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Pioneering Edge are a team of specialist coaches, therapists and training providers. We offer many services which include; emotional therapeutic coaching (ptsd removal), personal development coaching, business coaching & training courses.

Pioneering Edge Ltd has been developed to be at the leading edge personal performance. Always learning and upgrading to faster and more effective techniques. The goal of this company is to help business owners and their staff become aware of their potential which leads to higher levels of productivity, effective communication and staff wellbeing.

Raising awareness, creating ownership and personal responsibility are high on our list of results we intend to help businesses generate. Our team of highly skilled and qualified trainers and mentors will guide your company or individuals through the steps needed to achieve your desired outcomes. We offer bespoke training programs, workshops and 1to1 mentoring.

[07/16/20]   Here is a helpful mini article I was asked to write yesterday. We all doubt every now and then and it can limit our life experience massively. Enjoy:)

Doubt yourself less and believe in yourself more, sounds easy yes?

Everyone at some point in life will have a lack of belief and maybe experience imposter syndrome where listening to that little voice in your head and doubting yourself becomes a daily occurrence. Pondering and assuming that you are just not good enough or that you may make a fool of yourself which leads to retreating back into the shell and not engaging. The brain does not distinguish between imagined responses and real responses, therefore when you say you can’t or you doubt yourself it believes the imagery and emotions and makes it a reality. The human system is so powerful that it will support and bring to fruition anything that you are currently running through your mind. Beliefs can limit someone to the extent that they may feel stuck in a pattern where they think nothing but negative thoughts about themselves and the opportunities open to them. This can lead to missed opportunities and diverse life experiences. If previous events have validated the negative beliefs that someone holds about themselves they would probably not think it possible to change their current state of being. An evolutionary cycle of being told you are not good enough early on in life will increase and compound these factors making it unbelievable that the person could create any change within themselves.

Experience has shown that positive thinking without other processes only leads to feeling more doubt. The reason being is that we are programmed throughout our early years with those subtle comments that get stored at a deep level and these rerun throughout our adult lives causing havoc and continual unsupportive thoughts to cycle constantly through our minds, leading to that nagging little voice of doubt which is always there when you don’t need it. Positive thinking will only get you so far until the old program kicks back in again.

Freeing yourself from the loops of doubt takes awareness first of where you developed the beliefs, then ownership of them and a firm decision full of positive emotion to change them. Emotion is one of the biggest driving forces for creating transformational change in the human system. Think it, feel it and do it, the simple recipe for changing the habit of being you. There will have been times in life when you succeeded and felt great with no doubt in your mind, remembering these events can give you a head start on defeating doubt because it's all about the feelings. Our feelings and emotions generate how we behave, so it makes sense to get yourself in 'the right state' not 'a right old state' if you want to get better results.

My tip for getting better results is to use mental rehearsal before you attempt anything. Imagine doing what it is and feeling how it feels to succeed, see yourself walking through the scenario time and time again with more confidence, hear yourself saying that you believe you can achieve and then really feel what that feels like. The feeling part is the most important to focus on, emotion is energy in motion, the more intense the emotion is the more energy you can create to change your current way of being.
Your brain does not know the difference between imagining and experiencing, so use the most powerful tool you have already and prepare yourself to succeed.

[07/15/20]   Emotional health... do you have it? Growing up I saw so many people deny and bury the emotions they were experiencing as if it showed weakness as a person to have them. The only problem with burying emotions is that they stack up and get stored for later use and this can lead to negative behaviours and perceptions of life.

Our human system needs a map of how to do life and emotions are part of developing that map. The system only ever wants to keep us safe and support us and it uses past stored experiences to do this. When you release the pressure stored up from the past you can create massive shifts in life and business.

Those feelings of not being good enough or not deserving enough or not confident enough had to come from somewhere and recognising this, becoming aware, leads to ownership and change.

It is a challenging and uncomfortable journey sometimes, learning about yourself but it can be one of the most rewarding.

If you know someone stuck, unhappy with where they are or running the same old patterns.. then send them my way so they can find out how I could help them get the momentum back.

#emotionalhealth #mindsense #succeed

Good News Global with Davi & Wendy

Some good news for you Saturday morning

Have you ever experienced layering? Do you even know what it is? It is that point in time where you just go boom and that can mean that you retract from everything or you explode into a supernova at the person in front of you.

Layering happens when we have multiple experiences that create negative emotions and we do nothing with them at the actual time of the event. The more experiences we have where we do not shift or challenge the feeling, the more layers we add to ourselves at an unconscious level which are just waiting to be unleashed at some point in the future.

I am sure you have all had that moment when something happens and you just explode or implode and then with hindsight you think 'what was that all about'?

This is where self awareness comes into play, how do you become aware enough of your daily interactions to know when you are beginning the process of layering?

