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Body Composition, Strength and Conditioning, Fat loss, Muscle Gain, Boot Camps, Group Exercise and One to One training. AK Personal Training provides encouragement and guidance to support you in achieving your individual fitness goals.

You will meet and exceed your goals whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or run a marathon, we can put together a training programme designed for you. Prior to commencing any training, each client is provided with an initial consultation and physical assessment. This will be our benchmark to measure or progress against. The information gathered at the consultation will be used to devise a

Operating as usual


Since my early days starting out in the gym,
I was always skipping leg day🤣
If your looking to progress quick and get strong then hit them legs, and incorporate compound movements.
•back/front squats
•deadlifts conventional/RDL
•bench press flat/incline/decline
•0HP over head press
•bent over rows

Some of my favourite exercises to build that strength and get you looking stacked💪

Diet plays a key part but it’s December so mine is currently cheese and red wine😉


Be ready to squat if you come and see me🤣


I can honestly say I’ve never skipped leg day😉

Timeline photos 08/06/2020

Kicking Monday off with some front squats💪 #mondaymotivation #frontsquats #cyclist

Timeline photos 11/05/2020

Hate them days where you literally can’t be bothered to train, we all get them. Had to drag my ass in the gym today but god I did😊 I feel amazing now

These are the sessions that make you mentally stronger, my training this week will be much easier now I’ve won today’s battle💪


Top set from my front squat the other day.
Learning the front squat will help with your back squat. By not leaning forward, and driving through the legs.

See so many people going heavy and end up doing a good morning instead of a squat😔 very risky and asking for trouble.


160kg 5x6

Timeline photos 09/04/2020

A little bit of sun always makes you look healthy👌


We don’t do half measures at my gym...
Full range squats👍
#asstograsssquats #legbuilding #squats

Timeline photos 29/03/2020

Just finished up legs after a tough day on the bike, front squats got me arms all pumped👌

Timeline photos 01/02/2020

Just got back from the gym, late Saturday night.
Nice and full and post pump.

8x egg whites, bread and peanut butter😜
#weekendwarrio #chestbackday #nodsysoff

AK Personal Training 30/01/2020

AK Personal Training

Gonna bring a new class to the studio. Focusing on the booty ready for summer time.

This will be a private class so if you have friends who may be interested in participating with you then please contact me😊

AK Personal Training Body Composition, Strength and Conditioning, Fat loss, Muscle Gain, Boot Camps, Group Exercise and One to One training.


Over the years I have been able to push my body to a point where most can’t and won’t go too.

Changes won’t happen when your training In your comfort zone, same reps sets and exercises.
It’s easy to fall in that trap where you do the same thing and then question why your body doesn’t change.

Nutrition is such a key role and will help you get them results quicker and help you train harder and recover quicker.

No special secret just hard graft and lots of squats🤣🤣

Timeline photos 22/01/2020

Just finished a tough 4 weeks of training. I’ve hit some good numbers on all lifts and kept a pretty decent condition.
Now to mix things up a little in this next phase😊 looking forward to seeing how hard I can push my body in my next 4 weeks.


Group PT will start back next week


Clients will be coached through the fundamental exercises to achieve maximum results. All clients will be supported in and out of the sessions.

I have been training for over 10 years now and feel I have the knowledge and tools to help change your body in these classes.

These classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and exercises will be tailored for beginners.

Look forward to hearing from you😊

Timeline photos 13/01/2020

2 weeks post Xmas shape. Cycling body to come😊

Timeline photos 08/01/2020

Just finished of a epic leg session. Leg day is my favourite☺️ squat for thickness and machines for detail👍


Are you bored of the same old exercises routines without seeing the results? Contact me now to register your interest for One 2 One Personal Training or small group training sessions to achieve your fitness goals.

Training sessions include:

• Upper and lower body strength training
• teaching correct technique
• kettlebell Training
• Core strength

Timeline photos 25/11/2019

Left picture
Binge drinking and taking Drugs, no focus or direction with training and not looking after myself.

Right picture
Full of energy, love my training and cleaned up diet. Occasionally will have a drink. Have used my experience and knowledge to help clients get in shape.

Timeline photos 25/11/2019

Starting my week of with legs. Hitting these twice a week and I’m not holding back.
#legday #mondaymotivation #barbellsquats #legpress

Timeline photos 23/11/2019

The barbell front squat will work several major muscle groups. It will enhance your core strength and improve flexibility, helping you to build powerful thighs, strengthen your lower back and firm abdominal muscles.


Legs not growing or taking shape?

These have taking me years to grow and endless squatting.

Train your legs hard and use a variety of different sets and reps to maximise growth☺️

Happy squatting everyone💪


190kg wanted 6 but grip let me down.

Chalk on order so no excuses next time

Timeline photos 14/11/2019

A great leg session tonight even tho I’m not feeling 100%.
Getting it done☺️

Timeline photos 06/11/2019

Next block of training is gonna be tough😢


First time deadlifting in a while, next 4 weeks I’ve added it to my first chest/back session.
Had no chalk so hands kept slipping😭


Pushing through them last reps will allow for muscle growth. Couple more weeks of Sets of 12, we then move to 20s🤦‍♂️

Timeline photos 04/10/2019

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 08/07/2019

Back to it😆

Timeline photos 22/06/2019

Seeing some quad separation makes me happy😆


•Are you struggling to see results at the gym?

•Do you lack motivation?

•are you pushing yourself on every set you do?

To make change we must take are self out of are comfort zone, for most this will not be the case.

If you need advise or interested in using me as a coach please contact me.?

Timeline photos 14/06/2019

If only I could get paid for posing in my pant🤷‍♂️

It’s leg day which will involve a drop set on the leg press which me😬

Time to bring some conditioning on these dam stubborn legs😫


Deadlifts and rows to build your Back👍

Timeline photos 08/06/2019

Only cardio for the last two days so zero pump, push tomorrow💪

Timeline photos 23/05/2019

So proud of Gemma, a pleasure to work with and she’s always smiling.

A impressive 8 1/2 inches down, and almost a stone down.
Gemma enjoys life and getting fitter at the same time😊

Our Story

AK Personal Training provides encouragement and professional guidance to support you in achieving your personal fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or run a marathon, we design training programmes that specifically meet your individual needs. Prior to commencing any training, each client is provided with an initial consultation and physical assessment. This will be our benchmark to measure or progress against. The information gathered at the consultation will be used to devise a unique training programme tailored to your needs.

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R.E.Ps Level 3 Personal Trainer

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