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Amazing feedback from 🏋️‍♂️

Ellie has been absolutely smashing it with her Olympic Lifting recently and made huge strength and physique gains in the process too.

2021 was a great year for her training and she’s back in the gym hitting the ground running for 2022 already!💪🏾

Keep up the great work El, smashing it!💪🏾👌🏾


Photos from Zach Taylor-Colwill, Personal Trainer's post 02/01/2022

Amazing Progress From over the past couple months. What a way to finish 2021 off strong!💪🏾

Pete’s not only dropped 8 kilos/17 lbs of body fat, but he’s also gotten insanely strong and fitter in the process!

For me, it’s the little things, like how Pete has his chest prouder and has posture stronger in the 2nd photo…

Telltale signs that not only has he improved physically, but mentally by reinforcing his self-esteem and confidence too.

Great job mate, keep up the good work - looking to seeing the progress in 2022!👊🏾


Amazing feedback from 😍🙌🏾

Ellie has been smashing her training and Olympic Lifting this year - I love seeing her progress and the confidence she builds each week…It’s truly rewarding.

Keep the great work up El!💪🏾💪🏾

Photos from Zach Taylor-Colwill, Personal Trainer's post 30/11/2021

Big shout out to who has made a great transformation over the past 8 weeks with consistency and hard work!🔥🔥🔥

If you are currently looking at this post and wondering about the progress you could be making before the new year, then make sure to get in touch! 📲

Huge gains buddy, keep it up!💪🏾👌🏾


Huge congrats to for the amazing progress she’s made regarding her Depth Drops/Jumps! 🎉

As well as increasing her power/explosiveness for weightlifting, her confidence has improved greatly over the past few weeks…We love to see it!👌🏾


This video is an introduction to Strength Training and some of the basics.

In this video we’ll cover:
- What is ‘Strength’?
- The Benefits Of Strength Training
- Ideal Rep Ranges For Strength Training


Aimed for 205kg…

Got 215kg…👏🏽

THEN got 220kg!🤯🎉

Moral of the story - Never underestimate what you’re capable of…Ever!

Photos from Zach Taylor-Colwill, Personal Trainer's post 16/06/2021

An update on Rhys’ current progress:

Photo 1️⃣ - November 2020
Photo 2️⃣ - February 2021
Photo 3️⃣ - June 2021

🤩Rhys has been smashing it since lockdown!🤩

He’s been keeping on top of his nutrition and built up such good habits that we rarely chat about his nutrition anymore! 🍽 🙌🏾

Which means we could focus more on his training - Rhys has been hitting even more strength work recently and has gained amazing adaptations from this!💪🏾

As we slowly build up his ‘strength base’, he is also being introduced to weightlifting also…🏋️‍♂️

Rhys has built a lot of muscle since lockdown too, and as his body fat gradually drops to where he wants it to, it’s only going to get even more noticeable than it is already.👌🏾

It just shows you what consistency, two 1-2-1 sessions a week and maximum effort throughout a pandemic can get you!🤯

Congrats again Rhys!🤝

If you’re wanting to have the right guidance in place to hit some huge milestones this summer and achieve similar results, make sure to get in touch!📲👍🏾


Rhys hitting 100kg for a 3 Rep Max on Deficit Clean Deadlifts this morning!👌🏾

Well done buddy!💪🏾


Ryan hitting a new PB of 50kg on Front Squats today!💪🏾

Form has improved massively too!👌🏾


🎉🎉I’m officially a Level 2 British Weightlifting Coach!🎉🎉

Weightlifting has always been something I’ve had a keen interest in...

From my younger days performing Power Cleans to gain more athleticism in Mixed Martial Arts... 🥊

To dabbling in CrossFit for several years... 🥵

To learning a great deal of knowledge from some amazing and experienced coaches over the past couple years... 🧠

And to now be able to help others learn the skills and techniques needed to excel in weightlifting as a BWL Coach and a Strength & Conditioning Coach, is a great feeling indeed! 🏋️‍♂️

Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance in your chosen sport...🥇

Or a competent lifter looking to improve some sticking points you currently have...

Or even if you’re brand new to weightlifting but you have always wanted to give it a go and improve your strength and power...

Make sure to get in touch via phone call or direct message! 📲 💪🏾


*Moans about not doing deadlifts over lockdown*

*Proceeds to get a new PB right before Deload Week...* 👀😅

After several deadlift variations over the past few weeks with , I was feeling very happy with the way things were going...

I was aiming for 200kg as it would be a huge milestone for me, but after being persuaded by to add a little bit extra so the lift was undisputed😂, I got the 202.5kg!

