Today we want to do a massive shout out to Southampton University Cricket Club SUCC as they begin their mammoth fundraising challenge!

They were due to go on tour to Poreč in Croatia this year, however due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this was cancelled. Wanting to help their local hospital during this crisis, they have planned to run the distance from Southampton to Porec - A huge total of 954 miles (1535.31km) over the next two weeks.

From everyone at Southampton Hospitals Charity and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, we wish them luck with their challenge!

Southampton University Cricket Club


Just giving you all very advance notice of this as want to develop it into a bigger day. The mcc game is Friday 13 June this year at the rose bowl. Idea is to make it more of an old boys day at the end of succ's exams so we can all have a drink! The mcc side is going to have more and more old boys playing in it and I should be a top day. Put it in your calendars!! Pops.


Guys, everybody get keen for this evenings social, joint with Netball, Babies and Grandads theme. Freshers turn up looking as adorable as Ed Nichols and Seniors model yourselves on our very own Jamie 'Popeye' Richards. 7.30 meet in the Mitre!! Wessex love x


I may make an appearance


Movember - Ed Cook's Mo Space

Ok guys,

I have a little favour to ask. I know it is well annoying when people ask you to sponsor things like this but I am going to ask anyway.
I am donating my face to the good of man kind, specifically to the men of man kind and even more specifically to their balls and prostate.

If you hadn't already guessed, I am partaking in Movember and I am certain this will bring you all a great deal of hilarity, so for the pleasure I would love to ask you guys to donate a little sniff of cash. £1 would be lovely, anything more would be motastic. I could arrange for some personalised thankyou's from some of the fellas who are going to benefit directly from this donation but I think if I start sending those kind of thankyou's the work computer might sensor the photos I would want to attach.
I am doing it as part of a team (at work) and we will be updating my page daily (that's the aim) or whenever i have any notable mogress. I have just had my first wet shave in what feels like years, it hurts like hell and it won't be my last before the end of the month. So please give us some support.

All joking aside it is all for a cause that some of us have had some first hand experience with and one that is a prominent issue the world over. Lets look after them balls, and they'll look after you.

Any donations can be made by going to the link below:

Even if you can't afford to donate please support to cause with willfull enthusiastic comments etc.

LOts of love

Eddy two balls


Movember - Ed Cook's Mo Space Ed's Motivation: Grow a mo, Not just for show but also for dough. A little or a lot, Please donate whatever you've got. For you or a mate, Show support for the prostate. Go on and set out your stalls, Put your hand in your pockets and LETS SAVE SOME BALLS!!


Gents, Get involved with Gilets. Last minute shout out to anyone who wants one!


Club Gilets to be ordered this week: £25. Wednesday is squad 1 and social. Get involved. Pops


URGENT MESSAGE. Any members of SUCC that can drive and have their car with them in soton at the moment please call either popeye (07818 425892) or ben 'charlotte' hawker (07867 686915) x

Welcome to SUCC 05/10/2011

Welcome to SUCC

Please sign up if your not already on the site. (its very easy to do, just choose yourself a login name and password) then get editing your profile. All the information for the season such as events and fixtures will be posted on the website as well as results for all the teams throughout the season

Welcome to SUCC The home page of the new website for Southampton University Cricket Club


Great turnout last night guys! Hopefully the start of a good year!


Social tonight 119 alma road at 8 o'clock . . . be there!


Jesters tonight. Get keen!


Gents. Any men who are down in southampton and fancy a trip to jesters tonight then get along to pre drinks at 14 Belmont road. Pops.


Gents, just a gentle reminder for people to express interest in playing Indoor league cricket this year. Wessex love. Pops


Anyone know of 2 rooms going spare over summer in Soton? Get in touch with Lambo if so.

Jiggery Pokery by The Duckworth Lewis Method animation 15/06/2011

Jiggery Pokery by The Duckworth Lewis Method animation

Give this a listen. It made me laugh. And before some grumpy s**t watches it and moans about the fact there are errors in the animation. Just suck it up. Missing wednesday nights already love. ###

Jiggery Pokery by The Duckworth Lewis Method animation This brilliant song screamed to be animated :) by the way, I don't own the music, it is duckworth lewis method (check them out!) . If you are wondering, the ...


MCC Game at the Rosebowl! Wonderfull day for a few beer's at the cricket. See you there.


bbq at taylor's house, 1 sherborne road! get involved x


Final call to get your names down for Wednesday's T20 game and the AGM / Meal!


Trip to watch the first T20 game of the season, Hampshire v Somerset, at the Rose Bowl on Wednesday night. Get in touch with Lambo if your keen.


Gentle reminder: if you wan't to enter a 6's team get in touch with T**s, and if you want to attend the AGM let Lambo know. ASAP on both!


Good luck to everyone who has exams these next two weeks! Remember, you are part of SUCC, and thus better than everyone else.


Games were all off today, so no official post games Gordons ritual. However, for those of you keen for a revision dodge and a pint, converse on here to organise a rendez-vous.


big day tomorrow: 3 vital BUCS games, followed by the AU Ball!


Good night lads, and well done to the 1's for picking up a good win against Cardiff yesterday!


Good luck to all those playing in BUCS fixtures tomorrow, and see you all out post game!


Woulld like to thank those who have contributed in the recent discussion and suggest that this may be a natural place for it to stop. We also wish all teams who are playing today the best of luck.


Vote YES for AV on 5th May


Please get all orders for curry on tuesday into Lambo by this evening


Gents, a gentle reminder for those who have not yet registered with the SUCC website to do so. Cheers




Website updated. Have a gander. peace.


Social tomorrow: 8pm meet at Gordon's, then onto Jesters!

Don't forget: Get your fantasy league forms into Ben Taylor before the Easter break!





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