Hannah Sweetman

Hannah Sweetman


Lovely fennel potatoe and Garlic soup 🍜 😄
Slow cooked Morrocon infused chicken with chickpeas , apricots and fennel
Cous cous absolutely Devine !!
Hannah Sweetman !! Your Moroccan chicken recipe was WOW !!! Me and James love it !
Getting in the weekend steps . These lambs 🐑🐑🐑
cauliflower crispy & roasted with tumeric and garlic olive oil & sea salt 😳😳😳 omg ! Bloody lush !!
Brocolli and potatoe soup 🥣 🤩🤩🙏🥦🥣
Roasted peppers , 🧄 crispy garlic cloves , red onion 🧅 with chicken & garlic bulgar wheat 🤩🤩
Today I have masala tumeric chicken with lemon 🍋 coriander chick peas and aubergine madras , stir fried cauliflower with mustard seeds and cumin 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Nice 15 mile coastal ride today . We are lucky to have some great cycle paths and views in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 lovely beetroot and feta salad to follow 🙌🏻🙌🏻 enjoying the outdoors whilst I can ... never know what’s going to Happen way everything is going 🤮 x
How’s everyone managing the food crisis ? It’s a real struggle to buy meat fish protein yoghurts fruit veg bread, good job I drink soya milk last night I had to have crisps , a pack of micro rice and a curry I found in my freezer ! Day before it was packet of noodles with some chicken ...and today people are more savage in the shops theirs nothing . So stressful going to the shops I can’t do it now for the next few days, i think I’ll have to whip up a green bean and kale curry 🍛 with cous cous ! Couldn’t get rice ! I can make a leek and potatoe soup though with bit of chicken ! It’s actually depressing me ! If you can’t eat well it makes you feel 💩! I’ve had three weeks of really healthy foods fruit veg whilst being away and can’t continue it ... I did manage get three bananas 🍌 !!! It’s a joke and a reduced pack of nectarines ! Couldn’t even get tinned fruit ! 🤯🤯🤯🤯
So we had some sweets left froM last nights from children trick and treating ! I stashed a couple of mini bags in work bag ! Until I saw this off my husband as I just went in my bag 😂😂😂 hilarious 😂
Anyone who likes bands ! The fabric ones are so much better and don’t roll down like the rubber ones !! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Hannah Sweetman Nutrition brings incredible expertise and a relaxed yet professional attitude to hel

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Nutrition doesn’t have to be about tracking your intake with numbers and apps. We can learn to create a healthy lifestyle by getting the fundamentals correct.

Click here https://hannahsweetmannutrition.com/blog-guidelines-for-creating-balanced-meals.html to download and print out my free resource sheet on how to make educated meals that will support optimal health and well-being.




This is what I always target when coaching clients...⁠


In consultation with the client, we devise an outline of how to eat all the foods they enjoy and still meet their protein and fibre (vegetable and fruit) daily targets alongside the energy requirements they need to hit their goal successfully. ⁠

The client and I then use the coaching process of weekly or fortnightly accountability check-ins to monitor progress, educate, learn and develop the plan as priorities change within their lifestyle. ⁠

This flexible approach allows the client to successfully move through different periods of their busy lives where work, stress, lack of time, and kids’ activities/holidays can take over.⁠

Having example meals and portable/convince food options allows them to manage their consumption within their busy lives successfully. This reduces the barriers they may currently have and increases their success rate of achieving their body composition goals.⁠

These habit-based behaviour changes, alongside the education process of becoming calorie conscious, allow the client to develop a flexible and sustainable approach that puts them in control of their choices.⁠


Click the link https://www.hannahsweetmannutrition.com/services.html and head to my website to see the different coaching options available to help you.⁠


To lose weight, you will need patience.

The reasons people struggle to lose weight and keep it off are:

They are too impatient.

They believe that once they get to their desired weight, then that’s the end of that lifestyle (diet).

They think that every day/week must be perfect and that they won’t experience roadblocks and struggles during the weight-loss period.

Achieving your weight loss goal is going to be extremely difficult.

Weight loss isn't easy.

The statement eat less, move more infuriates me.

People who judge other people’s body composition, in my opinion, are naive.

You shouldn't judge someone until you've walked in their shoes.

Have you given up on weight loss because you didn’t see a change or drop in weight in 1, 2, or even 3 weeks?fe. To name a few of the struggles that my clients have dealt with include injuries, work stress, family stress, having a small child to care for, emotional eating, and probably the biggest one is that weight loss results take longer than people think.

People give up on weight loss because they have unrealistic time frames on how quickly they should expect change and that they need to be perfect every week.

Have you given up on weight loss because you didn’t see a change or drop in weight in 1, 2 or even 3 weeks?

Does this sound like you?

If so, head over to my blog post and find out how you can fix this issue.


How to become more accountable for my actions to ensure I progress with my weight loss goals each week?

Is it accountability that you need? If so, the best thing to do would be to investigate getting an accountability partner or a coach—someone who will expect you to show up and follow through with the targets you set yourself.