The even greater thing was how smooooth the lift felt too!💪🏾

Very much ‘mind over matter’ it seems!

Photos from Zach Taylor-Colwill, Personal Trainer's post 01/05/2021

Amazing progress from Phil! 🏃🏻‍♂️💨

Phil had admitted to me in the past that cardio (and running in particular) was never one of his strong suits...

Well after completing 102 Kilometres in the month of April, I think it’s safe to say it is now!!🎉🎉🎉

Phil decided to give this a go to really challenge himself and see what he was truly capable of, needless to say I was super impressed with his attitude towards it all as I could tell from the start that he was incredibly determined.

In Phil’s PT sessions, Phil and I had been working on improving his strength for his running ensuring he can get the most out of each run, and reduce the risk of potential injury drastically too.

Congrats on the big achievement Phil, you smashed it!🎉💪🏾


Over the past few weeks Rhys has been working on his overhead squat technique and it’s coming along nicely!

There is still work to be done but Rhy’s is doing a fab job and on the right track for sure!👌🏾💪🏾


So we’re already a couple weeks in since the gyms have reopened in the UK, and many of us have probably had some bruised ego’s with regard to what we can CURRENTLY do and what we were able to do pre-lockdown...

But setbacks and failures are just a part of life - We can’t have the peaks without the valleys after all.

But just remember that this time round is an opportunity to begin again.

An opportunity to learn from past mistakes and failures and use your previous experience of what works for you and what doesn’t, to hustle INTELLIGENTLY this time round!

And don’t be disheartened by setbacks, as long as you’re being consistent, you’ll get back to where you were in no time!💪🏾


Photos from Zach Taylor-Colwill, Personal Trainer's post 11/04/2021

SO It’s finally happening (again!😅)

Gyms are re-opening tomorrow...

If you’re looking for:

✅ Professional Guidance

✅Someone To Keep You Accountable

✅ To Build Bulletproof Mental Toughness & Confidence

✅ To Gain Life-Long Knowledge, Habits & Skills

✅ And (Most Importantly...) Have FUN! 🙌🏾

Then make sure to get in touch to secure your 1-to-1 or online coaching slot with myself.

There is never a ‘Perfect Time’ to chase after your goals, but if there ever was, it would be NOW!

Invest in yourself and do something your future-self will thank you for.


After all, if your life was a Netflix show you would be the main character...

Trust that as long as you’re moving forward, your life will get better and whatever you are aiming towards will ALWAYS be worth the wait. 💯



What do I mean by this? Well, let’s take the back squat for example...

There is a universal ‘standard’ of what a ‘good squat’ should look like right?

If someone has STRENGTH but lacks mobility, then they may be able to stay stable under load, but they may not be able to reach the full range of motion required to perform a good squat.

If someone has MOBILITY but lacks strength, then they may be able to get to the full range of movement the squat requires, but lacks stability under load, resulting in them struggling to reach a ‘good standard’ of the movement and potentially needing to reduce load.

Do you agree?



That time I nearly got 105kg on the Clean...

Seems like a distant memory!!🙈

I am coming for you...


Here is just a taster of the insane progress some of my clients have made...👏🏾

They have all invested in themselves and trusted the process every step of the way to achieve their results.

However, not all of it was a walk in the park...

Since the beginning of their journeys they’ve all had to adapt their lifestyles and make sacrifices (great or small) along the way, but ultimately knowing it would all work out in the end!👍🏾

They have all shown consistency, determination and above all else...patience! ⏰

These individuals have proven that there will never be a ‘right’ time to do anything, but over and over again evidence has shown that success only comes to those who take action!💪🏾

If you would like to change your lifestyle for the better and see yourself making similar progress this summer, then make sure to get in touch.📲



When the gym doors FINALLY open on April 12th, what will be your main goals for the rest of the year?🤔

Are you looking to build your confidence and get in amazing shape this summer?☀️

Are you an athlete looking for an experienced coach to help you improve your performance? 🥇

Or are you wanting to learn something new like Olympic Weightlifting?🏋️‍♂️

Whether it’s coaching online or face-to-face, needless to say, you’ve come to the right place! 💪🏾

If you want to finally see the results you deserve, gain life-long knowledge and have an expert coach in your corner, then make sure you get in touch today.📲


The Benefits Of Pause Squats

If you’ve ever been coached by me or even attended one of my classes, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of a pause squat!😛

Pause Squats are great and here’s why:

1 - They are great in reinforcing the mechanics and form of the squat and strengthening any weak areas - commonly in the bottom position.

