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India's Professional Esports Organisation . With a vision to become the best :) VoetSek ^


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As promised, here's a DotA2 giveaway for our followers! :D
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Atul Singh Moin Ejaz Abhirav Chitnis Monty Chawda Darshan Bata

Voetsek (Vo'SK) will be now playing under the NeckBREAK Tag . Keep supporting ^^

Our Dota 2 team is all set to rock in the South Asian Showdown Tournament!!!


Interview with Atul 'Remstar' Singh at IESL Jan 2014

Interview conducted by AFK Gaming ! Atul 'RemStaR' Singh :D

An Interview with Atul 'Remstar' Singh of Dard Gaming / Voetsek at the India E-sports League (IESL) January 2014. The event was held at Pacific Mall, New Del...

[01/25/14]   Voetsek loses 3-2 to Oblique Gaming in the grand finals of IESL 2014 delhi . Wp

Voetsek (Vo'SK)'s cover photo

Cooler Master

Guess who?

Clue - She is a Dota2 Player.

[12/27/13]   Voetsek welcomes Moin"No_Chance" Ejaz and Darshan "A-35" bata to the team !

[12/25/13]   Vo'SK makes a comeback !!!! The new team line-up coming up soon

[09/20/13]   EMM is casting the game MYM VS Y.Y!

Casters : Acrid and Cyberhen. Right Click Watch Enjoy \m/!


AFK Gaming

afkgaming.com It's that time of the year where sleep is for sissies and the night witnesses hordes of Dota fans holed up in their rooms (or friends' rooms or pubstomps), eyes glued to a screen that beholds the best players in the world, playing as hard and as seriously as they possibly can in an all out attempt t...

Wishing Everyone Happy New Year

[12/27/12]   Great Sale on Steam

Counterstrike 1.6 - $3.74
Counterstrike: Condition Zero - $3.74
Counterstrike: Source - $4.99
Counterstrike: Global Offensive - $7.49

Counterstrike Complete Pack - $9.99

[12/24/12]   We wish all our fans out there a Merry Christmas and happy holidays :)
Enjoy and party hard :D
- Team Voetsek

Voetsek (Vo'SK)'s cover photo

[12/14/12]   We wish Rishabh 'Loke' a very happy birthday :)
-Voetsek Team

[12/13/12]   Still dont have ur dota 2 key ??
Admin is giving away few keys..
Inbox ur email id to get one :)

[11/16/12]   Razer E-Series Conclusion :
In a breathtaking 3 game saga, Oblique Gaming have emerged victorious over Voetsek (Vo'SK) 2-1
Well played Boys :D
- Gajodhar



E-Series Dota 2 Playoffs are live in 10 minutes!
Voetsek (Vo'SK) vs. Banana Pancakes
Oblique Gaming vs. Raping Zeests

Stay tuned on www.twitch.tv/afkgamingesports


Add 'ClouDx' [Casting VoSk vs. BP] or 'CrAnBeRRy1x' [Casting O.G. vs. RZ] to watch through Steam and Dota 2!

Razer E-Series Groupstages - Voetsek v/s Day Dreamers Game 3.

[11/13/12]   Voetsek (Vo'SK) would like to wish all of you out there a very happy and prosperous Diwali!


Razer E-Series Groupstage - Voetsek v/s Oblique Gaming Game 3

Have patience ??
Watch our 3rd match :-
Voetsek v/s Oblique Gaming Game 3

twitch.tv Recorded live on November 8 at 8:16am.


Razer E-Series Groupstage - Voetsek v/s Oblique Gaming Game 2 Part 2

U guys can watch our matches :-
Game 2 Part 2 :-

Part 2 of Game 2 of the Razer E-Series Groupstage match between Voetsek and Oblique Gaming, brought to you by Frag-Nation and AFK Gaming. -- www.twitch.tv/af...

Razer E-Series Groupstage - Voetsek v/s Oblique Gaming Game 2

U guys can watch our matches :-
Match 2 : -

Part 1 of Game 2 of the Razer E-Series Groupstage match between Voetsek and Oblique Gaming, brought to you by Frag-Nation and AFK Gaming. -- www.twitch.tv/af...


Razer E-Series Groupstage - Voetsek v/s Oblique Gaming Game 1

U guys can watch our matches :-
Match 1 : - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A84hBc3gC7A&list=UUmBDpNwsYK4GrmN0j_s6swA&index=2&feature=plcp

Game 1 of the Razer E-Series Groupstage match between Voetsek and Oblique Gaming, brought to you by Frag-Nation and AFK Gaming. -- www.twitch.tv/afkgamingesp...

[11/08/12]   Razer E-Series groupstage update :-
Voetsek (Vo'SK) - 2:1 - Oblique Gaming.
That. Was. Epic.

[10/29/12]   Navi Mumbai Mayor Championship Update :-
Counter Strike Go :-
1st Place :- Voetsek (Vo'SK)
2nd Place :- Team FTW
3rd Place :- smoke and fly ( underdogs ..Defeated NSD to gain 3rd spot ..map de_train - score :- 16-9 )

Dota 2 :-
1st place :- Oblique Gaming
2nd place :- Zaa's Team
3rd place :- Voetsek (Vo'SK)

Navi Mumbai Mayor Cup [NMMC]

Navi Mumbai Mayor Cup [NMMC]

[10/26/12]   Our CSGO team is attending Navi Mumbai Mayor Cup but unfortunately nato cannot make it this time. 'RiTz' will be replacing him for the cup. Wish us luck :)

[10/20/12]   Wishing Mithil "MithilF" Sawant a very happy birthday. =D

[10/20/12]   Mohsin ' tr!ckster ' Shaikh Wins WD Online Fifa 13 PS3 Tournament..
Awarded 800 US DOLLARS :D ..
Congratulation on 1st win at Voetsek (Vo'SK)
Way to Go :D

[10/18/12]   Introducing Mohsin ' tr!ckster ' Shaikh to Voetsek (Vo'SK) Fifa Squad :D
Some People guessed it correct :D .
Welcome him guys :D

[10/18/12]   One more addition in Team tonite :D
Any Guesses ???

[10/17/12]   Wishing Our Very Own Hardik " TrickStar " Daftardar A Very Happy Bday !!

[10/17/12]   Voetsek (Vo'SK) Fans Ready for some giveaway ????


Interview with Acrid. Vivek Acrid.


Acrid talks to AFK Gaming.


Interview with Imba.Atul - Team Vo'Sk

Interview of RemstarRRRR! Atul ' Ravage ' Singh.

AFK Gaming interviews one of the stalwarts of Indian Dota, Imba.Atul from team Vo'Sk after their series of games against Banana Pancakes. These games took pl...

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