Dinkies Swim School - Leeds

Dinkies Swim School - Leeds

Dinkies Swim School - Leed's Newest baby and toddler swim school. Providing lessons for 12 weeks - 4 years.

Our lessons are FUN, friendly and very interactive keeping you and your little ones moving around the pool!

Operating as usual


🩵 Bookings are now open from September 🩵

💦 Tuesday AM- Bramley

💦 Thursday AM- Garforth Holiday Inn

💦 Saturday AM- Bramley

We have space for children aged 12wks-4years just message for more information!!

or to book www.dinkiesswimschool.co.uk


🤩 The school holidays have started!!! 🤩

🥲 On Thursday I said goodbye to this amazing group!!

We are missing a few superstars off this picture who sadly couldn't make this last term.

Some of these children have been with me from the very beginning and I am so so sad to be saying goodbye as they go onto their new adventures at school!
but I am so lucky to have taught this amazing bunch!

I will miss all of the grown ups too I remember when I first started and I was so worried you wouldn't like me 😂

You have gone from the class with the most wobbles to the most confident, funny, happy swimmers and I will miss seeing you all every week!

I hope you all loved your time at Dinkies as much as I loved Teaching you!

Have fun and keep Splashing!!!


Swimming is such hard work with a baby!

We Totally get it!!

Swimming involves a little bit more admin than other classes we attend with our little ones doesn’t it? 🫣

But have you ever wondered why you hear of little ones enjoying our same swimming class all the way from 3 months up to 5 years old and beyond with 1:1 lessons 👧🏽

We get to know you and little one!
We’re not at the front delivering the class, we’re in there with you - splashing about getting our hairs wet too! 💦

We’re a safe space for a chat, a rant, a celebration, a cry! We see those gorgeous smiles, the funny frowns, sometimes the cry’s and we hear lots of giggles 🤭

We at Dinkies aim to make your lessons enjoyable not just for your little one but for you also.
It’s a total cut out from the real, crazy world and we absolutely love being in there with you!

Come join our Dinkies family,

we offer so much more than just a swimming lesson 🥰


👶 Babies and Grown ups! We have opened up bookings for our new baby class at Garforth Holiday Inn!

Thursday's 11:30am

If your baby will be 12wks-6months in September we are the class for you

🦀 Learn a valuable life skill
🦀 Bond with your little one
🦀Help your baby develop all their senses
🦀Those after swimming naps are the best!!!
🦀 Fun and Affordable!

www.dinkiesswimschool.co.uk to book your space



🤩How much are sessions?

💦 £9.50!!

🦀 At Dinkies we believe that swimming should be accessible to as many people as possible. Swimming is a life skill that everyone should have the chance to learn from an early age.

www.dinkiesswimschool.co.uk to book your space for September!


🩵 Crusing through the week towards our last class of the term!

💦 Book your space for September!

⭐ Tuesday AM- Bramley
⭐ Thursday AM- Fit Leeds Garforth Holiday Inn
⭐Saturday AM- Bramley

www.dinkiesswimschool.co.uk to book



🩵 This week is our last week before our summer break!

🦀 Bookings are now open for September!

🤩Start your little ones swimming journey! www.dinkiesswimschool.co.uk to book!


We have been nominated again for a National What’s on For Kids award! We feel so honoured to be nominated again for this award and just like last year we would love to bring an award home – or two if we can.

This year we are in a few categories:
Most loved Sport or Physical activity – Independent with up to 14 leaders overall
Dinkies Swim School

Most loved baby activity – Independent with up to 14 leaders overall
Dinkies Swim School

-franchise or licence territory
- Dinkies swim School Darlington

Most Loved Activity leader or Business Manager
– In the North
Katrine Boyle – Dinkies Swim School



🩵 Happy Monday Everyone! 🩵

💦 Bookings are now open for September and spaces are going fast!!

We have classes Tuesday and Saturday at Bramley and Thursday at Garforth Holiday Inn!

to Book Visit www.dinkiesswimschool.co.uk or for more info message

Lets get splashing!

Photos from Dinkies Swim School - Leeds's post 05/07/2024

know we are already a week into July!! (How!?!) But here is a peek of how much fun we had in June!


Fit Leeds Garforth We are ready for you this morning!!

we have classes available from September 10am-12pm every Thursday Morning at Garforth Holiday Inn

🦀 10am- 13-16 months
🦀 10:30- 28-32 months
🦀 11:30am- 3plus


Photos from Dinkies Swim School - Leeds's post 03/07/2024

😀 Tell me you trust your mum and swim teacher without telling me you trust your mum and swim teacher!

⭐️ What a superstar ⭐️

Photos from Dinkies Swim School - Leeds's post 02/07/2024

🩵 Why do I need to be in the pool with my child?

