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IAPGT Instructors Clive Rose & Andy Jones. Experience Flights, Pilot Training and Examination, Gyrocopter Rental and Sales. Best Gyro School in the UK!

Your one-stop shop for Pilot Instruction, Examination, Gyrocopter Rental and Sales. With more than a dozen gyros we have one of the largest gyro communities in the UK. Based at Chiltern Park in beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. A short taxi and compact circuits mean you get a bigger bang for your training buck than at many other airfields.

Operating as usual

Photos from British Rotorcraft Association's post 11/05/2021

Photos from British Rotorcraft Association's post

ORS4 No.1482: COVID-19 Outbreak: Renewal of Gyroplane Class Ratings endorsed in United Kingdom Flight Crew Licences 10/04/2021

ORS4 No.1482: COVID-19 Outbreak: Renewal of Gyroplane Class Ratings endorsed in United Kingdom Flight Crew Licences

Certificate of Revalidation expired since Nov'20?
Fear not.

ORS4 No.1482: COVID-19 Outbreak: Renewal of Gyroplane Class Ratings endorsed in United Kingdom Flight Crew Licences Please find below details of the CAA Publication you have selected. Dependent on availability, you are able to download the file, or purchase a printed copy.


No excuse for rust, chaps!

Looks like a great initiative......

HTTPS:// 06/01/2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19): General Aviation

Hurry up and STAY SAFE! Guidance on General Aviation (GA) flying during the coronavirus outbreak.


A reminder ALWAYS to check NOTAMs!


Coronavirus (COVID-19): General Aviation

Updated CAA Guidance for the latest Tier structure.
Please confirm you are Tier 1 or 2 before travelling to the airfield. We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV.UK. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. 05/11/2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19): General Aviation The risk of transmission is small at 2 metres and where possible, people taking part in General Aviation activities should maintain 2 metres distance from people outside their household or support bubble. 04/11/2020

Flight training hit by November lockdown - FLYER

Once more, with feeling... The new Covid-19 lockdown starting on Thursday 5 November will affect light aviation but the full extent of restrictions is not yet known 29/09/2020

Irv Lee - UK Pilot Mentoring

If you don't already have your radio licence, check out Irv Lee's online tuition. Irv Lee (Irvin Lee) Mentoring the UK Private Pilot and South African PPL


Congratulations to Andy Harcup who flew his first solo today in our Magni M16! 29/08/2020

Chiltern Airsports

Just in case the original Share didn't...
Dennis is organising a Bank Holiday (Monday) Fly-in.
Please boogy on over if you're free. Flying Experiences Check out some of the sights with our array of flying experiences. Avebury Stone Circles £175.00 Add to basket Henley On Thames £95.00 Add to basket Isle of Wight £325.00 Add to basket Oxford & Thames £175.00 Add to basket


See that combine' down there?
Let's see if you can make your circuits as accurate as his.


I'm sure we can help out!

We are training new staff over the next few weeks in Distress and Diversion, can you help us? We would love to have some Practice Pans and Training Fixes on 121.500mhz or if you are a military flyer then try 245.100mhz.

The military Distress and Diversion Cell is manned 24 hours to provide an emergency and fixer (location) service for all military and civil aircraft on 243 MHz and 121.5 MHz. Experienced controllers are able to provide assistance and guidance to all aviators.

Practice calls are encouraged on 121.5 providing no real emergencies are being dealt with.

The fixer service, whether used for a real emergency or a practice emergency, provides a non-radar position report based on Direction Finding (DF) equipment. The position provided can have an error of +/- 3 nm. Where supported by radar, the position report will be more accurate.

Emergencies are broken down into two categories by D&D;

Distress – this is a condition of being threatened by serious and/or imminent danger and requiring immediate assistance. A ‘MAYDAY’ should be called.

Urgency – this is a condition concerning safety in the air (including being lost, particularly if near controlled airspace) or concerning safety of a person or vehicle in sight but that does not require immediate assistance. A ‘PAN’ should be called.

A D&D users guide is available here


GASCO - Return to Flight v1.6

You probably have a little time on your hands at the moment and are itching to get flying again as soon as possible.
Spend a few minutes watching this GASCO presentation.


The Gyrocopter Experience Basingstoke

I've just attended an excellent webinar given by the team at On-Track Aviation about the extension of licence validity periods for gyroplane licences as described in CAA ORS4 1376 General Exemption E5052

A couple of important points to note:

1. The exemption is likely to be updated as it contains some errors.

2. The extension to your gyroplane licence (i.e. your single engine gyroplane class rating) is NOT automatic - it requires a briefing (via phone / video link) with a gyroplane instructor or examiner and for your licence to be endorsed with the updated expiry date (currently 222nd November 2020). If your gyroplane class rating is expiring soon then you will need to book a briefing with your instructor! 15/11/2019

Discover Archive - NATS

Excellent NATS site looking at air traffic services (radio) from lots of different viewpoints. Must read!
Thank you, Alistair for the heads-up. Discover the people and technology powering the future of aviation.


Date for your diary!

Gyro Record Breaker.

Yesterday we confirmed with Shobdon that this will be where the 4th record breaker will take place. Shobdon is situated in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside and has offered all its facilities to us.

