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Want to lose some inches before summer?

My client and friend .hill88 had been struggling to lose inches around his waist or achieve any strength gains.

We were training on and off for 6 weeks due to a number of reasons but then Sam decided, “Right! I have 6 weeks till I get married, let’s up my training and make me meet my target.”

So we did.

Sam’s target was to lose some inches around his waist and gain muscle on his upper body mainly, like a lot of males like to do.

During this 6 weeks Sam went on his two stag do’s, had a few bbq’s and still lost an incredible 3.5inches from his waist. Here he is enjoying his honeymoon with more confidence & happiness in himself. 👏🏼

This proves that you can still enjoy yourself and lose inches from around your waist.

If you want to make some changes to your waistline this summer then send me a DM.


Are you working smarter or harder?

Do you know how to work smarter?

Some of you may know how to work smarter but will be held back by your internal beliefs.

If this sound like you drop me a message and let’s have a chat to see how I can help you.


Day 3 of 4 starting at 4am.
Let’s go smash it.


Client progress & feedback.

This is a client that has upped their efforts on all aspects and has achieved superb results in just 3 weeks.

Can’t wait to see what they can achieve in the next coming weeks/ months!

If you want to loose 3+ inches this summer then dm me now!


Don’t wait to start working towards the dreams you keep procrastinating over. As one year from now you will look back and regret for not starting earlier.

So start now even if it’s slow it’s better than not starting at all.


Are you ensuring you are involving yourself in more energy giver activities than takers?


Look after yourself everyday, rather than just when things need to be done in an emergency.

Everyone will have different ways of doing this but most people need to get good sleep, regularly exercise and regular fresh air and time each day where you are on your own to relax and reflect.


Don’t let doubt kill your dreams because you are scared of failure, everyone has to fail in some aspects of life in order to learn and succeed.

Start reaching towards your goals now rather than just living day to day.


Good luck to everyone running today. Make sure all the hard work you’ve put in is worth it no matter your result today. Enjoy your experience.


Thought it was about time I properly introduced myself on here!

Hi! My name is Ollie Charlton. I have been a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach for 10 years. I absolutely love helping people with their physical and mental challenges, getting them excited to achieve their goals.

I’ve also been playing rugby for 27 years, mostly in the forwards. If I didn’t lift my teammates using the correct technique, I’d seriously damage myself. Being strong is one thing, doing it correctly is another. This applies to training in the gym too.

This Thursday at 8am I’m offering a Squat workshop at Shredquarters.

You will learn how to squat correctly which will enable you to understand the benefits of each type of squat and muscles trained.

If you have injuries that normally prevent you from doing squats, let me know so we can see what you can do instead.

This workshop only has 6 spaces so please ensure sure you book on if you’d like to improve your squat.


Always do things that make you happy.
What activities make you happy?


Sometimes when your are bored it’s because you are not challenging yourself.


Take responsibility for your actions and the journey you want to take.


Here’s 36 ways to improve yourself🔥

How many have you started to do already this year?


Now we are 10 days into the new year which group of people do you fall into?
I hear lots of people want change but they don’t always do anything to change.

Make sure you are in the correct group so you can make changes to achieve what you want to achieve.


Many of you will be thinking about your goal for 2023, maybe you’ve already set them?

Firstly, have you reflected on what you set for 2022?

If not, why?

If you have been reflecting on 2022 however, what have you learnt? Did you hit those goals or are they moving to the 2023 tick-list?

My angle on this is that I don’t just want you to set a goal of, for example, losing weight. Look deeper and figure out the overall reason you are doing this. What will you achieve mentally or physically by losing the weight?

Firstly, I want you to change that goal of losing weight to losing fat, as this is far more beneficial to you in many ways.

Losing fat is about how it makes you feel physically and mentally as well as the huge health benefits compared with just loosing weight.

So when writing your ‘fat loss goal’ don’t forget to write your deeper feelings behind the fat loss itself. Here is your ‘why’.

I hope this helps you on your way to your 2023 health goals, I am always here if you need someone to reach out to.

Happy New Year!



Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas,hope you all had fantastic days.


Kindness is important all year round but it’s especially important at this time of year.
The way you act and treat people can make a difference between them having a good day or a bad day.
Just remember you would rather people were nice to you and gave you positive energy, than someone that causes you to have negative energy.


You can be whatever you want to be.
Go and get it now.


Proud coach day! My client Steve is running a half marathon today, he’s been training really well and always at maximum effort so I can’t wait to hear from him after he’s completed his run today. What an achievement!

I’ve forwarded Steves post here so that you can donate to his MATCHED FUNDS if you wish to because he’s chosen a very special one.

