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Jay Physiotherapy Clinic was established at Theni to provide quality and premier Physiotherapy services and care to community in and around Theni, India.

Exercise in senior citizens reduces risk of fall, fall related injuries, expenditure after fall and at last burden of care givers. We have specific exercise and Tai Chi for elders


Exercise makes you happier than having money, according to Yale and Oxford research

Exercise is Health & Wealth

weforum.org The study collected data on the physical behaviour and mood of over 1.2 million Americans.


MYTH BUSTED: Exercise isn't harmful for people with knee osteoarthritis

Exercise is Medicine. Must be individually prescribed. Prior to prescription, physical examination is inevitable. It identifies the root cause of knee pain.

sbs.com.au Advice to rest and avoid pain is commonly provided to people with knee and other joint pains - advice that is often wrong, and harmful.

Some may even try to learn ....😛

[08/05/19]   Physiotherapists are in a great position to advise patients on physical activity; however according to recent survey only 16% of nurses and allied health professionals actually know what the physical activity guidelines are (Freene et al, 2019).

For those that don't know, for adults aged 18-64yrs, the recommended physical activity guidelines are:

- 150-300mins of moderate-intensity exercise or 75-150mins of vigorous-intensity exercise per week
- at least 2 session of strength sessions per week
- minimise the amount of time in prolonged sitting

- shared from post of Mick Hughes


Unwise Exercise: 1,000-Squat Challenge Lands Chinese Teens in Hospital

Exercise is medicine!
Self prescription of medicine is dangerous 😫..... Exercise too!


news18.com 19-year-old student Xiao Tang and her friend landed in the hospital after trying to outdo each other in a 1,000-squat challenge.

ACL becomes thicker over a competitive season of sport!

Views of Mick Hughes, Physiotherapist, Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre.

What a fascinating study by Myrick et al (2019). They looked at 17 division I female soccer athletes aged (mean age 19yrs). All players had no previous injury to their ACL. They had a clinical exam and MRI of both knees prior to the start of the season and had the clinical exam and MRI of both knees repeated at seasons end.

The authors found that the mean ACL volume in each player significantly increased from pre-season to post-season as evidenced by the picture seen above

The authors hypothesise that over the course of a season, repetitive microtrauma to the knee from the demands of soccer lead to micro-tears in the ligament. It's thought that this repetitive micro-trauma induced an inflammatory response and subsequent remodelling of the ACL tissue that lead to the increased volume seen.

This is of course a hypothesis and needs to be tested further, but it’s a plausible reason behind such impressive remodelling of the human body!

Considering that no ACL injuries were observed in this cohort, its encouraging to think that this ligament hypertrophy is a good thing and possibly protective of subsequent ACL injury?

This research is just the tip of the iceberg and I can’t wait to read more about this in the future!


Doctors around the country will be re-trained to prescribe EXERCISE rather than MEDICATION to the millions of Aussies suffering from chronic pain. Experts hope the strategy will be the answer to Australia’s opioid addiction. #9Today

It takes time to treat.... but for sure.

Dr.Gajalakshmi @ Clinical Osteopathy Course conducted by The Children of Osteopathy & AKKA Asbl, Brussels, Belgium at Satya Special School, Pondicherry.

We are happy to provide the world class Italian treatment “FASCIAL MANIPULATION” for the first time in South Tamilnadu.


Everything you know about back pain is wrong

jayphysiotheni.com Physiotherapist Kieran O’Sullivan casts an expert eye over one of our most common health problems and challenges the strategies we use to manage it ​


Winter Victories

jayphysiotheni.com "The first wealth is health" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The methods to treat low back pain has phenomenally advanced, with scientific evidence.

#Trustyourback #KineticControl #FascialManipulation #Kinesiotaping

Accept the reality.....ACL deficit doesn’t stop with corrective surgery....

Accept the reality.....The time taken to overcome ACL deficit with exercise.....Not just days..... It is months of rehab


Hip Hip Hurray.....

Committed towards building a healthy society

jayphysiotheni.com "The first wealth is health" - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Kinesio is celebrating National Physical Therapy Month! | Kinesio Tape


kinesiotaping.com Physical Therapists know all too well about the opioid crisis that is affecting our country today. A physical therapist makes a difference in patients’ lives that come in and out of their clinic and can be a strong influence for better pain relief options within their families and communities. #na...


Anybody can do it.... Everybody can do it...

What an inspirational man!

Dr.T.R.Kabilan @ Fascial Manipulation Institute, Padova, Italy

Any practice aimed at improving yourself must reflect the constant flux of daily life......Do exercises or asanas to get better health and not to hurt yourself...... Consult the expert before you start or progress.....

Creating Values to Movement Health

Dr.T.R.Kabilan is one among the Senior Physiotherapists

Tensile strength vs Compressive load

2018 - Keele leads new global research into low back pain

keele.ac.uk Low back pain affects 540 million people worldwide, but too many patients receive the wrong care. Worldwide, overuse of inappropriate tests and treatments such as imaging, opioids and surgery means patients are not receiving the right care, and resources are wasted.

Sunday’s @ Coimbatore

Exercise also promotes mental activity!

Patient needs to be treated, not the investigation findings..


Weight loss....Inch loss...

jayphysiotheni.com "The first wealth is health" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yet an another treatment update - Fascial Manipulation Level 2

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