Yoga with Elise

Yoga with Elise

Elise teacher Private 1-1 and small group classes from her home studio in Caversham for all levels.

You can also find on demand Yoga classes with Elise at her online Yoga library giving you the freedom to be able to choose a class that suits you at a time that fits in with your schedule.

Operating as usual

Photos from Yoga with Elise's post 12/07/2022

Thanks everyone for coming to Yoga on the Patio on Sunday and Monday evening for Part 1 Full Body Stretch & Recover Class.

I think we'll make the most of the nice weather and do part 2 next Monday at the same time 7pm. This time focusing on the lower body - Hamstrings, IT Band, Glutes, Quads, Inner thighs & Calves.

If you'd like to join the class you can click here:

All levels & abilities welcome.

Thanks Hannah Skalleberg Drury for the photos! πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ


Yoga on the Patio tonight

Monday 11th July 7pm "Full Body Stretch & Recover" 1 Hour class

All levels welcome. Foam Roller self massage combined with Yoga Stretches for your whole body,

Location: Out on my Patio in Caversham ( just off chiltern road - full address given on booking).



"Stretch & Recover" Class tonight @ 5pm all levels welcome

Join me live on my Patio in Caversham for the first in a summer series of Yoga classes tonight ( Sunday 10th July) at 5pm.

Click here to book

The full address will be given when you book but my house is jsut off Chiltern Road in Caversham.


Summer Yoga on the Patio!

Sunday 10th July at 5pm
Monday 11th July at 7pm

"Full Body Stretch & Recover" 1 Hour class (Β£12 Drop in)

Join me on my Patio ( in Caversham) for a really good stretch combined with some self massage with a foam roller. We'll cover the Hamstrings, Hips, Thighs, Shoulders & Upper Back.

All levels/ abilities welcome - although this class would be especially beneficial for those who do a lot of sporting activities or have tight/ inflexible muscles.

Click here to book

I hope you will be able to join me for a class soon!


Summer of Ayurveda!

Enjoy 15 % off any two Ayurvedic Spa Treatments this summer!
To book/ see availability go to:

Ayurvedic spa treatments combine the 5000 year old Indian principles of Ayurvedaβ€”the science of life with acupressure (marma) points and warm herbal oils to create balance and harmony through the mind, body, and spirit.

During the pandemic I had to take away quite a few wonderful Ayurvedic spa treatments from my treatment menu but now I'm able to bring them back and, to celebrate their return, I'm offering you 15 % off when you book any two Ayurvedic treatments throughout July and August*.

* Offer applies to any two ayurvedic treatments from the list below occurring between 1st July and 31st August 2022 and must be booked in one transaction and for one individual to obtain the 15% off discount.

You can choose from:
Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga * | 95 or 65 minutes
A deeply relaxing, full body massage with warm oil and acupressure/ marma points.
*This treatment can also be adapted for pregnancy.

Radiant Glow Ayurvedic Facial | Mukabhyanga | 75 minutes
This 8-step Ayurvedic facial including deep cleanse, steam & massage for the face, neck & scalp will leave you with glowing radiant skin.

Padabhyanga & Mukabhyanga | 90 minutes
A combination of two wonderful treatments, lower leg and foot massage with Radiant Glow Facial massage (deep cleanse, steam & massage).

Luxurious Lower Leg and Foot Massage | Padabhyanga | 35 minutes
This treatment begins with a foot spa with peppermint/ lemon balm foot scrub followed by a massage of the lower legs and feet with warm oil & reflexology/ marma point sequence.

Shirodhara | Warm Oil Flow | 90 Minutes
This treatment begins with a seated head neck and shoulder massage followed by the "Shirodhara" where a continuous stream of warm oil is played over the forehead and scalp to calm your mind and bring you to a place of profound inner peace and clarity. To finish the treatment will end with a marma point (reflexology) sequence for the feet.

I'm based in Caversham just off Chiltern Road and have a treatment room in my garden.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]


Join me tomorrow morning ( Sunday 20th March) online at 10am for a special 90 minute Spring Equinox Yoga & Relaxation Class.

