Perfect Average

A Counter Strike 1.6 Team trying to achieve some Goals :)


ROG Masters : India Qualifiers are here.
For the prize pool of USD 2,00,000, teams from over 21 asian countries will battle to take home the title.
The ultimate APAC eSports Championships features DOTA 2 and CS GO game titles. Only the best will survive.

Know more about the ROG Masters : India Qualifiers. Registrations are now open -

#ROGMasters #IndiaQualifiers #LiveYoureSportsDream

Perfect Average

Clan Wars

TP-LINK Clan Wars (Season 5) Mumbai Qualifiers Starts tomorrow at X-'T'ReMe gaming lounge, ON SPOT REGISTRATION AVAILABLE!!!

Provided please inform the admins and report to the venue at 9 AM

Admin: Ashwin Jain : +91976895412
Muhammad Roshan SN : +91 9916878408

Address :
Sai Tirth Tower, 1st floor, Office no: 1/1, Kopri, Above Saraswat Bank, Thane (East) - 400603.

For more info visit:


#TPLinkClanWars #MumbaiQualifiers

Mumbai qualifiers is up ahead on 21st February '16 at X-'T'ReMe gaming lounge, please note the slots are limited to 24 teams and are filling fast. Do register if you haven't yet :

#TPLinkClanWars #Season5

Xtreme Gaming League

Introducing our last and very important partner, Zion RAM as presenting sponsor of Xtreme Gaming League.

ZION Rams :
ZION is most preferred brand for all Indian PC manufacturers such as HCL, Wipro, Zenith, HP, LG, Sony and few others for use in their PC production. ZION has grown to be India's largest selling RAM module brand with its headquarters in Mumbai with its presence across the country through a network of 22 branch offices distributing as well as providing after sales support! ZION modules are available through a network of over 4000 distributors, resellers and system integrators across the country.

Perfect Average

[03/14/15]   So here is our much awaited cs:go lineup

Akash 'ZIONf' Agarwal [c]
Umang 'Peace' Trivedi
Nemi 'TuRbo' Shah
Miten 'Jack' Chheda
Shlok 'devilmaN' Rawal

Clan Wars (Season #4) - Trailer

Most awaited #ClanWarsSeason4 Trailer is here :

Do watch in full HD and sound !

Gear up now Qualifier #1 starts tomorrow :
14th March (Saturday) : Dota 2 (Crossfire, Airoli)
15th March (Sunday) : CS GO (Crossfire, Airoli)
15th March (Sunday) : CS 1.6 -Semi Pro (FragZone - 2, Airoli)

Register now :

#ClanWarsSeason4 #WarforPride #Steelseries #PowerColor #WesternDigital #MSINotebooks #Buxsa #Acro #CyberGamingEntertainment #eSports #VideoGaming #Gaming

Clan stands for a Team and War for a tournament. Clan wars is a concept started by Cyber Gaming Entertainment. Clan Wars was launched on 11th April 2013 with...

Check out how the prize pool look for Clan Wars (Season #4)

Register now !

Prizes worth 2,75,000 INR to be given away !

#ClanWarsSeason4 #WarforPride #Steelseries #PowerColor#WesternDigital #MSINotebooks #Buxsa #Acro#CyberGamingEntertainment #eSports #VideoGaming #Gaming

Prize pool for Clan Wars according to the amount are segregated as :

Whereas, find the complete list of prizes here :

Register now ! #CSGO #Dota2 #CS16

#ClanWarsSeason4 #WarforPride #Steelseries #PowerColor #WesternDigital #MSINotebooks #Buxsa #Acro #CyberGamingEntertainment #eSports #VideoGaming #Gaming

Schedule for Clan Wars (Season #4) by Cyber Gaming Entertainment !

#ClanWarsSeason4 #WarforPride #Steelseries #PowerColor #WesternDigital #MSINotebooks #Buxsa #Acro #CyberGamingEntertainment #eSports #VideoGaming #Gaming

As per our earlier schedule on our website there was a small error which we have now rectified it. !

Please find the updated schedule in the link below :

Whereas, the entry fees for Counter Strike 1.6 (Semi-pro), Dota 2 and Counter Strike : Global Offensive are 500 INR, 750 INR and 1000 INR respectively.

So don't you wait for anything. Register now ! Prize worth INR 2,00,000+ up for grabs.

#ClanWarsSeason4 #WarforPride #Steelseries #PowerColor #WesternDigital #MSINotebooks #Buxsa #Acro #CyberGamingEntertainment #eSports #VideoGaming #Gaming

Wooohooooo !

Introducing our last and final partner none other then our very own and loving, SteelSeries India as Platinum Sponsor of Clan Wars : War for Pride (Season #4) by Cyber Gaming Entertainment

About Steelseries :
SteelSeries lives for gaming. Steelseries is a leading manufacturer of headsets, mice, keyboards and mouse pads for PC and Xbox 360 around the globe.
SteelSeries has been focused on making high performance gaming gear used by the most demanding, top professional gamers worldwide and peripherals that provide superior quality and a competitive edge to gamers of all skill levels.