A simple tip to begin the journey of awareness and help you to limit the layering effect is to keep a weekly journal of your triggers... those people, words, places, sounds that stimulate negative feelings within you. Then when you are aware of the triggers, you can change your responses or not lol 😂

#layering #emotion #triggers

[07/06/20]   Sometimes it is hard to see past where you are now and things may seem like they will never change. However, as soon as you make the choice that you want something different that gives you the option to start making the small changes that will lead to the big leaps in life.

You already have more resources than you know on the inside of you. You are connected to a universal grid that listens to your every thought. So start with the one most powerful tool you have that is free to use... your thoughts.

Before you go to bed every night, get your mind in the right state... This was a tip one of my mentors gave me 20 years ago, before drifting off to sleep run yourself through 10 positive aspects of your day and feel ... really feel the gratitude for them. It can be as simple as the butterfly you saw or the coffee you drank or that cloud that looked like a fish. When you fill your body with gratitude you start a chemical explosion of 1200 different feel good juices that are health supporting... surely that is a good enough reason to find a tad of gratitude, to start juicing your body up with the stuff that will help repair it? Then when you wake in the morning, stay in bed until you have your thoughts under control, check where your mind is and do the same, put your hands on your heart and feel gratitude for breathing, being, having an opportunity to make change. Only get out of bed when you have your thoughts heading in the right direction.

This is a challenge because we are autopilot systems that run on habits.... but guess what? With persistence and determination you can change those habits... how much do you want it, that's the question?

During the day I also remind myself of something one of my old teachers taught me to remember throughout the day "Is it bringing joy to me or joy to others"? If it is not, change it, if it is... keep doing it :) x

Good News Global with Davi & Wendy

Some good news for your Saturday morning xx Books, Events, Announcements, Online Store, Membership Library, and More!

What you think and your environment really does influence the your physical health. Epigenetics is a powerful subject and I would highly recommend anyone wanting to change their physical health become aware of this subject. One of my favourite teachers on this subject is Dr Bruce Lipton. Follow the link and go and check out some of his work, this really will expand your mind and lead to changes if you choose to make them.

If you also have a couple of hours to spare, I would suggest watching 'the biology of belief' that I have also tagged here. He explains in detail the processes. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, he has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for nat...

Life Coaching Emotion and Performance Life Coaching creating transition and transformation through emotion and performance that provides results quickly.

It’s all just a choice... change your state change your day ❤️👊🌎

Gratitude can instantly bring your body back into balance. If you follow Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden then you will already know about heart coherence. If you don't, then now is probably a good time to introduce yourself to it. The best place to start to understand the power of the heart is to visit The HeartMath Institute on line.

The heart has a powerful network of 'neurites' similar to the neural network of the brain, it is estimated around 40,000 of them. The heart sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart and when you fire up the network in your heart first (on purpose & intentionally) the effect on the body is impressive. Going through the process of creating heart brain coherence will flood your body with a gorgeous mix of chemicals (1200 of them) that are anti ageing, anti cancer, brain function enhancing, blood pressure reducing and much much more. Joe dispenza has been measuring the results for many years and has some amazing studies on the subject, go check him out.

I have been using this process for a few years now and it is one of the powerful tools I use to keep in balance daily. This is the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I do before I close my eyes at night.... and as a treat, I do it lots during the day as well.... why wouldn't you?

This process kicks your electro magnetic field into overdrive action which can greatly enhance anything you are doing. It is like stepping into the best state of flow possible.

How does being in a state of flow benefit you? In short, you can focus better and be more productive.

For those of you who love to meditate and work with the law of attraction, this process will also enhance what you are doing in these areas.

So, how do you do it?

Simple -

Close your eyes
Slow your breathing down to the count of 5 in and 5 out
Place your hands on your heart
Imagine you are breathing in and out from your heart space
Then purposefully feel a feeling of compassion, gratitude, care, love, joy.... any of the great feelings you can muster and keep feeling that feeling.
Do this for a minimum of 3 minutes... the longer the better.

I tend to run a list of things, situations, places and people through my head that I am grateful for.

This is an art to practice and when you get really good at it, you can do it with your eyes open, anytime, any place, anywhere.

Enjoy the power of you :)

Are you fed up with the negativity of the news?

If you are a watcher of the news you have probably noticed that there is a continual theme of negativity which maybe lead you to feeling not the most optimistic.

Davi and I decided that we wanted to lighten up people's lives with a bit of good news. There are so many wonderful things happening on this planet everyday that people are totally unaware of. This lack of awareness can lead to people feeling generally down about the future. We wanted to help you change this by raising your awareness of the other things happening around the globe that are positive, funny and inspiring.

There are around 7 billion people on this planet and not everything that is happening is negative. When you open up your perspective and look elsewhere you can find some amazing stories that show the awesome aspects of the human race.

Our goal is to spread some good news every Saturday morning to start your weekend off in the right way.

Every week we will share 6 of our favourite good news stories to lighten your day. If you have any stories you want us to share, please get in contact and we will happily spread the word to create a different feel on this beautiful planet we all live on.