We'll focus on Renewal and Release as we welcome the return of lighter longer days through a practise of Gentle Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra ( deep guided relaxation).

I hope you will be able to join me for a class soon πŸ™

Online Courses & Programmes | Mysite 14/03/2022

Online Courses & Programmes | Mysite

Last chance to join "Relax into Spring" a whole week of guided relaxations online. We start tonight at 7pm. If you can't join the live sessions don't worry there will also be recordings available. πŸ™‚

Online Courses & Programmes | Mysite Join my email list for updates on live classes, new additions to the online library, and information about upcoming Β workshops, courses and retreats.

10 Minute Yoga Nidra | Deep Guided Relaxation | Taster for Relax into Spring 11/03/2022

10 Minute Yoga Nidra | Deep Guided Relaxation | Taster for Relax into Spring

With just 3 days to go until the "Relax into Spring" course I'm running next week, today I'm offering you a FREE 10 minute guided relaxation as a little taster of what you can experience on the week-long course which starts on Monday 14th March.

This taster is only going to be available for the next 3 days so make sure you find yourself a quiet 10 minutes to try it out this weekend.

So get yourself cosy and comfortable and let's begin!

To join Relax into Spring go to

10 Minute Yoga Nidra | Deep Guided Relaxation | Taster for Relax into Spring With just 3 days to go until the "Relax into Spring" course I'm running next week, today I'm offering you a free 10 minute guided relaxation as a little tast...

Invitation to Relax into Spring | 14th-20th March 2022 02/03/2022

Invitation to Relax into Spring | 14th-20th March 2022

An Invitation to Relax into Spring! 14th-20th March 2022. A whole week of daily guided relaxations from the comfort of your own home.

Go to to join

Click on the video below to find out more:

Invitation to Relax into Spring | 14th-20th March 2022 Join me for a week of daily guided deep relaxation from the comfort of your own home. Commit to a minimum of just 10 minutes per day. Includes 4 live session...

Home | Yoga with Elise 24/02/2022

Home | Yoga with Elise

Free 75 Minute Yoga Class on the Subtle Power of Yoga.

This week I've started work on a new 6 -part series on the Subtle Power of Yoga for my online library and I'm making the first part available for you to try for FREE on Youtube. I hope you enjoy the class! If you want the shorter 45 minute version join me on my online library to unlock access to over 350 Yoga classes and more!

Home | Yoga with Elise Welcome to the Yoga with Elise Online Library membership site and On Demand weekly/ monthly videos.

Home | Yoga with Elise 11/02/2022

Home | Yoga with Elise

Would you like to feel like you've had a massage treatment and try Forest Bathing from the comfort of your own home?

Join me next Sunday 20th February for a Live Yoga Class on zoom where we'll be combining some self Myofascial release techniques with gentle Yoga movements to release tension from your body and mind, followed by a deep guided "Forest Bathing" relaxation.

This is my newest 20 minute Deep Guided Relaxation based on the Japanese practice of "Shinrin Yoku" or "Forest Bathing" - a conscious and contemplative practice of being, through guided imagery immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of the forest and soak up the grounding calming energy of the trees.

Click Here to book your place

Members of the Yoga with Elise Online Library get a 25 % discount on all live classes - to get your discount and unlock access to over 350 recorded classes click here to become a member.

Home | Yoga with Elise Welcome to the Yoga with Elise Online Library membership site and On Demand weekly/ monthly videos.


Another lovely week of Yoga in Caversham Court Gardens :) New (and old) students welcome! You can join me on Tuesdays at 6pm for Vinyasa Flow, Wednesdays at 10am for Gentle Hatha/ Beginners and Fridays at 9:15am for all levels Hatha Yoga. Bookings can be made at email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. πŸ™


Thank you to everyone who attended Yoga this morning in Caversham Court Gardens πŸ™πŸ˜Š(every Friday at 9:15am). In this photo we were feeling our Downward Dog improving as we opened our hips and shoulders. Next week we're focusing on keeping the spine flexible through twists and gentle back bends because, as the Yogi's say, we are only as young as our spine is flexible!


