Shaolin Gurukul

The Shaolin Gurukul is India’s first residential martial arts training camp, set in the foothills of the Himalayas. Different forms of martial arts are taught here in their authentic form by Shifu Kanishka Sharma, India’s first and only Shaolin KungFu Master. You can train in forms like Shaolin KungFu, Wing Chun, JKD, Pekiti Tirsia Kali and Shifu Kanishka Combatives, depending on the camp you sign up for. A dream of Shifu Kanishka, the Shaolin Gurukul means to bring back Gurukul system of learning to India, in which the student leaves his or her home and lives with his Master to learn. The intensity of the training is only exceeded by the values you learn and the beauty of this place. The Shaolin Gurukul is located in a delightfully serene mountain village next to Pangot, Uttarakhand (half an hour’s drive from Nainital). There is a waterfall flowing right through the dojo into a river bordering the Shaolin Gurukul from three sides. You will find that living so close to nature is the best way to train as it brings instant relaxation after rigorous training.

Shifu Kanishka Sharma

Back to Roots- Never Forget your roots
Shifu Kanishka visits his master every year to with his teacher @Ajarn Sifu Sitta wang in his 3E system, unique blend of various system ( JKD- Bagua- Taichi- Shaolin- Xin Yi) making it easy, economical & effective.
Shifu Kanishka was always inspired by Sifu wang’s way of fighting and his system. Sifu wang’s 3E system later became the reason for Shifu Kanishka to create his own system called Shifu Kanishka Combatives adding Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Filmocan Eskrima, Balintawak, Wing Chun Muay Chaiya, Contemporary Jeetkunedo and Rapid Assault Tactics to existing 3e.

Shifu Kanishka Sharma

Another two students from Thailand sharing their training experience with Shifu Kanishka.
They have majorly trained in Shifu Kanishka Combatives & Pekiti Tirsia Kali while one of them also trained in RAT (rapid assault tactics).
In 2014 Shifu Kanishka was invited to teach in Thailand by Kru Bing (Founder K Combatives) and since then he has been regularly conducting seminars every year. It is always a pleasure to train people from different martial disciplines, who are extremely talented & humble at the same time.
Thankyou coach Dusadee & Anut, hope to see you soon.

Shaolin Temple India

Who says you need resolutions? In 2020, it's all about action! Come, train with a Shaolin Warrior monk for one whole month and transform yourself

Shifu Kanishka Sharma

Here’s what Sigung Paul Vunak has to say. He is the founder of Progressive Fighting System ( Contemporary Jeetkuendo and Rapid Assault tactics), practiced by elite law enforcement & military personnel of United States like SWAT commandos, Marine corps counter intelligence, US Marshals, DEA & Seal team 6 known for performing world’s best military operations.
Sigung Paul Vunak is known and highly respected in World of Jeekunedo for being one of the most practical And Combative JKD Master. He was Disciple and Instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto.
Shifu Kanishka became the first & the only Indian to be certified as Full Instructor by legendary martial artist Paul Vunak in Progressive Fighting System ( Contemporary Jeetkuendo and R.A.T Rapid Assault Tactics).
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Introducing Qi Gong in Forest Therapy to improve your mental and physical wellbeing through relaxation, grounding, awareness and power. Working with the circulation of Qi (prana or life force)

"Don't think feel" Bruce Lee | Enter the dragon


Join Forest bathing in Noida & New Delhi.
🌿Awaken all the senses Take in the forest atmosphere.
It's a slow, therapeutic and rejuvenating. Involving mindful walks, guided meditation & a tea ceremony.

Know more whatsapp

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Sanshou, also known as Sanda, Chinese boxing or Chinese kickboxing, is a Chinese self-defense system and combat sport.
Shifu Kanishka does Shaolin Sanshou where techniques from traditional Shaolin Kungfu are drawn and put to effectivess for actual Combat.
Upcoming is 30 days Residential course 3rd March to 3rd April 2020 on Shaolin Sanshou, Xiao Hong Quan and Iron Body by Shifu Kanishla at Shaolin Gurukul.
Interested people contact @megha_singh
For Registrations and can also email at - [email protected]
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1 Month Residenti Training Camp for Kungfu Lovers at Shaolin Gurukul
Experience the power of Authentic Shaolin Kungfu and its combat techniques applied in full contact scenario covering Ti- Da- Shuai- Na( Kicking, Punching, Wrestling and takedowns and Locking) and combat version of Xiao Hong Quan and Hard Qigong along with Iron Leg and Iron Hand Traning.
Train with the Senior Most Shaolin Master In India and First Indian Shaolin Warrior Da Shifu Shi Yanyou( G.M Shifu Kanishka)
#shaolintemplechina #shaolintempleindia#shaolinkungfu
To Enroll contact Megha Singh on wts app only (+91 96801 49933)facebook or email at [email protected]