Just about to set off on the half marathon so it’s your last chance to donate. I will be matching any donations between now and when I finish! 100% of all donations will fund a specialist mobility chair for a disabled child.”



Good luck to everyone running today.


Fantastic work to my client Steven Dinsey] who ran 1min 9 seconds quicker than target for his 8km training run.
And he trained on his birthday 🎂

Happy birthday Steven Dinsey] enjoy the rest of your day.


RIP Queen, and thank you for all you have done.


I’m excited to share with you first session of our popular bootcamp starting at 6am on Wednesday 17th August with & .

Located in a private field next to The Adventure Dolphin Centre in Pangbourne. As you drive in you will see a gravel driveway to the right, and we are located at the end, next to PAWS of Pangbourne pet services. Parking will be at the Rec centre or end of Thames Avenue. FULL details will be emailed to you.

Wednesday 6am starting 17th Aug
Monday 17:30 starting on 22nd Aug
Friday 6am starting on 26th Aug



Want to try something new or want to challenge yourself tonight come to Bootcamp @18.15.


Let’s talk losing inches.

When it comes to weight loss everyone talks about losing weight on the scales, when there are two, much more important measurements to be looking at and tracking during your training.

Firstly the body measurements you take ie your waist, can have a greater impact on your overall happiness. If you drop a waist/clothing size it will make you feel better than dropping the numbers on the scales, but staying in the same size clothes. How great would it feel to go out and buy all new clothes and everyone notice how healthy you look? Rather than you not noticing much of a difference off the scales?

The second measurement which is more important than your actual weight, is body fat.
Most gyms have something you can measure on nowadays or some pharmacies have them too.
I have had updates from two clients this week who are on week 7 and week 12 of their training with me. One has lost 2.5 inches from around his waist and the other has lost 4 inches also from his waist. This is because they’ve lost body fat and are seeing the results of being much healthier.

These are amazing results. In fact these two have been very busy with work and family so managed anywhere from 1-4 gym sessions a week, which is great but you’d expect them to have to do more for that weightloss right?

Their weightloss has come from the changes in their behaviours as well as the training and nutrition. Proving consistency is key!

This photo isn’t of my clients as it’s purely to demonstrate what I’ve mentioned above, but a huge well done to Ryan & Steve on their progress so far.


What are you doing to celebrate the queens platinum jubilee 2022👑?

70 years service🇬🇧

Have a fantastic weekend celebrating.



Mindset is a word that is used a lot in the world today, and rightly so.

But what does it mean and what effect do different mindsets have on your growth and day to day actions?

Mindset is something that only you can control as it’s to do with the way you think about everything.

Someone with a mostly negative mindset will always use words like I can’t do that or I will do it tomorrow, always finding an excuse or reason to not take action on something and give up.

Where as someone with a positive mindset will say how can I do that or I will get this done now, meaning they are trying to find a solution and wanting to take action asap.

With a positive mindset it means it’s far easier to set new habits and stick to them as you will be more focused on the outcome rather than just a task. There are of course ways to address a negative mindset but you have to want to change.

In realist, to achieve want you want in life you need to have a positive mindset.

This can be drastically influenced by the people you spend time with. If you are surrounded by people who moan all the time about a lot of things, you will very likely become one of these people overtime.

Whereas if you are around people who want to achieve meaningful and purposeful things in their lives, then you will start to create your own positive mindset as you will hear all the words and see the actions that they naturally take daily, this is the power of being someone in a positive mindset.

Which one do you relate to more? Let me know in the comments or my inbox is always open if you’d rather keep it private. There is no shame in asking for help when you want to make a positive change in your life!


Today is not only a new start to a new week but could also be a new start to your life, you just have to decide to take action today.

You will see all over social media today that it’s Motivation Monday where lots of people will share or post something to say start the week right.

Yes this is awesome but I want you to think about starting each day right, in order to reach a much bigger goal than just today or tomorrow.

This could be a goal in 3 months or a year or even 10 years. In order to get there you need to work towards this goal each day as it won’t just come from one or two good days a week.

So let’s set out our intentions today for this week, then the next month at least so that we can start each day right.

Even if you are 1% better than you were yesterday and see what impact this has on your goal and your mindset. Imagine that percentage increasing day by day until it finally becomes a habit that is life changing.

If you’re unsure of where to start or you feel overwhelmed by this please do contact me and I’d be happy to help.


The Power of Coaching

Did you know at various times throughout your life, you will have had a coach several times?

Sports is a great example, even your PE teacher as a child gave you skills that weren’t just for fun and light exercise, this makes them more of a coach than a teacher.

A coach will give you the tools which enable you to develop a positive mindset, within sports your coach will sometimes do this without you knowing it.

Personally, I have used a business coach who I learned a lot from. They helped me discover exactly what I wanted to do, and then coached me through actually doing it and held me accountable for it too.

