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I would like to say a huge Thank You to James. My training is coming to an end soon, James has given me the knowledge and confidence to train in the gym. I am not from here and find it hard to train on my own at the gym. If anyone attends Ystrad gym and wants to meet please message me.
I would still like to attend James’s workout sessions at J2 gym if possible. 🙂
Been with James for 6 weeks, fantastic trainer. James has given me amazing confidence to the point I have sent him pictures of my progression! Being with James allows me to maintain my lifestyle how I want to and gives me an attitude where I can believe in myself. I highly recommend James to anyone, any shape or size. He’s brilliant at what he does, you will not be disappointed! Team James!!!
your no1. i have so much respect for you. your incredible at what you. your remarkable and going some where! your a winner and a super hero. good job

Personal Trainer & Online Coach. Giving you the knowledge to make lifestyle changes that last a lifetime. Looking for someone that can help you with your weight loss goals?

Send me a message so we can get you started with your transformation

Operating as usual


Storms bring something out of us that calm seas don’t.

Whether its not seeing the results that you deserve..

Or maybe its your job being stressful at the moment.

Its the tough times that show our true characters.

Maybe you’ve been training hard at the gym for a few months.

Watching what you eat, trying to see results.

Maybe you cant quite see the changes yet.

Going to the gym is hard.

Dieting is hard.

But its having the resilience to stick with it even when things aren’t going your way.

Jiu Jitsu is a lot like this.

When you first start, you’ll get humbled for the first few months.

You’ll turn up and get submitted hundreds of times.

Probably a few more on top before you manage to finally sub someone else.

But if you don’t stick at it through those storms then you’ll never get to that point.

You’ll never get better.

If you give up when the storm starts then its over.

Back to your old ways.

And that’s that.

Working through those plateaus are what makes great people great.

Putting time and effort into something when you aren’t seeing the results is hard.

But you know whats even harder?

Never seeing the results you might be so close to.

Good sailers weren’t made in calm seas.


You’re wasting your time when you worry about carbs.


Because they are irrelevant when it comes to fat loss.

They don’t matter.

As long as you’re still in that calorie deficit.

Remember what that is?

Its consuming less calories than you expend.

Thats the only way to lower your body fat levels.

You can dress it up in whatever fancy diet you like.

Keto, intermittent fasting, weight watchers etc..

But the same principle applies.

Body fats levels not moving?

Not in a calorie deficit.

In a calorie deficit and they’re still not budging?

Sorry, still not in a deficit.

Bread isn’t the problem.

Pasta neither.

You for some reason, just aren’t below that threshold.

So how do you finally start seeing results?

- Find a TDEE calculator online or message me for mine.

- Put your details in and get your maintenance calories.

- Lower by 15%.

- Start tracking with MyFitnessPal.

Below your calories every day?

Weight or measurements still not moving?

The calculation may be off, or you’re underreporting.

That’s it.

Its not your metabolism.

Or bread.



Protein pancakes are sh*t.

You aren’t kidding anyone with them.

Probably the same amount of calories as a normal one.

Just a bit more wank.

It’s really a pikelet.

Just a bit more sh*t.

Alright they have a bit more protein in them…

But other than that?

Not much going for them.



Lacking imagination..

Having more protein doesn’t make them “healthier”..

Why not just make a normal one with a bit of sugar and lemon?

Nutella and a blob of ice cream?

Actually enjoy your pancakes without thinking that you have to conform to some fitness idea to show Instagram..

That’s what we should be striving for.

To make sure we aren’t just doing certain exercises or eating certain things just because you see fitness people promoting them.

Most fitness influencers are boring and sh*t, just like their pancakes.

Make a proper pancake.

Fill it with whatever makes you happy.

Eat said pancake and get on with your life.



You do not need to run to lose weight.

You don’t need to follow a diet plan either.

Madness I know.

But hear me out.

Your body burns 70% of your daily energy just by you being alive.

The other 30% is made up of exercise, and food digestion, but we won’t get into that now.

That run probably only burns around 5% (if that) of your daily calories too.

Not much is it.

Wouldn’t you be better off just decreasing the amount of food that you put into your body?

Wouldn’t have to hate/miss those daily runs then would we.

Because in reality, are you really going to keep doing something when you hate it?

Probably not.

Might last a few weeks..

Then we go back to forgetting about it.

By all means run if you enjoy it.

If it helps with your mental health.

If you have a running based goal then knock yourself out.

But for losing weight?

It’s a little bit rubbish.

So where to start?

Meal plans?

Probably not.

