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Muddy dog 5k completed 🐶
Hey guys/gals hope everyone is safe and well. The Pangbourne 10K is around the corner (Sunday 3rd October) and was wondering if you would like to enter a team? See hear for more details http://fopps.org.uk/pangbourne10k/...
Thank you Katie for a brilliant run this morning. I'm so happy to be doing something I love again and the support is appreciated!
28th JANUARY 2021

We could be just about to lose the fight to save
Pincents Hill!

We need at least 1000 letters or emails of objection to be submitted to West Berkshire Council to be received by 16th Feb 2021 to stand a chance of saving this beautiful wildlife oasis.
Please visit www.savepincentshill.co.uk for all details or pm me directly if you have any questions
Wow, that went fast! Looking forward to hearing all the good things that happened this week! I started my new groups - just lovely, managed to get Covid tests, enjoying a fantastic online business course and feeling very blessed to have support from such great friends, including my sisters in business www.pubsocialmedia.com
Clean Well-Being Tilehurst Runs Together Chemistry Tuition with Lisa ReddHott Fitness Mollie Moo Handmade Clothing Becky and Carol at Mark O'Hara Financial Planning Ltd. Brolly Good Ideas and Dr Jen, who I can't seem to tag!
Sweaty freckly selfie post 3 mile run. 😊 🌞
Sweaty selfie after a power walk with the first bit of running in weeks ...feels good now I’ve done it 😁
Very soggy post run/walk selfie! I'm trying......
Christmas Meal
Hey ladies /gents anyone want to car share tomorrow? Wasn’t sure where to ask this.
This special local charity who raise funds for our local neonatal unit at the RBH want more runners for next year's Reading Half on Sunday April 5th. If you would like to know more please comment on their video post below 🤗

Can't do circuits so did some a lonely hill pyramid on New Hill before dinner instead...I WILL get faster!
Had to ask myself if I have too much time on my hands or too many running vests as I decided to put them into colour order...

Everyone is welcome. Always. Running is not bad for your knees; running badly is bad for your knees.

Coach Katie is a specialist England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness with a massive bias towards helping you avoid injury and enjoy running, whatever your starting point.

Operating as usual

Photos from Tilehurst Runs Together's post 03/10/2023

Tonight's Run Strong session was all a bit of a blur!

We had some fantastic partner work going on, with kettlebells, cardio and some excellent team work.

Amazing scenes in Tilehurst.


This week we're training together on Tuesday and it's going to be a real team effort.

Who's in?!


No running for Coach Katie this weekend (🤧).

Please send running joy for vicarious purposes...


Meet and retreat ... and meet again!

These excellent runners made each other work hard on the streets of Tilehurst tonight.

Well done everyone!


There's no Run Strong this week, so spend the time having a really good stretch. On Thursday, we'll be running against each other, and it won't necessarily be the fastest who wins!

Photos from Tilehurst Runs Together's post 24/09/2023

I asked our runners (past and present) for feedback about the TRT offer at the moment and had loads of really useful replies - thank you!

As a result of the feedback (and multiple requests), out runs will be back soon (details will be emailed to current runners). One of the feedback responses made me realise that I've not made it clear enough about the purpose of these runs.

Our out runs are social sessions, where we have a goal mileage in mind and run at the pace of the slowest runner (which might be me!). Faster runners are welcome to run ahead and loop back. This means that they will run further. No one should be 'stop-start', as everyone should be running at a really easy pace. You can read more about the ins and outs of this type of training in this Runners' World article (but take the heart-rate advice with a pinch of salt - it's hard to get a really accurate measure of your maximum heart-rate without some serious kit and medical professionals): runnersworld.com/training/a44684591/long-slow-distance-training/

Whatever training you do - all TRT, a mixture, something else - remember that you must train specifically if you've a particular goal in mind. If you are training for something specific, TRT is going to be part of your training plan, not all of it.

Any questions? Please ask!

Coach Katie 🏃‍♀️

Photos from Tilehurst Runs Together's post 23/09/2023

What an utterly GLORIOUS morning for a run! Sunny and cool (ish) - perfect conditions for a long, slow, mind-soothing plod round Purley, Sulham, Calcot and Tilehurst. ⛰️

It was lovely to meet Morelle (sp?) on Nunhide Lane, who was smashing a 10k before a race with a friend next week. What a lovely chat we had. Good luck in Bury! 🍀

There was another lovely runner on New Lane Hill who offered some words of encouragement as I puffed my way to the top.🥵

And here's to the high-viz heroes helping with the 'flu and covid vaccination clinics on Westwood Road. It's a marvellous thing you do. 💉

How's your running weekend shaping up?

