Frome valley fly fishing

Frome valley fly fishing


I have only had 3 mayfly madness days on a chalkstream in 20 years of fly fishing, yesterday was one of them!
Peter has created a Frome chalkstream paradise. Mayfly hatched sporadically through the day and then around 7pm a swarm of biblical proportions! Caught 12 trout from 4cm to 3lb!
Thanks Peter, back on the 7th June!
Peter posted my e mail to him below, about a large trout I caught last Friday. I would just add that I thought the Frome was truly beautiful and among the best fishing I have experienced in England.

I was invited by a friend (Thank you Richard!) and met Peter at the river by chance. He kindly took much time, unprompted, to give me some good pointers as a first timer on the Frome.

I strongly recommed the beat. It is great wild fishing and is fantastic value for money - being far cheaper than many worse beats in Hampshire. If you are a beginner, you should use a guide or Peter.
11 trout mainly on parachute adams, a wonderful chalkstream!
Fantastic beat, fished this week on a perfect day. We caught 16 fish all healthy and gorgeous wild trout. We will be back!
Thanks Richard and Michael.
Fished Peters wonderful Froome beat on Friday.
Perfect overcast warm weather on an authentic chalk stream. Not like a manicured Hampshire beat!
I caught 11 trout and newbie Michael from Finchley nabbed 5, one of which was probably 4lbs!
Can't wait until the next visit.
Thanks Richard from Ilminster, Somerset.
Steve Thompson and I had a great day on the Frampton beat on Sunday, Pete made us very welcome too. 6 brownies between us (bro did better than me) and his best was around 2/2.25 lbs. but released before we got a camera on it. A lovely place to spend a sunny day, Thanks Pete, we hope to see you again soon. ! And thanks for the Steak Salad lunch Bro !

Chalkstream fly fishing for Trout and Grayling on Dorset's river Frome. 3/4 of a mile of varied riffles, pools and runs. Just take photos.

To get the best out of the beat some wading is required. Brown Trout to 3lb plus some large Grayling to over 2lb 8oz with a chance of a 3lb specimen. Trout are a mix of wild and stocked fish, we use Hooke springs stocked fish as they are superb fully finned fish. The beat is catch and release using barbless or de-barbed flies please, also please keep fish caught wet! Upstream dry or nymphs only, and please take all litter home.

Operating as usual


Well that's the 2022 Trout season over at Frome valley fly fishing. I fished for a few hours myself today, landed two Brownies and two Grayling all to pink tag beaded nymph. Roll on next season!

Photos from Frome valley fly fishing's post 24/09/2022

A quieter week on the Frome Valley beat last week, only a couple of guys out. Wildies caught but the bigger fish look at the flies but turned away at the last minute! Perhaps a beetle pattern might work? Lots now on the Alder trees so they must drop off and end up eaten.


A definite autumnal feel to this mornings bank mow, one more mow I guess this season.


And the big trout keep coming! Regular angler Richard landed 2 over 2lb today after the flush through last week.

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This week its the turn of the ladies! Several good sized Brown trout caught on dry fly, one on a grey Wulff others on dry daddy longlegs! Go the girls.


Tristan a regular at Frome valley fly fishing had a good day today given the current conditions. (gin clear and low flows) Tristan landed 3 Brown trout and a Grayling, he also lost another big Brownie!


With the current heatwave making fishing almost unbearable (for the angler!) Only two rods ventured out this week. Water temperature is still good at 14oc so the fish are still hungry, just in the shaded deeper runs. 3 Brown trout landed best 3lb with 2 other 2lb+ trout caught, the Grayling were definitely hungry as 11 were caught with 2lb 4oz and 2lb fish all caught on green nymphs. The river needs a few days rain to increase flows and give it a flush through. Hopefully this coming week?


The Brown trout and Grayling are definitely hungry! Lewis had a super afternoon's sport this week landing several good sized Trout and Grayling. Mix of dry fly and nymphing provided Lewis with several Brown trout and Grayling over 2lb.