They take away your autonomy.

You might think you need to be told what to eat for each meal of the day..

But what you may need to learn is how to do this for yourself.

Learn how to change your behaviours.

Think for yourself.

What happens when the 8 weeks is up as well?

Buy another 8 week plan?

Going to do that for the rest of your life?

What if you paid someone to show you how to do it yourself.

Fast tracked your progress.

Just an idea.


Theres a version of you that wins.

And you’re only one decision away from it.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while..

Trying to pluck up the courage to finally take the plunge.

Do something your future self will thank you for.

Maybe that’s the version of you that woke up this morning.

Or maybe it’s not.

Maybe today we woke up with the same excuses.

We’ll start tomorrow.

Next week.

Next month.

Next year is our year!

It doesn’t really matter though, because you could choose to change that right now.

Book onto that class you’ve been thinking about.

That induction at the gym you’ve been putting off.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about opening your own asian restaurant and calling it Thai Tanic.

Whatever it is, you could choose to do it right this second.

Choose to win.

Whats the worst that could happen?

You don’t like it?

It doesn’t work out?

That sounds a little better than thinking about what may have happened if you finally took the plunge.

A lifetime of regrets.

Lifes short, do you really want to live with the “what if”?


“Living the dream”..

If those words have come out of your mouth this week then you may want to keep reading..

Want to know how you can love your weekdays?

Not just roll through Monday-friday waiting for the weekend..

We get stuck in an endless loop.

Waiting for Saturday just so we get some free time and the chance to chill.

Do things we actually like.

Hating 5 days, so we can enjoy 2.

Doesn’t sound like a good ratio does it.

So how can we start loving your weekdays as well?

How can we have something to look forward to other than the weekend?

By making sure there’s something to look forward to every single day.

Whether its some form of enjoyable exercise.

Maybe its food.

Maybe its catching up with friends.

Seeing family.

Having a job that gives you purpose.

Making sure that we enjoy something every single day is how you stop hating your weeks.

Rolling through the same old “Living the dream” comments.

Aren’t you fed up of that?

Dont you think its time to make a change?

Living for the weekend is all well and good, but there’s so much more to life than that.

Feeling confident.

Having fun.

Joining a community that wants to see you thrive?

That sounds better than just trying to get to the weekend without getting sacked.

So what do you look forward to everyday?

If there’s nothing, why not?


Rule number 1: Always have a plan.

Stop pissing into the wind and wondering why your feet are yellow.

1. You’re dehydrated.
2. You haven’t got a plan.

Whether its for your food, or its at the gym.

You should have something in place to make sure you stay on track.

It could be a training plan for the gym.

Telling you what exercises to do.

In what order.

How many sets and reps to get in.

Or it could been a weekly good planner.

What you’re having and what days.

What ingredients you need.

Because otherwise you’ll walk into the gym like a lost puppy.

Having to think on the spot for a workout.

Like pissing into the wind.

Otherwise you might get home from work and realise you haven’t made dinner.

You don’t have the ingredients for anything you fancy either..

Dominoes two for Tuesday it is.

No plan means you’re winging it day by day.

No plan means you have no clear path to get to where you want to be.

Not having a plan May just be the reason that you aren’t getting the results you deserve.

Sound familiar?

Sit down on a Sunday night and plan your weeks meals, and get a shopping list for ingredients.

Sit down and think about what you want out of your training, and come up with a plan.

Don’t know where to start?

Maybe a personal trainer..

Just remember rule number 1.


Diet starts Monday.

Has it?

Did it?

Doubt it.

Said it to myself plenty of times before.

Never worked.

Straight back to old habits within hours.

Maybe days.

Know what got me to stick to it?

Getting some accountability.

Having someone to tell me how to do it in the long run.

Hiring my own personal trainer.

Trainers have trainers too.

And you could get your own as well.

Finally learn how to diet properly.

Learn how to get stronger.

Do what you’ve been trying to do for so long.

And you just have to pay them to get you results.

You have to put the work in as well mind.

You’ll bypass all the common mistakes everyone without a trainer makes.

You’ll fast track your way to results.

You’ll learn how to love your body more.

And all it costs is a bit of paper that can be replaced.

Im not telling you to hire me either.

Go pay whoever you feel can get you the best results.

You do you.

Just get a trainer who can help you, and they’ll do the rest.

Thats what works.

My story

Personal Trainer & Online Coach.

Giving you the knowledge to make lifestyle changes that last a lifetime.

Looking for someone that can help you with your weight loss goals?

Send me a message so we can get you started with your transformation.

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