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Timeline photos 11/02/2017

Okay so I have an announcement to make. I have appreciated everyone who has liked my page and who has visited to look at the content that I have put up over its existence.

However this page will not longer be active - I will leave it up for anyone who wishes to read anything that I have previously put up on here. You're more than welcome too.

I will be creating a new page with a new insight to what I have planned going forward. I have exciting ideas and great content.
Once the new page is up and running I will let you know. Just waiting on a few things with Facebook before I get going.

Thanks to everyone. Keep an eye out.

Train Hard, Inspire Forever!


Deadlift Highlights #4
160kg (352lbs) x 3reps.
Was really happy with this as normally I only do singles once I get past 150kg but the triple felt good. I felt good so I just went for it and it payed off.


Deadlift Highlights #3
After the leg press hit some . Tried a narrow stance on this to feel the difference however 100kg on the bar is light for me and didn't feel a lot of difference so will have to test out the narrow stance with heavier weight at a later date.


Quick bit of footage from today's session. Due to Deadlifts station being occupied decided to hit the legs and get them working before hitting the deads.

315.7kg (694.5lbs) x 3reps.

Note: My legs are not locking out during my reps. Despite them looking like they are, I'm not as I do not want to compromise my knee joints.


Deadlift Highlights #2

Fatigue is tough to combat when it kicks. It compromises everything especially your form at the bar.

160kg (352lbs) x 2reps


Project Long Legs: Workout Highlights - 6.3

High bar squats. Never tried low bar squats....something to think for the future.


Project Back Builder: Workout Highlights - 4.0

These incline dumbell rows really tested my stability. First time trying them and they certainly kicked my ass even when the weights weren't that heavy. Shows that new exercises must be adapted to no matter how experienced you are.


Project Delts Destruction: Workout Highlights - 3.2

What did you training today?

Half the weight of what I normally do and still painful. Muscle growth at its best with with negative reps.

Barbell over head press. Best shoulder Builder doesn't always have to be heavy!


Project Delts Destruction: Workout Highlights - 3.1

Some more negative reps to kill my shoulders. It just proves you don't need to go heavy to make the muscles feel pain even with the same rep ranges.
Slightest changes in routine can make the biggest difference.

Machine lateral raises. I use machine and Dumbell. Both have their benefits.


Project Delts Destruction: Workout Highlights - 3.0

Killed my today. Instead of going heavy like I normally do I changed it up and focused more on the negative reps. Slow tempo on the way down really destroys the muscle fibres.

Half the weight but still 100% gains.

I recommend giving it a go if you haven't already!


Well today was meant to be a leg day for me and wanted to change it up from just doing barbell back squats. So i tried some Landmine Squats which keep your form near perfect. Its hard to round your back on these.
First time properly doing thwm and they felt okay.
Unfortunately straight after these i warmed up with walking lunges and injured my foot. Which scuppered my leg workout.

Timeline photos 20/01/2017

Not every day will be perfect when you lift and train. You will feel weak and undisciplined but that is okay.
You're still training as you strive to become a stronger version of you while others just waste time doing nothing.

Strength doesn't just come in the format of how much you can lift.


Project Long Legs: Workout Highlights - 4.4 (Squat Edition)

My new PR. Super happy i done this. Going in the right direction. Not the cleanest rep ive done before but i got it up none the less.

120kg (264lbs) x single rep.

Ive set my sights on squats being my most improved movement this year and im on the way to achieving that and the my goal PR.


Project Long Legs: Workout Highlights - 4.3 (Squat Edition)

Squats once again. I used to hate them and avoid them but now i cant get enough of them. Squats give the most amount of satisfaction and sense of achievement in any workout.

115kg (253lbs) x single rep.


Me and killing it on . Building those legs up and getting .😂


More from today's workout. Me and smashing the squats. The fam slaying the weights!

The New Year......Success or Failure?? 04/01/2017

The New Year......Success or Failure??

First blog post of 2017 has arrived. If you haven't read it yet then where have you been?
Get your ass over there and begin your 2017 journey the right way.

Click the link below:

The New Year......Success or Failure?? Happy New Year to you all from Huse Fitness. I hope you all had a great holiday period and enjoyed yourself. BUT the real question is will...

Pro Fat Loss Tips #3 28/12/2016

Pro Fat Loss Tips #3

If you havent already, check out my most recent . Killer post that will help you out in the

Click the link below:

Pro Fat Loss Tips #3 Yes it is back. Pro Fat Loss Tips - Part 3. Its been a while but I'm back to assist with your fat loss journey. Got another five killer ...

Timeline photos 25/12/2016

Merry Xmas to all. Enjoy and have a killer Christmas.

Timeline photos 24/12/2016

Wake up and do something that will change your tomorrow!


More footage from a previous . Controlled reps on .
90kg (198lbs) x 5reps.
Working a lot on and control at the moment instead of being a "" and just trying to always go heavy no matter what.


Hitting again. Focusing on more work and also tried for the first time. Felt good and much more activation in my .


bent over rows I feel are so with a back to get that and . I use the bench to take the lower back out of the movement so the is focused on the area I want to target. Great for you to use and utilise.

80kg (176lbs) barbell bent over rows for 5reps.👌💪


Been changing the format of my and having a different approach. Only just recently put the change into action but it's feeling a so far.

Hitting to work on my technique more than anything. Nothings ever perfect but can always be improved.


Always push yourself to achieve the goals you want and have set out for yourself. . Love incline bench as I feel it develops my chest much more.


Getting back into the action. Felt good getting back into bench press. Exercise I love doing. So effective. Here's a snippet of the .

Consequences Of Having No Intent And Purpose 12/12/2016

Consequences Of Having No Intent And Purpose

New blog post is following on from the previous post. Check it out!

Consequences Of Having No Intent And Purpose Following on from my recent post about having intent with your actions..... If you haven't read it yet, stop reading and go back and read ...

Timeline photos 11/12/2016

It doesn't matter what your goals are or where you start from, you're the architect of your own bodily sculpture. You decide what you look like and how you feel within yourself. It is possible for ALL to be better YOU!

Timeline photos 10/12/2016

All in all quite happy with this👌


Shannon killing it on back today. She also tried bench press for the first time today and did exceptionally well. like


Hitting the 50kg (110lbs) along with supersetting plate presses. Always feels good hitting this on dumbells.


What you guys think of power grip dumbell presses? Tried them before?

The key to this variation is that you always keep your palms facing each other. Due to it being harder than regular dumbell press, your body tends to try and turn your hands naturally to a regular press so you have to focus and keep your hands facing each other always!


Bit of action going on today. Didn't go too heavy but it felt good to get the full stretch in the delts. . Also tried lateral raises but with a which felt good as requires more control. Element will continue to add in👌


Some footage from our workout. Very proud of my girlfriend for getting into the gym. . .
We've both got a long way to go to get to our goals but are on the right path!
Had to create a make shift cable row.

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