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Clan Wars

Gamers, We proudly present Acro Engineering Company as our Distribution Partner and we welcome them to Clan Wars Season 4

Great stuff ahead people, stay tuned!!!

#ClanWarsSeason4 #acro #Share2Care

Clan Wars (Season #4)

Clan Wars : Season #4 (y) Clan stands for a Team and War for a tournament. Clan wars is a concept started by Cyber Gaming Entertainment. Clan Wars was launched on 11th April 2013 with...

Hope we make a comeback after long time !
#ClanWars4 #Season4

Surprised ?

We are coming back with yet another season of Clan Wars. Stay Tuned for details.

#ClanWars4 #WarForPride

Cyber Gaming Entertainment will be a gaming partner at The ZONE Tournament happening on 31st January and 1st February for dota 2 and CS 1.6 respectively with prizes worth 36,000 INR up for grabs sponsored by Zion RAM and Antec India Supported by Abacus Peripherals Pvt Ltd

Are you up for The Zone? Calling DotA II & CS 1.6 players for a #Zion powered event on 31st January and 1st February! Entry Fees: Rs. 500! Prizes worth: Rs. 36,000!!

#ZionRAM #Abacus

Clan Wars

Facing problem registering for Clan Wars ?

Qualifiers #3 starts tomorrow.

Since gamers out there are facing problems registering for Clan Wars' 14, the registrations for Qualifiers 3 and Qualifiers 4 will be provided on the spot.

But make sure every player of the team has his personal Razer (Comms) ID which can be created in the link below :

Hope you face no problem in attending / registering for Clan Wars '14 anymore.

Also, get a chance to free Monster Energy Drinks by participating in the tournament.

Qualifiers 3:
6th September : Dota 2
7th September : CS 1.6 (Semi-pro)

Entry fees : 500 INR per team.

Clan Wars

Clan Wars '14 (Season 3) - Qualifier 3 at Maximum Gaming, Khar details are out.

We already have 4 teams qualified for CS 1.6 (Semipro) and Dota 2, more 4 slots are left. To qualify do play the Qualifier 3 at Maximum Gaming Zone (Khar).
Registrations will be strictly online. To register please follow 4 simple steps below :
1. Every player should have a Razer Game Booster ID
Visit the below link to signup :
2. Register for Clan Wars :
3. Our executive will send you the ticket.
4. Get the printout at Venue
All the 4 steps are mandatory.

For more details visit :

Contact :
Ashwin Jain : +918082242892
Dipika Jerome : +919820509755

Clan Wars

Clan Wars '14 (Season 3) Update :-

Due to service issues with the website our registration page was down and couldn't provide reliability. We regret the inconvenience caused and to bear it we will be providing on the spot registrations. Make sure you carry your Razer (Comms) id at the venue. Registrations will be open till 11 am and then after our executive will leave the venue. Please be on time and register your team.

Qualifier 2 details :
Dota 2 : 30th August
CS 1.6 (Semi-pro) : 31st August

Reporting TIme : 9 am

Venue address :
The Zone, No.9, Bldg. A/2,prestige Tower, Service road, Near. Nitin Co.Junction, Thane (w) 400602.

For details contact :
Ashwin Jain : +918082242892

Note : Registrations from only 20 teams will be accepted on First Come First Serve Basis.

ClanWars Season III

Clan Wars '14 (Season 3) Teaser. Do watch in HD with sound.

#ClanWars3 #WarForPride #CyberGamingEntertainment #CGEGlobal #Huntkey #Zotac #Razer #BenQ #PrizeWorth2Lacs

We are very glad to kick-off with a another cycle of our ClanWar’s franchise, brining to you Clan Wars – War for Pride: Season 3. With this format, we are un...

Clan Wars

Registration Process for Clan Wars '14, registrations for Qualifier 1 will be on the spot also :
Make sure you carry your Razer Game booster ID.

Registrations will be online.
Below is the process :
1. Every player should have a Razer Game Booster ID
Visit the below link to signup :
2. Register for Clan Wars :
3. Our executive will send you the ticket.
4. Get the printout at Venue.

Due to delay in starting registrations, you can also register for Qualifier 1 at venue directly.

For More Qualifier 1 Details visit :

AFK Gaming | Indian Dota 2 Portal | Clan Wars Season 3 - Mumbai Dota 2 LAN Tournament

CGE announced Registration for Clan Wars '14 : War For Pride (Season 3). A 2,00,000 INR prize pool tournament.
Registrations are started :
Head over to :

Cyber Gaming Entertainment | Huntkey India | Razer | BenQ India | ZOTAC India Last post by swapnil220 on 18th Aug, 04:54 PM ICC Bangalore - GamerZone Qualifier CW Season 3 - LanLizards Qualifier Keyless Dota 2 Economy.

