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A strong body means time in the gym, but do you know how to navigate the weights room?

Bad technique can slow you down, where effective technique can force muscles to grow much faster.

We specialise in drilling activation, better movement and breathing life into an unfocused training plan; helping you reveal your hard earned muscle.

If pumping iron is your thing or you're just starting out, getting the fundamentals in place will leave you seeing big changes in a short space of time.

We'll show you how to train heavy, eat well and recover better to maximise muscle growth.


When you haven't tried personal training before, agreeing on the right direction is an important first step.

Having a partnership in place to support this is part of our process, and with a dedicated session in the diary, every visit compliments your lifestyle.

We use a marriage of ideas to add strength, longevity and value to your programme and the focus is always on you.


Our personal training packages are designed to offer maximum flexibility.

Train your way, with a dedicated session in the diary, booked with one of our personal trainers.

You can use your sessions with complete freedom knowing you have full control over when and how you train.


Our group exercise classes are the perfect compliment to your personal training sessions.

Designed to improve training volume, _Sessions creates an environment where you can enjoy the energy from a group exercise class whilst still getting the individual attention you need.

You can add group exercise classes to your personal training package allowing you to boost your weekly output or simply join as a stand alone programme to kickstart your training.


When you're nervous about starting exercise, we'll make this easier.

Our job is to learn about any concerns you might have and talk about your previous experiences to create a complete package for you.

Together we'll discuss any obstacles to training and use our own movement assessments to show you a clear path forward.

We'll write the programme, but we'll always respond to you and your energy, using your feedback to get the sessions just right.


How many strength movements are you doing in the gym?

We'll introduce techniques designed to maximise muscle activation and show you how you can apply these to your own training.

You can then use your personal training sessions to cover exercises you're less confident with, bolstering your training outside of the studio.

Tell us about your training!


With 12 months expiry on all personal training packages, our sessions have maximum flexibility.

Share them with a partner or use them to give you dedicated 1-2-1 attention when you need it most.

We can cover new concepts for you to apply or simply take advantage of the studio equipment and enjoy the full experience.

Your way, your time.


By switching our attention between total load exercises and training with more time under tension, we can take advantage of multiple disciplines.

Muscle activation allows us to be more targeted with our approach by deliberately fatiguing a group of muscles or successfully reaching muscular failure.

We'll look for visual cues and signs of fatigue, always coaching your position as this becomes more obvious. By adjusting your technique during key positions we'll keep intensity high and risk of injury low.

We'll use your previous experience to push you forward and if this is all new, then you'll have good habits from the beginning.

Book your free trial.


Privacy allows us to offer every client the same experience, always underpinned by total control over the space.

Introducing new movements or reacting quickly as you progress through your training plan is all made easier by the choice and freedom we have as your coaches.

Creating an experience for you, the right intensity, your favourite track, an espresso and a solid warm up; these are all things we care about.

In addition to playing motivational favourites from the 90s; privacy means total confidence in your training, knowing you always have direction.

Confidence in training is great, and there is nothing like the guilty pleasures of our growing Spotify playlist.


As you progress through your training journey, the coaching you receive is unique to you.

Personal training means you have a dedicated trainer, but as there is no one like you, your coaching is always individual.

Our focus is always on you.


Brand Photoshoot

We spent two days capturing the training process on camera, inviting clients to help us create an insight into what personal training feels like, resulting in a selection of powerful images.

We coached clients through a personal training session focusing on confidence and quality of movement.

Highlighting the client-trainer relationship, we filmed more than just the work.


Now gyms are confirmed to open next Monday, it's great to know our routines are starting to return; connecting us with friends, reducing stress levels and keeping us active.

If you feel like you're starting from scratch, be assured that this isn't the case. The neural pathways you have developed through training still remain in place; muscle memory will play a big role in how confident your sessions are once you start moving again and this will happen fast.

At Project_R we can grade the intensity so that you're not swamped with muscle soreness once you press 'go' on your training and most importantly, you'll be primed to take advantage of huge neuromuscular adaptations. This is the same reason behind the accelerated results we experience when we started the process, going back to your very first session.

There are ways you can prepare, reducing any concerns if you're feeling out of shape:

Mobilise: the main challenge we face from spending more time seated and less time active is that we may find it harder to get into those quality positions. If you can increase the range of motion on a joint, you'll increase your ability to recruit the motor units in those muscles. You'll feel stronger on your return and you'll enjoy all the moves you've missed.

Drink water: if you're feeling sluggish or lethargic ('Covid Fatigue' is a term we've been using), drinking more water can help restore your energy. Focusing on your water intake between now and next week means that your recovery will improve if you're already active; your soreness will be reduced and it will also redirect your attention from any guilty habits that have helped reduce stress while gyms are closed.