If you have a good level of accountability, then it could be possible that the reason your actions are still not aligning with what you say you want to achieve is that you don't quite understand or recognise the value of the goal/s that you have set yourself or the importance of the habits/daily actions that get you closer to the goal.

Think about your WHY if you're struggling to change.

What is important to you?

Based on your answers, how do you wish to feel tomorrow or next week?

Do your current actions align with what you want right now and what you value?

The choice point model:
The choice point model is the space you're in before making a decision. It's a helpful tool for making decisions that help us prioritise what we want. It's a moment where you can pause and connect with your why/values before you make a decision.

How this helps with weight loss…
What action will move you away from your goals is not so much about accountability in the moment before making a decision. It's more about checking in with yourself and understanding that you have a choice. Do you can choose to move towards what you want and progress, or do you choose to move away from what you’re working towards?

Either option is acceptable and always your choice, and as a coach, I will not come down on you for it. Yes, I will hold you accountable because you said that is what you want; however, you are an adult and must make your own choices under different circumstances and accept the outcome of those actions long-term.

Want to learn more about my services check out my website for more information https://www.hannahsweetmannutrition.com/services.html

Mindful eating short course 13/09/2022

Mindful eating short course

Hello all!

I wanted to update you on what I have been focusing on over the summer months. I wanted to become more mindful about my eating and less on autopilot.

Therefore, I have focused on mindful eating over the last few months.
I set some guidelines and track them each day to see how I'm progressing. I'm never perfect, but I'm getting better, and at the end of each week, I write a few notes about what my barriers were for the week just gone and then look to make sure I break these barriers down to help with my success.
If mindful eating is something that you would like some help with or you would like to find out some more information, you can sign up for my free mindful eating course here https://mailchi.mp/1b409e3345ad/mindfuleating

Also, if you have any questions about my experience/guidelines or anything else regarding mindful eating, please comment below or send me a private message or an email at [email protected]

Mindful eating short course



I pride my services on my personal ability to teach clients about the different options open to them.⁠

One of the main points clients learn is the ability to adjust portion sizes to meet their energy intakes while still being able to eat the foods they love.⁠

For example, clients love nan bread and curries.⁠

So we discuss options that allow optimal enjoyment and the ability to continue losing weight.⁠

Here I worked with a client on discussing what changes could be made to the weekly normal takeout curry. The client decided they could make the curry at home (off one of the recipes I provide to clients) and just order the nan bread (as that was the client's favourite part!).⁠

The client then portioned the nan bread to an appropriate portion for their energy intake.⁠

The result still enjoying a weekly curry with their favourite nan bread within their energy requirements to continue to keep losing weight and successfully achieve their weight loss goals.⁠

Educating clients = long-term success⁠
Are you looking to learn about what to eat and how much you should be eating for your health and well-being? Are you confused by nutritional guidelines and want a weight loss approach that fits your lifestyle and is easy to follow?⁠

Would like to be a part of a FREE supportive Facebook group? I share ideas on food, recipes, nutrition hacks, and mindset. The members are great at supporting each other and sharing their ideas. Click here to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/hannahsweetmannutrition
#mealtemplateconfusion #weightloss #fatlossgoals #weightlossmotivation #weightlossdiet #onlinecoaching💪 #nutritionpro #loseweightforgood #mealideas ⁠



As a nutrition coach and Personal Trainer, it's important to build a relationship with my clients and find out what drives them.⁠

I want to learn their WHY! ⁠

What are they trying to achieve? ⁠

Why are they trying to achieve this? ⁠

Their purpose. ⁠

When would they like to achieve this? ⁠

How would they like to achieve their goal? ⁠

When you know what drives someone, you can start to form a plan to work with their strengths and break down their⁠ barriers. ⁠

This is the individualised approach I pride my⁠ coaching on.⁠

The photo is a throwback to the good old rowing days when I was driven by a want to be my best in order to produce the best result on the water. ⁠

I would highly recommend putting pen to paper and writing out the answers to the questions above. They should be your starting point for any weight loss journey.⁠

Photos from Hannah Sweetman's post 07/09/2022


Learn how to manage stress outside of your control.

Stress can be caused by many situations within our lives. Some situations are within our control, and some are sadly not. To help manage stress, we must bring clarity to the situation. We can achieve this by analysing the situation and providing a pathway to manage or eliminate the stress from our life.

Use the following questions to help you analyse the situation:

When and how are you triggered?

When does it happen?

How does it affect you?

What are the actions of this person/situation that triggers you?

What is the most important aspect that is affecting you?

What actions can you take, and how would these fix the situation?

Come up with a list of possible solutions. With those solutions, what are the positives, and what are the consequences of those solutions?

If you have found this post useful and you would like to read the full article, head over to my blog page here https://bit.ly/3Bkgjk7

Our Story

“I believe lifestyle is one of the most important aspects of Nutrition. When working with clients, if an approach isn’t going to work for your lifestyle, then it isn’t the right approach. That’s why nutritional advice is individual, personalised to suit what you want to achieve”

If you would like to know more about nutrition coaching please contact me at [email protected]

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