitment!! Plus you have to try us out to see what we are all about! AFTER A WEEK YOU GUYS WILL BE HOOKED....FACT!!

WE WILL GIVE YOU TOP COACHING! (better then any other gym in the area)

WE WILL KEEP YOU MOTIVATED!! - No more getting lost in the back of your busy fitness class, at The Performance Specialists we know if you haven't turn up and we care!! We will do whatever we can to keep you guys motivated and achieve your goals!!

SESSIONS AREN'T BORING! - Every session with us is different, we like to keep training varied and this has proven to give awesome results as shown in our recent bootcamp!

NUTRITION- we will tell you the right things to eat!! no meal replacement shakes, just quality whole foods, we will even allow you to treat yourself!!

INJURIES- if you get injured in your normal gym you will just take a couple of weeks off and hope it gets better! At The Performance Specialists we want to make sure you can train as much as you like if you pick up an injury we are on hand to help fix and prevent this from happening again!

IF YOU ARE STILL READING THEN I GUESS YOU ARE INTERESTED SO DONT STOP THERE HEAD OVER TO OUR WEBSITE Register as a member and purchase your free trial membership via the "book now" tab!!
If you are struggling then just personally message us with your name and email and we will register you!

WHEN CAN YOU START?? you can start as soon as you like... we have classes at 6:30am, 9:30am, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm... we are also open through the day so don't be a stranger come and pop in and meet us!

MAKE A CHANGE TODAY!! Don't wait 3-6 months as you could already have achieved that goal!!

"If you are looking to improve your fitness, strength, health, look better or just like to exercise then look no further!! we have just finished our first 4 week bootcamp and the results are awesome!

4 weeks of training 3x a week following our gym programme and receiving coaching from 2 personal trainers every session has improved these guys massively, not only do they perform better, their strength has improved, fitness has gone through the roof and more importantly they have all had fun whilst doing it!

Our workouts have all been completely different, we have made sure we test our members in every angle of their training ensuring the best results possible and that has definitely shown in our bootcamp and will hopefully now go on to show now that everyone has joined as members and we can push you guys even further!!"

Home Page


If you are looking for personal training in Romsey then look no further!!! come to our new gym and try us out!

We specialists in;-
Injury Rehab
Weight loss
olympic lifting

Book your Free Personal Training session today just send us a message!

or email us @ [email protected]

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Shirley Retail Park, Southampton

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 8pm
Tuesday 6am - 8pm
Wednesday 6am - 8pm
Thursday 6am - 8pm
Friday 6am - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm

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