Book a strategy session: while Zoom has been utilised to the fullest extent over lockdown for remote training, this service could set you up to hit the ground running. Explore potential home routines, find out how to prioritise nutritional habits and build some baseline strength before you have your first in-person session next week.

Before Monday 12th, if you want to take advantage of our online service you can still book virtual 1-2-1 sessions by clicking the link below.


It’s been so lovely that clients have checked in with me personally and I wanted to reassure all of our clients that we are hanging in there! Following the most recent news we are really excited to open as soon as possible and this has now been confirmed as Monday 12th April.

We have some interviews ongoing for new personal trainers so that we can open at full capacity and then hopefully we'll be able to get moving with group training when allowed.

You can rest assured that the ski machines have been serviced and the air bike has been well oiled, in preparation for periods of high use!

So hang in there with Project_Zoom, keep moving, keep up the great work and we can all look forward to a fresh start that will hopefully not be interrupted again.

Before the grand re-opening, if you want to take advantage of our online service you can still book virtual 1-2-1 sessions by clicking the link below.

I'm excited to see you all in the studio very soon...


Zoom Training

We're all missing that human interaction and our old routines; working with clients over the camera is about connection, as much as it is about coaching.

The best sessions are effective because of space, not equipment, and mastering camera placement (as well as a good Internet connection) is key!

Until you're able to get back into your favourite gym, we're still seeing clients virtually and we can make use of any space.

🔗 Book your free trial at


Indoor physical activity is allowed where it is possible to practice social distancing and for our clients at the studio, this is very easy to implement.

The entire room is dedicated to 1-2-1 personal training and we cap our training space at 3 clients an hour. If you're worried about social distancing; don't be.

Open again to all clients from Wednesday 2nd December, come and take control in a private studio designed with you in mind.

You'll get a coffee too.


Following Boris’ latest announcement, we're really excited to say that we’re ready to open following the end of lockdown next week. The Project_R studio will be open to clients from Wednesday 2nd December.

Since we’ve closed, the studio has had a full service, all equipment has been maintained and restored and will be ready and waiting for you.

We have kept all appointments in the diary for December so if you already have something booked in the diary, this is still booked - otherwise you are now able to book personal training sessions for December.

If you’d like to book a session, send us a message or give us a call and we’ll get something that works for you.

Thank you for all the continued support and we can’t wait to see you back in the studio next week.


Project_R Private Gym looking for qualified personal trainers.

Project_R is a personal training facility focused on excellent client experience.

Everything about Project_R has been designed with our clients in mind. We offer completely private training sessions under expert supervision using state-of-the-art equipment, in a space that has outstanding facilities and amenities.

We want someone to be part of our team and our coaches cap client sessions to just three an hour. This is a very unique space with a highly individual client experience so we are only looking for trainers with degree level experience and a full understanding of client relationships and client building.

As a self-employed Personal Trainer at Project_R you will be a key member of a team delivering a first class service to our clients and working within a supportive and positive environment.

You will need to be REPs Level 3 or equivalent, or hold degree level education
You will need to be First Aid Qualified

There are many reasons to choose Project_R as a self-employed Personal Trainer.

You will benefit from:
• Unlimited earning potential
• Low rental charges and introductory rates
• Modern and well-equipped facilities
• Being part of a great team

Please email a CV and covering letter to [email protected]. All applicants will be required to undertake checks and references prior to appointment, this vacancy is available in our Southampton location.


There is a list of high value exercises that require more instruction, more coaching, more cueing - and there is a list of exercises that require less of these things.

Big moves like the dog sled, pounding the air bike or taking your stress out on the slam ball; although you need good technique for all of these - they require less instruction.

'Evergreen' exercises; the deadlift, the kettlebell swing, exercises that incorporate proper hip loading and increase force production. This is where the longevity comes in.

If you're able to create intensity with quality compound exercises, then when you want to do the dog sled, you can do it because you enjoy it - not because you rely on it for the intensity.


Today we added a touch of branding to the client consultation area.

We had an excellent service from Signs Southampton and they installed a lovely vinyl application to compliment the dumbbell rack and finish off the recent studio updates.

Photos from Project_R's post 30/08/2020

We're really excited to be adding small touches to the studio and there'll be more to come..!

Right now our fully stocked NOCCO fridge is ready to prepare you for your session if you need a sugar free pick-me-up, while the Barebells protein shakes are chilled and ready to drink if you're feeling the muscles aching when you finish.

This company has amazing customer service and we're loving all the flavours. We think the protein bars also happen to be better chilled - discuss!


We're ready

July 25th sees the re-open of the Project_R personal training studio and to say we're excited is an understatement.

We pride ourselves on privacy, and the same exellent standard of professional coaching that made our service exciting before lockdown is back.

