Kippen Sports Field - KSDL

Kippen Sports Field - KSDL


Great to see the sports field being so well used...Cubs last night and Brownies tonight!

The Kippen Sports Field was donated to the Community by The Mitchell Trust. It is operated by Kippen

Operating as usual

SFSA National Fans Awards 2022 21/12/2022

SFSA National Fans Awards 2022

It is that time of the year again where football fans of all clubs get to vote!

SFSA National Fans Awards 2022 Online survey BOS

Photos from Kippen Sports Field - KSDL's post 05/08/2022

Wonderful to see the football field in action this week with the

Photos from Kippen Sports Field - KSDL's post 02/08/2022

Great to see our park being used this week for a range of sports!


This week we host the Kippen Junior Academy for the annual summer sessions. We hope it goes well and the sun shines for you!

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So the old broken football goals are down and hopefully we will soon have the new ones in place!

Thanks again to National Lottery SFA Central Region and GSR Central Academy for funding support


So here is a challenge for all the teams in the Forth & Endrick Football League and everyone in the villages too!
Help the Scottish Football Supporters Association who are working with an infectious diseases research programme run by the University of Glasgow to gather as many pairs of football boots (must be in good condition) that can be sent to the villages in northern Malawi . Football is being used as a community communications tool to help develop important medical research. Sadly most of the players boys, girls and adults don't have boots to wear!
The village team that gathers the highest number of boots by 15th April will win a coaching session from the legendary player, manager and coach Jimmy Bone!


We plan to try and get our village football team back in action this year so we are actively recruiting for players for all positions. Past players or new players will be welcome.
This season we hope to play a friendlies as we hopefully work towards full league activity for 23/24.
We know it is a competitive league so in the first instance players who have played at this level before or younger players 16 plus who are keen to make a mark. please get in touch with Cameron Skinner or Paul Goodwin


The big tidy up has begun!

Getting ready for all the Spring time activities!

Scottish Football Alliance Survey 24/01/2022

Scottish Football Alliance Survey

This is one for any football fans our there from Grassroots to the professional game.

An Invitation to Give Something Back just answer yes or no!

The Scottish Football Supporters Association has been asked by the Scottish Football Alliance to provide an independent insight into what fans see as the key issues in our game.
Believe it or not Scottish Football really needs the input of supporters like you.

You can do this in a few minutes by answering this simple list of yes/no answers.

If you have a little more time, we’d really appreciate your detailed views and suggestions on any or all of the things that previous research has identified as important for Scottish Football.

This is just a start and as things progress, we plan to work closely with The Scottish Football Alliance providing further fan insight because fans collectively have the ability to see the bigger picture and the need for common good as a basis for moving forward.

We have kept the questions simple Yes/No and would ask that you consider what is best for Scottish Football moving forward.
This will paint a picture of where the fans want the game to be.
The Scottish Football Alliance is tasked with how the game can then get there and will need your help, your insight, and your support.

The questions here are simply stage one in a fact finding exercise.
There are no right and no wrong answers.

Scottish Football Alliance Survey Online survey BOS


Delighted to report that we have been awarded a grant to replace the 7 a side goals to help everyone get back playing safely again. Great support too from

Thanks to our friends NationalLottery

Great news for all at

Kippen FC Kippen Primary School @ Kippen junior Academy and Kippen Thursday night old players teams.

New Arrivals


KSDL AGM this evening at the Inn at Kippen. 7 30pm if anyone wants to pop along or indeed volunteer!



Tuesday 30th November at 7.30 pm

Will be held at The Inn at Kippen 7.30pm - questions and requests for agenda items to Paul Goodwin Chair [email protected]

Photos from Kippen Sports Field - KSDL's post 03/08/2021

Fantastic to see the Kippen Junior Academy at the Sports Field this week


Great to see some of the experience on show tonight.... we just need the younger crew to join us and we will be rocking for next season!


THURSDAY NIGHT football continues this evening at 8pm .... the build up to the Kippen FC returning continues!

Photos from Kippen Sports Field - KSDL's post 06/07/2021

Old Kippen FC kit and items from GSR Central Academy ready to go to Malawi see

Thanks to all for contributions!

Timeline photos 04/07/2021

coming soon!!!

Saturday 10th at 10 am will be our first get together where we will have a light training session and hopefully a bounce game against GSR Central Academy

If you want to be involved please send me details of your age, position, and where you currently play or previously played.

Paul Goodwin 07702 252519


We are looking forward to hosting Kippen Primary school for the various sports week activities over the next few days.


Thanks to Lynsey Fielden for the donation - we hope it was a good birthday party!

Photos from Kippen Sports Field - KSDL's post 25/09/2020

This old place looking the part read to host our first game of football in a year.

Our local team GSR Central Academy will host East Stirlingshire in a pre season friendly match.

There will be no Spectators tomorrow as per Scottish Government/ SFA and SYFA guidelines unless they stay in thier cars!


We are now half way in repairing the perimeter fence. The dressing rooms and toilet now been painted too.

Thanks to our friends at


This week our friends at GSR Central Academy have a professional coaching Masterclass from Mark Spalding Head of Rangers FC Academy.

Come and watch from 10am until noon

Photos from Kippen Sports Field - KSDL's post 25/07/2020

A great day of professional coaching with Jimmy Bone for GSR Central Academy !

Photos from Kippen Sports Field - KSDL's post 24/07/2020

We are looking forward to welcoming Jimmy Bone to the Sports Filed tomorrow!


Next up at the Sports Field is another GSR Central Academy Masterclass session from a legendary player, manager and coach.... Jimmy Bone! Pictured here playing for Sheffield United.. All are welcome to cone and watch!

Photos from Kippen Sports Field - KSDL's post 18/07/2020

What a cracking day at Kippen Sports Field - KSDL today with Dave McPherson ex Rangers, Hearts and Scotland and Simone Enrici ex Raith Rovers talking to parents/ grandparents about the opportunities with a scholarship at GSR.

Those who didn't manage to see the boys don't worry the will be back in a few weeks time. Exciting times for our boys with a guarantee of this option if they work hard at school and at football.

Photos from Kippen Sports Field - KSDL's post 14/07/2020

Great to see football back at the park when GSR Central Academy held the first post lockdown training session!


A reminder to everyone in the village that no dogs are allowed on the football field.

It is disappointing to see that no matter how many signs we put up some dog owners choose to ignore this simple request.

Thank you


Good news we will be back in business from 13th July!

Photos from Kippen Sports Field - KSDL's post 19/06/2020

Park looking in tip top condition.... not too long until we get some training back!

Photos from Kippen Sports Field - KSDL's post 06/05/2020

What a stunning night for a game of football!


It is AGM time for the Sports Field so if anyone has any suggestions or things that they would like to raise them please get in touch.

We are always looking for new volunteers for our committee if there is anyone sports minded who would be interested in joining us do get in touch.


Remember remember the 5th of November - we are delighted to host the cubs for what has become a great annual Kippen event - the Bonfire!

Be safe everyone!


Look out for the Kippen Football Field featuring on STV news this evening as a backdrop to a discussion on Euro 2020.


Saturday sees our resident team GSR Central Academy take on West Park United in the Central League Cup Semi final. Extra time and penalties if it ends a draw.

10am Kick Off


Great to see boys and girls from Kippen Primary school having a coaching session at the park today!


Great to hear of another successful Kippen Trail Race with over 150 taking part. Thanks for the donation too!


Good luck to all the runners tomorrow and thanks to the organisers for the kind donation they make every year. We appreciate it!

1 Day To Go!...……….