Below is one of our recent episodes for you to catch up on and enjoy. Have a great day, wherever you are whatever you are doing :)

[06/22/20]   The joys of working from home. Sunshine at 7 am with a coffee in the garden chilling and listening to the birds.

Developing passive incomes has been a bit of a mission for me over the past few years and the more time I spend at home the more I want to create more incomes that come in without me having to go anywhere.

Although I must admit... I am looking forward to getting back down the farm in Reading and doing some in person training when we are allowed.

How many of you have changed your perspective around how you work over the past few months? Has it made you want to make changes moving forwards now?

Has it helped you re-evaluate what is important in life and how you can achieve this?

Or do you love travelling to your work, has it re-ignited the passion for what you do?

Now is a good time for reflection and maybe some planning to move forwards.. the country is slowly opening up, what action will you be taking to create more of what you want?

[06/20/20]   How you start your day will dictate the general feel of the whole day.

Do you get out of bed on the right side or the wrong side... it's all a point of view :)

Are you aiming to start your day in the 'right state' or a 'right old state'?

My suggestion to anyone wanting to create some difference in the morning is just to pay attention to the mind and body before you even get out of bed. Take 3 mins just to check in on the thoughts and how the body feels. When we get a grip of our thoughts first thing it is much easier to direct them during the course of the day.

Become aware of your state as you are waking up and take control before the program kicks in.

And most importantly...... enjoy your weekend :)


This evenings offering from John and myself. Overwhelm and uncertainty. How you can get a grip, change perspective and find a way forwards. Share and enjoy. Thanks to all of you who support and follow what we do xx

Personal development .... why would you even bother?

What would be the point of learning how to access your true potential or utilise the power of your brain? Life is just set in stone right? Nothing you can do will alter your life path or help you get better results will it?

Many people spend their lives sat in this space of 'what is the point', they have the same things happening over and over and truly believe that there is nothing they can do to change it. Well, what would happen if they knew 100% that life could be a totally different experience just by learning some simple techniques that would blow apart those old limiting belief systems? Do you think they would grab the opportunity with both hands?

Experience has shown that only a small percentage of these people have what it takes to grab their life by the scruff and take full ownership over all aspects that are holding them back from their dreams of the future.

It can be a challenge that many will give up before they even start, just the thought of having to put some work in scares the majority of people off. But.. they fail to see that everything they currently do in life was just a process of learning and at some point they would have had to put effort in to get a result.

All of the habits that people have, the thoughts that they think, the words that they speak and the behaviours they show are just a set of learnings that were performed over and over again until they became set in the system.

If someone can learn something and it becomes a habit, then surely they can learn a different way to get a better result? The question is how much would they want to change?

Everybody is born equal all that happens is our system is programmed through our early years with certain unconscious beliefs, emotions and experiences which then become our map of reality. Understanding this process, how it happened, where & who it all came from is the beginning that changes your whole life experience.

For the past 20+ years I have worked in personal development and self management following a severe spinal injury which left me with a prognosis of 'never walking again' and an 8 month stay in hospital. I walked out of hospital on crutches and have not looked back since. It opened my eyes to the power of the human system and gave me the want to find out more. Over the years I have studied numerous disciplines which have allowed me to discover the potential of the mind to open up opportunities for growth and this has led to me writing my first personal development book called "50 Ways to Change". This book is full of my favourite awareness raising pieces of information that helped me 'wake up' to myself and start generating the life experiences I have today. I had read many great books on personal development, yet they all seemed to miss one key aspect... "How do you apply this to life"? So, the book I have written has included this missing vital factor. The first part of the book raises your awareness and the second part of the book gives you the step by step processes for unlocking the potential we all hold within.

This is not for those people who want life handed to them on a plate. This book is for the curious people stuck in a rut that want more out of life, to feel happier, to be in control, to generate abundance, to be the unlimited creator that everyone was born to be.

So, if you know someone like that who loves a challenge, wants more out of life and craves taking back control of their human experience.. then this book could be for them.

Life is for thriving not just surviving.
[email protected]

Our Story

Our 1-1 mentoring/coaching programs take people on a transformational journey that will comprehensively release them from past limitations, allowing them to explore their full potential in life or business. Whether emotional challenges or process driven challenges, we use powerful re-coding techniques and transformational business tools to generate totally new behaviours which lead to massive change.

We develop, utilising state of the art progressive methods, bespoke training programs to create solutions to perceived challenges in the workplace. There is no 'one size fits all' every business, education facility or sports environment is unique and we make sure that all aspects are tailored to meet the specific needs of that environment. We have had numerous life changing and challenging events throughout our lives and also share these experiences and knowledge of the human system, personal performance and achievement to deliver personal people based courses that are intended to challenge and raise awareness within the individuals, allowing them to take ownerships and create change.

Within our team we have a number of key note speakers who are specialists in their field.

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