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Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 21/03/2024

Spring is on its way....☀️☀️☀️☀️

I'm so excited for summer work - rock climbing and running and mountaineering. Shorts and t shirt and trainers - always a novelty after full goretex and B3 boots for 4 months in winter!

April and May are booking up - so message me if you'd like to book a guided day or course.


Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 17/03/2024

Isle of Skye - May and June 2024

Cuillin Traverse, Skye Munros, the most epic trail running destination in the UK!

When I first visited Skye, 10 years ago, it totally blew my mind. I couldn't believe that it was in the UK. It's so dramatic and wild there.

I'll be working on Skye in May and June this year, and if you want to head there at another time of year, I can book you in with one of my lovely freelance staff!

Message me if you fancy booking a course or guided experience on Skye this spring!

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 16/03/2024

❄️ Passed ❄️

A winter (and years) of hard work paid off this week.

I passed my Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor Assessment - phew. It's been a big old journey getting to assessment, and it all came together this week.

I'm so pleased.

Thank you to all the lovely people who helped, came climbing, chatted, were mock clients, came mountaineering and navigating, drank tea, were willing to go out in even the worst weather, enjoyed the stunning days and sat in saunas with me. I'm so grateful. Winter is always a team effort 👌

A bit of a break now before a busy spring season starts up in Wales. I've absolutely loved this winter and already look forward to the next one, but for now, a rest and lots of sunny warm rock climbing this summer first!


It's not long at all now until my Winter Season finishes - and after that, a few weeks of holiday and rest before the start of what looks like a busy spring back at home in Wales.

Summer courses are starting to book up! Exciting. I love the seasons and all the differences they bring.

Message me if you fancy a course or guided trip out in the hills or mountains this summer!

Rock Climbing
Trail running

All based from Llanberis, North Wales (unless requested otherwise!).

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 07/03/2024

Winter Climbing ❄️

Such an adventure. I often can't believe that this is all in Scotland. You don't need to go far to get to some pretty wild and spectacular places!

Only a few weeks left up here before spring rock climbing works starts in April!

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 03/03/2024


Walking, Yoga, Swimming, Sauna, Food, Connection.

3rd - 6th May 2024

Come and join us for this glorious weekend 💙

(Link in Bio)

I'm so excited about this.

Likely to be the first of many, this retreats aims to allow people time to walk in the hills of Snowdonia, explore new places, relax, reconnect with nature and have a weekend of refueling - both physically and mentally.

Tom is a wonderful human. I will be working alongside him to help you get the most out of your weekend with us. Both of us are really looking forward to this weekend - please come and join us.

Ask me if you have any questions - I'll happily give you a call and chat through the queries or thoughts that you have.

If you'd like to come but can't make the dates, please message me because there are very likely to be more of these through the summer ☀️

You can find the course in my Link Bio!

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 28/02/2024


If you've been thinking about coming on a course this spring/summer, get in touch! Bookings are open for all Bespoke Courses.

Instruction or Guiding!

We can have a chat about what you'd like to do, and I will build a bespoke course around you and your aims!

You can pick from:

- Rock Climbing
- Mountaineering
- Navigating
- Running
- Cuillin Traverses
- Scrambling
- Training Refresher and Assessment prep courses

All courses are based in Snowdonia, North Wales, unless specified otherwise.

Get in touch to enquire, and let's go on an adventure 🙌🏼😁


It has been an eventful and, at times, stressful week.

Changes have had to be made to plans. Work has been altered to fit around these plans, and it isn't all ideal.

A walk in the sunshine was perfect for me. A busy head is calmed by walking. Sunshine was glorious, views were beautiful, and the company was just what I needed.

I like this photo that my friend took of me on the top of a hill, enjoying the sunshine and total peace. There wasn't a breath of wind. Scotland was silent. Total bliss.


Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 24/02/2024

Winter Climbing - such a great adventure.

A few photos from the last few days with two wonderful humans.

I feel great joy to spend my time in the hills.

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 20/02/2024

It continues to be my busiest winter ever this year.
I won't pretend it's all easy - whilst I do have the most amazing time here, it comes with hard bits, too.

These photos are from some of the lovely days out that I've been having recently - both at work and on days off.

I feel incredibly grateful to hand on heart say that I love my job. What a privilege.

