Syrena Yoga by Rachael

Syrena Yoga by Rachael

Offering pregnancy yoga classes from my home studio near Knutsford with views of Pickmere Lake

Operating as usual


Hands up if your newborn won’t go down in the snuzpod / bedside crib and is up every 1-2 hours to feed in the night and will only do longer stretches in the day when they’re snuggled on you or in a cosy (but not bedtime approved) sleepyhead or equivalent 👋👋👋👋

To be honest I definitely don’t blame him and know it’s all normal newborn stuff. I just wish there weren’t so many rules around other sleep methods at night because of course he’s not going to want to settle on a flat, vast mattress as opposed to on me and all snuggled up. But I know the rules are there for a reason. They just don’t help my paranoid, sleep deprived brain.

To those of you in my boat, I see you (though one eye is now constantly twitching) and I feel you!!!

Tips welcome x

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Friday thoughts as I slow down. Constantly telling myself slide 3.

I sat down yesterday exhausted whilst Leo was at nursery and was instantly flooded with all the things on my to-do list as I get the house in order and prep for baby number two. This to-do list seems to get bigger the more I eat away at it. There’s always another draw to organise or washing pile to tend to, amongst other things like trying to put plans in place to grow my little business. And as I sat and rested I felt guilt over the pause. And it made me think - why is sitting with myself and having some peace such a bad thing? Why should a moment of downtime be bestowed upon myself as some sort of treat I had to earn once suitably exhausted?

Then I reminded myself that it’s ok to take a break, to sit in quiet and not think about what is next to do. Life doesn’t have to always be busy and stressful. Sometimes it’s like being busy is a badge of honour we all try and wear/flaunt. But actually, having moments of calm is essential. Ones not tainted by the never ending to dos. For me it helps me to recharge and also enjoy simple things like looking out into the garden, being present and listening to nature - some things that are too regularly missed and really important to me too.

And you don’t have to be approaching birth to justify having these moments of pause. Everyone is entitled to and should take a break without justification. Just to be. How often can we just ‘be’ in this life. No wonder it goes so quickly.

So here is a reminder to give yourself permission to take a break. Turn everything off. Let go of your day, of whats to come. And be.


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with your baby on the side

5 week courses available at 10am on Thursdays and Fridays from my home studio in Pickmere.

I’m taking bookings for the next course which starts THIS FRIDAY 16th Feb.

The Thursday course is full but please get in touch to get added to the waiting list for next time.

Small, intimate classes of 7 with calming views of Pickmere Lake.

My aim is to make you feel nourished, strengthened and restored as you navigate the balance between you time and your responsibilities as a mother in a non-judgemental setting where you can exercise or tend to your baby as you please (and sometimes both at the same time).

Suitable from 6 weeks post partum if there has been no medical intervention at birth.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. I would love to welcome you soon.


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Celebrating the bump & precious time for two



We hope you’ve had a happy Christmas. From my growing family to yours.

Looking forward to continuing to share in the pregnancy journey with my pre-natal clients and witnessing all the joys of what’s to come with my post-natal gang too.

See you soon # # #


When things are good, I’m guilty of worrying about what could possibly go wrong to take it away from me. I spoke to someone who said the above to me and it really stuck. Having chatted to some clients I know I’m not alone here. So it’s one I wanted to share.

You deserve things to go well. Enjoy your happy day today. Worrying about something that hasn’t happened is wasted energy. Happy Monday and welcome all the good things that come your way this week.

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5 week course, Pickmere, Knutsford.


Just a few spaces left for the next course which starts on 6th December. Intimate classes for 7 people max. Held weekly on Thursdays 7:30pm except for Christmas week (27th).

Suitable for trimester 2&3.

Please get in touch for more information. I would love to have you.

Photo from the archives when pregnant with Leo.


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Pregnancy Yoga in Pickmere, near Knutsford.

There are still spaces left on my next course which starts *THIS WEDNESDAY* 1 November.

