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Lauren Gray Yoga
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I recently had a sports massage with Matt who was very professional, friendly and helpful, giving me some good warm up ideas - wouldn't hesitate to use him again. Thanks Matt.
Has lockdown got you like.......
Orchard Personal Training in Southampton could be the answer you’ve been looking for!! 🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♀️ 💪🏻They have kindly donated us 1 months of one to one PT sessions worth £140!!! Check out their page for more details.

Available now on our crowdfunding page to buy at an insanely reduced price!!!

I hurt in places I didn't know I could hurt in! 😩👍🏻
New Blog Post. Planning to update this regularly so keep a look out! It will mostly be educational info, motivation, insights to training or the latest deals on offer.
Feeling energised after tonight's training session 💪

Bespoke personal training or Sports Massage offered at David Lloyd West End, in Hedge End or local home visits. Available as one-to-one sessions, pairs or groups.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience to support your goals. Offering, Home, online and studio based training for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being. Get in-touch now for a free, no obligation, consultation!

Operating as usual

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I am taking on online clients!

Get in touch now if you’re looking for some real direction and purpose to your training. With bespoke plans to suit you, support anytime, and regular check ins, there’s no reason not to 👌🏼
With coaching plans to fit your goal while being flexible around your work and lifestyle demands.

Get in touch now to find out more 💪🏼


Happy Friday everybody.

Don’t be scared to treat yourself!

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Hey 👋🏼

Thinking about getting a Personal Trainer to help you achieve your goals?

Not sure if it’s right for you?

Just check out these amazing reviews from my clients!

My approach isn’t just about being the skinniest on the beach. It’s about well-being as a whole. We’ll look at your lifestyle, your mental well-being and your physical HEALTH not just what the scales say. I want to help you move better, feel confident, and enjoy life.

Get in touch now to find out more!

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Hey Everybody 👋🏼

Just your weekly reminder that I’m here to help!
I have a variety of options to suit all schedules and budgets, with the great option of training with me at 365 Fitness in Bishops Waltham.

Feel free to take a look through just a few of these reviews of my services. And follow my page for lots of exciting new things coming up soon.

My ethos is all about whole health and well-being, not just being the skinniest at the beach.

So come and chat to me if you’re prepared to risk side effects like:

- Improved confidence,
- better sleep,
- more energy,
- better mood,

And just generally feeling much more badass in your own skin.

Get in touch now through Facebook, or call/WhatsApp to 07917292130

Can’t wait to hear from you.


Do you know the benefits of getting out in nature?

Just two hours a week spent in nature is enough to improve your health and well-being. (And you don’t have to do it all at once)

It can:
- increase feelings of calm
- increase happiness (increased endorphins and dopamine)
- reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
- reduce irritability
- lower blood pressure and reduce cortisol
- reduce feelings of isolation
- increase Vitamin D
- improved concentration
- and loads more!

What’s your favourite part of getting outdoors?

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It’s and this years theme is loneliness. A theme close to my heart.
As a self employed person, it’s easy to get lonely, travelling around a lot, seeing people for just a snippet of your day and only then in a professional capacity.
Then during the pandemic that effect was magnified by everything going digital and people fully being isolated from each other.

I first created the O-Tribe as my attempt to combat that impact. As an effort to bring my clients together and also to create a great community of people who could support each other, encourage each other towards their goals, and socialise when the opportunity presents itself.
Since then The O-Tribe has become my second family, and I chat to many of these people more than than my regular friends and family.

Are you struggling with loneliness? Or with your mental health? You don’t need to be a part of the Tribe to drop me a message and chat. I’m always available to talk.
But if the Tribe does sound like it would help you, I’d love to get you on board.

Look after yourselves. Health isn’t just Physical.

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A great weekend.

Saturday spent riding the Itchen navigation: Riverside-Winchester. With some of my Tribe.
Sunday spent watching my eldest compete in her first ever sporting event, and gain her first ever participation medal (A Dynamo gymnastics comp).

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Good morning world!

How are you getting on? Are you where you want to be?

Why not?

Sometimes you just need someone in your corner cheering you on.

Let me and my tribe help you with that!

With options to suit all levels, budgets, and availability. Why not drop me a message and find out how I can help you to achieve your goals this year.

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Hey everybody 👋🏼

Matt here, I thought it was about time I introduced myself again, as I am now in the system and able to offer my services from 365Fitness in Bishops Waltham! (Alongside home and outdoor training options)

I’ve been a PT for around 9 years now and been in the leisure industry over 10. (With a degree in Applied Sports Science to back up my experience).

After the last few years of Covid, and with 2 kids at home to look after, my ethos has become all about complete well-being. Looking after my clients Mental and Social well-being not just the physical!

If you’re interested in making a real significant difference to your health and well-being then get in touch now to find out more!

Want more proof, just check out these recent reviews from my clients! (You can find more on Google reviews).

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Where were you 12 weeks ago with your physical and mental health?

Where are you now?

Where would you like to be in 12 weeks?

Sign up to my new 12 week programme, starting this weekend, and let’s get you to where you want to be!

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The weather has been amazing this week - and I don't know about you but its making me think about Summer. Are you ready for it?

I want this summer to be my best yet. And I want it to be yours too. I want you to feel great in your own body (and mind), I want you to be active, be healthy, and be happy!

Health is:

'A state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.' - WHO

That means it isn't just about getting fit physically, but taking steps for your mental wellbeing, and spending time with others too.

