Combat Training Center (CTC), Treorchy Video February 26, 2020, 8:02pm

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Speed drills!!! Wednesday BJJ

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Taking this time we are closed to paint all the walls and sort the gym top to bottom. Hopefully see you all soon 😘

isolationbjj #7 technique from @royden78

@zakj2712 with the hidden gi choke from side control. So well hidden the camera cut most of it off and black on black i...

Wes with #6 technique of the day. Darce choke set up from knee on belly position. Get the vids up guys. Next up is @z...

@richdjlbjjkbox with #4 technique #isolationbjj

@richdjlbjjkbox with #5 technique of #isolationbjj

Technique #5.1 from @dafty1979 Ezekiel choke from side. Wes is still next tomorrow #isolationbjj

#5 technique @dafty1979 working hard ha ha. Up tomorrow is wes #isolationbjj

@cobi_green with the skills. Hopefully see him back on the mats :)

Technique #4 of #isolationbjj bow and arrow choke from the back by @g7bjj next up is @dafty1979 tomorrow (no excuses Rob...

@tomjones03 with the serious face on #1 technique of #isolationbjj

@richdjlbjjkbox with yesterdays technique of the day by @wagoon #isolationbjj

@richdjlbjjkbox with @alrees1 technique of the day. #isolationbjj #biggaybear

#4 technique from @alrees1 #isolationbjj get the vids up and @g7bjj is up next

#3 technique in #isolationbjj get the vids up guys. Next nomination for tomorrow's technique is @alrees1

Technique of the day by @russevs82

@stevenwhite126 exotic!!! Drilling technique #1 of the insolation home drilling vids. :)

Today's home technique of the day is by @rhydiandunn. Vids if the team drilling this technique to follow. Tomorrow's t...

In these tough times of very limiting training you do what you can. Thankfully having a daughter who trains helps. Kee...

Busy night jiujitsuuuuuuu!!!!

Speed drills!!! Wednesday BJJ

Gym dog Tedi enjoying some training.

Kids Wrestling with @cjazfitness11