Move, breathe and bond with your unborn baby and meet other like-minded mothers nearby.

There is only room for 7 so the classes are small and tailored to your individual needs.

The yoga is slow and gentle and so suitable for beginners. More advanced options are offered to those with a prior yoga practice. Everyone is welcome.

Feel free to get in touch with your questions.

Booking can be made via my website

I hope to see you soon # # #

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Reflections from Spain:

Some sisters you’re born with, others you acquire and others you choose. I’m so grateful for the ones I’ve ended up with.

Travelling solo with a toddler requires a hell of a load of prior organisation, snacks, iPad battery and toys - but I can do it!

Despite initial pain from the aftermath, dancing all night long will always be my biggest cup filler.

Spanish supermarkets are the best.

You never look back and remember the tantrums, lack of sleep, early starts and exhausting daily rituals - only the happy times and special moments only a holiday with your family can provide.


Pregnancy Yoga Course - Near Knutsford

*Just a couple of spaces left for the course which starts TONIGHT 7:30pm.*

For those of you who are still on your holidays, the next one will be starting 27th Sept for five weeks.

Come and move, breathe and bond with your unborn baby and other like-minded mothers with calming views of Pickmere Lake. And then wind down in a relaxing savasana designed to set you up for a deep and restful night's sleep.

Bookings can be made via my website (link in bio).

Please message for more information. I would love to have you.

(apologies for anyone who received info on a date change - I've stuck to the original start date as today in order to avoid too much confusion).


Beach day with this boss babe and the only person Leo will behave for. Minimal tantrums (there’ll always be some), margaritas in the sun and girl time = a total win for me!


Hello Monday, this week I am going to:

Move for thirty minutes each day
Catch negative thoughts in their tracks
Speak to myself more positively
Meditate twice daily
Procrastinate less
Put my phone down more

Needed to get this on writing since the grey clouds seem to be affecting my mood. Does anyone else get that way? Going to do all the things that make me stay positive this week in spite of it!

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Pregnancy can make you sick, but pregnancy itself is not a sickness.

Of course, pregnancy can be incredibly anxiety inducing and you might feel like you want to wrap yourself up in cotton wool and for the first 12 weeks my advice would be to step back and take it easy.

However, for the second and third trimester, as long as you are feeling well and energy allows (often not the case I know), you can still do a varied and dynamic yoga class which is properly modified and paced to allow room for your growing baby and changing energy levels.

In general, the following moves would be off limits: deep/closed twists, deep backbends, deep folds, anything lying on your front, lying on your back post 28 weeks, some inversions.

There are other more specific restrictions depending on certain pregnancy conditions. But I like to keep my classes interesting as well as safe. This might mean super slow and gentle or, if you have an established yoga practice, something a little more challenging too.

Get in touch for pregnancy yoga classes near Knutsford. Group & private available!

Shown above, 30 weeks in ( #2) and 2 and a half years out ( #1). This pose won’t be for everyone, but if you’ve done it before, you can for sure do it again.

A huge shout out to for my brand new yoga pictures which I LOVE. You really are such a talent! I highly recommend Jess, her mummy and baby pictures are incredible too!

And for capturing my pregnancy and giving me memories for a lifetime.

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Holiday diet!

You can have choc choc for breakfast, lunch & dinner as long as I can have you on toast Leo Wolfe!

Anyone else give up on the daily food battle whilst in holiday mode? Back to mini trees and peas today 💪🏼


To all my local pregnant mothers, I am offering small-group pregnancy yoga classes from my home studio near Knutsford with views of Pickmere Lake.

I have a five week course starting in August but weekly drop-ins are available before then if you'd like to have a little taster.

The classes are held every Wednesday night 7:30pm and are suitable for trimesters 2 & 3.

Private classes also available.

Please do get in touch for more info and share with your pregnant friends.

I would love to have you # # #


Helloooooo…Is anyone still out there?