Come and Train with Shifu Kanishka personally in Shaolin Combat Sanshou( Kicking, Punching, Wrestling and Takedowns) or Pekiti Tirsia Kali Foundation Lakan Rank Course for Biggeners and Doce Methods system for already exisiting Kali Students.
You can opt for any of the systems.
Train 30 days 5 hours a day with me.
For Registrations contact Megha Singh on wts app only (+91 96801 49933) Pragya Kumar (+91 93191 53005)on fb or email at [email protected]
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Day 2- Kolkata Shaolin Combat Kungfu Seminar by shifu kanishka on Shaolin Traditional Tong bei quan and Shaolin stick with its combat application
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Shifu Kanishka Sharma

Last day of Intensive Personal Training module by Tuhon Shifu Kanishka students learned the principle structure of survival - Hit hard , use Asymmetrical Violence keep Hitting and Escape and Run.
It is not about submission or winning a belt in a octagon or some ego trip. It is about surviving and going back to your loved ones.

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For Seminars International and National and Intensive Personal Training contact Megha Singh at [email protected] or on [email protected]

Rewind- 2019
Glimpse of annual training trip to Shaolin and fawang for Team Shaolin India by Shifu Kanishka- First Indian to be trained at Shaolin Temple China and inducted and blesed with Buddhist name - Shi Yanyou by Abbot of Shaolin Temple Shi Yong xin.
The next trip will be conducted June 2020.

[12/20/19]   Shaolin 13 Hammer- Shi San Chui


Pictures from annual Workshop with our teacher Shifu Kanishka

Shifu Kanishka Sharma

Our Mission of training Self Defense to 30000 Girls of Delhi Govt School is about to come to end.
We are so proud of taking up this project in association with Aashrey welfare chartable trust.
We want to congratulate and thanks Team Shifu Kanishka who worked dedicately under guidance of Shifu Kanishka and led by Team Leader Agalon Jeetender for this beautiful cause of empowering Girls with ability to FiGHT BACK.
Each school every week we had 10 to 12 Instructors working on each school per week.
Special thanks to all the trainers who made this mission possible.
#shifukanishkacombatives #womenempowerment #womenselfdefense #fightback

Here it is- Block your dates to train with Shifu Kanishka for 1 month at Shaolin Gurukul from 3rd March 2020 to 3rd April 2020
You can choose to train in either Pekiti Tirsia Kali or Shaolin Combat Kungfu.
For PTK lovers, Tuhon Kanishka for the first time will teach complete Doce Method Sub Sustem 4 for existing PTK students and also Basic Foundation course for Beginners.
Course For Senior PTK students - Promotion to be done after the exam for certified PTK practisioner as decided by Tuhon Kanishka
1. Reverse Grip Strikes
2.Theory of Multiple stirkes
3.Equal and open tapping
4.Witeck Series
5.Grab and Release Series
6.Theory of Half Beat - Offense , Counter offense and Re counter
7.X Factor Training
8.Abcecadrio- 12 Strikes - Stick, Knife and Empty Hands with combat application

Shaolin Kungfu will be offered to both Freshers and Senior students.
Beginners will go through Shaolin Rumen and Cuzi Level Kungfu and Wubu and Lian Quan Chuan Taolu.
Senior Students will train in -
1.Shaolin Sanshou Combat- Duan 1
2.Shaolin Liu He Gun( 2 man fighting set)
3.Shaolin Da Hong Quan

Registration open for Indians and International students from 16 Dec 2019
Contact Megha Singh and Pragya for registrations
Megha- Wts app( 9680149933)
Pragya- Wts app( 9319153005)
Email- [email protected]