For the sake of showing all sides of work and winter, as well as the amazing photogenic days, we have also battled massive thaws this winter. So much is melting so often that we are stripped right back to almost nothing, and lots of thought and inventive ideas are needed to get to the right places at the right time. Rain and wind have been a bit of a theme recently, but it looks like it's going to get colder.

Scottish Winter is fickle and sometimes tricky to navigate - plans get cancelled, changed, or moved. Rain puts holes in routes and melts ice from the rocks. Winds blow all the snow away and dumps it in precarious places.

But if we didn't have these bits, the good days wouldn't be as good or exciting as they are. They wouldn't feel so amazing, like there is nowhere in the world that you would rather be.

So I don't mind the tricky bits.

But I do like sunshine, snow, and ice - so here's to hoping for more of that!

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 15/02/2024

A few photos from a great day off last week ❄️😁

We headed into Creag Meagaidh to see if the routes were in condition and we were in luck. It was so fantastic to finally get to climb here - I've walked in countless times o lying to be turned around by something. So, it felt very lucky to be there at the right time this week!

And it's always amazing to share these days with lovely friends 💙


Message me if you're interested!

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 12/02/2024

A week or so ago, I was with some friends and was excited about my big fluffy coat that I found in a charity shop in Aviemore. One friend told me they would donate money to a charity of my choice if I wore my new coat as a belay jacket the next day.

And here is the evidence.

took some fantastic photographs.

The coat was actually super warm. I'd highly recommend a knee-length fluffy coat on the mountain in winter. Super practical and not too bulky at all. Not so quick drying, though. It was also quite heavy compared to synthetic belay jackets

A good giggle, too.


Maybe I was wondering when it's a suitable time to eat my lunch.

It's normally gone by 10.30 am....

This is what I call my "battle" coat. It's like walking around with an indestructible jacket on 👌 and gets me through even the wettest days. Hurray for waterproof coats that are actually waterproof!

This winter has been throwing all sorts of weather at us, but there have actually not been many really tricky days. But the days of driving wind, rain, and snow are hard, and I certainly feel like you really earn your money when you're slogging through those days! It may be surprising to hear, but I actually really enjoy those days, too.

Plus, the tricky days make the sunny, low wind days feel like a dream!

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 06/02/2024

Days out climbing in the hills with wonderful people - it doesn't get much better than that!

These photos are from last week. I had a blast spending 2 days with George and Andrew on their first winter climbs. They did so amazingly well - we even did write a steep ice route on Day 2! Fantastic 🙌🏼

I'm always feeling very grateful to be able to spend my life in the hills with lovely people.

This week has been much wetter and warmer in Scotland, but it's getting colder again now 👌

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 02/02/2024

On Tuesdays, I wear pink (and go ice climbing)

A collection of photos from Monday and Tuesday this week. I had a fabulous time with George and Andrew.

We had 2 days of amazing climbing and great lean conditions. All routes in the cairngorms are feeling really fun, lean, and icy at the moment, making them feel a little harder than their given grade. Loads of fun!

I've had a wonderful 3 days off after that, and it's been amazing. Rest is important and hard to take sometimes in winter.

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 30/01/2024

A few pictures from some recent Winter Skills Courses ❄️

I've been having a lovely time out at work teaching people some of the basics of getting out in winter. It opens so many more doors for enjoying the hills and mountains all year round.

The first picture was from our extraordinarily warm day on Sunday! It's been much colder again since, and there is plenty of winter fun to be found in the hills, despite what might look like a lack of snow.

A few days rest now after a very busy few weeks!


Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 25/01/2024

A few photos from a fab day out last week! 😁

Ella and I were heading out for a day's climbing and ended up going for a big old mountaineering romp. The Avalanche forecast was a little spicy, so we opted for the safest venue and had a wonderful day on a ridgeline on the west face of Aonoch Mor.

It was so much fun.

Spending days with friends in the mountains is something I am always very grateful for. Sharing adventures and experiences can make them feel even more special than if you're out on your own.

This week hasn't been so gorgeous, but we put on our battle coats (goretex....) and keep going out anyway! Sometimes, the weather makes it hard to get your phone out and take photos. But each day is good value and you learn something whatever the weather.... even if it's that you're pleased to be by the fire by the evening time!

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 20/01/2024


This week, I had a wonderful time spending 2 days shadowing Mike,

Shadowing offers a fantastic opportunity to see other people work, and it was amazing to watch Mike do what he does and a total pleasure to meet his client, Anthony.

