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Recommended 3 cup caffeine make u more energetic

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Modern lifestyle is putting a negative impact on men's health. In such a case, men should be conscious about their health, before any habit of their catering or daily life becomes expensive after them. If you are not aware of your health right now, then you will have to face some other disease. So let's know the tips that are useful for men.

Regular intake of junk food reduces the quality of sperm. So if junk food is part of your daily diet, then you should tell your habit quickly as soon as possible.
You must include two bananas in your breakfast. Bananas will maintain your energy to work throughout the day and will keep you away from many heart diseases as well.
If you eat too much packing food, then you need to change your habit. Because such foods are used in such foods, which are not good for men.
Trying to keep yourself healthy without exercise or walk is a silly endeavor, so if you want to keep yourself healthy, then exercise or walk in your daily life must be done.
Eat soda, coffee, red meat, chips, etc. occasionally. Because regular consumption of them will cause you loss in the long run.
Use good quality oils in the food. Poor quality oils are harmful to men.
Obesity also has negative effects on men's sexual ability, so keep yourself away from obesity.
If you do not have the time to do the exercise, then use the stairs instead of lift in the house and office.
Join seasonal fruits and seasonal vegetables in your food. This habit will play an important role in keeping you healthy.
Must have breakfast in the morning, and keep in mind that dinner should be light. Dinner should be done at 8 o'clock.
The same person can be healthy, who wakes up early in the morning. So if you have a habit of rising too late, then soon change your habit.
Make a part of your food to salads and sprouted grains.
Do not eat both bread and rice at a time while eating.
Massage the oils of the oils at least 3 times in the hair and whole body.
Do not take responsibility of others unnecessarily, do not be a money-making machine .... Visit and also take time for other activities. Give yourself Sunday time.
Do not work on placing the laptop on the thighs, it has a negative effect on the viral capacity. You can also become impotent with it.

#Health #and #Fitness

The benefits and uses of papaya
Papaya is a fruit that is easily found throughout the year. In most of India's homes, papaya plant is easily found. The more papaya is delicious, it is equally beneficial for our health. Papaya juice is also very beneficial. There is too much use of papaya seeds too. Papaya is also good for hair and skin. The use of papaya is also used in the form of salad ... Then come what are the advantages of papaya and how it can be used.

The advantages and uses of papaya:

Vitamin A, potassium and calcium are found in papaya.
Makers should eat papaya regularly
Papaya is easily digested fruit. Therefore, those people can also eat, whose digestion power is weak.
The papaya removes herpes, itch, itching.
High BP can be controlled by regular sauvens of papaya.
Eating papaya increases the level of energy in the body.
If cut, swelling, or burning, papaya can be found at the affected place.
If a person has stomach worms, then the papaya seeds and its peel help eliminate the insects.
People who have problems of constipation should regularly drink papaya.
Eating papaya does not cause diseases like colds, coughs and colds.
Papaya is beneficial for longevity and for a long time to be young.
Drinking papaya benefits from gastric and bowel problems.
By eating papaya regularly, wrinkles, hair loss, hemorrhoids, skin diseases and irregular menstrual problems are eliminated.
Papaya is very beneficial for heart patients and Sugar patients.
There is abundant fiber in papaya. It helps in reducing high cholesterol.
Papaya juice is beneficial for intestinal and stomach related problems.
Regular consumption of papaya decreases the risk of cancer.
The enzyme found in papaya reduces inflammation in the body.
It is very beneficial for skin and eyes in papaya. The calcium found in it strengthens the bones of the body. It keeps the digestive capacity of the body right
Papaya protects the stomach from infection.
Consumption of papaya powder, removes irritation, wound and indigestion of the intestine.
Papaya makes us physically strong.
Papaya helps in losing weight.
Pregnant women should not have papaya

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[09/29/17]   How does exercise reduce stress?
Exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being, which puts more pep in your step every day. But exercise also has some direct stress-busting benefits. It pumps up your endorphins. Physical activity helps bump up the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins.

