KTR Martial Arts Academy International

KTR Martial Arts Academy International


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Yoga class with Jayeshbai Shah Home school dojo bhavnagar

Training & Tips, Get more powerful results for your time and effort. I’ll help you to increase not only your physical performance, but also your mental game, as efficiently and effectively as possible

Operating as usual

Avoid Corona Virus🗣️, Do Karate !!!🙅

Today(26/10/2020) KTR MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL Affiliate with INTERNATIONAL STANDARD SHOTOKAN KARATE SHOBUKAN ASSOCIATION INDIA Celebrated Saraswathi Pooja and Ayutha Pooja at Thuckalay Dojo, Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu.

🤔Why We Are Doing KATA in Karate??🥋

Do You Know??

Watch this Video...

Fight With Kata

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Today(20/10/2020) Karate Class at Thuckalay Branch

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In Japan, one of the traditions of Martial Arts is what is called "Soji" which means "clean" or "cleanliness" and has an important symbolism. With purification, it is as if the soul or the whole life is also purified and can start from scratch, purified, purified physically and spiritually. Therefore, it is important to understand this tradition in the Japanese way and to know its secrets and meanings.
"Soji" is derived from the Shinto and Zen religion, where purification and other similar practices are closely related to cleanliness and purity. Children and young people are taught that the places where they meet, live, study and work must be clean. In Japanese schools, "Soji no jikan" is the time when children literally take "a time to clean up." Usually no more than 15 minutes a day, during which time each child is integrated into a cleaning team.
In the Dojo, this tradition is no different. Before and after each training, cleaning is done, an operation that is performed by all participants without any difference of degree, sex or age.
We must remember that in the Dojo we not only learn fighting techniques, but that the ultimate goal is to learn how to become better human beings.

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இன்று(15/10/2020) KTR மார்ஷியல் ஆர்ட்ஸ் அகடாமி இன்டர்நேஷனல் சார்பாக மறைந்த மாஸ்டர் Kyoshi V.செல்வன் அவர்களது மாணவர்களுக்கு அவர் 28/06/2020 அன்று நடத்தி சென்ற கருப்பு பட்டை தேர்வுக்கான கருப்பு பட்டையை (BlackBelt) Renshi கராத்தே T ராஜீவ் அவர்கள் வழங்கினார் உடன் Sempai P. Angkles மற்றும் Sempai S.Jaslin ஆகியோர் இருந்தனர் இதற்கான சான்றிதழை அருட்பணி டாக்டர் சசி வின்சென்ட் (இத்தாலி) அவர்கள் வழங்கி மாணவர்களை வாழ்த்தினார்

Sempai HA RAGAV Open Hand(shuto) Coconut breaking demonstration on 4/10/2020 at KTR Martial Arts Academy International Thuckalay Dojo Under the chairmanship of Renshi Karate T Rajeev (KTR)

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Sempai SB.AKASH Open Hand(shuto)🔥Fire Tiles breaking demonstration on 4/10/2020 at KTR Martial Arts Academy International Thuckalay Dojo Under the chairmanship of Renshi Karate T Rajeev (KTR)

#Shotokan #Karate #kanyakumariKarate #ktr

Sempai B.ANOOJ KRISHNA open hand (shuto) Tiles breaking demonstration on 4/10/2020 at KTR Martial Arts Academy International Thuckalay Dojo Under the chairmanship of Renshi Karate T Rajeev (KTR)

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4/10/2020 Color Belt and Black Belt Grading Test of International Standard Shotokan Karate Association was held at KTR Martial Arts Academy Thuckalay Dojo Under the chairmanship of Renshi Karate T Rajeev (KTR) Tamilnadu Examiner. Special thanks to Dr Ashok Kumar , Master Kyoshi C Stephen and Sensei Jain Melord for Joining with as and bless our students

This Grading Test Is Conducted Under The Guidance of Our World Grand Master Masya Kohama Sensei and Indian Chief Instructor Shihan MS Sudhakar . Thank You Master's Oss!!

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Respect and Dicipline @ Karate kid...

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"If You Never Push Yourself
You Will Never Realise
Your True Potential"

Renshi Karate T Rajeev (KTR)

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After Completed One Month #Karate Camp(22/4/2019 to 22/5/2019) Trip With Thuckalay Dojo KTR Martial Arts Academy International Students

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Winner's of KTR Martial Arts Academy International Students @ SKIF-India National Tournament 2019

Renshi T Rajeev
5th Dan Black Belt
Director & Chief Instructor

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Renshi Karate T Rajeev (KTR)
Director & Chief Instructor


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KTR Martial Arts Academy International Student Arun Raj Breaking Fire Tiles



Mae Geri / Front Kick!
1) Types of Mae Geri:
a/ Mae Geri Keage ( thrust kick )
b/ Mae Geri Kekomi (snap kick or push kick)
2) The basic:
a/Raise Knee
b/Kick Forward
c/Return to knee Position
3) Kick secrets:
( credit to:magiclifetips)

Thank To Indian Government Ban PUBG and Save Our Indian Youngster's Life

Dear Youngster's Please Come Back To Real Life Don't Loss Your Life In Smart Phones

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These are the benefits of Martial Arts.