Hope it's a good one.

Coach Katie 🏃‍♀️

Photos from Tilehurst Runs Together's post 21/09/2023

Ominous Tilehurst skies before tonight's Run Well hill session. Somehow, we stayed dry (sorry Wednesday runners...).

8 minutes of continuous effort x 3 🥵

Fantastic running, as usual, from a group of runners who just love cheering each other on. Wonderful.

Photos from Tilehurst Runs Together's post 19/09/2023

Run (super) Strong tonight - amazing work by our athletes on a very blowy evening in Tilehurst.

We've been building strength endurance using kettlebells and this evening's session was a bit of a test, with heavy bells being used all over the place.

Well done everyone!

🐁🌪 (there's no windmill emoji and, weirdly, none for Lunge Bob...)


It's Sunday! It's 8pm! It's time to find out what we'll be doing this week at TRT!

On Tuesday, it's a traditional Tabata session. Short, sharp efforts guaranteed to make 20 seconds feel like a small life-time.

On Thursday, we've one of our favourite hill sessions. There are plenty of options for all and the aim is to just keep going - whatever that means for you.


This is a rest and recover weekend for Coach Katie, with plenty of walking and water.

How's your running weekend?

Photos from Tilehurst Runs Together's post 12/09/2023

Best feet forward for tonight's Load & Explode session!

Tilehurst suddenly got a bit stormy, so we had minimal equipment for a tough, mostly bodyweight Run Strong session.

No Run Well this week and we'll be back on Tuesday.


Load and EXPLODE in Run Strong this week and no Thursday session, as Coach Katie will be leading her Secret Double Life. Why not meet up for a Fartlek session or challenge yourself on a local hill?

*It's not a secret - feel free to ask!

Photos from Tilehurst Runs Together's post 09/09/2023

This weekend's long run was far better timed than last weekend's, but it's still scorchio out there...

What are your plans this weekend? Sitting it out? Waiting til it gets dark?

We've a couple of legends in tomorrow's - may the sun and wind be behind you!

If you're running in Tilehurst, remember that your body has lost a lot of water this week, so take it steady.

Have a good one! Coach Katie 🏃‍♀️

Photos from Tilehurst Runs Together's post 07/09/2023

Easy, steady, strong!

Well done to these legends for a fantastic effort, tearing up the streets of Tilehurst on a very warm evening.

👏 🥵 💦

Photos from Tilehurst Runs Together's post 05/09/2023

See-saw squats and some seriously sweaty runners tonight!

Well done everyone.



👀 Are you ready for a brand new training block?

We'll be building our strength endurance in Run Strong and finding our own running paces in Run Well.
EVERYONE is welcome to join us, whatever their level of experience.


Part 2 (and hopefully the final part) in a series called "Daft mistakes Coach Katie made on return to training after a holiday"

Usually, I would check the weather forecast, plan what else I'm doing around my run and not get caught out by the blazing (and inevitable) back-to-school inferno.

Not this weekend, though... Still, it's done, and the long, slow road to the marvellous Half Marathon continues!!

How's your running weekend been?

CK 🏃‍♀️


Training will now be brought to you by an array of Tilehurst street lights...

Well done tonight's Run Well gang for their fantastic efforts, remembering their high-viz and, in one case, arranging for a bath to be ready on their return!!

See you next week.


It's good to be back

A growing Run Strong gang smashing it in the growing Tilehurst gloom tonight!

Well done everyone.


Back to the "winter" photo and a need for high-vis on Thursdays, which must mean it's the BEST time to start training in a group! Don't let the darker evenings catch you out and spoil your routine.

"I really enjoy the different sessions each week to keep it varied and I'm sure I work far harder being part of this group than if I was working alone."


Enjoying your bank holiday weekend? All festival'd out?!

Join us for training this week!


First run after a two week holiday was fine.

Really. Fine. Everything's fine. I'm fine.


Anyway, we've two more training sessions for August next week (limited payg available), with September available for block booking.

Don't take two weeks off training - it's a terrible idea.

See you soon,
Coach Katie 🏃‍♀️


Some of our summer best bits - it hasn't rained ALL the time!

We're back for more running in Tilehurst next week.


Don't forget!

No training now until 29th August.