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Excellence nutrition sutgirni chowk road opp Gurukrupa Farsan Garkheda Aurangabad.

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FITNESS seminar enthusiastic hours great personalitys

Working out your glutes doesn't just get you a higher, tighter-looking tush. It can also work wonders for your body. This muscle group (one of the largest) acts as the middleman between your spine, back, and upper and lower body. Keeping those rear muscles in top form will help you stand up straighter, feel better, and perform like a rock star when you're doing outdoor activities like running or hiking.

This ultimate outdoor butt workout works as a standalone workout or incorporated into a walk, run, or hike. Either way you do it, warm up with a brisk walk before you get going. Aim to complete a total of three to five circuits of all six exercises.

Find a stair or bench along your route and stand with your back to it. Reach your left leg back and balance on your right leg. With your hands at your head, stand with a long, tall spine. Focus your energy and attention on the right leg and bend your right knee to lower downward. Send your hips back so that your right knee stays directly above your right toes, or slightly in front of them (one inch or less). Drive into your right heel to press upwards and return to a standing position keeping a slight bend in your right knee. That's one rep. From here, immediately lower down again without changing to your left leg, and complete a total of 15 reps. Change legs and complete the same on the other side. That's one set.

Stop anywhere along your route and stand with your feet together and hands on your hips. Balance on your right leg and extend your left leg back with your left toes touching the ground. Squeeze the left side of your butt to raise your left leg behind you. Think of this as a contraction, not as a swing, and pause at the top of the movement for a moment to really squeeze. Lower the toes back to the ground. That's one rep. Repeat on this leg for a total of 15 reps. Switch legs and complete the same on the other leg. That's one set.

Find a level surface to stop and begin standing on your left foot with a slight bend in your left knee. Allow your right arm to hang relaxed and rotate forward from your hips until your right arm is perpendicular to the ground. Your body should form a straight line from your head to your right heel. Drive into your left heel and power your left glute to rotate back to the starting position. That's one rep. Repeat on this side for a total of 15 reps. Switch sides and repeat the same on the other side. That's one set.

Find a low wall or bench and stand with your feet hip-distance apart and arms reaching forward, parallel to the ground. Stand with a long, tall spine to activate your core muscles. Bend your knees and reach your hips backward to lower down into a squat. Pause at the moment when your butt just touches the bench. Drive into your heels, keep your chest lifted, and return to the starting position. That's one rep.

Using a bench or stair, begin with your right foot fully on the flat surface and your left arm bent forward to assist you. Press into your right heel to press upward so that you are standing on the bench. Swing your left knee forward and up, and squeeze the right side of your butt and you switch arms. Use the strength of your right leg to slowly lower back down to the starting position. That's one rep. Press back upwards on this same leg and complete a total of 15 reps. Switch sides and complete the same on the other leg. That's one set.

Stand with a wide stance and turn your toes open to 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. as if you were standing on top of a clock. Soften your knees and stand with a long, tall spine, with your hands in front of your shoulders. Imagine there are stings attached to your kneecaps being pulled outward, to pull you downward into a squat. Your knees should move in the same direction as your toes. Reach your fingertips down to lightly tap the ground. Drive into your heels to press back upwards to the starting position. That's one rep; complete 15.
👉 _*लठ्ठपणा का वाढतो?*

हल्ली जीवनशैली बदलीय, धावपळ वाढलीय. सुख-सुविधा आल्या पण नको-नको त्या समस्यांनी आपल्यापैकी कित्येकांना हैराण करून सोडलंय. त्यापैकीच एक समस्या म्हणजे लठ्ठपणा. पण लठ्ठपणा का वाढतो? त्याची काही कारणे पाहूयात...

