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Motivational story: An Olympian in conversation with one of India's best judo coach. He and his students have made India proud by winning more than 121 medals from various international tournaments.

A journey of thousand miles start with the first step. Follow our page to see the video
He is a Great Coach and Also a Good Hearted Man who Want to Endorse Judo For Self defence of Our Childrens and for the Country🇮🇳

Commonwealth Medalist & NIS Qualified Judo Coach in Chandigarh.

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Congratulations to Golden Boy 🏅 Neeraj Chopra
The whole country 🇮🇳 is proud of you.


I congratulate Shushila Likmabam who has qualified for Tokyo Olympics after official Olympic rankings were released. She has qualified through the Asian Continental Quota. My best wishes to small but powerful Shushila🇮🇳

Photos from Vivek Thakur Judo World's post 07/06/2021

Judoka Sushila Devi has qualified for #Tokyo2020 in women’s 48 kg through the continental quota.
Many congratulations! @judokalikmabam48kg

Please Share this post and make Shushila Popular 🥋 She is a pride of Indian Judo 🥋🇮🇳🌟

Photos from Vivek Thakur Judo World's post 04/05/2021

Today’s Amar Ujala 🥋


Interview with a news channel 🥋 🇮🇳

Photos from Vivek Thakur Judo World's post 25/02/2021

Today’s Amar Ujala & Danik Bhaskar 🥋
#State Judo Championship 2020-21
26 to 28/02/21
@Sports complex sector 34
Chandigarh UT

20/02/2021 07/01/2021

Preparation stage|Lunge| Twisting| Landmine row|Snatch| Primal Movements by Vivek Thakur Judo Coach

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My youtube channel for more
Judo & Fitness related videos The Preparation stage: When an athlete is first introduced to a skill he or she will be required to understand how to perform the skill correctly. A great de...


Its my privilege to recieved the certificate of Commendation By the worthy SDM (South) Chandigarh U.T Sh.Satish Kumar Jain (HCS)

Office of Sub Division Magistrate
(SOUTH) U.T Chandigarh

For my contribution in fight against
COVID-19 Pandemic.




#Love Judo ❤️ #Spread Judo 🥋


First 2 you give Last one your earn 🙌🏻


तट पर बैठे बैठे तेरे
हाथ कहाँ कुछ आएगा,

रत्न मिलेंगे तुझको
जब सागर की तह में जाएगा.

कुछ ना आया हाथ समझना
डुबकी अभी अधूरी है

चाहे जितना भी हो मुश्किल
पहला कदम ज़रूरी है 🔥🥋


#ROAR 🔥🔥


#Judo #Fighter 🥋🇮🇳🌟


7 reasons why you should start Judo !!!


Kiren Rijiju

My best wishes to Indian Judo players leaving for Hungary to compete in the IJF Grand Slam competition at Budapest which will be Olympic qualifying matches. 21/10/2020

Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju meets Indian judokas ahead of Budapest Grand Slam, says Judo is a priority sport Kiren Rijiju met the Indian Judo team ahead of their departure to Hungary for the Budapest Grand Slam which contributes to the Olympic qualification, to be held between October 23-25.


Kiren Rijiju

Best wishes to our Judo players in the IJF Grand Slam. Judo is amongst the sports identified as priority sports for India targeting the future Olympic medals.


#Unlock #Judo #GrandSlam #2020 🥋🔥
Vivek Thakur



Are you kidding????

18-year old Madina Taimazova (RUS) gets disqualified for having a mobile phone inside her judogi. What is it with these millennials and their mobile phones?


#Judoaale 🥋


Weight Loss True Story: 45 year old Kiran Dembla, A Mother Of 2, Bodybuilding Champion And An Inspiration For Many

Kiran Dembla, A mother of two kids, lived quite a nonchalant life. She thought she was leading a perfect life with her family until one day she was diagnosed with a blood clot in her brain. In an interview with The News Minute, Kiran says, “My husband and I were shocked, and as I looked at the mirror, I realised how much I changed in the past decade. I felt nauseated by the medicines the doctor had prescribed.”

She had studied music for 23 years and got married in the year 1997. She, along with her family, shifted to Hyderabad in 2006 and that’s where her music career began. Little by little, Dembla started to step out of her comfort zone. Kiran says in conversation with Brut, “Even if you step out of the house, you start getting used to it. I started leaving the house to go to yoga, to go swimming, stepping outside the door itself is a big deal for a housewife. Especially for people who don’t leave the house.”
However, she overcame all odds, lost oodles of weight and is now is not just a bodybuilding champion, but also a celebrity fitness trainer and DJ. From being a ‘simple homemaker’ to a bodybuilder, she had come a long way. Kiran Dembla had a struggling life. She took a seven-month fitness course and worked out for another seven months to build her body.