Complete schedule of Clan Wars '14 : War For Pride (Season #3) is already out.
Do have a look if you haven't seen it yet.

Complete Schedule of Clan Wars '14 : War For Pride (Season #3) :
For More details contact :
Our Head Co-ordinators:
Ashwin Jain : +91 8082242892

Administrator :
Umesh Kripalani : +91 9892222466

For Venue Details :
Lanlizards (Sea Woods) : Himanshu - +91 8898599306
The Zone (Thane): Sohail Zalori - +91 8898345423
Maximum Gaming (Khar): Dipika Jerome - +91 9820509755
Art Gaming (Kandivali): Kumar Sikotra - +91 8286791023
Vertigo (Kandivali): Punit Patel - +91 9773737341

For More details visit :

Cyber Gaming Entertainment

Here we go !

We have now launched our next event.
Clan Wars '14 : War For Pride
Season #3.
Concept by : Cyber Gaming Entertainment

The event will be hosting Counter Strike 1.6, Dota 2 and Counter Strike : Global Offensive starting on 23rd August '14.

More details coming up in next 15 minutes. Stay tuned.

Cyber Gaming Entertainment

Woohoooo !! CGE announcing next event. What a suspense ! :D :D

We are ready to announce our next event. Are you ?

Come on mark your presence. !!

Event will be launched in next 15 minutes. Who all are excited ?

Cyber Gaming Entertainment

No More CS 1.6 [Amateur Tournaments] Moving on to CS : GO.
Get ready all the CS : GO Teams for LAN Tournament.

This is to bring to your notice,
We won't be hosting any more Counter Strike 1.6 Tournaments for Amateur Divisions, as decided moving on we are adding Counter Strike : Global Offensive to our Interests. Tournament for CS : GO is coming up next weekend. Stay Tuned for More Details.

Cyber Gaming Entertainment

Registrations for Weekend Challenge #2 for Dota 2 will be open tomorrow i.e. 15th June '14 also. Please contact Ashwin Jain : +918082242892 for more details.

Hello everyone,

Apologies for late update, Weekend Challenge #2 for Dota 2 will continue tomorrow i.e. 15th June '14. If any teams wiling to participate tomorrow their entries will be accepted tomorrow also. Teams should reach the venue by 10 am sharp.
Contact :
Ashwin Jain : +918082242892

Current Status :
Team NeckBREAK.dota2 Is facing Team Giant2 in the Round 2 match.

Weekend Challenge #2 : Dota 2

Weekend challenge #3 : Counter Strike [4 Semi-Pros + 1 Pro]

Weekend Challenge #2 :

Weekend challenge #3 :

News: Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament announced for Mumbai

IGN India covers #WeekendChallenge #1 to be held on 31st May and 1st July '14.
See what they have to say on it !

So what are you waiting for ?
For more details on event visit : Cyber Gaming Entertainment has announced a new Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament with a prizes worth Rs. 18,000 up for grabs.

Some changes at CGC, Now, CGE !
Have you noticed ?
Well, Take a look and Link in for a upcoming tournament on 30th May and 1st June '14 !

Well, Fellas ! Have you noticed a change in our logo ?
Not yet Then here you go ! There is a big addition to the team of Ex-Name CGC (Cyber Gaming Community), Now CGE (Cyber Gaming Entertainment).

The organization in future will be leaded by our Directors :
Ashwin Jain and Deepak Ojha !

On such an occasion, we have added another good news for you gamers !

We have an event coming up this weekend ! Head Over to Link below for more details and stay updated :)

- Cyber Gaming Entertainment
Gaming Beyond Passion !

Find complete coverage at TalkEsport


Sound, Lights, Camera & Action !!
Here we go !
*Warning - Watch only in HD and with sound !


This is how Akash Nish*t Agarwal dances :D :D :D hahahaha
Ricky Qweqwe Krishna Salecha Darshan Devadiga

Update :
Please make sure all the teams reach by 9 am and register till 10 am. !
After the time limit is reached entry fees will be increase to 750 per team and re-entry to 1000 per team for all the teams registering after 10 am !

PS : This is to make sure the tournament ends on time !

CGC Amateur Tournament #1
Game : Counter Strike 1.6
Sponsored by : Game Yantra
Powered by Cyber Gaming Community
1st Prize : 8,000 INR
2nd Prize : 4000 INR

Venue : Art Gaming Zone

Visit here for more details :

Cyber Gaming Entertainment

CGC Amateur Tournament #1
Game : Counter Strike 1.6
Sponsored by : Game Yantra
Powered by Cyber Gaming Community
1st Prize : 8,000 INR
2nd Prize : 4000 INR

Venue : Art Gaming Zone, Kandivili, Mumbai

Visit here for more details :

Event management Company specialized for hosting Video Gaming Events on the platform of E-Sports.

Our brain !! 24 x 7 !

Thats how our "GAMERS" Brain work !!

Is yours different from it ?

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Mumbai?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.




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