[12/05/19]   Neijia is a term in Chinese martial arts, grouping those styles that practice neijing, usually translated as internal martial arts, occupied with spiritual, mental or qi-related aspects, as opposed to an "external" approach focused on physiological aspects.
Shifu kanishka has been training Neijia Kungfu for over 15 years which includes Shaolin Xin Yi Quan, Jin Gang Quan, Rou Quan, Yang 24 Tai Chi and Qigong Yi jin Xi Sui Gong ( muscle tendon changing and Marrow Washing) and Da Bei Qigong being his speciality.
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[12/04/19]   "Physical Strength will get you to the start line but mental strength will get you to the finish line.
Spend time with nature and adopt its simplicity and peace."
Shifu Kanishka training Shaolin kungfu in -10 Degree .
Shaolin kungfu teaches you mind over matter and helps you connect yourself to nature and find your inner strength.
#zen #tao #lautzu #shaolin #shaolinkungfu #kungfutraining #shaolinwarriormonk #shaolinwarrior #shifukanishka #shaolintemplechina #shaolingurukul #kungfumaster #yoga #yogalife #qigongforhealth #sword #shaolindao #shifukanishkacombatives #shaolinindia #shiyanyou

Shifu Kanishka Sharma

Never forget the man who lead you to your Destiny.
Sifu Sitta is one of my teachers responsible for what i am today.
I started training with him in 2003
A little tribute to him for teaching me 3e- his blend of Tai chi wresting & qinna- jkd- kali- 18 luohan ( close hits) which is major part of my system #shifukanishkacombatives
#wingtsun #jeetkunedotraining #kalicombat #eskrima #arnis #taiji #taichi #shaolin #masters #mastershifu
@megha_singh @aadharmalhotra

Shifu Kanishka Sharma

Shifu Kanishka’s upcoming workshop in December in Jaipur at his Wing Chun club, ThirdEye run by his instructor Megha Singh.
For the first time he will be taking a workshop on Muay Thai followed by Wing Chun. We assure you its going to be too much fun and totally worth it.
Get in touch with Megha Singh for registrations we have limited seats!!

Shifu Kanishka ( Shi Yanyou) was the first Indian who travelled to Shaolin Temple China in 2001to train with Lengendary Shaolin Masters and got Authentic Shaolin Kungfu to India.
Since then it has been a long journey till now.
Shaolin Kungfu is a life long learning process and the training never stops.
This Video is a tribute to all his Shaolin Masters -
Shaolin Temple Abbot- Shi Yong xin
Ven Hon. Abbot of Shaolin- Shi Suxi
Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple s Head- Shi Heng Jun
Shaolin Combat and Xin Yi Ba Master- Shi Yan Zi and Great masters like Liu Zhi fang, Cui Zi Wang, Shi Yan zhuang and Shi Yan Qiao .

Ami tuo fo

Shifu Kanishka teaching students traditional Xiao Hong Quan Combat method by applying concept of Xin Yi- Heart and Mind in it.
#shaolin #kungfutraining #kungfuschool #shaolinmartialarts #residentialcourse #realkungfu #firstindianshaolinmonk #shifukanishka #shiyanyou #shiyongxindisciples #shifukanishkacombatives #shiyanzi #shiyanzhuang #shaolintemplechina #kungfumaster #kungfufighting #shaolinkungfu 👊- For Trainiing and Seminars on Authentic Shaolin Kungfu with Shifu Kanishka contact Megha Singh
[email protected]


Sijie Megha Singh training in Chum Kiu form with da Sifu Vincent Kwok
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Shaolin Qinna- The Art of Grab and Control ( Via Locking) is
useful combat skills for shaolin monks
Now, there are “samll Qin na” and “Big qinna”, 36 qin na forms and 10 combat skills.

Small Qinna use the palm, fingers and wrist to control opponent.

