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Photos from Mommy's World's post 01/06/2022

Photos from Mommy's World's post


A systematic review and meta-analysis has examined the characteristics and effectiveness of pregnancy yoga interventions.

“Twenty-nine studies with 2217 pregnant women were included for meta-analysis.

Pregnancy yoga interventions reduced anxiety, depression and perceived stress.

Yoga interventions also reduced duration of labour and, increased odds of normal vaginal birth and tolerance for pain.

The quality of evidence (GRADE criteria) was low to very low for all outcomes.

Twelve or more yoga sessions delivered weekly/bi-weekly had a statistically significant impact on mode of birth, while 12 or more yoga sessions of long duration (> 60 min) had a statistically significant impact on perceived stress.”

The researchers concluded that, “The evidence highlights positive effects of pregnancy yoga on anxiety, depression, perceived stress, mode of birth and duration of labour.”

The reference for this study is: Corrigan L et al (2022). The characteristics and effectiveness of pregnancy yoga interventions: a systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 22(250).

You can read the full paper at https://bmcpregnancychildbirth.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12884-022-04474-9

(We’ll link that in Sara’s stories today).

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Do you know that feeling when you wake up in the middle of the night and it’s cold and your nappy feels heavy. And there are so many strange sounds all around you, and it’s dark and scary. And you get a hit in your head and it’s your hand that’s on its own adventure. And you can’t control it at all and it flings itself around and scratches your face and pulls at your hair.

And your legs start kicking off the duvet, even though you’re cold as it is and you try to make it stop but they have their own will. And so you’re lying there completely helpless with flailing limbs that want to do everything, but none of the things you want.

And you can’t find mum. And you call for her and you find yourself feeling really scared. What if your beloved mum doesn’t come for you. You can’t imagine anything worse and you start to cry because you miss her so terribly. You have never felt as alone as this very moment.

And then she is suddenly there. Standing right by your bed and looking at you with worry and love. And she is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. And you grin up at her with happiness and relief. You don’t think you’ve ever felt as happy as this very moment.

And she picks you up and holds you close. And she smells like herself, and also a bit like you. Like milk and safety and love. And it’s the best smell in the whole entire world.

And she is warm and safe and soft and her hands caress you and she feeds you and hums your favourite tune. And you love her voice. You’ve known it far longer than you’ve really known her. It has lulled you to sleep and made you laugh and calmed you when you were distressed. It is the most beautiful voice in the whole entire world.

And you get to lie right up against her and you feel your entire body start to warm up again. And your still cold hand starts stroking her and moves up towards her neck and accidentally scratches her. Stupid uncontrollable hand. But mum doesn’t get angry. She takes your stupid hand in hers and it turns all warm again. And this is the best feeling in the world. Right here in mummy’s arms, with your hand in hers. Even the nappy doesn’t feel as horrible anymore.

And you feel your eyes getting heavy and you know that everything is okay now cause mummy is here. Your mum. Your wonderful, incredible mum who always looks after you. Night and day.
You look up at her one last time before you fall asleep. She looks tired and her eyes are closed, and yet she is still the most magnificent thing you know. How amazing that she wants to sit here with you in this moment. How amazing that she will always sit with you for a bit when you need her to.

You smile to yourself. How lucky you were that she became your mum. The most perfect mum anyone could have asked for.

You knew, even before you saw her, that she would be the best thing in the world.

Oh how you love her. Your mum.❤️

All Credit to the mommy poet

Timeline photos 07/05/2021

Timeline photos

"This one really shows the rawness of how crazy and messy the first few weeks with quadruplets is. I basically lived in bed with them back then while was on the road for work. I lived off basically a couple hours of sleep at night between them waking up and having to pump. I had my nightstand covered with everything I needed, my pump, milk containers, their bottles, formula, their reflux medicine, pacifiers and drinks and snacks for me. I had the bed lined with snuggle me beds for when I needed to pump so they didn’t grab the cords. But most of the day this is where you would find me, snuggled up with four little babies. I actually miss those days, they went so fast. I feel like I was destined to be a quadruplet mom. Though it was tough, I have loved every minute of it."

📷: helloquadruplets

Read more: http://m.mother.ly/eLb254k

The Self Soothing Babies who are not Actually Soothing Themselves at all 22/04/2021

The Self Soothing Babies who are not Actually Soothing Themselves at all

Babies sleep is subject new mums get asked about all the time! This is such an interesting read...

The Self Soothing Babies who are not Actually Soothing Themselves at all One of the top criticisms I get of my disdain for ‘experts’ who insist that babies should learn to ‘self soothe’ in order to sleep through the night is those who comment …


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Photos from Bump to Baby Yoga's post 26/03/2021

Photos from Bump to Baby Yoga's post







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