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Videos by Somvir Singh. I am on a mission to help 100000 entrepreneurs to grow sales using system automation and technology.

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Start your career as a Virtual Assistant.

Best for :

#1 Educated ladies who wants to start and become financial independent without going out of home for a 9 to 5 job even with performing family responsibilities.

#2 Employee with 9 to 5 nature, who can get skills and earn side hustle.

#3 College students, who want to start as a freelancer.

Basic Qualification
1 - Basic Computer Skills and web browsing

2- Basic English language proficiency

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Batch Starting Soon...✅ your career as a Virtual Assistant.Best for : #1 Educate...

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Business Success Club (8 AM Club)

Business Success Club (8 AM Club)

Business Success Club (8 AM Club)

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