2 - They are great for improving your confidence when coming out of the bottom position, where you may feel like you struggle pressing out of ‘the hole’ with heavy load on the bar.

3 - They are a great way to focus on pure concentric strength by cutting out the ‘Stretch Shortening Cycle’.

This are just a few of my favourite reasons!👌🏾

If you want to know more about strength training, whether that be through online programming or 1-2-1 coaching, feel free to get in touch! 📲


Happier or Wiser - The only outcomes to taking a calculated risk.



So we’re 4 weeks out already...Told ya it would fly by!😜

My last ‘countdown post’ was about planning when back in the gyms etc.

Now I want you to think about the end goal, what do you want to achieve and why?

Why not work towards improving yourself so much, that you are ready to handle anything???


If you are pushing yourself, there will be hard times without a doubt.

Times when you won’t be motivated. Times no one understands your goals. Times when no one will understand your need to change and improve...

And that’s okay. They don’t have to understand and you don’t need them to.

Surround yourself with people who DO understand and who want to see you succeed...

People like me.

If you want to finally see the results you deserve, educate yourself and have an experienced coach in your corner, then make sure you get in touch via call or messenger.📲


‘Chaos Overhead Squats’

I posted a story last week of myself performing this for the first time - it definitely took me out of my comfort zone!😅

Despite looking like lockdown has driven me insane, there is a few very good reasons for this unique exercise...

1 - A big one for me as I’m currently training in an attic (and being over 6ft tall😅) is that I currently don’t have a lot of ‘Overhead Space’, so without catching the ceiling doing traditional OH Squats, this is a nice alternative!

2 - One of my sticking points before lockdown was that I struggled to maintain overhead stability in the bottom of the sn**ch position, however performing an exercise like this has forced me to engage my core more and focus on ‘pressing’ my arms skyward to ensure that I am engaging my shoulders correctly.

3 - It’s just harder than the traditional OH Squat without having to load up loads of weight! The good thing about this variation is that you really don’t need a lot on the bands...It will challenge you regardless!

So to those of you who are slightly more advanced and comfortable with Overhead Squats, feel free to give this a go, it may surprise you!

To those who may look at this and think ‘not in a million years’😂 or who are not familiar with technical movements such as Overhead Squats, Snatches, Clean & Jerks but are interested in learning, feel free to drop me a message to see how I can best coach you! 📲 💪🏾


Every time...



Can’t wait for the progress to continue!👊🏾


A snippet of my core finisher today! 🌶

When it comes to the fitness industry, when people say the word ‘core’ we automatically think of our abs or ‘six-pack’ right?

But when it comes to the entirety of the core a lot of people neglect the lower back/lumbar muscles and the importance of making sure these are STRONG!💪🏾

The ‘core’ is like a corset of muscle around the midsection, and includes not only the abdominals, but the obliques and lumbar muscles too...

In this reel, I performed a superset of Ab Roll-Outs to target the abdominals and an iIsometric Romanian Deadlift (As Heavy As Possible) to target the lower back too.

Great little combo!👌🏾

For more coaching clips check out .pt on Instagram


Only 6 weeks until gyms and indoor leisure facilities will be back open!!🙌🏾

Might seem like a while right?

Believe me when I say it’ll fly by!

So what are you going to do?

Will you use this time to create a roadmap towards your success and take full advantage on April 12th?✅

Or are you just going to ‘wing it’ and see what happens and how you might feel on the day?❌

If you are ahead of the game and have mapped out plans to hit your goals then I salute you!🙌🏾

If you’re still unsure, here are some interesting stats...

According to research done by Nuffield Health on 2000 participants, nearly HALF admitted that they either go in to the gym not knowing how to use equipment, walk around with no plan or guidance, or copy a workout they’ve seen someone else do, just because it looked good...🤯

My question, why spend money to invest in your future health, confidence, mental health or performance just to get diminishing returns??

You wouldn’t tolerate that in any other area of your life right? So why tolerate it with your health and fitness?🤷🏻‍♂️

If you want to take your training to the next level, finally see the results you deserve, educate yourself and have an experienced coach in your corner, then make sure you get in touch via call or messenger.📲


Big Friday progress catch up with Billy R!💪🏾

Another client who has made the most of this lockdown and taken full advantage so far.👊🏾

Only 7 WEEKS until the gyms are back open, so whether it’s your first time stepping into a gym or you’re an advanced athlete, make sure you’re fully prepared to take full advantage of the rest of 2021!

If you’d like to know more about 1-2-1 sessions, online coaching and all that good stuff, feel free to drop me a message so we can mark out the best path to get you to where you want to be. 📲🏋🏻‍♂️

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility?

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