26/08 Hard Runway
Shower Block

Out of hours flying available so an evening flight around the Welsh mountains if you fancy it.

Opens up the opportunity for some of the southwest’s pilots to join in without flying for extensive periods and maybe we could have some single seaters adding to the numbers.

Sophie Court, has been tirelessly trying to get the Guiness book of records to accept last years record and that is progressing well.

There will of course be benefits for BRA members and as annual membership is still only £25.00 this is one very good reason to join.

The event will be held over the weekend of the 5th - 7th June 2020 and more details will follow.

Please put these dates in your diary as it promises to be a great weekend for gyro pilots, enthusiasts and the public alike. 31/10/2019

Grace's Amazing Machines - Series 1: 9. Flying Machines

Gyrocopterexperience Oxford on the telly! Watch "Grace's Amazing Machines" on Cbeebies this afternoon at 4.25. It's also on the iPlayer: CBeebies' motorbike rider Grace shows off three amazing machines that all fly!


Congratulations Chas, on his first solo in a Gyrocopter.
He flies a Dreamliner in his day job so this marks a subtle change in handling characteristics. 23/09/2019

James Ketchell's World Gyrocopter Record

Come on, pilotes!
What are you going to do with your PPL(G)?
And how can we help? Help James change the world! Make a donation now?


Chiltern to Bembridge Gyrocopter Flight


It's not every day a (multiple!) Morgan Owner pops in for an Experience Flight.
Be rude not to take a photo, wouldn't it!
Morgan Sports Car Club (UK)


Clive and Whisky Romeo enjoyed a prime parking spot in the static display line at today's RAF Benson Family Day.


Supporting our good friend James Ketchell as he flies around the world! 12/08/2019

3 word address: ///

What3Words to our front door. This is a 3m x 3m location in Goring, Oxon.. See it on what3words 11/08/2019

3 Words Save Lives

If what3words is good enough for Thames Valley Air Ambulance it's definitely good enough for us. Emergencies can happen anywhere, and at any time. And we know that in that moment when an incident happens, it can be hard to accurately describe where you are. Help us locate you in an emergency with just 3 words, saving time when every minute matters.


Is The Great British Bake Off already "in the can" (it's not even on the tele yet!)?
We went on a recce and found only the footprint of The Tent. #GBBO #experienceox #oxtweets


P-51 Engine Out, Off-Airport Landing - full analysis

If you haven't practiced an engine failure recently, collar your friendly neighbourhood instructor and strap on a gyro. But watch this video first.
It discusses a real life engine failure in a priceless P-51 Mustang. Exactly the same principles and thought processes hold true for gyros.
Even this mega - experienced commercial pilot suffered an element of headspace saturation.
Practice, practice...

British warbird pilot, Mark Levy, was part of a 21-airplane formation in the annual airshow at Duxford, England when the P-51 he was flying had a partial eng...


Light Aircraft Association


Judgement On Farnborough Airspace Judicial Review

The following statement has been supplied by Lasham Gliding Society;

“Mrs. Justice Thornton has delivered her judgement on the CAA’s grant of airspace to TAG Farnborough following the Judicial Review actioned by Lasham Gliding Society.

In summary, Mrs. Justice Thornton did not find sufficient grounds to overturn the CAA’s airspace decision in light of the arguments presented by Lasham – and roundly supported by the wider general aviation community – as to its adverse impact on aviation safety, the consequential inefficient use of airspace, and the potential detrimental operational and financial impacts on Lasham Gliding Society.

Accordingly, Mrs. Justice Thornton has concluded that the CAA acted within its powers and the limits of its discretion. As things stand, it is expected that the new Farnborough airspace will come into effect by early 2020 and impact significantly on all aviation activity in central southern England.

Lasham, supported by its advisors, is reviewing the detail of the judgement carefully. It will decide shortly as to whether or not it intends to seek leave to appeal.

This ruling is a bitter blow to both Lasham and the wider general aviation community. It follows several years of intense opposition to what is widely considered to be a completely unjustified and ill-considered move by TAG Farnborough to secure a large swathe of controlled airspace.

The difficulties this case raises continues to draw a spotlight on questions surrounding the CAA’s policies and decision making processes. Aside from this particular case there is a wider and active national debate between the government and aviation stakeholders as to how the CAA’s processes currently operate. Whatever might happen with airspace in the Farnborough area as a result of this decision, pressure must continue to be applied on the government, the DfT and the CAA to implement a proper reform of the CAA’s processes used to consider applications for airspace change.”


Ok MetOffice - we don't like this colouring set.
Can you get out the sunshine symbols again, please? 30/07/2019

Old Sarum Airfield could close in three months - FLYER

Have you visited Old Sarum recently?
Pop in QUICK! before you lose your chance. One of the UK’s most historic and picturesque airfields, Old Sarum, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, could close in three months. The owners of the airfield lease,…


British Rotorcraft Association

Who's going?

Met permitting we have our Perranporth camp and fly next weekend. It’s only £15.00 to land and camp for the weekend although facilities are pretty basic. If you plan to come please let us know either through the WIX app members only or by emailing [email protected]


At the risk of repeating ourselves...



And some sobering numbers here to calculate your performance deficit in hot weather:


A good time to re-read this Gyroplane Performance Safety Sense leaflet.

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