I’ve been so quiet on here I feel I’ll definitely be punished by the Instagram Gods. The truth is, since my teaching has taken a pause it has felt totally inauthentic and I lost some of the joy in sharing by agonising too much over relevant stuff to share. So here I am, just popping in to say hi to my wonderful clients and friends. If anyone does read this, know I totally intend to be back soon to share pregnancy yoga again, so if you/your friends might be interested, please let me know!

Also had to share just HOW AMAZING this Align set is. I asked previously on here for your favourite legging and this popped up so much and for good reason. The fit is insane, it clings well without being too claustrophobic and I remember my old pair lasted me way into my pregnancy. So for anyone who needs to invest in some new motivational yoga gear - the Align set is definitely the one!

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Happy New Year beautiful people.

I’ve woken up quite emotional, thinking of the year that has just passed, the fact that this time last year little did I know I would be giving birth to the most precious and important thing to ever happen to me in four days’ time, thinking of how unexpectedly hard the year has been (with the love and happiness going without saying), how much I’ve changed & grown, but also how, as Leo has really come into his own (and me as a mother) in the past month, how much insane joy and fun times we have to look forward to in 2022.

I know a lot of us are looking forward to a new year for many different reasons and I really hope it’s such a positive one for all of you. I have a very good feeling about it.

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I LOVED that so much!!

It took approx three hours 32 minutes to transform the dining room/Leo’s chaotic playroom into a zen yoga space yesterday - multi coloured balls & toys were replaced with coordinated blankets, blocks, mats & tea lights and I stepped back into a little bit of my old self.

Leo arrived just in time for the bath time wind down before my evening Yogis as a gorgeous reminder of how things aren’t the same and reinforced just how much it’s a juggle…but the best kind ever. This atm feels like the perfect balance for me - a little bit of yoga (me time), a lot of Leo and I know just how lucky I am to be able to have it this way.

Thank you to the beautiful mamas who joined me. Grateful for you!


Find yourself a man who straps a cushion to himself on a Sunday morning so you can practise pregnancy yoga. He tells me he feels much more connected with his inner goddess and more at ease about the birth 🤣💁🏼‍♂️

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One year ago today vs. today

I still can’t get over that this little chunk started in my belly. Miracles happen every single day when babies are born.

I’m currently reading a gorgeous book (Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby) which talks about Ayurvedic practises and yoga in relation to pregnancy. According to Ayurveda, a child’s health and happiness are shaped by her/his mother’s activities, diet, lifestyle and mental states whilst in the womb. I have never been happier and more at ease than when I was pregnant and I can tell this has made Leo the happy, gentle little soul he is now that his painful reflux has subsided.

Yoga really helped me with this. It can be a great tool to give your little one as much positivity and peace whilst she/he’s in the womb.

I am starting my six week yoga course from Hale road on Wednesday 17th November. Please get in touch if you’d like more information.

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Calling all pregnant mamas (local to Hale that is)'s time to get myself back into sharing pregnancy yoga with you.

I am thinking it would be so nice to start this off from my house on Hale Road as a six week course in the build up to Christmas. I was heavily pregnant with Leo (shown above) this time last year and with the days getting colder and the nights darker, I found there to be nothing more indulgent than immersing myself in an hour of pregnancy yoga. The movements are slow and nourishing but also strenghtening and grounding. It's a gorgeous opportunity to do something healthy for the body, calming for the mind but also to spend time bonding with your baby.

There is space for three pregnant mamas to practise together in a clean, cosy and warm setting with the option to stay for a chat and a tea too. Swipe right to see the space.

At this point I'm just gauging if there is any interest before confirming timings etc, so please DM me with your interest and perhaps the time that would suit you best and we can look to getting this going.

So looking forward to practising again with you.