Stretch, stay active and, if you're using your own kettlebells at home, PLEASE be careful.

CK 🏃


Partner work for the last session before the summer break (it is summer ☀️)!

We're back on 29th August for more circuits on Tuesdays (Run Strong) and some serious speed and endurance training on Thursdays (Run Well).

Enjoy your running in the meantime - laters!!

CK 🏃‍♀️

Photos from Tilehurst Runs Together's post 07/08/2023

We've one session left before the summer break - Run Strong on Tuesday has PAYG availability.

On Thursday some of us will be at the Barnes Fitness Dinton Summer Series (children's race available!).

Did you know that my dad and I were the official tail walkers at the very first Dinton 5k back in 2012? Don't we look young?!

See you at training or at the race,
Coach Katie 🏃‍♀️

Photos from Tilehurst Runs Together's post 05/08/2023

Beautiful morning for some parkrun volunteering...

Prospect Park is aways glorious though!

Where are your running (swimming?!) plans taking you this weekend?

Photos from Tilehurst Runs Together's post 03/08/2023


Last Run Well session for a few weeks, as we're at the Summer Series next Thursday and then Coach Katie's having a break...

These runners smashed a session shamelessly nicked from coach, Jamie Smith: it slotted into our schedule just beautifully (thank you!).

And the Tilehurst sky didn't disappoint tonight either - glorious cloud formations and colours.

One Run Strong session next Tuesday, then some much-needed R and R.

Photos from Tilehurst Runs Together's post 01/08/2023

Made it in just before the rain!

What an AMAZING session this evening - the Run Strong crowd were EPIC (video footage to follow).

Giant 30s: 8 exercises x 30 seconds each on the same muscle group. 💥 💥 💥

One more Run Strong before the summer break - who's ready to show Tilehurst what they're made of?!


🏃🏾‍♀️ 7.30pm Tuesday and Thursday 🏃🏼

Cotswold Recreation Ground, RG31 6SL

Join us this week for a Giant 30 and a Half 'n' Half session to see what you can really do...

PAYG spaces on the website - booking essential


When it takes nearly two hours of procrastination to get out the door, you don't hit the mileage target you intended, it's too hot and you didn't sleep well last night...

..but you smile for the anyway.

I'm so lucky to have the time and body to allow me to do any of this, to live in a country where women are allowed to go outdoors in shorts and vests, to have the capacity to know that these grumpy-pants shall pass...

Hope your running weekend is way more joyful!

CK 🏃‍♀️

Photos from Tilehurst Runs Together's post 27/07/2023

A handicap chase in Tilehurst tonight, as we gear up for the Barnes Fitness Summer Series finale in August...

Photo 2 is in homage to the lovely dog walkers at Cotswold Rec and Tilehurst Parish Council for maintaining the space we use. THANK YOU!

We are genuinely really grateful to have so many considerate dog walkers who help us not to run over their dogs (and let those of us who want to stop and play!). We know that a crowd of runners and a pile of jumpers can be distracting/appealing/scary for your doggos. It's lovely to have such a big space that we can all share and plenty of bins for the 'gifts' that get left along the way.

Feeling the love tonight 🥰


Nearly 100kg of kettlebells heading back to Coach Katie's after tonight's Run Strong...

Tabata with a difference and some "Runner's Choice" thrown in at the end.

There was a beautiful Tilehurst sky again, too.

Well done everyone!



Short, sharp bursts in Run Strong and some 'races' in Run Well (walking absolutely allowed).

Who's in?


Coach Katie's getting in some cross-country practice* this weekend...

What's your running weekend looking like?

*If practice means dancing like a loon, nerding out to science and no running, with mud, mud and more mud 🦛


A lovely evening for running in Tilehurst tonight...

The Run Well crowd conquered a pyramid, developing their endurance (physical and mental).

Nice one!


How do you do it?!

Cracking session again tonight, including some whole-body strength work.

Well done to the Run Strong gang, who braved YET MORE Tilehurst rain...



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Katie is UKA qualified Coach in Running Fitness, with Outdoor Fitness, Circuit Training and Gym Instructor qualifications, too. She will ensure you have a safe, fun and worthwhile session, with the emphasis on making personal improvements.

Training opportunities are provided to suit all athletes, from absolute beginners going for their first ever run, to seasoned marathon runners looking to smash their PB.

Small groups and 1:1 sessions are available to suit you. Get in touch and you’ll soon be up and running!

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Autumn's coming!




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