Advance Happy Onam To All

Yesterday(28/08/2020) Our KTR Martial Arts Academy International Celebrated Onam Function at Our Thuckalay Dojo

Aff : International Standard Shotokan Karate Sobukan Association India

World Grand Master Masya Kohama Sensei.
Indian Chief Instructor Sensei MS Sudhakar

Renshi Karate T Rajeev
5th Dan Black Belt
Style Chief Tamilnadu ( ISSKSA)
Director (KTRMAAI)
KAI Qualified Judge

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KTR Martial Arts Academy International Parasery Branch Students Breaking Tiles


Today Karate Training @ Thuckalay Dojo

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Shotokan Kata Empi

Given #Kata_Empi Training To My Senior Students and Me Also Practice Kata Empi

Enpi (燕飛), also frequently transliterated as Empi, is a kata practiced by Shotokan and other karate styles. Enpi means Flying Swallow.

Enpi comes from the Okinawan martial art of Tomari-te, where it first appeared in 1683[citation needed]. It is believed to have been influenced by Chinese boxing. It was originally called Wansu. Funakoshi Gichin changed the name to Enpi when he moved to the Japanese mainland in the 1920s. Funakoshi changed the names of many of the kata, in an effort to make the Okinawan art more palatable to the then nationalistic Japanese. The most commonly accepted theory about its creation and development is that a Sappushi Wang Ji, an official from Xiuning, transmitted the kata while serving on Okinawa. Legend has that Wang Ji had the habit of throwing and jumping on his adversaries. Because of this dynamic form of combat, this kata resembles a swallow in flight.

In Gichin Funakoshi's dojo, Enpi was considered an example of the Shôrin (light and fast), rather than the Shôrei (strong and powerful) kata.

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சமூக இடைவெளியுடன் கூடிய வகுப்புகள்...

Learn 🥋Karate @ Thuckalay
Location : SUS Building, Opp Thuckalay Police Station, Thuckalay.
Age : Above 5 Years
Feel Free To Contact 📱9487778788
For More details 📨WhatsApp 9487778788

New Admissions Also Going On...

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Today(15/08/2020) 74th Independence Day Celebrated At KTR Martial Arts Academy International #Thuckaly #Nagercoil #Parasery Dojo

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KTR Martial Arts Academy International

KTR Martial Arts Academy International's cover photo

விளையாட்டு வீரர்கள் பயிற்சிக்கு தமிழக அரசு அனுமதி

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#RIP John Saxon 😔

John Saxon (August 5, 1936– July 25, 2020) was an American actor and martial artist who worked on more than 200 projects during a span of 60 years.

Learn Nunchaku At Home Spin With Combo Tech _ Part 5 In Tamil

Learn Nunchaku At Home Spin With Combo Tech _ Part 5 In Tamil

We Miss You The Real Hero Bruce Lee😔😔

#Bruce_Lee ( November 27, 1940 – July 20, 1973)

47 years ago, the world lost Bruce Lee, one of the most iconic Cantonese actors, who died at the age of 32 as a result of a brain aneurysm. In honour of this legend, here's a list of some of the most interesting facts that you might not have known about this martial arts master:

1. Bruce Lee's kicks were so fast, they had to film them in slow motion so they didn't seem fake.

2. He could land 15 punches and a kick and knock his opponent out in the span of 25 seconds.

3. He started his acting career young, appearing in his first film, Golden Gate Girl, at three months old.

4. He got the name “Bruce” from a nurse at the hospital where he was born and his family barely used it while he was young, instead preferring to call him "Little Phoenix.

5. His father, Lee Hoi-chuen, was a famous Chinese opera singer and actor in Hong Kong.

6. Bruce Lee kickstarted Jackie Chan’s acting career when Chan had a small cameo in Enter the Dragon as a guard, in which he jumps in and grabs Lee from behind just before he is killed by Lee. At the time Bruce Lee was Jackie Chan’s idol.

7. He hated water and couldn't swim. He also had a traumatic experience in a swimming pool after he pushed his sister Phoebe in.

8. He suffered from near-sightedness and was one of the first people to use contact lenses, but stopped using them because he found them uncomfortable.

9. He inspired video game characters like Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat, Fei Long from Street Fighter II and Law from Tekken.

10. His house in Kowloon Tong, nicknamed “The Crane's Nest,” is set to be demolished to make way for a Chinese studies centre which plans to teach Mandarin and Chinese music to children. The Yu Panglin Charitable Trust that owns the house said that it is no longer possible to maintain the building due to structural issues.

11. Around the time of Way of the Dragon, the Hong Kong press voted Lee "Worst Dressed Actor of the Year" because of his love for silk suits and other elaborate outfits.

12. As a martial arts instructor, he had celebrity pupils like Chuck Norris, a famous American television actor known for his martial arts expertise and the subject of "Chuck Norris jokes" such as "There is no theory of evolution, just a list of animals Chuck Norris allows to live."

13. His son Brandon Lee was also an actor and also suffered from a tragic death at a young age. While filming the 1993 movie The Crow, he was shot and killed with a real gun during a scene in which his character was meant to be shot with a prop gun.


Learn Nunchaku Neck Roll Technique and 1 Set Combo Tech _ Part 4

Learn Nunchaku Neck Roll Technique and 1 Set Combo Tech In Tamil | Part 4 | தமிழில்

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Shotokan Kata Empi
Learn Nunchaku At Home Spin With Combo Tech _ Part 5 In Tamil
Learn Nunchaku Neck Roll Technique and 1 Set Combo Tech _ Part 4
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