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From Posing On The Stage to Breaking PRs in the Platform ⭐️

Having stood on both physique contest stages and powerlifting platforms, I've had a taste of two incredibly diverse sports.

Each requires not only physical strength but mental resilience too. It's not just the training style that changes. It's the mindset too. Embracing the beauty of my strength has been empowering. Yes, the sports are different, but the drive, passion, and dedication remain the same.

Here are a few tips for you if you are transitioning from a physique athlete to a strength athlete.

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Are you ever left scratching your head trying to figure out your RPE?

Do you find it challenging to gauge how many reps you truly had left in the tank after a grueling set? You're not alone!

Mastering the art of understanding and accurately gaising your RPE can be a game changer in your lifting journey.

In this post, we delve deep into the world of RPE, from what it is, to how you can use it to enhance your training. By tuning into your body's signals and aligning them with your performance, you can tailor your training more accurately, push your limits safely, and see consistent and sustainable progress.

It's time to get acquainted with your inner strength and elevate your powerlifting game. Dive in and let's decode the RPE together! 💡🏋️‍♂️


Strength starts when fear ends!

Last week, I & reviewed the applications we received for the first batch of the GrittyArmy strength coaching program, and we noticed a common trend: most people are held back by their fear of lifting heavy. They may have good strength, but they doubt themselves and their abilities. 💭

But here's the thing: strength isn't just about physical ability. It's also about mental fortitude. When you conquer your fear of lifting heavy, you tap into a whole new level of confidence and self-belief. You realise that your body is capable of much more than you ever thought possible. 🌟

So, if you're someone who's been hesitant to lift heavy, I urge you to take that first step. Believe in yourself, trust in the process, and let go of those doubts. Remember, strength starts when fear ends. 💪💥

As a coach, it's my job to guide you through the process of gradually increasing your weight and intensity while maintaining proper form and technique. With the right guidance and mindset, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve. So what are you waiting for? Let's lift heavy and embrace our strength! 💪🔥

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❗️Caffeine & Injury

This is an idea I recently came across, and the more I think about it, the more it seems logical.
One of the ways caffeine improves performance is by reducing the feeling of perceived exertion. This limits your ability to identify fatigue and failure and leads to the risk of training more than what you should have ideally done.

Let me know what you think about this!

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🌟Reach Your Fitness Goal: Start-up Style

Here's how you can use frameworks from business and management to solve your problems and reach any goal- including your fitness goals.


🚀 Introducing GrittyArmy Coaching🏋️‍♂️

💪 Boost your strength with our comprehensive program, designed for those who want to improve their strength and lift confidently.

⏰Don't miss the chance to join our first batch - apply before April 10th! The link is in the comments.

📅The journey to unparalleled strength starts April 15th.

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Arch your way to a bigger bench press!

Creating an arch shorten the distance the bar must travel and improve shoulder stability, allowing lifters to press more weight while reducing the risk of injuries.

If you want to improve your arch, here are a few things that you might want to work on.


Push the ground: Leg drive in the deadlift

Leg drive, sometimes referred to as "pushing the ground," is the force generated by the legs to lift the weight off the floor. When a lifter focuses on leg drive, it can more efficiently distribute the force throughout the body, taking some of the strain off the lower back. This leads to a more balanced lift, reducing the risk of injury and allowing for a greater weight to be lifted. Also, a strong leg drive helps maintain proper form and prevent the hips from rising too quickly during the lift. This results in a smoother, more controlled movement, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing overall lifting performance.

Leg drive: Technique

1. Set up correctly: Begin with a proper setup, positioning your feet hip-width apart and gripping the barbell just outside your knees. Your shins should be vertical or slightly angled. This position allows for optimal force transfer from the legs to the barbell.

2. Push through your heels: When initiating the deadlift, think about pushing your heels into the ground instead of pulling the barbell upward. This mental cue encourages proper leg drive and helps generate more force from the lower body.

3. Practice paused deadlifts: Incorporate paused deadlifts into your training routine to reinforce proper technique and muscle activation. This exercise involves stopping at various points during the lift to ensure that the leg drive is correctly executed and that the lower body muscles are engaged.

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Unlock your full potential and build unstoppable strength with this essential guide on main, assistance, and accessory lifts in powerlifting. 💪🏋️‍♂️🏆

Learn the key differences and how to effectively incorporate them into your training routine for maximum gains!


The slack is the sum of the barbell's bendability and the space between the barbell and the plate. 

Firstly, let's understand why slack is a problem. When you pull the barbell up, your initial energy is used to overcome the slack instead of lifting the barbell from the ground. This is called an 'energy leak' This can also affect your form and lead to compensations, such as rounding your back or affecting the system's rigidity, which can lower your strength in deadlifts and increase the risk of injury.

So how do you remove the slack and lift more efficiently? There are two main methods:

1. Pull: Pull the barbell up slightly with a straight elbow and tension your lats until you hear the click. This helps you engage your upper back and create a stable starting position.

2. Push: Push your feet to the ground as if you're trying to leg press the floor. This engages your legs and helps you generate more power from the ground up.

Remember, the heavier the weight on the bar, the more it will bend and the more slack you'll need to remove. If you have any questions, put them in the comment sections.

👀And you, don’t forget to cut the slack from the bar when you deadlift next.


