THE Door to your transformation well guided nutrition choices to build immune system and better eating habits leading to improvement in overall fitness !!

"We deal in Fitness programs to improve functionality, correct body postures , improve kinetic chain performance leading to weight loss, muscle building and athletic performances .. Once u get fit u get going .. limitless activities into cardio , weight lifting , body building, cross fit training , sports specific training, guided meditation, and zumba Fitness is about living a life into happiness

Operating as usual

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 15/08/2022

Happy Independence Day !! One of our super batches high in spirit !!




Ain’t no REST for the WICKED !!



A super view from our window !!

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 14/06/2022

Another summit at the beautiful “kuppar peak”.
Super team and great company made this journey memorable !! Members from bheemdwar were elated to experience the majestic spells that this place had to offer !! Super trip

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 14/06/2022

Another beautiful journey with our gym members to “ hatkoti temple, Giri Ganga temple and kuppar peak “ …
We as a team had some great times , camping 🏕 one night near giri Ganga temple , followed by an early hour hike to the top kuppar peak .. the hike took us 2hrs to reach accompanied by our buddy
SULTAN (st.Bernard),
Big thnx to the all the members who participated and to all those who helped us arrange such a journey with super ease


Show us a hero and we will write you a tragedy !!!


You can’t depend on motivation .
Instead focus on practice , habit and repetition along with planning.
Motivation usually comes after action, not before . The more you act , the more motivated you’ll be .

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 07/04/2022

Posing out of wonderland !!

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 27/03/2022

Super fun day out of our members !! Trek to tara devi temple .. big thanks to everyone who participated on such a short notice !! Fitness is all about living the active life :. Cheers!!

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 05/03/2022

Bheemdwar Odfolios

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 05/03/2022

“If you cannot be a poet, be the poem “
Bheemdwar ODfolio’s


the way to a man's heart is through his criss cross abs is 22 nd currently serving in Indian army and has achieved this beautiful physique through his hard work and dedication ..
Ps : Do not promote anabolic steroid use, neither motivate anyone !!



The boys !!
The vibe !!
The tribe !!


Boys like being toys !!
Handeling be like …
Insiders from the

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 21/12/2021

Award distribution at our 8th annual get together!!

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 21/12/2021

Our guest sponsors for the event being honored at the 8th annual get together !!
Big thanku to .point.sanjauli .shan

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 21/12/2021

A book launch took place at our 8th annual get together... " my eye on the finish line " by our respected client is a must read for fitness enthusiasts!!
Book is currently online at Amazon.
Thanku sir for inspiring us !

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 21/12/2021

A super gesture by our guests , who participated in casual competitions to make the get together gala night more fun . Planks , isosquats, push-ups, pistol squats were performed at the 8th annual get together ! Big thanku !!

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 21/12/2021

A star studded night at our 8th annual get together at .point.sanjauli !! A house full of super heros and upcoming super stars !! Big thanku to everyone making this event a great success!!


On our 8th year celebration, we are glad to announce a book launch written by one of our dedicated clients . The book “ my eye on the finish line “ is about himself being an avid runner and a fitness enthusiast , thereby superbly scripted by Kuldeep sandhu sir !! The book launch event takes place at our gathering tonite at .point.sanjauli and also kudos to our poster boy for his jaw dropping physique


Well !! Our annual bash isn’t successful without our proud sponsors !!
Tonite we have
“ gaurav builders “
“ Shan studios “ .shan
“ A***n nutrition “
And our poster boy for the night


A big day to celebrate with our beloved athletes ,respected clients and our strongest associations our proud sponsors!!
A true belief of possibilities happening around when we have positive people nurturing common goals !! !! BIG THANKU TO EVERYONE for making this day happen !!
Doing 8 today !!


Today we celebrate 🎉 our 8 years of fitness journey !! 8 years of learning !! 8 years of physical endeavours!! 8 years of successful transformations ! 8 years of technical training ! 8 years of building positive relationships !! 8 years of exploring new ideas ! 8 years of associations ! Also 8 years of failure leading to 8 successful years !

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 02/11/2021

A big thanks to for conducting an amazing auditions at for their very prestigious event “ Uttarakhand couture week “ . A great opportunity, a great learning it has been seeking out potential talent for the modelling industry from Shimla .. wishing you a super successful show and looking forward to have more indulgence towards the same


Raining offers for diwali

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 29/10/2021

Please to announce "shimla auditions" for Utarakhand couture week 4th edition to be held at BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB Sanjauli on 31st October 2021 , 11am onwards.


“Don’t stop keep going” is the anthem !!


Mathematics teachers these days !! you rock sir !! Add some abs lessons to your curriculum as well

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 08/10/2021

Be the best to beat the best of yourself




“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”


“Shelly” ma’am has been our most ambitious fitness project from past 3 months .. currently 106kilos , ma’am reduced a whopping 12kgs when she joined bd at 118kg with an impaired mobility and body functionality. Finding difficulties in walking , standing for long and stiffness around the body .. she has fought a long way to be able to move swiftly ,stand firmly and to our surprise “Run” ecstatically..
her sit-ups are just cherry on the cake !! Wishing you ma’am a speedy transformation ..


is a 21 year old ,MA sociology first year student at HPU , and is serious about both his career and fitness ..a great motivation to be around .. best wishes for ur future buds.. keep us all inspired and 🔥ed up

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 18/04/2021

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you !!


Bheem dwar panthaghat is the oldest and the first functional gym of shimla estd 2013 . This facility is fully equipped and is one of the favorite destinations to many athletes. This hub has inspired many to stay on fitness course also many has started their fitness businesses being inspired from this particular model .. this facility is being professionally handled by and who are certified trainers and specialists in various fitness forums . Big thanku to for a beautiful feature in this short vdo .. hoping to inspire more to come !!

Photos from BHEEM DWAR FITNESS HUB's post 06/04/2021

" just hold on for a while because efforts never get waste "
A beautiful effort by our fit and to be soon fit clients from bheemdwar sanjauli and pathaghti to summit yet again at a height of 9423 ft at " Maa Shali tibba" . We are blessed to always find an opportunity to trek this beautiful stand alone peak in shimla with a 360 degree views .
This particular fitness boot camp is challenging and fun in every aspect and gives us some serious motivation to lead our lives to best and fit. Thiis activity has been our most wanted and requested one . A big thanku to everyone who participated and made this historic and vintage trek successful. Hope to c u all next time..


Intense outdoor rope workout

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Shoorveers!!  #bheemdwarsanjauli  #bheemdwarpanthaghati #reelsinstagram #reels
Bheemdwar members trek to Tara Devi temple !!
Workout fitness regime at the power hub of the city! ! Feel it before you reel it !!




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