I love learning and reflecting on what I do, and observing others is such a great opportunity to both of these.

I'm back on a Winter Skills Course in the Cairngorms this weekend, and we had a great but windy day out today!


Big smiles so far this winter ❄️😁

It's been a mixed week this time - with some sunshine and some wild days.

I've been climbing, mountaineering, winter skilling, running, and driving to Manchester and back for a shoulder scan. All good fun.

It's staying really busy all winter this year!

I'll be out for a few days climbing now before being back to work on Saturday for a Winter Skills Course in Aviemore!

There are still 2 places left on a Skills course next weekend if anyone fancies a last minute booking!

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 11/01/2024

It doesn't get much better than the past few days that we have had recently here.

2 days of:

Sunrise to Sunset days out (plus a cheeky benightment..)
Blue skies, low wind
Amazing winter climbing conditions
Fantastic company
Laughter and shared experiences.

There's no place I'd rather be than in the hills on these days.




Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 08/01/2024

Top class day out in the hills 👏

Scotland at its finest!

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 06/01/2024

Winter 2024 work kicked off this week with a bang!

4 days out
All the weathers and conditions
Ridges, gullies, and summits

We had a great time. What a joy to call this work.

See you out in winter this year?

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 01/01/2024

2024 is here!

Last year was the busiest year I've had with work, and I am so incredibly grateful looking back at all the wonderful memories. I always feel a great privilege to work in the hills, spending time with lovely people!

This year, I am already looking very busy with exciting plans for work and adventures! Hurray. There is a lot to be grateful for 😁

#2024 -year


❄️❄️ Merry Christmas ❄️❄️

I hope everyone has a lovely festive season!

And keep your fingers crossed for a winter full of snow and ice and sunshine 🤞


Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 21/12/2023

❄️❄️ Winter Skills Courses ❄️❄️

Always wanted to be able to head out confidently in winter?

Or learn ice axe arrests?

Or to use crampons on snow ice and water ice?

Or learn how to navigate in white out?

Or learn about Avalanche safety and the snowpack?

Come along on a Winter Skills Course this January and February in Aviemore, the Cairngorms!

There are a few spaces left on the courses - have a look at the course dates using the link in my Bio!

Looking forward to seeing you out this winter!

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 17/12/2023

So far, december has been all about having some time off running courses and doing some personal climbing, office work, and rest. It's been a really busy year, and it's great to have a little time before winter work kicks of in January.

This winter is lining up to be super busy. I have los of work and a big assessment at the end of February, so there is lots of juggling to do to fit everything in!

There are limited spaces left on courses, and my calendar is very nearly full to the end of winter now (late March).

If you'd like to come on a winter course, pop me a message!

Even if I am already busy, I have some gorgeous freelance staff who can run a course for you!

And make sure to wave or come and say hello if you see me out in the hills!

These photos are from a great few days out with some lovely friends this week 🤗

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 12/12/2023

I've been having a fantastic time so far this winter in Scotland. It's been so great to get back out in the wild weather and conditions here. I've been tentatively seeing how my shoulder holds up with swinging axes (I'm nurturing an injury at the moment from last winter...) and so far, it's holding up, which is really exciting.

Today, with some gentle support from a lovely friend, I climbed the steepest and most sustained route I've tried yet this month. I went slowly and took my time to make sure I felt solid in my head - headgame for me is massively affected when I'm climbing around an injury and am scared of making it worse. It feels like a great little victory to take from the day.

I do so much work with clients to help them with their head game, confidence and self assurance when they are out in the hills and it feels right to make it known that everyone has battles with confidence in their heads - even the people you see as professionals.

Here's to enjoying winter ❄️ Come say hello if you see me out and about, I love chatting to people!

Photos from Alice Kerr Mountaineering's post 09/12/2023


I love working Scottish Winter. It's such an adventure, and introducing people to the wonder of winter up here feels like a joy and a privilege.

If you like the idea of coming on an adventure this winter in Scotland, get in touch, or take a look at my website for options and dates.

There are Winter Skills courses throughout January, and I still have limited availability for private bookings in February.

2 day Winter Courses are on:

6th and 7th Jan
20th and 21st Jan
27th and 28th Jan

All 2 day courses are based in Aviemore and are £180pp

5 day Women's Winter Skills, 9th - 14th March Glencoe - £600pp

As ever, message with questions!

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