So let's get healthy!

I have designed a 12 week plan that takes us right up to Summer. It starts the 1st April and involves:

- Workout plans,
- Nutrition targets,
- Mental wellbeing activities,
- Social opportunities including walks, workouts and chat's,

PLUS the opportunity to be a part of a great tribe of people with similar goals and aspirations.

I want you to be a part of the Tribe for YOUR sake. I want to give you the tools, the skills, the resources and the opportunities to be the best version of you this Summer.

So get in touch now and find out more!

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Is your Health and fitness starting to slip since you made those new year resolutions?

Struggling to keep up the momentum, or even get back into it?

Feel like summer is just around the corner?

I am taking on new clients and I want to help you achieve your goals!

Get in touch now for a free consultation and let’s talk about how I can help.

Orchard Personal Training updated their website address. 22/03/2022

Orchard Personal Training updated their website address.

Orchard Personal Training updated their website address.

Photos from Orchard Personal Training's post 09/03/2022

So I posted this on my private client group on FB today. But I thought it was an important message and I should share it here:

Hey Tribe!

So it is winning Wednesday today. And normally I would ask you to share your win for the week, or the day.

But I stumbled upon this new… idea? Challenge? Concept? On Instagram. And it made me think. And I think you could all benefit from what I found.

This is me over 4 years.

Top left is 19, top right is 20, bottom left is 21, bottom right is 22 from a month or two ago.

I sometimes feel that people put me (as a PT) on a bit of a fitness pedestal. They think because it’s my job, and because I know the how’s. I’m always in great shape.

But I am human, as are you.

My mental health ticks up and down.
My motivation comes and goes.
I love to eat! As much, maybe MORE than the next guy…

My body constantly changes shape and size. I feel confident at times, and like a fat blob at other times. Energised, or sluggish…

Your body is an incredible thing. 9 years I’ve been a PT, 3 years of that at uni, multitudes of courses. And I still wouldn’t consider that I know even half of what your body is capable of. It responds to you, and your needs, and keeps you alive. Even when you batter it with junk food, not enough sleep, too much stress, too much work…

… I was going to try and put some deep and meaningful spin on this. But I’m not. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I just want you to know that you are not alone.

We all have good days and bad days. Fat years and fit years.

I hated my body in 19 and 21. Hated how my clothes fit. Hated photos. Hated being topless where people could see me.

20 and 22 I feel confident. Sexy. Strong. I would strip down to my pants in the middle of Southampton high street right now and be proud of what people saw 😆

Just keep your head up. don’t be so hard on yourself. And take it day by day…

Just a taste of the great feedback I’ve had from clients. Check out my stories for the full images as well as my favourite one ever!
#personaltrainer #personaltraining #orchardpt #fitness #health #training #exercise #workout #strength #confidence #weight #fatloss #fatburn #gym #motivation #cardio #happy #fitfam #instafit 06/03/2022

Just a taste of the great feedback I’ve had from clients. Check out my stories for the full images as well as my favourite one ever!
#personaltrainer #personaltraining #orchardpt #fitness #health #training #exercise #workout #strength #confidence #weight #fatloss #fatburn #gym #motivation #cardio #happy #fitfam #instafit

Check it out! And get in touch for help with your own win!



Just a taste of the great feedback I’ve had from clients. Check out my stories for the full images as well as my favourite one ever! #personaltrainer #personaltraining #orchardpt #fitness #health #training #exercise #workout #strength #confidence #weight #fatloss #fatburn #gym #motivation #cardio #happy #fitfam #instafit


Flicking the switch…

Something I’ve discussed with a couple of clients this week is flicking their switch on to exercise mode.

In my experience, while starting a new exercise plan is exciting, the motivation soon wanes. And it becomes a matter of discipline to keep it moving forward.

But at some point, usually a few weeks in, that switch flicks on. Exercise becomes a joy, your weights start to go up, body starts to change. And the obsession begins!

That switch has flicked on for me and after a few years of patchy routines and no clear goals (weMre all human, even us PT’s) I’m in a good place with training again.

Watch this space!

Struggling to flick that switch by yourself? Just drop me a message 💪🏼


I am pretty dam proud of this.
my strength overall is not where I want it to be. And I’m working on that constantly.

But today I got a 400kg leg press! For 5 reps 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


Photos from Orchard Personal Training's post 17/01/2022

Beat ! There’s plenty more tips but here’s a few to get you started.

What’s your top tip for Blue Monday? Or any Monday blues?

Photos from Orchard Personal Training's post 01/01/2022

It’s the 1st of Jan, and if you haven’t already it’s time to think about your resolutions.

What’s your resolution? Why not make it public in the comments to add a little weight to it!


Is it recording? Is the music loud enough? Should I get my mat out? Is this workout too hard? Is it too easy?…

Seen a lot of throwbacks to video and home workouts over the last few days so here’s me and the perplexed face everyone entered my videos to 😆

Photos from Orchard Personal Training's post 27/12/2021

Christmas is done, new year is just around the corner. But why wait to get started on your goals?

I’m laying out my goals and my commitment to them today, and encouraging my clients to do the same. So what’s your resolution? How can I help?

I want to make this year the year I help more people than I ever have before! Whether that’s just answering a simple question, or taking you on as a client or for online support!

Get in touch now and let me help you make this the best year of your life!

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