I know! I know! We are all waiting for the moment our child is old enough to get into the pool without us!
But im here to tell you how important it is to swim with your child!

💧Teaching and showing your children healthy habits that will last a life time!
💧Creates a new environment to bond, swimming encourages lots of skin to skin contact which is so beneficial from birth and beyond
💧New play opportunities of course in the pool but you can also practice swimming at home in the bath, splashing and blowing bubbles are our favourites at home
💧Builds trust- you are your child safe space and they will be much more confident with you there to help.

🤩 We know swimming with your little one isn't always easy but trust us its worth it!

www.dinkiesswimshool.co.uk to book your space in September!


🌟What a week for our lovely Dinkies🌟

🩵 We have worked super hard practicing being on our backs and floating.

🐢 We loved blowing bubbles especially this little one who couldn’t stop laughing at her mummy!!

🪼 we can’t wait to see what this week brings!!


🙋‍♀️ Who knows which song this is!? One of my faves!!! 🐠

Our big Dinkies on a Thursday LOVE to request rouge songs when we use the big mat!! the best request was definitely one little boy asking for a sea shanty!!!

what's your little ones favourite Dinkies song??

1 more sleep until we are splashing in the pool and singing all of our favourites!


So important to think about the colour of your little ones swimming wear.

You want your little ones to be seen at all times in the water!!

Think bright colours!! I know they aren’t the most aesthetically appealing but they are the safest!!


☀ How amazing is it to finally have some sunshine!! ☀

This term is absolutely flying by! How are we nearly in July!

Bookings are now open for September! spaces fill up fast!! to book visit www.dinkiesswimschool.co.uk or message for more info!


💦 Bookings open for September 💦

💧Kool Kids- Bramley
Tuesday and Saturday AM

💧Garforth Holiday Inn
Thursday AM

Message for times or visit www.dinkiesswimschool.co.uk to Book your space!


💧Progression 💧

Sometimes it happens fast and sometimes its slow all progression is amazing and remember every child is different!! we aren't all going to progress at the same rate and that's ok.

We are super proud of all our swimmers!

5 weeks left of our summer term, Bookings are also open for September

To Book Your space drop me a message or visit www.dinkiesswimschool.co.uk

Photos from Dinkies Swim School - Leeds's post 16/06/2024

Happy Father’s Day!!!!!


🌟Good morning everyone🌟

🩵We are so excited to see you all this morning for the start of Drowning prevention week!!

🌟 Let’s get make sure those little ones are safe in the water for your summer holidays!


☀1 More day until we are back at Garforth Holiday Inn!

☀I can't wait to see you all!

💦Lets get splashing!!


☀ Good Morning everyone!!

🤩 Only 3 more days until we are back splashing at You Fit Leeds Garforth We cannot wait to see all of our lovely Dinkies!!

☀ Twice last week I had parents come back from holiday and tell me what a difference they saw in their little ones in the pool and how much their confidence had grown!! so proud of you all!!

🤩 Our term has started but don't let that put you off we still have 6 amazing weeks left!! Thats plenty of time to get your little one confident in the water for your summer holidays!!

to Book visit www.dinkiesswischool.co.uk


Who Are we!!

🤩 Hi Everyone my name is Loren

💦 I started swimming with Dinkies with my little boy (see pic, he is super cute!)

💦 I started teaching with Dinkies around 15 months ago

💦 My Fave Dinkies song is Tiny Turtle! 🐢

💦 I love any activity with the big Mat especially Jelly on a plate!!

💦 I love watching the children have fun and being able to watch their confidence grow is amazing

🤩Fun facts about me!- I have swapped working backstage on musicals with celebrities for swimming with babies and I LOVE IT!!

🤩 I have a cat with no ears called pancake!

You will find me at Bramley on Tuesday mornings and Saturday Mornings!!

to book visit www.dinkiesswimschool.co.uk


Who are we!

☀ My name is Sophie and I run Dinkies Swim School LEEDS!!

💦 I have been apart of Dinkies for 3years now which has flown

💧My Favourite Dinkies memory is getting to teach my little boy his first swimming lesson!

☀ My Favourite Dinkies song is 🎵We Like to swim with Dinkies! 🎵

💦 I have the best teacher who works with me!!! You will find Loren in the pool at our Bramley Tuesday and Saturday morning sessions ( Im biased but she is fab!)

🤩 To Book your space visit www.dinkiesswimschool.co.uk


Lets get ready for lots of splashing this summer!

🏣 Garforth Holiday Inn
🕰 10am-12pm -Thursdays
☀ Ages 12wks to 4 years

visit www.dinkiesswimschool.co.uk to book your space today


We are back this week!

I hope you all had a lovely break, we are rested and ready for our summer term!!

If you want to get your little ones water confident in time for the summer holidays we have space available.

to book visit www.dinkiesswimschool.com.uk

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