Here's a photo from Wednesday Morning's Gentle Hatha Yoga class in Caversham Court Gardens to open the hips and shoulders. Join me tomorrow morning (Friday) at 9:15am to benefit from Yoga outdoors in this beautiful setting. Bookings can be made 2 hours before the class at


Daily Yoga Challenge

Would you like to start a daily or regular home yoga practice but are not sure where to start or need a bit of motivation? Watch this video to find out about my new Daily Yoga Challenge find out how you could start your own daily yoga practise with as little as 10 minutes commitment each day.

The challenge can be found in the "My challenges" section of my online library

When you join the library you get a 7 day free trail along with access to the free Daily Yoga Challenge and 30 Day Posture Challenge as well as access to hundreds of other Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation videos.

What are the Doshas? 06/05/2021

What are the Doshas?

Would you like to find balance again and reset after over a year of uncertainty and anxiety? Join me for the Spring Yogi Clenase, a 2-week course in Yoga, Ayurveda, Self Care the Doshas and an opportunity to follow your own personalised 14 day detox. To join the course first sign up to the Yoga with Elise Online Library and then go to "My Challenges" at

What are the Doshas? The Doshas are Ayurvedic way of explaining our natural tendency for imbalance - there is always a pattern and therefore an opportunity to preempt where we mi...

Home | Yoga with Elise 24/03/2021

Home | Yoga with Elise

Do you want to improve your posture and get reduce back pain/ neck and shoulder tension? Join me for a 30 Day Improve Your Posture Challenge Starting on 1st April. Take a look at this video to learn more

The challenge is included in membership to my online library which just costs Β£9 a month and can be cancelled anytime. Please share this with anyone you think might be interested πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

Home | Yoga with Elise Welcome to the Yoga with Elise Online Library membership site and On Demand weekly/ monthly videos.


I've just added a new Pregnancy Yoga section to my online library containing classes that show you how to safely modify for any Yoga class during pregnancy as well as pregnancy specific classes to open your hips and strengthen your lower body. You can see all the new content at

Timeline photos 16/03/2021

Looking forward to teaching at this years Earth Living Festival Online on Saturday 27th March

πˆππ“π‘πŽπƒπ”π‚πˆππ† πŽπ”π‘ ππ‘π€π‚π“πˆπ“πˆπŽππ„π‘π’

Elise has been living and teaching in Caversham since 2013 and teaching outdoor classes in Caversham Court Gardens each Summer. As well as teaching Yoga she is also a qualified Soft Tissue Therapist and Ayurvedic Massage Therapist. She combines her knowledge of Soft Tissue Therapy and Ayurveda in her Yoga teaching offering a wide variety of themed classes from Yogic Philosophy to Connective Tissue Release.

Elise will be offeringa Hatha Yoga class with Connective Tissue Release for the Neck and Shoulders.

"We will be releasing connective tissue restrictions in your neck and shoulders through self-myofascial release techniques to help you more easily access poses such as Eagle arms and Reverse Prayer Pose."

This session is open to everyone no matter what your level/ flexibility or Yoga experience. For the session you will need either a foam roller or 2/3 blankets/ large towels as well as a Yoga strap or scarf.

Elise has recently launched her new Online Library at comprising Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation classes, as well as Self Massage, Self Myofascial Release and Injury Rehabilitation videos which have been helping people unable to get access to hands on treatment during lockdown. She also runs with her family providing Yoga retreats and holidays in the UK and Spain.

At-Home Winter Yoga Retreat - A Weekend of Self Care 03/02/2021

At-Home Winter Yoga Retreat - A Weekend of Self Care

At-Home Winter Yoga Retreat - A Weekend of Self Care Join me for a wonderful winter Yoga Retreat from home this February. The weekend includes, a Virtual Ayurvedic Spa Treatment, Nourishing Yoga Classes and Deep Relaxation sessions. The Retreat will run from Friday evening ( 5th February 2021) to Sunday Afternoon ( 7th February 2021) . As well as the....

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Daily Yoga Challenge
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