Photos from Syrena Yoga by Rachael's post 25/02/2021

May you be as brave as a lion and as loyal as a wolf 🦁🐺

Thank you for your magic


Mum bought me a bunch of Daffodils today, one of my favourite flowers, more so for what they represent than anything else – the closing of winter, the making way for Spring and the promise that

brighter days are coming.

It’s officially a brand new week and the 1st of February in a much needed new year and I’m feeling optimistic and positive, even if that is just for the prospect of one day, relatively soon, sitting outside and feeling the sun warm my skin (topped off with my baby boy being by my side).

Perhaps there’s no better time to get back into some self care and refocus of the mind (I prefer to leave this until February as opposed to January, since January is hard enough to then add too many fresh starts). I have some of my Vinyasa and Pregnancy yoga Zoom recordings available for purchase for anyone who feels yoga will fit that bill. Packages available expiring on 30 April 2021. Please let me know if you’re interested and would like more information.

In the meantime, I’ll be fantasising about those brighter days – those sun on skin, salty hair type of days. Who is with me?


My motto at the moment: take each day as it comes, celebrate the wins however small, and whilst a low might be just around the corner, so too is that magical high that makes it all worth it.

This was one of those highs I had to share. Leo is pretty hit & miss when it comes to latching on for breastfeeding and this morning was very much a miss with nothing seemingly being able to console him. When I’m in these moments I get close to despair and every progress I’ve made comes crashing down around me. With all options exhausted, I decided to recite my yoga cues to him. I never read stories to my belly because I knew Leo would be so used to my voice from all of my yoga classes. To my utter amazement, as I cued table top to downward dog to warrior 2 he slowly began to settle. Checking it wasn’t coincidence, I’ve tried it a second time since which has worked. It made me so emotional to not only think of my voice settling him both now and in my belly, but it took me back to my pregnancy and my classes - a period of my life in which I have never felt so happy, content and at ease, and I’ll be sure to let Leo know that when he’s older. Right now it’s a different kind of happiness: a sleep deprived, chaotic, exhausted bliss topped off with an overwhelming love that takes it place.

To you pregnant mamas out there, a little reminder of how settling your voice already is to your little one. Your bond is already being so strongly formed. How wonderful is that?


A little bit about me…

Since I’ll be teaching my final pregnancy yoga class tomorrow before Christmas and my due date, I thought I’d close yet another beautiful chapter of my yoga journey by sharing a little bit more about me beyond my physical yoga practice.

I am quarter Polish and quarter Italian (though not blessed with olive skin from the latter) and really proud of this heritage.

‘Syrena’ translates to mermaid in Polish which is a little nod to my roots and favourite yoga pose (mermaid pose, as is probably clear by now). It was also the name of my Nana’s villa in Spain.

I have two black pugs called Pam & Peach.

I LOVE tequila, especially in a spicy margarita (word on the grape vine is that it’s the only alcohol that’s a stimulant as opposed to a depressant – anyone know if this is true?) so much so that Jack and I had a margarita hour at our wedding and named the tables after tequila brands. I’ve got margaritas on order for when this baby is OUT.

I have hot sauce or fresh chilis with pretty much every savoury meal, though strictly not a roast (unless you count mountains of horseradish as a spicy sauce).

I have always had a huge fascination with the universe, our existence, purpose and reason for being here and studied Philosophy and Theology at the University of Edinburgh. One of the reasons I love yoga so much is because its philosophy gives me a focus for that curiosity.

I am definitely one of those people who have come to yoga not because I am calm and zen, but because I have been such a stress head that it’s a needed relief and admittedly taught me to be a much more balanced person.

I am 37 weeks pregnant on Friday with my first baby who I share with Jack, my husband (still weird), who I have been with since I was 12 (save for a couple of university blips but we’ll leave that one there).

My happy place is in Abersoch, by the sea with Jack and the pugs and I cannot wait to take our new addition there.

Anyone else out there a tequila-drinking, occasional stress head who uses yoga as a release? I sense I’m not the only one.

Photo taken at 30 weeks!

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