A quieter week on the fishery, that's given the trout a break. The trout are still up and looking taking anything floating past such as grasshopper, beetles and the hatching sedge. Plus I've seen them along with the Grayling grubbing about for nymphs. Time for klink and d**k?

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Mayfly over? Not on the upper Frome it's not! 2nd July and still the Mayfly come off, Angling Trust coach trainer Sally Pitzii has had a red letter day landing 3 Brown trout over 2lb all on a "small" Mayfly pattern. Well done Sally you deserve it!


Mayfly over? Not exactly! The upper Frome is still getting a lunchtime onwards hatch, not in massive numbers but enough to get the trout up and looking. With less natural fly on the water the trout are still interested in a well presented fly. Karen took advantage of the small midday hatch using a grey Wulff, and landed her first ever Brownie of 1lb 8oz.


The hot weather has arrived just as the Mayfly are finishing, still a few yellow ones hatching off today. In the heat of the day go small flies and look for rises in the shaded areas. Tristan did just that today and banked a super trout.

Photos from Frome valley fly fishing's post 08/06/2022

The Mayfly keep coming! After the storms and mini flush through the Mayfly have returned to hatching, not in massive numbers but enough to get the trout up again.

Photos from Frome valley fly fishing's post 01/06/2022

The Mayfly are bringing the big trout up! Yesterday Richard, a regular, at Frome valley had a real red letter day landing five brownie over 2lb with one 3lb all to dry Mayfly patterns.

Photos from Frome valley fly fishing's post 22/05/2022

Mayfly time has come to the Frome! Few big Brown trout up and looking today. A brace of 2lb plus trout caught today.


Tristan and Richard had a red letter visit to Frome valley fly fishing yesterday! Tristan landed 5 trout all to dry klinkhammer, Richard chose the nymphs and landed 4. Both had a brace of 2lb plus Trout! Mayfly dribbling off but the trout still not switched on to them yet.


A week of in between! Grannom hatch finished, Mayfly hatch had not started until yesterday. This week's 3 anglers all caught trout on various dry flies. Saturday nights heavy rain meant a rising and coloured river for Simon Kidd's Sunday visit, a great shame but Simon showed his quality by still managing 6 trout to dry fly despite the conditions! At least the Mayfly are starting to come off in numbers so fishing should become very interesting very soon?


Richard, today's angler just landed a super 2lb Brown trout, well done Richard.


This week's anglers have had fun! Lots of Grannom kept the trout rising, some hooked and landed Brown trout to 2lb 12oz, some hooked but lost big trout! That's fishing!


The Grannom are coming off in bigger numbers now. Today's Angler Alex hooked a super trout on a dry pattern. Twice to the net but eventually the trout won!


Yesterday's two anglers at Frome valley fly fishing had differing fortune's! One landed most fish he hooked including this superb Brown at close to 3lb, the other guy hooked but lost 3 good sized trout. "That's fishing"


What a super day to officially open the new fisherman's hut, it was after a particularly rough wet and cold day last April that Sally Pitzii suggested "somewhere to shelter would be good"
A year later Sally was the first to use the new facility. And trout were caught as well! Grannom hatch and rising trout kept the girls busy.


Frome valley now has a fisherman's hut on the beat, a place for visiting anglers to take a break and make a complimentary tea or coffee, or to use the toilet facilities. It will also be useful too just get out of the weather for a few moments? It's taken 9 month to get the various permissions but I think it will add to your days fishing, no more scrambling about in the bushes to relieve yourself.


Hard going yesterday for Frome Valley's first customers of the season, Richard and Tristan did manage a few fish despite the cold downstream wind. With odd Grannom starting to come off in the sheltered spots, the Frome's first big hatch of the year can only be days away?


Opening day hooray! The weather however was a bit rough, freezing cold and a horrible downstream wind. Fished only for a few hours but managed a trout at 2lb 4oz to a PT nymph. Bumped one other trout so at least when the weather comes back to spring hopefully the trout will be more inclined to feed?