The ocean is my happy place 🌊☀️🌴

Guess who's back? 05/01/2023

Guess who's back? -

Guess who's back? When I went to Connect Fest, Goa, in December 2022, I got a chance to interact with a few people. Guess what all of them said? They praised the exercise-science-related content on my social media and Exer-Science. Few even mentioned that my posts helped them understand exercise science and how to ma...


Always surround yourself with people better than you?

When I was in 10th standard, I decided to join tuition classes for science and mathematics. I went for a free trial class in two tuition centres. The first centre was amongst the most famous ones where all the brightest students used to study. When I went there for a trial class, the teacher asked for student’s grade in the 9th standard. I scored ~90%, and I was happy with my results, but when I realised that I was amongst the lower few students, that shook my confidence. I couldn't understand a single word in those trial classes.
Then, I went for a trial in the second centre. The situation was exactly reversed here- I was amongst the top scorers in that class. Teachers here considered me one of the brightest students of the batch, and I was being more confident here. So, I decided to join this centre. I enjoyed studying here and was doing great in school tests and tuition tests. I scored A+ in both subjects. But why it couldn't have happened at the first centre?

Well, we are wired differently. Some people perform better when surrounded by people who are better than them. It motivates them to outperform others, whereas some people, like me, feel and do better when they are amongst the best. Such people will then work harder to always stay above the rest. So, don’t let some random quotes on the internet tell you what’s right and what isn't. Instead, seek for an environment that pushes you to be a better version of yourself.

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4+ years as a fitness coach! 1000s lives touched! 20+ clients who turned coaches. This is just a beginning😁



Hey everyone! I’m your Fittr Coach Aditya Mahajan and I’m excited to introduce
you to a brand new community activity: Back To School Whiteboard Sessions!

These LIVE sessions will take place on the Fittr Facebook group and will have some of your favourite Fittr Coaches discussing health & fitness related topics chosen by the community—that is, all you guys!

For the first session, join me LIVE on this very group on Thursday, 02nd December 2021 at 3:00 PM. I will be talking about the topic already chosen by the majority of you guys: How To Plan Your Workout As A Beginner.

The session will also have a Q&A segment where you can clarify all your doubts.
Now, coming to the most exciting part—we will have an exciting Quiz Round at the end of the session, where I will invite you to join me LIVE on camera and answer a few questions for a chance to win exciting vouchers!

Excited to learn, have fun, and win? Then don’t forget to set a reminder and I’ll see you LIVE tomorrow! 🤩


Caption ki zarurat nhi lag rhi. Koi bhi friendship waala quote sochlo.👻


Fit-shaming or fat-shaming, it’s still body shaming.
People face a lot of issues because of their health and how they look. It takes courage and commitment to get out of it and work on yourself. Your words may demotivate someone. Don’t mock them if you don't understand what and why they are doing it. Keep shut if you can't motivate them!

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Since the lockdown started in 2020, .arora and I have been doing home workouts. At the start of the lockdown, we had just a few pairs of dumbbells, but gradually we invested in building a decent home gym setup. We are so much in love with the home workouts that we don’t have any plan to go back to a commercial gym again.
Here are the top 5 reasons (out of 1000s) why we prefer home workouts over the gym.

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If all you know about autoregulation is RPE & RIR, then this post shall help you.

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For calf raises to be effective, it is important to pause at the bottom, and the reason behind that is the passive tension or stretch reflex. This stretch reflex can help you lift more weight or do more reps, but if the aim is hypertrophy, we may want to maximise active tension.

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I think everyone who starts weight training they have done planks at some time. The benefit of it is that it can be done anywhere, without any equipment and is helpful (to some extent) to improve core stability. The downside is that it’s not the best exercise for getting those 6-packs or even improving core strength.

Detailed article coming on the blog this weekend. You can subscribe to the newsletter to receive this and all future articles directly on your email. The link is in the bio. 😀

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How intensity affects the TUT?

The intensity is defined as the effort you are putting into something. In the world of resistance training, intensity refers to how much weight you will be lifting. The higher the weight, higher would be the intensity. So, what’s the relationship between TUT and intensity? Let’s learn.
Full article on the blog:

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MPS-Frequency Relationship⁣

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered while deciding on the ideal training frequency. One of them is MPS- muscle protein synthesis. ⁣

MPS is stimulated by resistance training and leucine ( type of amino acid) intake. So, what's the relationship between MPS and frequency?⁣

Read the complete article on the blog (

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I was down with Dengue and couldn’t be active here. Missed some Diwali parties but now, me and platelets are back to normal ✌🏻

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Love has no age!

Here are we at different phases of life:

Same school
Same college (for Masters)
Same workplace


💍: Aksh*ta Arora/ Aksh*ta Arora Mahajan

WeddingWire POPxo Wedding Wedding Vows The Wedding Brigade

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Sports shoes or flat-soled shoes or Squats shoes: Which one is right for you?


Suns 🐤 (conures) out, Guns 💪 out!


Hardest workers 💪💪

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Everyone becomes an ‘Expert’ when it comes to health and fitness, yet most people are unfit? 🥱🤯

Aise logon ko ram ram mera door se! 🙏🏻

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Plant-based proteins are natural? 🤯

I was a part of a FB group of nutritionists, where I came across a post that mentioned plant-based proteins are better than whey because they are NATURAL. Then, I came across few people who were meat eaters but had plant-based protein supplements. 😅
So, here is a gist:
📣 Plant-based supplement doesn't mean they are natural.
📣 Whey supplements aren’t artificial.
📣 Both are equally effective sources of protein.

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