During the time of her treatment, she did not realise that she had touched the weight bracket of 75 and looked nothing like what she did when in college. All added to the mental stress and torture, and she had nothing but only stress which took a toll on me. In 2007, started going for yoga classes and got hooked on to gyming. It took her 6-7 months of rigorous exercising that helped her lose all the weight. She lost 25 kilos and was motivated enough to open her gym. She completed a fitness trainer course and opened her gym in Hyderabad. This was just the starting for this yummy mummy in the world of fitness and bodybuilding.

Fitness & Dembla

Fitness helped Kiran Dambla become mentally and physically healthy, and she continues to inspire women that no matter how old you are, you can always dream and work towards it. There are no boundaries and limitations in life. Her story is a good tale, telling us to go for what our hearts desire. She, who gave up at the age of 30, now stands tall and bulked up at the age of 45, who is also giving tips to others to lose weight. She also represented the country in the World Bodybuilding Championship in Budapest, 2013 and secured the sixth rank.

Her everyday morning routine consists of heading to the gym at sharp 5 am and here’s when she can proudly say that the gym is her drug. But it wasn’t an easy task to convince her family when she finally started to see changes in her body. Kiran says to the Brut, “I’m a daughter-in-law, a mother, and for that mother to wear a bikini, that was a big task. I asked my husband, that I wanted to enter this championship, but he refused. I’d become stubborn about this. I told him I am going to enter this championship.”

The fitness routine and workouts not just helped Dembla shed weight physically, but also caught the attention of the Telugu Film industry. Her star-studded clientele now includes Tamannaah and Anushka Shetty for Mirchi and Baahubali. She had helped other clients like Rajamouli, Prakash Raj, Ram Charan, Upasana, and Prabhas get an instant transformation according to their roles in the film.

[08/31/20]   Do you practice hard but still feel stress and anxiety ? Which effect your sports performance??

Today iam going to explain 2 easy methods to overcome Stress & anxiety !

Most of the players just focus on physical fitness !
But always ignore Mental health !!

There are lots of Ways to manage stress & Anxiety
Todays we will discuss about 2 very common and easy stress & anxiety management techniques.

•PMR (Progressives Muscle Relaxation technique)
•GIRT (Guided Imagery Relaxation Technique)

⚜️PMR (Progressives Muscle Relaxation technique)👇🏻

Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a deep relaxation technique that has been effectively used to control stress and anxiety and reduce symptoms of certain types of chronic pain. Progressive muscle relaxation is based upon the simple practice of tensing, or tightening, one muscle group at a time followed by a relaxation phase with release of the tension.

The technique of progressive muscle relaxation was described by Edmund Jacobson in the 1930s and is based upon his premise that mental calmness is a natural result of physical relaxation. Progressive muscle relaxation can be learned by nearly anyone and requires only 10 minutes to 20 minutes per day to practice.

Most practitioners recommend tensing and relaxing the muscle groups one at a time in a specific order, generally beginning with the lower extremities and ending with the face, abdomen, and chest. You can practice this technique seated or lying down, and you should try to practice with comfortable clothing on, and in a quiet place free of all distractions.

Here is how it works:

1.While inhaling, contract one muscle group (for example your upper thighs) for 5 seconds to 10 seconds, then exhale and suddenly release the tension in that muscle group.

2.Give yourself 10 seconds to 20 seconds to relax, and then move on to the next muscle group (for example your buttocks).

3.While releasing the tension, try to focus on the changes you feel when the muscle group is relaxed. Imagery may be helpful in conjunction with the release of tension, such as imagining that stressful feelings are flowing out of your body as you relax each muscle group.

4.Gradually work your way up the body contracting and relaxing muscle groups.

⚜️GIRT (Guided Imagery Relaxation Technique) 👇🏻

Guided imagery is a stress management technique, where you use your imagination to picture a person, place, or time that makes you feel relaxed, peaceful and happy. Imagery is slightly different from other stress management techniques, in that it relies on the use of all of your senses.

For instance, in your imagination you hear the sound of birds chirping, you see the drops of dew on the grass, you feel the breeze on your skin, you smell the wildflowers, and you taste the cold drink. In imagery, using all of your senses is what creates such a powerfully relaxing experience, and this is why it's so useful in managing stress and coping with difficult situations.

How to Use Guided Imagery ! 👇🏻

1. If possible, find a quiet place to sit down. This could be a park bench, an empty room, Close your eyes, and breathe slowly and deeply to calm down.

Once you feel relaxed, picture yourself in the most peaceful environment that you can imagine. This can be an imaginary place, or a memory of a place or time that has a special meaning to you.

The scene that you imagine is highly personal and should ideally be one that you feel emotionally drawn to. However, if you're having trouble thinking of an image, consider using the following:

•Relaxing on a sunny tropical beach, listening to the waves, and digging your toes into the sand.

•Curling up in an armchair in a remote cabin, surrounded by mountains and snow, and relaxing in front of a fire with a cup of hot cocoa.

•Going on a picnic with your family in your favorite secret spot.