The Grayling are now spawning all along the beat. Only a few days to wait now for the new trout season! Bookings for Mayfly weeks are now full! Plenty of availability outside of May and June, to book email [email protected]

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Support the Wild Trout trust's spring auction, lot 163 is for 2 rods to fish Frome Valley's beat on Dorset's river Frome. Date by arrangement but includes prime Mayfly time. Brown Trout to over 3lb plus Grayling to 3lb 8oz caught last season! Catch and release only.


Storm Eunice has done her worst! Just the one tree casualty fallen across the top section of the beat. No need to remove it, just remove the limbs in the water so any floods can flow under it.


The first tentative signs of spring on the riverside. Snowdrops give us hope for the spring to come! Frome valley fly fishings bookings diary is starting to fill up for May and June, bookings are now open for the 2022 season, email for availability.

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Frome valley fly fishing's bookings diary for the 2022 season is starting to fill up! No price increase 2022 and with only three days per week available for day tickets the diary will soon fill up.
Brown trout and Grayling to over 3lb, barbless dry fly or nymphs only please.
Tight lines for 2022!

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With just a couple of days left in 2021 Frome valley fly fishings first season is drawing to an end, the river is up and coloured so I don't expect any more anglers?
This first season has surpassed my expectations many times over!
2021s catch returns and reviews have shown the fishery is providing a quality experience fishing for both Brown trout, and Grayling, with several Brown trout over 3lb and lots of 2lb+ fish. The Grayling fishing has been really well received and with three Grayling over 3lb and many 2lb+ fish landed the future looks great.
A big thank you to all who helped my dream become a reality, and I am really looking forward to next season! Bookings are already trickling in for 2022 so with only three days bookable per week the diary is starting to fill up. Tight lines Peter and Tess


Filmed an Otter fishing today! Happy to see them just wish they don't eat too many trout?


Today the Grayling obliged Jack with this superb 2lb 5oz specimen, his personal best Grayling. Taken on a pheasant tail Nymph, well done Jack!


Regular angler Richard landed a Grayling of a lifetime this afternoon at 3lb 4oz! Richard was Czech nymphing with a pink shrimp pattern. I arrived just in time to witness his capture, but rightly so Richard was keen to keep the fish wet, but after he unhooked the fish it flipped out of his rather shallow landing net! Not sure who was more annoyed at no grip and grin photo me, or Richard! Still a special Grayling which swam away strongly.

Frome Valley Fly Fishing – Frampton Fishery – Sublime Dry Fly Fishing 12/11/2021

Frome Valley Fly Fishing – Frampton Fishery – Sublime Dry Fly Fishing

Website is now up and working, shows 2022 season prices etc (no price increase). Still a few tweaks required to it but worth a visit.

Frome Valley Fly Fishing – Frampton Fishery – Sublime Dry Fly Fishing The River Frome flows through lush Wessex countryside from the hills above Cattistock to the sea at Poole Harbour and is described in The Field as ‘one of the best all-rounder game rivers in England’. Over the years the Frome has yielded record brown trout, sea trout and grayling. John Ashley-Co...


Today Roger landed his personal best Grayling at 2lb 10oz, one happy angler! Roger tempted the lump on a pink shrimp.


Trout spawning today, several pairs digging redds on the shallows. Let's hope they have a good spawning to top up the wild stock.


Grayling fishing on Frome Valley's fly fishing beat on Dorset's River Frome has started with a bang!
Cameron and his friend had a great days Grayling fishing landing some super fish. Thanks for the videos.

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Frome valley now has a fisherman's hut on the beat, a place for visiting anglers to take a break and make a complimentar...
Filmed an Otter fishing today! Happy to see them just wish they don't eat too many trout?
Grayling fishing on Frome Valley's fly fishing beat on Dorset's River Frome has started with a bang!Cameron and his frie...
River fly survey today loads of shrimp, nymphs, snails, caddis and fry. Good numbers of shrimp are encouraging
Early morning on the river today, Roe deer on the bank.


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