👉 लठ्ठपणासाठी सर्वात जास्त जबाबदार खाण्या-पिण्याच्या सवयी असतात. जर तुम्ही बेसुमार मिष्ठान्न, तुप, फास्टफुड खात असाल तर लठ्ठुणाला सामोरं जावं लागेल. आपल्या आहारात जास्त फॅटस्युक्त पदार्थ नसावे, याची काळजी तुम्हालांच घ्यायचीय. कारण त्यात कॅलरीची संख्या खूप कमी असते. त्यामुळं ते टाळल्यानं शरीर स्वस्थ आणि लठ्ठपणा विरहीत राहील. जेवताना ऑलिव्ह ऑईलचा वापर करावा.

👉 जेव्हा आपण झोपता, तेव्हा नॅचरली आपल्या शरीरातून चरबी कमी होते. मात्र पोटभर जेवून झोपल्यानं असं घडू शकत नाही. अनेक जण रात्री खूप उशिरानं जेवतात, ज्यामुळं त्यांना पोटाशी संबंधित अनेक समस्यांना सामोरं जावं लागलं. सोबतच लठ्ठपणा ही समस्याही निर्माण होते. जर तुम्ही योग्य वेळी जेवणाची सवय लावाल, तर लठ्ठपणा कमी करण्यात मदत होईल. सोबतच रात्री जेवण कमी करावं आणि फळं खावीत. याशिवाय जेवल्यानंतर लगेच झोपू नये. कारण असं केल्यानं जेवण पचत नाही. आपल्या जेवणार्‍या आणि झोपण्याच्यामध्ये कमीत कमी 3 तासांचं अंतर असावं.

👉 जेव्हा आपण घरी किंवा बाहेर जेवता तेव्हा जेवतांना आपल्या ताटाच्या आकाराकडे विशेष लक्ष द्यावं. एका सर्व्हेनुसार जे लोक जेवणासाठी मोठं ताट घेतात, त्यात भरपूर पदार्थ वाढून घेतात. त्यामुळं आपल्या शरीराच्या गरजेपेक्षा जास्त जेवण जेवल्या जातं. जर तुम्हाला लठ्ठपणा कमी करायचा असेल तर नेहमी छोट्या प्लेटमध्येच जेवा. यामुळं तुम्ही तुमची ओव्हर इटिंगची सवय बंद करू शकाल.

👉 आपण नेहमी बघितलं असेल की, जेव्हा आपल्या खूप क्रोध येतो किंवा आपण तणावात असाल तर तुम्ही जास्त जेवू लागता. त्यावेळी जेवण चांगलं तर लागत नाही मात्र मनाला शांत करण्यासाठी आणि आणखी काही विचार करण्यासाठी तुम्ही खूप जेवता. त्यामुळं हळुहळु चरबी जमा होत जाते. क्रोध आणि तणाव असतांना जास्त जेवण करणं टाळायचं असेल तर पाणी प्या. आपल्या मित्रांसोबत गप्पा मारा आणि आराम करा. त्याशिवाय इतर कोणत्याही अ‍‍ॅक्टिव्हिटी आपण करू शकता. ज्यामुळं तुम्ही भावूक असतांना एक्स्ट्रा कॅलरीज घेण्यापासून वाचू शकता.

👉 जर आपण दररोज सोडा पित असाल तर सावधान, कारण त्याच्या सेवनानं लठ्ठपणा वाढू शकतो. संशोधनकर्त्यांनुसार दररोज सोडा पिल्यानं लठ्ठपणा जोमानं वाढतो. तर आठवड्यात एक वेळा सोडा पिल्यानं प्रकृतीवर जास्त परिणाम होत नाही. खूप जणांना वाटतं की, डायट सोड्यात कमी कॅलरीज असतात. मात्र या कॅलरीजसुद्धा प्रकृतीसाठी हानिकारक असतात. त्यात साखरेचं प्रमाण अधिक असतं म्हणून जेवतांना सोडा पिणं टाळावं. जर तुम्हाला जेवतांना काही ड्रिंक प्यायचंच असेल तर फळांचा ज्यूस प्या.

वरील सर्व कारणांचा विचार करून जर योग्य कृती केली तर आपण लठ्ठपणाला नक्कीच बाय-बाय करू शकतो…

Happy diwali

Happy diwali

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