We're capitalising on this to bring you the highest level of hygiene; bringing confidence to the way we work with our clients post-lockdown, and ensuring trust in the personal training experience.

4 months without a dedicated physical space; we're ready.


This picture feels totally appropriate right now!

Nearly one month into lockdown and to say this is a weird time is an understatement.

Right now, the most important thing to Project_R is, and always will be, the client relationships we've been so fortunate enough to build; everyone we work with has been affected in different ways and we recognise this.

We understand that it is important to stay fluid and flexible during this time and that each client will need different levels of support.

With the introduction of our Zoom service; it's now possible to reconnect with Project_R in your own home and this will run until the studio reopens.

If you would like to speak over the phone and have some support that way, you are now able to book a free 'catch up' call by clicking the link below.

We want to support all of our clients during this time and if there's a way we can support you, leave a comment below or send us a direct message.

Our physical studio is closed, but we are still here to help you through this period.


Following today’s news, in further efforts to delay the spread of coronavirus, the government has now instructed all indoor leisure and sports facilities, including gyms to close, commencing midnight tonight.

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all, and it is likely that it may go on for some time to come. We are disappointed with this latest announcement but understand that it is a critical move to stop the spread of the coronavirus and as of today, we have taken the hard but, we feel, right – decision to temporarily close the Project_R studio from the end-of-day Friday 20th March 2020.

As the measures set in place by the government today are being reviewed monthly, this will mean the studio will be closed for at least one full month.

Thank you so much for being such an important part of Project_R.


We are taking the current outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously and are monitoring government advice daily. Currently we do not plan to close Project_R.

As our studio is private and capped at 3 clients an hour, we benefit from some advantages large commercial gyms do not, making it easier for us to help reduce the spread of germs.

Although we always strive to maintain a clean studio, we have taken measures to improve our hygiene in a response to the current pandemic:

✅ We are asking all clients to wash their hands before and after their session

✅ As your trainers we will increase our distance from clients during session

✅ We are cleaning equipment after every session

✅ We have amended our cancellation policy during this time

We are asking you to please support us by erring on the side of caution if you or a family member has a temperature, a cold or a cough and work with us to reschedule your session.


Project_Reach is in full swing!

Weve had 8 solid weeks of great training and clients are seeing some really exciting results. At Project_R we're super excited to see the last 4 weeks in with some updates to the _Reach evening sessions; finishing with our professional photoshoot on April 4th.

We're starting to get a shoot schedule together and on the day it's going to be pretty exciting! 👀

Photos from Project_R's post 14/02/2020

Thanks again to Again Faster for hooking us up with a few upgrades!

The plyobox is now sexier than ever and a pair of 24kg Kettlebells are going to be a real treat for our clients.

We never knew we needed a 15kg slam ball until we'd used the 20kg one for a 5 minute AMRAP.


Picked up the keys to an empty studio 2 years ago! They say time flies when you're having fun.


We're excited to say that Project_Reach goes live tomorrow!

Our support packages will be sent out to everyone on the programme very soon after we finalise the last few key dates on the programme.

Our first session available to everyone taking part in Project_Reach will run at 18:30 Tuesday 14th!

See you in the studio.

Project_Reach | Project_R 09/01/2020

Project_Reach | Project_R

Project_Reach |

We're getting excited about the start of our 12 week programme next week!

In order to get ready for our professional photoshoot in 12 weeks time, we're offering personal training sessions every week for 15 people.

These sessions will run every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday @ 18:30 and what we're excited about here is frequency. If you want to lose 2 stone or want a flat stomach - you've got the window of time to make this happen.

For 12 weeks join our community of excited clients and we'll guide you through the process.

We've got 5 spaces left and we'd love to hear from you - this programme is focused on making it happen for you.

Project_Reach | Project_R The 12 week programme with a professional photoshoot to finish. Personal training at Project_R.

Project_Reach | Project_R 06/01/2020

Project_Reach | Project_R

Project_Reach | 12 Week Programme

It's happening! We want to show off your results and offer you the frequency to make it happen.

Access to up to 3 personal training sessions a week, a nutritional framework and one upfront cost.

If you need a target, this is it. Join our client community and make it happen.

Project_Reach | Project_R The 12 week programme with a professional photoshoot to finish. Personal training at Project_R.


Merry Christmas!

It's been such a great year and we'd love to thank everyone for making it so special.

We hope you have a great day and enjoy all the trimmings.

From everyone at the studio,


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A strong body means time in the gym, but do you know how to navigate the weights room? Bad technique can slow you down, ...
When you haven't tried personal training before, agreeing on the right direction is an important first step. Having a pa...
Our group exercise classes are the perfect compliment to your personal training sessions.Designed to improve training vo...
By switching our attention between total load exercises and training with more time under tension, we can take advantage...
Brand Photoshoot
We're ready
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