Team. -eTu-

-eTu- [ Expect The Unexpected ] Team eTu [Expect The Unexpected ] is a professional DotA team who has Just Started We Got Big and Bigger Ambitions ... Founded on 10 September 2010 ..


Champs! Thanks sa mga supporters! We would also like to thank our sponsors Powercolor, Kingston, Razer, Asus, CoolerMaster! Tiwala lang dre!

[DotA 2 Tutorial] - How To Watch replays This tutorial shows u how to find a replay of yours that u've played Also for people who want to make some DotA 2 vidso S...

News: ArtStyle: I will be back! In a lengthy interview with, ArtStyle announces his immenent comeback to the competitive DotA scene. The interview is done in two parts, part one has been translated for your reading pleasure. See what ArtStyle has to say regarding his inactivity as well as how he comes up with strategies...

Na`Vi.Dendi DotA2 HDTV - Livestream Natus Vincere Na`Vi.Dend DotA2 HDTV

"WIN ONE of 100 Dota 2 Beta Keys from dpmlicious. Read the details on how to get a beta key!"

Feel free to share the information even though the event is over. But, do not share the old required text because they can no longer win keys this way. ^_^


To promote awareness of the OFFICIAL DOTA 2 sites and prevent people from being tricked. I want to spread this information. You do not need to like my page or even this picture to be eligible to win a beta key. Please read the instructions carefully.

Required text when sharing pic (publicly):
"WIN ONE of 100 Dota 2 Beta Keys from dpmlicious. Read the details on how to get a beta key!"

Official Valve DOTA 2 Beta SignUp Link:

Official DOTA 2 Website:
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Official DotA Website:


*** They are single access beta keys.
*** Read the instructions to ensure your entry is eligible.
*** Do NOT spam comments.

A big thank you to Wykrhm Reddy for this AWESOME template!

EDITED (8 Jan 2012): First 10 Winners
Felipe Castro Richter
Jarred Garcia
Krut Sednar
Leandro Correa
Lo Hong Yun
Nizam Razak
Omar Santiago Dela Paz
Pattara Sukprasert
Wasin Surarak
Jerald Patalinghug -> Disqualified & key shared publicly
EDITED (21 Jan 2012)

74 more were sent directly. 16 were given to the public due to certain issues discovered.
Erick Reeves Tenorio
Zack Kanda
Maskus Idenäs
Bahrul Ulum
Jan Anatoly Papa
Andrea Bocchino
Jedford Abes Seculle
Nier Gestalt
Chris GaeTaki
Mickey Phattarapol Tantisathaporn
Jonathan Mendaro
Bruno Germano
Rico Kurniawan
Derek Siol
MagicJerry Ong
Gabriel Hager
Hamada Badri
Dylan Elliott
Michael Gorrie
Bryan Ortua Baduya
Elvin Lee
Geeforce Tan
Jon Erik Aquino
Patrick Tamayo
Bogdan Briceag
Christian Zapanta Naguit
Ash Maniaxcz
Gabriel Loria
Hairul Affandi
Damien Tan Chin Wee
Warot Ham Leopairote
Ian de Borja
Ej Gamez
Psy Nickey
Daryll Jazzel Chua
Heather Halcomb
Carlos Moller
Asther Andrade
Szekely Christian
Chet Tedtap
Gabriel Alexandre
Filipe Hegaja
Artis Aniņš
Marko Popovic
Fernando Camargo
Thiago Euzebio
Lupce Kotev
Nick Tran
Henrique Oelze
Ray Lie
Diego Vidal
Diego Cisneros
André Dias
Ryan James Hauk
Albert lee
David 'Naj' Anderson
Ken Wong
Andrew Uchoa
John Kevin Bernardo
Kevin Cornelissen
Louie Alilin
Alex Xiao Feng
Gil Dolosa
Babin Tulachan
Neil Patrick Flores
Felipe Sz Marcela
Mai Pacharapon
Nui Kampon
Кашьяп Триведи
Quivonei Sanata
Luis Eduardo Lelis
Lucas Aires
Felipe Hegaja
Thawat Phatthong

***No appeals or explanations will be entertained.

Good luck to everyone! I really hope you will get your beta key soon.

8x4Gamer - Quest For The Best

Team eTu is Playing Team ABC in 1st Round of Redefining Competitive Gaming

[12/12/11]   The old rivals(uK's and its siblings) are back and raising their head.......... the once famed team FE(Fatal error) was lost somewhere in history.............
Wake up brothers raise your spirits and focus on your core values.........for FE is back to challenge the old rivals......uK's watch out for us.....and so do the newly formed NSD( I don't knw their current name) good luck to all of you's.......

----------> Said by = eTu-Jeremy ( eTu - will Be Kwn as Team Fe . Also . )

[11/15/11]   Congrats to Team Roccat.RoG For Winning The Masakre event . Wp all Teams . :)

[11/08/11]   "I wasn't that much drunk compilation"

Boy: I wasn't that much drunk!
Friend: Dude you were in my pool trying to find NEMO!
You asked your girlfriend if she was single!
You were in the mud puddle screaming" I’m in willy wonka's chocolate river!"
You were arguing with yourself over the phone and got upset when u hung up!
You were in my closet yelling "WHERE IS NARNIA?!?!"
You were throwing rocks at my cat screaming "GO PIKACHU!"
And you hugged a man with white beard and cried "DUMBLEDORE YOU'RE BACK!" :P

Epic :)

[11/07/11]   Team. -eTu- Comes Second At Rgc India 5v5 Tournament . Congrats to team Mechanical (CHODA) . Guys Keep Supporting :)

[10/09/11]   Team. -eTu- Comes 3rd In AJ Gaming Qaulifiers Wp Roccat.RoG .. ... ..

[10/03/11]   Team. -eTu- Comes 3rd At The Rampage-The Game Zone. Tournament . Congrats
To Team Mechanical . Nice Game Guys ... ... ... . Well Played Every 1 Enjoyed a lot Inso~ Nice Cafe We Hope It Rocks Ahead .. !

[09/29/11]   Team eTu Proudly Presents Their Travel Sponser's !

Team -eTu- Winning Its First Tournament ! At Wifi-Tech Watmul College

[09/26/11]   Hey Guys Welcome Thnx Keep Supporting !

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