Big Qinna use the ebow, shoulder, head and leg to control opponent

The main techniques are use
various anti-joints forms and acupoint forms to attack opponenet and force them give up and also counter releasing

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#shaolintemplechina #shaolintempleindia #ShiYanYou #shiyanyou #shaolinwarriormonk #shaolinwarrior #shaolin #firstindianshaolinmonk
#realkungfu #AuthenticShaolinKungfuClub
For Instructor Course on Shaolin Qinna Contact @megha_singh or email on [email protected]

[11/13/19]   Shifu Kanishka ( Shi Yanyou) teaching his disciple subbudharna and aditya roy application of Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan Boxing at his Residential Shaolin School Named Shaolin Gurukul #shaolingurukul
Shifu Kanishka was trained under this by Da Shifu Shi Yanzi @shifuyanzi

#shaolin #shaolintemplechina #shifuyanzi #shifukanishkacombatives #yanlei #sanshou #sanda#kickboxing #shaolinkungfuschool #shaolingurukul #shaolincombat #shaolintraining #realkungfu #shiyanyou
For Seminars National or International on Combat Shaolin Contact
Megha Singh @megha_singh and email her on [email protected]

Shifu Kanishka Combatives Online

Shifu Kanishka Combative Single Stick and Empty hand semimar in Goa.
Part -2 Empty Hand session Shifu Kanishka covered destructions , Finishes and understanding of How to apply Small weapons of body in Long Range.
Seminar was conducted for close group of Shifu Kanishka Instructor in Goa Sanjiv Sharma.
For training And affiliation contact Megha Singh at - [email protected]
#shifukanishkacombatives #jkdkali #Progressivefightingsystems #contemporaryjkd #pekititirsiakali #jeetkunedo
Music Credit
Title-One last stand

Shifu Kanishka Sharma

Siu Nim Tau- Little Idea Form is one of the most advance and basic form of Wing Chun
‘Siu Nim Tau’ includes Wing Chun’s inch power training; new practitioners are required to get used to wrist flexibility and a stable stance. Beginners need to relax their muscles and not use power. After 3 months the basics of ‘siu nim tau’ can be understood. Then ‘ging’ power can be applied upon the stable foundation. ‘siu nim tau’ ‘chum kiu’, ‘biu jee’ can be separated into beginner, intermediate and advanced sets. The difference between the three sets is they train separate aspects of the art.
Here Shifu Kanishka is performing the Yuen Kuen Wing chun - Soft Fist Siu Nim Tau
For seminars , Training and affiliation
Contact megha singh on
Email- [email protected]

Upcoming Noida PTK workshop

Reminder : We have a workshop coming up in noida by Tuhon Kanishka on dirty boxing. Register if you haven’t done it yet. It’s going to be too much fun.

Shifu Kanishka teaching his son shi Heng Ming application of One of the move of Xiao Hong Quan and Mabu Dan Bian applied in Shaolin Sanshou
#shaolin #ShaolinTempleIndia #shaolintemplechina #shaolincombat

In Sparring Speed, Timing, Distance, Power and Rythem is very Important.
Shifu Kanishka Sharma showing application of Shaolin Tui Fa ( kicking) and few traditional shaolin combat techniques.
P.S- Instructor on whom it is being demonstrated is wearing a well padded helmet.
Shaolin Combat Kungfu
For Inquiry :
Self Defense : Regular and Private Classes : Seminars and Training Camp both Local and International
Contact :+919680149933/6396532337
( Whatsapp : only )
Email : @megha_singh [email protected]
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successful finishing of 3 days Seminar on PTK Combat Geometry with Grandtuhon leo Gaje and Tuhon Kanishka, Assited by Agalon Aditya, Agalon Jeetender and Mataas Na Guro Bhadra Seth.
Special thanks to Megha Singh , Subbu and Veena Narolia for managing this camp.

Day 2
Pekiti Tirsia Kali Workshop at Shaolin Gurukul by Grandtuhon leo gaje and Tuhon Kanishka assisted by Agalon Jeetender and Agalon Aditya.
Lot of hard work students were grilled into Bractical Corto, Puntadas and panabas, Single Sticks and Double sticks Puspusan Padugo.

Successful completion of our dual camp recently conducted at Shaolin Gurukul. The camp involved intensive training in Shifu Kanishka Combatives (street survival) and Southern Shaolin 18 Luohan. The last day students had to undergo an exam, few students outperformed and were graded as instructors and associate instructors.
Thankyou all for being a part of shaolin Gurukul family and Team Shifu Kanishka. Wishing you all the best and really hoping to see you all super soon

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Mehrora Village, Pangot

Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 17:00
Thursday 10:00 - 17:00
Friday 10:00 - 17:00
Saturday 10:00 - 17:00
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