Hiring a coach will fast track you to your goal. Generally we choose someone who’s journey we can relate to, as we know they are going to coach us through avoiding potential mistakes and to make better choices which will inevitably help us reach that end goal - faster.

I have been a body transformation coach for 10 years and I am currently loving the platform my clients and I use to track their progress, and have recently had great success stories from them which will be shared when they are ready.

As my experience with my own coach was so powerful and I am so passionate about my industry, I want to help YOU have the same experience and reach that goal you’ve been stuck on or hesitant about starting.

I’m giving 10 of you, two free coaching sessions each to give you a taste of what you can achieve with my help.

This is a short window to allow me to get started ASAP and help those who want it the most, so please contact me by Saturday.

What will be included in your personalised free sessions?

1x 15 min call with me to understand your goals and know how to create the right session for you.

2 x free coaching sessions through the app for either training at the gym or at home.

1x 30mins follow up call to see how everything went.

Photos from OC1 Coaching's post 17/05/2022

This weekend just gone I decided to take action as I have been sitting in my comfort zone with a lot of things in my life recently . This doesn’t help me get to where I want to be and was actually damaging the lives of others around me as certain things were being neglected.

This started with a nice family walk around the lake on Saturday in the warm and sunny weather, where I turned off from thinking I need to do this or do that and I just enjoyed being present with my family.

Then again on Sunday I was present at every moment around my family and wasn’t procrastinating about something else. This has made a massive impact already.

Then yesterday I trained in the gym for the first time in a long time and it felt AMAZING.

So I am continuing to be present in every moment of my day and getting rid of procrastination as it’s the ugly step sister of perfectionism and I’m not and never will be looking to be perfect in my life or any of my courses I provide as there is always room for improvement.

Today already I have done some things I hate doing like the washing up.
I will be doing more meaningful work and creating courses which have great end results.

And another major thing I will be doing today is going to the gym to train, today it’s push session for me.
Also as of today you will have a lot more social media interaction from me as this is something I have always lacked, in order to grow my business I need to do things that I may not be great at but if I want to grow and help more people I have to do some things I don’t like to do, so from now on you will see more regular posts from me.

If you would like to take action or understand how you can take action with your own life then let’s have a chat.

I want to help as many people as possible take action to improve their daily lives as these small changes I’ve been making have improved my mental and physical well-being so much already.

The main thing is if I speak to you I want to have an impact on helping you take action.

I will be releasing new programs later this week for people to join.

Have a fantastic day.


Don’t forget Bootcamp tonight @18.30pm

See you tonight.


Don’t forget Bootcamp tonight @18.15 .
Bring a friend and have some fun.


Don’t forget it’s a Bootcamp night, starting at 18.30pm tonight.
Hope to see there.


First Bootcamp tonight hope to see you there.


First session FREE!

Come see me at Abbey RFC - Reading Abbey Rugby Club tonight Bootcamp is at 18:30.

Will you be there?


There are 90 days till official summer time in the uk.

Are you on track for where you want to be in with your body and mind?

If the answer is yes, that’s amazing!

If the answer is not yet then read on for a no obligation, life changing offer.

Get 2 weeks FREE when you commit to 12 weeks online coaching.

Meaning you receive 14 weeks of high quality but fun and friendly coaching with me!

14 weeks online coaching which includes all of this! ⬇️

✔️Weekly check ins
✔️All training sessions set through a very user friendly app
✔️Nutritional guidance
✔️Sleep coaching
✔️Access to me through WhatsApp 6 days a week.

I can also offer you my experience in NLP, life coaching, body transformations and more - don’t hesitate to contact me for a quick chat to discuss your goals now!

Contact Ollie on 07972703579 or [email protected]


Have you been going to the gym on a regular basis but find you’re still not getting the results you require?

This could be for a number of reasons:

🟢 Not understanding what you need to do to achieve your goals.
🔷 We each need different approaches to suit our bodies and our life styles.

🟢 Not committed enough
🔷You will not achieve consistent results this way.

🟢 Never pushing yourself out of the comfort zone.
🔷 Growth isn’t found here!!

🟢 Doing the same boring exercises time after time.
🔷 Don’t let your body find its comfort zone!

Does this sound like you? Do you need a fresh start but don’t know how?


What will you get as an online client?

▪️Weekly check in calls with me.

▪️Access to my user friendly app.

▪️Access to me 6 days a week, 7am - 8pm via WhatsApp

▪️Sessions pre organised and tailored for you to do - all you do is turn up and tick the box on the app once completed.

▪️Nutritional guidance.

▪️Weekly goal setting.

If you would like to chat or find out more information please comment below with the word: Online.

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