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At least you need to bench your own weight


Form saves failure

Rep game 13/10/2023


Rep game # reps

Lifts you MUST 30/05/2023


Lifts you MUST Lifts that help your major muscles to stay healthy and your full body strong

Form xerox 30/04/2023

FORM XEROX..... 🙏🙏🕉️🕉️

Form xerox Lifting with same form and rituals everytime is very much crucial for safer and heavier lifts...

Vegetarian lifts 18/04/2023

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Vegetarian lifts


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HOME-WORKOUT PART-2 - Rudraanjanayefit 15/06/2022


HOME-WORKOUT PART-2 - Rudraanjanayefit home-workout PART-2,stretches,general stretches,specific stretches,deep breathing exercises,cool down,doing mfr,after workout,phase3

HOME-WORKOUT - Rudraanjanayefit 19/04/2022


HOME-WORKOUT - Rudraanjanayefit WORKOUT Today work or business demands time and hard work to grow in whatever we may do hence, one needs to be consistent, dedicated, and passionate about what he does, and most important is a time investment in anything. If he or she wants to be at the top of his game or profession so… Read More...


Started the journey to get better and fit 🦾

Some Tips To Fitness - Rudraanjanayefit 07/03/2022


Some Tips To Fitness - Rudraanjanayefit Some tips to fitness, hydration, nutrition, exercise daily, rest, eat healthy, recovery, simple tips, some tips to fitness.

walking - Rudraanjanayefit 15/02/2022

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walking - Rudraanjanayefit Walking for health benefit,history, present, pros and cons and how much walking is enough to maintain good health.

CARDIO EXERCISES – Rudraanjanayefit 08/02/2022

Check out my 1st article on cardio 🙏🙏🕉️🕉️

CARDIO EXERCISES – Rudraanjanayefit CARDIO EXERCISES February 7, 2022 Rudra 1 Comment How you define it:- “Cardio” as a name suggests is just related to heart in a layman’s language but, whenever this  term “cardio” comes up it just doesn’t mean heart but some physical activity that is increasing the workload c...


Whenever I see this pic I have no words to express my feelings but still I would say don't ruin your life by comfort eating but live a quality life and differ yourself from an animal.


In 2018, when I was on my highest I was 95 kgs I never thought I could change myself I was very disappointed and depressed with myself as I was not able to do daily basic activities and I have to struggle with everything. I was not able to walk due to my overweight I had joint swelling and pain in my legs. My immune system also suffered and cought illness frequently. My body used to be in pain and can't even express how I felt. When I started my journey I never thought I could loose my body fat and could ever be fit. But eventually I met RUDRA SIR who turned out to be the best decision of taking him as my personal trainer and transformed my life from fat to fit. As his knowledge and commitment towards his clients cannot be measured in any words and I cannot thank him in any way for turning me into the person who I am right now (from 95 to 56).
Its not just about changing or losing weight it's about changing lifestyle and committing towards your workout and your nutrition that he knows very well how to motivate, educate and keep you going in your fitness journey and achieving your desired physique.
I would conclude by saying that if anyone commit himself towards his words and does everything what he says one will definitely achieve their goals.

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Enjoy the show people🫡
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At least you need to bench your own weight
Form saves failure
Started the journey to get better and fit 🦾#journey #fitness #rudraanjanayefit #togetfit #motivation #strength #workout ...
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