•Sitting by a waterfall deep in the forest, feeling the gentle moisture against your face, and listening to the birds.

It's important to remember that imagery's effectiveness relies on using all your senses.

Your goal is to immerse yourself fully in the scene: this includes what you can see, taste, touch, and smell, as well as how you feel. The more details that you can include in your imagery, the more effective this technique will be.

Try these 2 easy methods & feel the change in yourself, it will also enhance your sports performance and training efficiency !
It can be done by both sports & non sportsperson.
You can repeat these exercises every week 👍🏻

Thanks & Regards
Vivek Thakur
Judo Coach
NIS Topper 2017-18


#HappyIndependenceDay2020 🇮🇳🇮🇳


Judo life 🥋

अगर ये सफ़र आम होता,
तो कोई भी कर लेता !

तुम ख़ास हो..🔥

[08/01/20]   Humidity is not necessarily related to heat - it is to do with how much water vapour is in the air. During the summers, humidity often rise to 90 degrees or more,above 80degree is alarming 🚨
it feels damp, uncomfortably sticky and even difficult to breathe.

👉🏻Health Side Effects of Humidity

•Nausea and Vomiting
•Elevated Breathing
•Exacerbating Asthma
•Excessive Sweating

👉🏻 Instructions to be followed by a sports person.

•Keep cool with food. eat non-cook meals like salads, fruits.It will make the extreme heat more bearable.

•Take cool showers. It may only be a temporary reprieve, but it will feel so good!

•Don't do strenuous exercise outside. find an indoor location.Drink plenty of water and go out for training in the early morning or late evening for the coolest temperatures.

•Wear loose, light clothing. Go for light colours and natural fabrics like cotton and linen. Don't wear tight clothing - allow air to circulate and you'll feel cooler.

•Drink lots of water. You'll get dehydrated extremely fast so take a few bottles of water with you. Freezing half a bottle of water on its side and filling the other half with water will give you a cool drink even after hours in the sun.

•Stay inside at noon. It's best not to stray outdoors when the day is at its hottest. Try to keep outings to early morning and late evening.

#Be safe #Be careful

Please share the post so that it can reach to the maximum people 🙏🏻

Vivek Thakur
Judo coach


Its a Great feeling when honourable
Sports Minster of India Appreciate your Work 🙌🏻

I want to thank almighty
for choosing me for this Nobel cause 🙏🏻

(Danik Bhaskar Chandigarh edition) 18/07/20 18/07/2020

Panchkula: Trainee tests positive, training activities stopped at Tau Devi Lal Sports Complex

Taekwondo trainee positive covid-19 at panchkula, training activities stopped by Haryana sports department. After the trainee's report came positive earlier this week, the Haryana sports department stopped all the activities at the sports complex and closed the training halls.


I feel proud to share the academic achievements by our Chandigarh Judokas in 10th & 12th Board Exams ! #SuperJudokas🥋🏅📚

[07/12/20]   Very Important 🚨

Ek baat share karni thi aap sab se !
Covid-19 ab Air borne ho gaya hai !
Iska matlab ye Hawa mai bhi 8 ghante tak rahega !
Zaroori nahi ki aap agar kissi ke contact mai aayege tabhi corona hoga !

Ab Bina kissi ke contact mai aaye , Hawa ke zariye bhi corona ho sakta hai !

•Apne face ko hamesha mask se cover karke rakhe !
•Immunity increse karne ke liye acchi diet le.
•Ghar mai reh kar Breathing exercise kare.
•Bahar se kuch khareed kar na khae !
•Training ke liye bahar bilkul na jaye !
Agar jana hai to aaise time jaye jab koi
Waha na ho !
•Bahar ghumna avoid kare.
•Pair ya group mai training karna bhi avoid kare.

#Suraksh*t rehne mai hi samjhdari hai.
#Be careful #Be Safe 🌸

Vivek Thakur

[07/12/20]   The National Institute of Sports (NIS) Patiala has discontinued the diploma courses in cricket, lawn tennis and softball for the year 2020-21, citing reasons of poor response and non-priority.

Raj Bishnoi, senior executive director at NIS, Patiala told TOI: "The response in cricket and lawn tennis are very poor. We had only 12 applicants for cricket in the previous season. The Board of Control for Cricket in India also takes least interest, because it has nothing to do with Sports Authority of India. We are reconstructing the NIS for the next 10 years.


Judo is growing 🥋🥋
Congratulations to Kashmiri Judoka
@Kabra Altaf for getting this opportunity 👍🏻


Judo Club Alzira

Nombre de esta técnica?

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#Unlock #Judo #GrandSlam #2020 🥋🔥Vivek Thakur
Beautiful message of sportsmanship ❤️
This video will blow your mind 🔥🔥
Breif Introduction of Judo in Hindi 🥋🇮🇳
My devotion for JUDO 🙌🏻
Judo Newaza Supplementary/Core/Neck Strengthening Exercises!! 🥋





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